Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"AMERICA'S NEXT top model: Guys & Girls" 9/1

Details of new season here.

Runway Challenge: The models were wearing nothing but green silly string.
W- Keith (brought Kari to The Tyra Suite)

PS: For the first time ever, the viewers would see how the opening titles were made as the models were drenched by water.
P: Erik Asla

W- Keith 41.8
2. Lenox 39.6
3. Mirjana 37.9
4. Matthew 37.7
5. Denzel 37.3
6. Chantelle 37.1
7. Ben 36.9
8. Romeo 36.7
9. Kari 35.4
10. Adam 34.7
11. Raelia 33.9
12. Shei 33.6
L- Ivy 32.8 (Will: 33.1)

Monday, September 01, 2014

"American Ninja Warrior" 9/1

Courtney (WC)- FAIL ON GR
Michael N.- FAIL ON JS
Robert- FAIL ON SB
Matthew S.- FAIL ON JS
Dorian- FAIL ON SS
Cass- T.O.
Justin- FAIL ON SS
Matthew W.- FAIL ON SB
Yen- 3.6
Chris W.- 22.26
Daniel- FAIL ON SB
Joshua- 23.71
Elet- 46.6
Thaddeus- FAIL ON SS
J.J.- .27
Samantha (WC)- FAIL ON JS
Paul- 31.04
Brian W.- FAIL ON JS
Dan- 9.65
Ian- 23.81
Brian- 1.57 (he intentionally waited several sec. before pressing the final buzzer as some sort of motivation)

Only 18 made it to Stage 2 this season, down from S4's 24 & last season's 21.

"MasterChef" 9/1/14

TC #8: The restaurant they had to cook at was the Cavatina inside 1200 Sunset Marquis.

Jaimee: Christian & Courtney
Leslie: Elizabeth & Cutter

Appetizers: Prince Edward Island mussels & Parisian gnocchi
Entrees: Mediterranean sea bass & NY Strip


PT #8: Croquembouche


"Let's A$k America" 9/1

EP. 2021:
Nick (Fresno)
Tracy (Junior HS Math teacher & Ohio St. fan from Gilbert)
Jennifer (Ann Arbor)
Michael (fitness & nutrition buff from West Hartford)


1. Angelina Jolie at 65 or Betty White at 25- who did men say they'd rather make out w/?
ALL G: Angelina- 42%

2. "An OSCAR-worthy costume drama" or "A silly romantic comedy"- based solely on these descriptions, what movie did women say they'd most like to see?
ALL G: Comedy- 57%

3. Going to the beach or going on an acting audition- other than being sex, what did waiters in L.A. say they would be more likely to use a sick day for?
ALL G: Audition- 20%

4. A pushy mom or push-over mom- what kind of mother did moms say they DISLIKE more?
Michael: Pushy- 66%

DfC: They were ordered to get a bath towel, roll it up like a trunk & make their best elephant imitation.
OTA- Nick


1. Anti-depressants, blood pressure pills or Viagra- pharmacists said their RUDEST customers were the ones picking up which type of medicine?
Jennifer: Viagra- 46%
Tracy & Michael: Pills- 23%

2. Voting, driving or drinking- senior citizens said the legal age of which of these activities should be raised to 30?
Tracy: Driving- 4%
Jennifer & Michael: Drinking- 54%

3. A poker table, sexy showgirl or hotel buffet- which Las Vegas staple do college men most wish they had at home?
Tracy: Buffet- 1/3
Jennifer & Michael: Showgirl- 44%


1. Age, height, weight or having a child- what did single women say they'd be most likely to LIE about on an online dating profile?
Jennifer: Weight- 60% $5,200
Michael: Age- 27% (Height: 11%)

2. Skinny jeans, muscle shirt, high top sneakers or beanie cap- what did teenage girls say their dads are too old to be wearing?
BOTH SAID: Jeans- 41% (Shirt: 31%/Sneakers: 10%)

W: $4K

$13,200: Ripped carpet, broken window, dirty dishes or moldy tile- what did housewives say they'd be mortified for their in-laws to see if they came over to visit?
G: Tile- 60% (Dishes: 31%/Window: 7%)

EP. 2022:
Katie (Harry Potter fan from Simi Valley)
Mike (Englewood, CO)
Dop (Abraham Lincoln fan from MIA)
Francine (self-proclaimed globe traveler from NY)


1. Use their wife's scented deodorant or use nothing- what did married men say they'd be more likely to do if they ran out of deodorant?
Girls: Nada- 34%

2. Their child's painting or a painting worth $10K- which artwork did moms say they would most like to hang in their living room?
Katie & Dop: Child's- 58%

3. Ahead of them or behind them- where did 40-yr.-olds say the BEST yrs. of their life are?
Katie & Dop: Ahead- 76%

4. Their mom or their boss- who did single men in their 30s say would do the WORST job setting them up on a blind date?
Mike: Boss- 57%


1. Everyone's good looking, everyone's a wannabe actor or no one walks anywhere- what stereotype about people from L.A. did Los Angelinos admit is truest?
Katie: Good looking- 28%
Mike & Dop: Wannabe- 48%

2. Patients, family or finances- what did psychiatrists say stresses 'em out the most?
Katie: Patients- 37%
Mike: Finances- 1/2
Dop: Family- 13%

3. A handsome guy, old guy or funny guy- which person did female police officers say had the best chance of talking 'em out of a traffic ticket?
ALL THREE SAID: Funny- 55% (Handsome: 23%)


1. In the shower, kitchen, garage or backyard- where did married women say they would most like their husband to "get romantic" w/ 'em?
Mike: Kitchen- 22% $3.5K
Dop: Shower- 62% $4,600 (Garage: 7%)

2. Beer taster, NFL ref, PLAYBOY photographer or car reviewer- what did men say would be the coolest job?
Dop: Beer taster- 14%
Mike: PLAYBOY photographer- 49% $7.5K (Car reviewer: 16%)

W: $3K

$10.5K: Spit, texted, burped or ordered the lobster- single men said they'd be the most turned off if a date did which of these things?
G: Spit- 40% (Texted: 25%/Burped: 30%)


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Next Wk. in GS: END OF SUMMER '14 WK.

