Sunday, December 21, 2014

Next Wk. in GS: Christmas Wk. '14

Here's what you can expect as we salute the holidays:

-"The Line" airs on GSN for two hrs. on Tues. night.

-During the three holiday-themed eps. of "Price" this yr., a Lexus convertible & a Mercedes-Benz GL will be offered.

-Now that the Secret Santa Sweepstakes is over, I fear we'll have a "WHEEL" BRS this wk.

The Wk. in Review: Third Wk. of Dec. '14

PotW: Amy DeJong & Maya Warren ("The Amazing Race 25")
R-U: Natalie Anderson ("Survivor: San Juan del Sur")
3RD: La Tasha McCutchen ("Hell's Kitchen")

Other Big Winners & Notables:
Logan Guleff- $100K ("MasterChef JUNIOR")
Jason Clay Dunn- $100K ("Ink Master: Rivals")
Katy Garcia- $87,388 ("WHEEL of FORTUNE")
Hallie Cooper-Novack- $53,100 ("Millionaire")

"Cutthroat Kitchen" 12/21 (EP. 607)

Hal (LC in Long Island)
Neal Swidler (Lucky Rooster Restaurant EC/owner in N.O.)
Mareya Ibrahim ( founder)
Kim (catering co. owner/chef in Santa Monica; orig. from TX)
J: Jet
R1: Breakfast quesadilla

A #1:
1. Electric branding iron, flat iron & heat gun as heat source- KIM ($17.5K)(Mareya: Branding iron/Hal: Flat iron)
2. Ultimate poncho- NEAL ($20,600)(K)
3. Harvest ingredients from quesadilla pot- MAREYA ($18,600)(N)


R2: Meatloaf

A #2:

1. Mix/cook in loaf of bread- NEAL ($14,800)(K)
2. Recliner prep station- KIM ($  8K)(M)


FR: Cupcakes

A #3:
1. Mix all ingredients in cupped hand(s)- NEAL ($  6,800)
2. Stand on top of cupcake boxes for rest of rd.- KIM ($  1K)

K: Chocolate hazelnut two ways
N: Island coconut lime- DUBIOUS HISTORY DASHED

Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Rewrapped"- S.F.

Andrea Cummins (Zoe's Cupcake Cafe head baker)
Glenn Gross (Fat Jack's BBQ CEO/pitmaster)
Samantha Buyskes (The Piggery head butcher/chef)
I: Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Santa Cruz Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
GJ: Jackie S. & Meredith K.

Recreate S:
A: 8/9/8 = 25
G: 7/7/6 = 20
S: 6/6/5 = "THAT'S A WRAP"

Innovate D:
A: Ground turkey wonton cups w/ vegetable-stuffed mushroom & veggie skewer
G: Oatmeal