I haven't done this in a couple of months, but here's what will go down next wk.:

-The finales of "The Chase", "So You Think You Can DaNCe", "Iron Chef America", "Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge". & "WIPEOUT".

-There will be another double eviction on "Big Brother" Thurs., which will also be its last ep. of the season to air on that night.

-Tomorrow's "MasterChef" will be the last one-hr. ep. of the season.

-I officially begin coverage on the new season of "AMERICA'S NEXT top model: Guys & Girls".

-"Ink Master" starts Season 5.

Players of the Wk. for Aug. '14:

Aug. 4-10: Lenny McNab (10th "food network STAR")
Aug. 11-17: Tommi Rae Fowler ("Chopped: Teen Tournament" grand champ)
Aug. 18-24: Jesse Kinch ("Rising Star")- PLAYER OF THE MONTH
Aug. 25-31: Camilo Pardo ("Motor City Master")

"Cutthroat Kitchen" 8/31

Johnny McLaughlin (specialty hot sauce co. owner from Mahwah, NJ)
Jaclyn Johnson (runs gluten-free website)
Dakota Soifer (Cafe Aion EC in Boulder) 
Ian (EC from Kannapolis, NC)
J: Simon

R1: Bruschetta

A #1:
1. Prep/cook on red motorscooter- IAN ($16,100)(Johnny)
2. Flattened loaf of bread- JOHNNY ($18,700)(Jaclyn)
3. Hold one fork in one hand & one knife in the other- JOHNNY ($14,700)(Jaclyn)


R2: Casserole

A #2:

1. Contents of a junk drawer- DAKOTA (20 large)(Johnny)
2. '50s apron & mitts- JOHNNY ($10,600)(Ian)
3. Hold pie for rest of rd.- DAKOTA ($14,900)(Ian)

Ian: Breakfast
Dakota: Tuna noodle
Johnny: Turkey & cheese


FR: Red velvet cake

A #3:

1. Beet basket- DAKOTA ($13,400)
2. Force opponent to run through red velvet ropes- JOHNNY ($9.5K)

W- Dakota

"The Great Food Truck Race" 8/31

SM: $250

For this stage, each squad will have two teams & they'll stay within 10 ft. together until told otherwise.

1. LSCW & MM
2. LTTB & MF
3. BC & MMM

SB #4: At the Star Bar from 5-7 PM, they had to cater for a match.com event.
TS #3: The teams got ordered to go into their partners' food trucks & sell THEIR food.

W- LTTB ($474)($500)
$250- BC
$100- MF & MMM ($290 each)

1. BC ($2,808)
2. MF ($2,248)
3. LTTB ($2,175)
4. LSCW ($1,724)

"Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge" 8/31

BTW, Steve was on "College Gameday" yesterday.

Trevor (gym owner) vs. Van (special needs worker)- VAN
Barry (graphic designer) vs. Frank- FRANK
Josh (MMA fighter) vs. Bob (strategy consultant)- BOB
Erik (former Navy medic) vs. Tommy (Crossfit athlete)- TOMMY

Pain Train: At the end of the course's 300 lbs. of steel squares attached to a chain. To advance, pull it all the way to the other side & ring the bell.
Bob vs. Frank- BOB
Van vs. Tommy- VAN

Barreled: To be able to get to TP, each barrel (20, 30 & 50 gal) has to be placed on a platform (but you CAN'T roll any of them).

TSB R- 5:58

"Rachael vs. Guy: kids Cook-Off" 8/31

M-C #3: This involves the participants' LEAST favorite ingredients.

Helen: Chocolate caramel granola bar
Gibson: Mahi Monsoon tacos
Amber: Baked lemon chicken w/ bacon Brussels Sprouts
Sean: Cucumber kimchi w/ medium-rare Filet Mignon
Lauren: Mushroomy mushrooms
Madison: Stuffed Brie & blueberry pancakes
Luis: Southwestern zucchini chili
Finn: Hummus-baked chicken

W- Lauren & Amber (smart watch)

MC #3: Dishes inspired by classic sandwiches.
GJ: Jeff Mauro

Sean: Deconstructed Philly Cheesesteak
Helen: Salmon two ways w/ caper sauce
Amber: Cuban-style empanadas
Gibson: Lovely lamb w/ tomato Feta salad
Lauren: Spaghetti & Banh meatballs
Madison: Crispy turkey cutlets club-style
Finn: Grilled Chicken Caesar salad
Luis: Everything tuna w/ creamy aioli salad

Dish: Finn & Helen
Camera: Luis & Amber
MVP: Amber

"WIPEOUT" 8/31 (EP. 706)

1st: "WIPEOUT" Shores
$500 Smallsy T: Baron Von Smallsy
Finale: Dracula's Haunted Condo

Andy "Smog Doctor" Tibbitts- 3:01.2
Lindsey "Worst Babysitter Ever" Mitchell- 4:23.7
Jake "Donut Lover" Harkey (also Harry Potter lookalike)- 4:51.3
"Bigfoot Enthusiast" Jeffrey Olson- 3:41.2
Mary "Paid to Party" Izzo (club crawl host)- 4:56.5
"Plain" Wayne Frederickson (wearing donut earrings)- 5:05.8
Caitlin Leow- OUT
Adriana Peterson (video game artist)- OUT
Chris "Creepy GPS" Page (GPS voiceover hopeful)- 3:39.1
Dawn Chaffin (former cop)- 8:43.1
"Dirty Dancer" Florentino Martinez- 3:28.3
"Brave Robber" Courtney Finnegan- 4:17.3
Leroy Patterson (stuntman)- 9:54.4
Kyle Stephenson- 5:18.8 (he made it w/ about two sec. to spare by clearing DHC)
Alan Tirado- 4:30.9
Kerry Deguilio- 5:20.2

Advancing Past SR: Lindsey, Mary, Andy, Chris, Kyle & Wayne

FINALISTS: Mary, Andy, Lindsey & Wayne


MARY- 3:05.86
ANDY- 2:52.67 (Wayne went 3rd)

"Family Game Night"- 100TH TAPED EP.

O4B: Luke, Blake, Gisele & Jade vs. Cameron, Cassidy, Cara & Cory


OT (Pirate's Dinner Adventure & Atomic Deluxe Shootout basketball)

CC C's:
OT: #6- OGR
RT: #3- GBR

O: Maelee Rose, Amory, Noeleen & Jon

Maelee Rose: CHIP- X
Noeleen: BUTTERFLY- $

CC C: #2- BRO

J: Laina, Ray & Caron vs. Myles, Trish & Freddy 

As of this ep., the way to determine the number of blocks a family can remove from that big tower's been changed- there's a smaller version of the tower w/ numbered blocks on them (the two zeroes are already in the mix unlike previously).

W- YT (even though the GT got a zero on their next-to-last draw)(7.7)(K1 Speed & Rockboard RBX)

CC C's:

YT: #4- BGO
GT: #7- OYR

Y: Jalyn & Roslyn
Q: Which of these happened after "STAR WARS" was released- Lady GaGa born, the Apollo 13 mission, first email sent, "PAC-MAN" released in U.S., MTV launched or "WHEEL of FORTUNE" debuts?

Lady GaGa- YES ('86)
Email- NO ('72)("PAC-MAN": '80)

1. W/W/W/3/4- KEEPS FOUR
2. W (2n trip to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Hollywood)
CC C: #5- OBY

SF: Sams, Sandy, Shauna & Tracy vs. Shawn, Alyssa, Ericka & Craig

1. RGBY- 1
2. YBRG- 1
3. BYGR- 2
4. GRYB- 2
5. GYRB- 3
6. YBGR- 3
7. BRYG- 4
8. RBGY- W (Six Flags passes & slackers pkg.)

CC C's:
OT: #8- BRY
RT: #1- YRG

CC W- Team Luke

1st St. (Hamburger, Plane, Skateboard & Rollerblade): PLANE- $    500
2nd St. (Cat, Soda, Wheelbarrow & Boot): SODA- $    800 ($1,300)
3rd St. (Dog, Cannon, Horse & Thimble): DOG- GTJ
W (Hat, Soccer Ball, Skateboard & Cellphone)- CELLPHONE

Friday, August 29, 2014

"Donut Showdown" 8/29

Nick Benninger (Nick & Nat's Uptown 21 in Waterloo, Ontario)
Kimberly Roth (ex-flight attendant who's at Sticky Fingers Donuts in L.A.)
Sophia Sanpei (Slow Donut Co. in San Luis Obispo)
J: David, Elizabeth Falkner & Jeff Mahin

R1 MI: Strawberry milk syrup

N: Strawberry, almond, tarragon & Brie
S: Neapolitan w/ chocolate ganache- X
K: Strawberry, cheesecake & graham cracker

UDS T: Underwater

MI: Seaweed

1. "Orange on Surprise" w/ I.C.
2. "Sea Barnacle" w/ non-seaweed & brandy snap
3. "Buried Treasure" w/ candied Brazil nuts

1. "Floating Island" w/ non-seaweed
2. "Oyster" w/ balsamic pearl
3. "Coral Reef" w/ Kombu seaweed

W- Nick

Times Per Season Car Pricing Games Played in "Death Slots" (1st & 4th)

S33: 2 (Christmas Eve 04 & 3/28/05)
S34: 5 (aired 34th SP, 1/25/06, 5/17/06, 5/31/06 & 6/16/06)
S35: 15 (aired 35th SP, 10/13/06, 10/24/06, Thanksgiving Eve '06, 12/6/06, 1/10/07, 1/19/07, 2/7/07, 2/8/07, 2/28/07, 4/3/07, 4/25/07, 5/3/07, 5/17/07 & Bob's last ep.)
S36: 13 (11/14/07, 11/19/07, Drew's first ep., 12/4/07, 12/20/07, 1/9/08, 1/11/08, 1/18/08, 3/3/08, 3/31/08, 4/11/08, 6/13/08 & 6/25/08)
S37: 22 (10/17/08, 10/24/08, 11/3/08, 11/7/08, 11/12/08, 11/20/08, 12/3/08, 12/8/08, 12/15/08, 12/17/08, 12/18/08, 12/22/08, 1/7/09, 1/23/09, 1/29/09, 2/5/09, Valentine's Day '09, 2/16/09, 2/25/09, 3/4/09, 3/18/09, 3/30/09)
S38: 2 (9/28/09 & New Yr.'s Eve '09)
S39: 4 (10/7/10, 1/11/11, 1/31/11 & Mother's Day '11)
S40: 4 (12/1/11, 2/8/12, 3/30/12 & Teen Drivers)
S41: 18 (10/4/12, 10/17/12, 11/2/12, 11/20/12, 12/3/12, Drew's 1Kth ep., 12/18/12, Christmas Eve '12, 1/7/13, 1/16/13, 1/25/13, 3/4/13, 3/12/13, 3/25/13, 4/16/13, 4/29/13, 5/2/13 & Mother's Day '13)
Last Season: 27 (10/22/13, 10/28/13, 11/5/13, 12/19/13, New Yr.'s Eve '13, 1/3/14, 1/9/14, 1/14/14, 1/31/14, 2/3/14, 2/19/14, 3/5/14, 3/11/14, St. Patrick's Day '14, Ep. 8K, 4/9/14, 4/16/14, Earth Day '14, 4/28/14, 5/5/14, 5/22/14, 5/28/14, 6/2/14, 6/10/14, 6/18/14, 6/26/14 & Back to School '14)

8/29/14 Quick News & Notes

-Blaine beat Drew in FTW (which had a sponsor for the first time on Wed.) last night w/ a $1 response, winning his Tag Team Thurs. partner some Monster headphones.
-Niecy Nash & three of her children will play for the Amazing Grace Conservatory on the 9/7 ep. of "Family Game Night".
-"The Amazing Race" will introduce a new element called The Save for the winners of the first leg, which allows them to turn in a pass after a last-place finish to continue racing; I don't know how this will affect the non-elimination legs.
-The NEW BABY BUGGY ep. was reran last Wed. 
-I think the 1Kth ep. of CBS' "Deal" will be taped on 9/27. 
-Nicole & Christine are currently nominated for eviction; Nicole's also one of the last H-N's this season w/ Derrick. 
-In the most recent ep. of "Nathan For You", one segment was filmed inside the building of Eyeworks USA.

"Let's A$k America" 8/29

EP. 2019:
Mark (Jesse & The Rip-Offs member from Cincy)
Kate (1st Grade teacher from K.C., MO)
Sharon (St. Petersburg)
Robert (poker fan from Surprise)


1. Tell him about it or tell everyone else about it- what did office workers say they would do if they noticed their male boss' fly was open?
ALL G: Everyone else- 14%

2. Fair or foul- which phrase did married men in their 30s say best describes their sex life?
ALL G: Fair- 62%

3. Dress like a teenager or kiss them- what did teenage boys say they'd be more embarrassed for their mom to do in public?
Mark & Sharon: Kiss- 45%

4. An adult who's blind or an adult who's drunk- who did Americans rather get a tattoo from?
ALL G: Drunk- 66%

DfC: Bring back a condiment on a spoon & eat that condiment.
OTA- Sharon


1. Office birthday party, holiday feast or broken heart- what event did women on a diet say would be most likely to send 'em on a dessert binge?
Mark: Birthday- 15% $600
Kate: Feast- 35% $900
Robert: Heart- 1/2 $1,400

2. Rocking horse, Nerf football or remote control car- which of these kids' toys did dads say they'd most like to play w/ themselves?
ALL G: Car- 52% (Horse: 10%)

3. Mr. back hair, Mr. bad tipper or Mr. moans-a-lot, who did massage therapists say was their LEAST favorite client?
ALL G: Mr. bad tipper- 33% (Mr. back hair: 36%)


1. CNN, ESPn, "The Daily Show" or twitter- where did men in their 20s say they go to get the news they care about?
Kate: twitter- 7%
Robert: ESPn- 24% (CNN: 57%)

2. Dirty dishes, dirty clothes, dirty bathroom or dirty magazines- what did single men say they'd LEAST like to see in a woman's home?
BOTH WENT W/: Bathroom- 1/3 (Dishes: 22%/Clothes: 31%)

W: $1,400

$7,800: Good memory, good dancer, good teeth or good bank account- what did women in their 80s say made men their age most attractive?
G: Dancer- 18% (Memory: 10%/Account: 61%)

EP. 2020:
Stacee (Florence, KY)
Al (Roller Disco king)
Steven (former Rock star from The Bronx)
Susan (award-winning auctioneer from Guilford, IN)


1. Her cat or their wedding ring- what did cat-owning husbands say they'd be most afraid to tell their wife they lost?
Men: Cat- 31%

2. Use the men's room or hold it in- what did women say they would be more likely to do if they had to go to the bathroom, but the ladies' room had a long line?
Susan: Use the men's room- 46%

3. Gov. Chris Christie or Bruce Springsteen- who did NJ Republicans say they'd rather drive cross-country w/?
Steven: Gov. Christie- 70%

4. Take a nap before or take a sick day after- how did most people in their 40s say they'd survive an all-night party?
ALL G: Sick- 38%


1. Someone who's drunk, someone who's gassy or someone who's "all hands"- who did female flight attendants say was the WORST kind of passenger?
Stacee & Al: Drunk- 39%
Steven: Hands- 17%

2. Running red lights, packing heat or free donuts- what did police officers say was the BEST perk of being a cop?
ALL G: Lights- 29% (Heat: 49%)

3. Go bra shopping, talk about boys or buy feminine hygiene products- what did single dads say would be the most uncomfortable thing to do w/ their teenage daughter?
Stacee & Al: Bra shopping- 39%
Steven: F. hygiene products- 33%


1. Hate, like, love or lust- which of these did men in their 20s say best describes the feeling that they have for their best friend's girlfriend?
Al: Hate- 3% $1,700
Stacee: Like- 3/4 $3,800 (Love: 16%)

2. A mirror, lotion, lip balm or tissues- which of these did women say's the most essential item in their purse?
BOTH SAID: Lip balm- 40% (Mirror: 20%/Lotion: 10%)

W: $4K

$11,800: Anniversary, Valentine's Day, just because or "I screwed up big time"- what did married men say was the reason they last bought their wives jewelry?
G: Anniv.- 49% (V.D.: 22%/Just because: 27%)


Thursday, August 28, 2014

"project RUNWAY" 8/28/14

C #6: Alternative wedding dresses w/ corresponding looks.
mood Budget of the Wk.: $400
GJ: Dita Von Teese & Chiara Ferragni

1. Fade & Emily
2. Alexander & Samantha
3. Kini & Sean
4. Sandhya & Char
5. Korina & Amanda

W- Sean (Also on Top: Kini, Emily & Fade)
L- Char (Also on Bottom: Sandhya, Samantha & Alexander)

"Beat Bobby Flay" 8/28 (EP. 207)

M-U: Carlos Serrano (who made it to the "Supermarket Superstar" finale) vs. Rina Younan (who won $1,400 on "Cutthroat Kitchen" 3/2)
R1 J: Alton & Daphne Oz 
KI: Pork chops

Carlos: Seared P.C. w/ garlic, peppers & mushrooms

Rina: Spiced P.C. w/ Mediterranean couscous- IN

R2 J: Michael P., Ivy Stark (Dos Caminos EC) & Eugene

R: Sesame falafel on wheatberry pita w/ Feta mousse & pea shoot salad
B: Falafel crostini w/ jalapeno pesto yogurt & piquillo pepper tahini

W, 2-1

"Big Brother" 8/28/14

The 7th TA mission was decided to have them do a play spoofing the evicted HGs, have one member be asked by Julie "If you become a Have-Not, what special food would you like to request from America?" & then have him say apple pie.
RESULT- FAIL (Frankie did it)


HoH C #9 ("Sloppy the Snowman"): Transfer water to either the big snowman for the HoH power or the smaller one for $5K & 5K "hollas" being played at their expense for the rest of the season (the other option for the bonus snowman was $5K & having to wear five different insulting shirts). In either case, to claim either snowman, they have to fill it up enough so they can remove the piece of coal inside.

BONUS- Derrick
HoH- Caleb

8/28/14 Quick News & Notes

-According to YouTube user Sally Walsh, GSN will acquire more syndicated "$ale" as well as some of "SCRABBLE" & they'll start airing next yr.!
-There was a tie for 2nd on "@midnight" at the end of the next-to-last rd., so they did an arm wrestling match to decide who moved on.
-There was a fake sponsor for the "LATE SHOW Top Ten" for the first time in ages.
-Joan Rivers has been hospitalized w/ complications from throat surgery; she was once in critical condition after she stopped breathing at some point.
-The women of "FRIENDS" reunited on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!" last night (& Jimmy played the role of Ross). Also, about a month ago, I saw Kimmel showing a photo of himself w/ acne problems.
-Tim Horton's (which was seen on the first season of "Donut Showdown") has been bought by Burger King (& likewise BK's headquarters will move to Canada). 
-The base prices of the '15 Ford Fiestas have mostly been lowered by $490.
-On "The Daily Show", Jill Katz has been promoted from Producer & Executive in Charge of Production to EP.

"So You Think You Can DaNCe" 8/27/14

GP (C)(Travis): "Wind Beneath My Wings" by RyanDan
SP (Jason Mraz): "Love Someone"
GJ: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Valerie & Ricky (AJ)(Sean): "Voices of Savannah" by DJ Chus

Jessica & Zack (B)(Spencer): "Hernando's Hideaway" by Ella Fitzgerald ('54)
Valerie & Aaron (T)(Anthony Morigerato): "Love Me or Leave Me" by Sammy Davis, Jr. ('55)
Jessica & Robert (C)(Travis): "When I Go" by Over the Rhine ('01)
Valerie & Zack (C)(Tyce): "Pearls" by Sade ('92)
Jessica & Ricky (Jazz)(Ray): "F for You" by Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige ('13)
Zack & Aaron (T)(Anthony): "Piano Man"
Ricky & Kathryn (C)(Stacey): "Not About Angels"
Jessica & Valerie (Bollywood)(Nakul): "Ghahra" from "Yeh Jawanni Jay Deewani"
Ricky & Zack (H-h)(Pharside & Phoenix): "The Antidote" by District 78

Ricky: "Skin & Bones" by David J. Roch
Jessica: "It's a Man's Man's Man's World"
Valerie: "Valerie"
Zack: "Superstition (Adam Rafferty version)"

"Let's A$k America"- EP. 2017

Cathy (Madison dog trainer)
John (scout from Indy)
Kym (Akron)
Jenny (6'3" marketing director for former NBA player from Newport, RI)


1. Jennifer Hudson thick or Jennifer Hudson thin- what body type did African-American men say they were more attached to?
Cathy & Kym: Thin- 78%

2. Not shaving their legs or going shirtless in public- which of these did women say they would enjoy doing most if they were a MAN?
Cathy: Shirtless- 41%

3. An OSCAR-winning role or a sitcom that's on for 10 yrs.- if they could only have one acting job ever, which did actors say they'd choose?
Kym: Sitcom- 70%

4. One w/ no sense of humor or one w/ an annoying laugh- what type of woman did single men say they'd be LESS interested in dating?
John & Jenny: Humor- 52%


1. Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil or Dr. Seuss- which famous doctor did Americans say was most helpful in improving their lives?
John & Kym: Oz- 45%
Cathy: Seuss- 41%

2. "Can I have another bag of nuts?", "Can I sit in first class?" or "Can I get your phone number?"- what annoying Q did flight attendants say they hear the most from passengers?
Cathy & John: First class- 46%
Kym: Nuts- 27%

3. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama- which President did Republicans say they would rather see added to Mt. Rushmore?
John & Kym: Carter- 75%
Cathy: Clinton- 22%


1. Their kid's pockets, husband's e-mail, kid's text or husband's car- what did moms say they'd be most likely to snoop through?
Kym: Text (had email at first)- 27% $2,600
John: Email- 31% $5,600 (Pockets: 26%)

2. Rewind, fast forward, pause or mute- which remote control function did married men say they'd most like to use on their wife?
BOTH G: Mute- 30% (FF: 16%/Pause: 38%)

W: $4,600

$10,200: The cool accents, free healthcare, high alcohol intake or not having to tip anyone- what part of European life did Americans say they're most envious of?
G: Alcohol- 5% (Accents: 26%/Healthcare: 1/2)


"Top Chef Duels" 8/27

M-U: CJ vs. Stefan


Stefan (who'll retire & go back to Finland at the end of this competition): SMOKED DISHES
Stefan: Salmon

CJ: Pike perch
W- CJ (only Curtis went against him)

CJ: Thinly-sliced pork
Stefan: Thai coconut pork bisque w/ dumplings
W- CJ (sweep)

DUEL: Sea, Land & Air (included foraged ingredients)
GJ: Shailene Woodley

Stefan: Lobster bisque
CJ: Black bass

CJ: Pan-roasted duck breast
Stefan: Turducken

Stefan: Goat w/ acorn mash
CJ: Braised rabbit


Mike: Pan-roasted rib-eye
Stefan: Steak w/ roasted potatoes et al- RETIREMENT TIME

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Skin Wars" 8/27

First C #4: They had to paint their fears on their own faces.

Felle: Horror movies
Mythica: Losing humanity
Dutch: Spiders
Nicole: Growing old
Shannon: Killer date
Gear: Celestial demon
Natalie: Death of a loved one
W- Shannon (took half-hr. of work time away from Mythica)

CC #4: They had to create personal superheroes. The winner got $5K worth of Glimmer Body Art glitter.
GJ: Lynda Carter (known for playing Wonder Woman)

Gear: Tetrahedra
Mythica: Prismatica
Felle: Super Daddy
Natalie: Womanifesto
Dutch: Kamikaze
Nicole: Vaudevillain
Shannon: Rescuer Rosie

W- Felle (Also on Top: Dutch & Gear)
L- Mythica (Also on Bottom: Shannon & Nicole)

"America's got Talent" 8/27/14

SP (Ariana Grande): "Break Free" feat. Zedd (at very start of show)

(Note: Piers appeared at the end of the viewer questions asked to the judges.)

Mike Super- IN

Andrey- OUT

Emily- IN
Paul- OUT
Miguel- IN
Dan- OUT

David & Leeman- JUDGES' CHOICE

"Big Brother" 8/27/14

PoV C #9 ("Sting Operation"): This item-counting challenge was inspired by the upcoming new show "scorpion".
EXTRAS: Christine, Derrick & Frankie

1. Pinwheels (227)
Cody (150): FOLD

Christine (640): FOLD
Derrick (348): FOLD
Donny (190): STAY
Nicole (148): FOLD
Frankie (380): STAY- X

2. Espresso cups (482)
Cody (460): STAY
Christine (256): FOLD
Derrick (550): FOLD

Donny (462): FOLD
Nicole (497): FOLD

3. Pieces of fruit (1083):
Cody (970): STAY
Christine (800 600): FOLD
Derrick (1040): FOLD
Donny (1320): FOLD
Nicole (960): FOLD

4. Donuts (559):
Christine (300): FOLD
Derrick (392): FOLD
Donny (326): FOLD

Nicole (480): FOLD

IMO, at this point in the season, if a HoH wins the PoV, the PoV ceremony should be cancelled (unless they want to backdoor someone) & the current nominations should be automatically frozen.

8/27/14 Quick News & Notes

-The "LATE SHOW" monologue began w/ "I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat". It was also said last night that Howie was on "Make Me Laugh" w/ Dr. Joyce Brothers as a guest.
-Blue confetti cannons went off at the end of "CHELSEA LATELY LIVE!"; the farewell song had Gwen Stefani joining Chelsea in front of the group. Gwen also mispronounced Colbert as "Colbore" during last Mon.'s Primetime Emmys (& the intro titles to last night's "The Colbert Report" reflected that).
-Craig Ferguson's 2Kth ep. of "The Late Late Show" should be on 9/19.
-Poker was played on the Primetime Emmys last Mon.; also, Billy Eichner was on the telecast.
-One time on "@midnight", a 5K-pt. bonus was given to somebody just before the final commercial break. In fact, last night was the first-ever three-way FTW (& there was a tweet about one celeb allegedly watching eps. of "JEOPARDY!" that were too hot for TV).
-"Total Drama" is a Canadian cartoon (which airs on Cartoon Network in the U.S.) that spoofs "Survivor". The host's named Chris McLean.

New "Survivor" Castaways

Drew & Alec Christy (bros.)
Jeremy & Val Collins (married firefighter & police officer)
Reed Kelly & Josh Canfield
Jon Misch & Jaclyn Schultz (college sweethearts)
Natalie & Nadiya Anderson (just competed on "The Amazing Race")
Keith & Wes Nale (father/son)
Missy Payne & Baylor Wilson (mom/daughter)
Dale & Kelley Wentworth (father/daughter)

Various sources contributed to this report.

"Let's A$k America" 8/27

EP. 2015:
Lester (NY bus driver)
Kristen (football player from CHI)
Laura (autism teacher from Naples)
Adam (Woodland Hills)


1. "Girls Gone Wild" or a mugshot- what did fathers say would be the worst place to see their daughter's face?
ALL G: "Girls Gone Wild"- 69%

2. On the 50-yd. line in a snowstorm or a 50-in. screen TV in a Cabo bar- how did NYers say they'd rather watch a Giants football game?
ALL G: Snowstorm- 21%

3. Love or money- what did women in their 40s say they know more about now than they did 20 yrs. ago?
Kristen: $$$- 51%

4. Bra or wig- what did men say they'd least like to wear for a day?
ALL G: Bra- 35%

DfC: Find a piece of bread & butter it.


1. Single men, divorced women or married couple- who did female bartenders say are the best tippers?
Lester: Women- 23%
Kristen: Men- 51%
Laura: Couple- 26%

2. Risque photos, stolen MP3s or emails insulting the company- what did office workers say there were more of on their work computers?
ALL G: Emails- 1/2 (MP3s: 44%)

3. Nome, AK, Salt Lake City or The Bronx- where did college kids say would be the WORST location for Spring Break?
Lester: Bronx- 33%
Ladies: Nome- 13%

DfC: Shampoo bottle or magazine- which of these recyclable items did people admit they were more likely to throw in the trash?
A: Shampoo (59%)
OTA- Laura


1. On an airplane, in a restaurant, at work or in a bar- where did smokers say they most wished they could still smoke?
BOTH SAID: Bar- 25% (Airplane: 23%/Restaurant: 33%)

2. Donuts, pizza, ice cream or French Fries- what food did dieters say they most wish had NO calories?
Lester: Donuts- 23%
Kristen: Pizza- 42% $5,900 (I.C.: 30%)

W: A-I

$29.5K: One w/ muscles, one w/ a fortune, one who's a genius or one who's six ft. tall- which woman did men say they would be more intimidated to ask out?
G: Six ft. tall- 1% (Muscles: 44%/Fortune: 23%)

EP. 2016:
Jessie (K.C., MO)
Brian (Marine Corps pilot from Annapolis)
Ricky (escape artist from S.F.)
Chavela (DET)


1. "She's really pretty" or "She's not much to look at"- married men say they'd get in the most trouble w/ the wife if they said what about her sister?
ALL G: Pretty- 49%

2. Amanda Bynes or Justin Bieber- who did teacher say's more in need of detention?
Men: Justin- 62%

3. Doctors make the worst patients or patients make the worst doctors- which did nurses say was most accurate?
Jessie: Patients make the worst doctors- 12%

4. A guy just out of a long-term relationship or a guy's who never had a girlfriend- who did single women say they'd be LESS interested in dating?
Men: Relationship- 60%


1. Gymnastics, sumo wrestling or jump rope- which of these athletic activities did men say they'd most like to see women do NAKED?
Guys: Gymnastics- 68%
Chavela: Sumo- 13%

2. Snap, crackle or pop- which sound did chiropractors say would be the best to hear while working on a patient's body?
Brian & Chavela: Pop- 37%
Ricky: Crackle- 39%

3. Nirvana t-shirt, Doc Martens or neon pink scrunchie- what '90s clothing item did girls under 20 say they'd be most likely to borrow from their mom's closet?
Brian: Shirt- 45%
Ricky & Chavela: Scrunchie- 30%


1. Only 10, 11-12, 13-15 or 16 or more- what did cashiers say's the maximum number of items they'd actually let a customer bring into the "10 items or less" lane?
Ricky: 16+- 5%
Brian: 13-15- 21% (11-12: 51%)

2. She'll get pregnant right away, she'll get fat, she'll stop having sex w/ him or she'll spend all his money- engaged men say they'd be most bummed out if which thing happened to their fiancees after getting married?
Brian: Fat- 26%
Ricky: Sex- 41% $6,400 ($$$: 27%)

W: $2,200

$8,600: Sticky pads, binder clips, pens or reams of paper- which of these supplies did office workers say they take home the most?
G: Pens- 61% (Pads: 24%/Clips: 15%)

2015: 6
2016: 7

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Tom McKenna
Fatima Ali
Giorgio Rapicavoli (EC at David Burke Fromagerie in Rumson, NJ)(1/10/12)
Lauren Kyles
J: Scott (no glasses again), Chris & Marc

A: Eel, pepihuates, shaved coconut & sea beans

Giorgio: BBQ eel w/ heirlooms, pepihuates curry, citrus skin, olive oil & coconut milk
Tom: Seared eel w/ sea bean and coconut salad, oranges, rice vinegar & sriracha
Fatima: Tempura eel w/ pepihuates raita, buttermilk, yogurt & coriander seeds- C
Lauren: Pan-seared eel w/ pepihuate glaze, chiles, Dijon & molasses

E: Dressed squab, stuffed grape leaves, Feta & cherry cola

Lauren: Grilled squab w/ mushroom and grape leaf dirty rice, red wine, red onions & olive oil- C (they didn't take a commercial break just before her elimination like usual)
Giorgio: "Peking" squab w/ grape leaf fried rice, sesame oil, scallions & soy sauce
Tom: Roasted squab w/ grape leaf risotto, cherry cola reduction, jalapenos, whiskey & sriracha

D: Grasshopper pie, Granny Smith apples, smoked salt & puffed rice

Giorgio: Caramelized apples & grasshopper pie I.C. w/ rice mousse, blueberries, almond extract & white chocolate
Tom: Grasshopper pie puree w/ caramel puffed rice streusel, blueberries, sugar & agar agar- C

Immediately after this ep. aired for the first time, we saw three "After Hours" segments aired on TV for the first time, but only the first one was new (in that segment, the appetizer basket was used & Geoffrey & Aaron took the places of Scott & Marc).

"Face Off" 8/26

SC #5: "Oz" characters that fell down the hole to Wonderland.

Damien & Cig: Scarecrow
Dina & Stella: Winged Monkey
Drew & George: Wicked Witch of the West
Jason & Sasha: Cowardly Lion
Keaghlan & Rachael: Tin Woodman

W- Dina
GONE- Jason

"America's got Talent" 8/26/14- RD. OF 24 STARTS

FCJR: "Break Free" by Ariana Grande
Mara: "Breakaway"
BBoB: "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
Paul: "I Want It That Way"
Mike Super: Prediction & disappearing/reappearing act
Andrey: Forest setting
Miguel: "Seven Nation Army"
Sons of Serendip: "Don't You Worry, Child"
David & Leeman: Three buzzes & smashing bags- BUZZED BY EVERYONE BUT HEIDI FOR REAL
Dan: Entered to "I'm Every Woman"
Aerial Animation: "Best Day of My Life"
Emily: "Who Wants to Live Forever"

"Motor City Masters"- GRAND FINALE

FC: Those clay Camaros had to be turned into real futuristic Z/28's.
GJ: Edward T. Welburn, Jr.(GM V-P of Global Design)

Bryan: Orange
Camilo: Blue- MCM

"Id!ottest" 8/26

EP. 1025:
Seth & Holly (married; he's a celebrity impressionist)
Briana & Brian (couple)


S & H: There's a fly in the soup! Where?
G ($100): Plane (A: Zipper on the jeans)

B & B: Which's the heaviest on The Moon- astronaut, oxygen, hydrogen or helium?
G ($100): Astronaut

S & H: We like big buts & we don't know why. Touch the biggest but you can find.
Found? ($120): YES

B & B: Touch the letter that would definitely be returned to sender.
One w/ Chris Hollar as both sender & writer touched? ($160): YES $260


Holly: Touch the pink circle.
Found? ($375): YES $495

Briana: Touch the one who's NOT tied.
Ref Found? ($275): NO

Seth: Touch the iris.
Found in human eye? ($425): YES $920

Brian: What did the "Three Blind Mice" run towards?
G ($225): Grandfather clock

(Note: During the first commercial break, I saw Sherri in a GSN.com commercial.)


1. Touch the letter E below
Holly ($600): FAIL
Brian ($850): SUCCESS (right in the middle of the paper) $1,110

2. Count all the eyes- two, three, five or 12?
Seth ($2200): Three
Briana ($200): Five (two human eyes, eye of a hurricane & two "eye"s in the sentence below) $1,310

SM: How many different digits from 1-9 can you find on these blocks- three, four, five, six, seven or eight?
Brian (:13): Eight
Briana (:01): Six (A: Seven)

EP. 1022:
Rachel & Jenaya (West Coast cousins)
Cori & Linda (mom/daughter from East Coast)

Rachel & Jenaya won UGLY, $325-$120.

SM: Touch the seventh letter of the alphabet after the fifth letter in the painting- M, W, A, R or F?
Jenaya (:17): W
Rachel (:02): SAME- EPIC FAIL (A: M)

"The Chase" 8/26

Before Mark comes out, Brooke holds up a big suit that The Beast could wear.

GORDON PEPPER (Reston, VA native who got Engineering degree from Harvard):


1. Which of the following was invented first- microwave oven, paper coffee filter or electric garage door opener?
G: Filter

2. The winners on "dancing with the stars" are awarded a trophy that's topped by what- gold star, silver slipper or mirror ball?
G: Mirror ball

3. Once called the Fortunate Islands, which archipelago was named for the dogs living there- Aleutian Islands, Canary Islands or Faroe Islands?
G: Aleutian (A: Canary)

4. If you enjoy the brooding, pale sexiness of Robert Pattinson's character in "Twilight", you're most likely on which team- Team Jacob, Team Ryan or Team Edward?
G: Edward

5. Which of these ISN'T an element on The Periodic Table- freon, fluorine or samarium?

6. The name of what star in the constellation Orion means "shoulder of the giant"- Betelgeuse, Aldebaran or Antares?
G: Betelgeuse

CAITLIN (graduated w/ honors from Johns Hopkins):


1. Who allegedly told U.S. Customs he had NOTHING to declare but his genius- John Lennon, Oscar Wilde or Simon Cowell?
G: Oscar Wilde

2. What spider lives underwater by trapping an air bubble in its web & using it to breathe- lake bottom spider, diving bell spider or submarine spider?
G: Diving bell

3. If Kim has a 20L can & Khloe has a 10 gal can, who's got the bigger can- Kim, Khloe or their cans are the same size?

G: Kim

4. Which of these Denzel Washington movies was set farthest from Washington, D.C.- "Cry Freedom", "Much Ado About Nothing" or "Training Day"?
G: "Training Day" (A: "Cry Freedom")

5. In 1559, King Henry II of France was fatally injured while participating in which activity- jousting, archery or eating breakfast?
G: Jousting

6. Often called "the world's smallest army", the Swiss Guard's responsible for protecting whom- Prince Albert of Monaco, The Pope or The Sultan of Brunel?
G: The Pope

FQ: Which event made its Winter Olympics debut this yr.- women's ski jumping, women's two-person bobsled or women's skeleton?
G: Women's ski jumping- IN $42K

MICHAEL (national merit scholar in HS, Stephen King fan & SAT tutor from Hartland, WI):


1. Which sci-fi movie was an adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep- "Total Recall", "Blade Runner" or "I, Robot"?
G: "Blade Runner"

2. Which was the first sport played on The Moon- frisbee, football or golf?
G: Golf

3. Which's true about the number of vertebrae in a giraffe's neck- giraffes have more than humans, giraffes have the same as humans or giraffes have fewer than humans?
G: Fewer (A: Same)

4. The Naked Chef's alone in the kitchen thinking about Stroganoff. He should recall it was named for a Russian what- city, diplomat or battle?
G: Diplomat

5. Franz Mesmer "mesmerized" the public as the father of which practice- stargazing, sleight of hand or hypnotism?
G: Hypnotism $52K

FC R- FAIL IN 1:19 13 (only missed one Q)

"Food Fighters" 8/26

HC: Jon Coombs (Army Sgt.)
M: Cookie sandwich, shrimp & grits, mac & cheese, Caribbean chicken & scallops & potatoes

Jon: Scallops w/ fingerlings
Daniel: Scallops w/ potato chive pancake

Jon: Cheesy cracker M & C
Devin: Bacon-topped M & C

Jon: Caribbean chicken w/ coconut rice & beans
Vic: Caribbean chicken w/ papaya salsa

Jon: Almond cookie sandwich w/ vanilla cream & strawberry basil relish
Eric: PB&J cookie sandwich

Jon: Shrimp & cheese grits w/ tomato sauce
Cat: Shrimp w/ garlic grits & bacon butter

8/26/14 Quick News & Notes

-The 2nd "The Price is Right Male Model Search" begins 9/6 in Spartanburg, SC.
-Tyra's new syndicated talk show will be titled "The Fab"; Nicole Richie's also joining their panel.
-The Thurs. morning GSN blocks ("Super PASSWORD" replaces "Deal or No Deal" in the 11 AM timeslot that day) are sponsored by Tylenol Extra Strength.
-During the 2nd BR format, the "Split Second" entrance/BR doors were always open after the host's intro & the lightning didn't sound for a car win (that was always the case for five-time champs).
-Warner Bros. TV is planning a "Full House" revival.
-As of right now, an uncolored WWE logo appears near the bottom-right corner of our screens during telecasts. 
-As of this yr., "tosh.0" ends each ep. by naming an Audience Member of the Wk. (& new eps. resume tonight at 10 PM).
-On the '85 "Concentration" pilots, the win cues for the maingame & endgame were flip-flopped.

"Let's A$k America"- EP. 2014

Sally (Dallas, GA)
Brantley (snowboarder from NYC)
Ryan (orig. from NY)
Katherine (Nashville native who names each of her wigs)


1. "Listen to Your Heart" or "Keep your eye on your wallet"- what did divorced men say they'd tell a friend who said "I've found love at first sight"?
ALL G: Wallet- 42%

2. Grooming for themselves or for their dog- what did bachelors who own dogs spend more money on in '12?
Men: Dogs- 20%

3. Nerds or jocks- what kind of women did men say are sexier?
ALL G: Nerds- 42%

4. Planning how to do it or actually doing it- what did managers say was the most difficult part of firing someone?
Brantley & Katherine: Actually- 63%


1. "My wife", "My kid" or "Me"- who did dads say's the smartest person in the house?
Sally: Wife- 29%
Brantley: Me- 61%
Katherine: Kid- 10%

2. Hair, shoes or makeup- if they were going to a wedding & could only spend money on one thing, what did women say it would be?
Sally: Hair- 53%
Brantley & Katherine: Makeup- 13%

3. Illegal gambling, recreational drug use or prostitution- what crime did police officers say they'd most like to see legalized?
Sally: Prostitution- 40% $2,700
Brantley & Katherine: Drugs- 31%


1. Funeral, wedding ceremony, theatre or job interview- Americans said they'd be most embarrassed if their cellphone went off where?
BOTH SAID: Funeral- 55% (Sally: $4,700/Brantley: $2,900)(Wedding: 8%/Theatre: 6%)

2. Softer sheets, darker room, white noise machine or husband in another room- what did married women say would help them sleep better at night?
BOTH SAID: Husband- 19% (Sheets: 35%/Room: 25%)

W: A-I

$23.5K: You drink from a mason jar, you have a "formal" t-shirt, your car's parked on your lawn or your Christmas lights are up yr.-round- what did people from the South say was the most obvious sign that you might be a redneck?
G: Lights- 18% (Jar: 17%/Car: 24%)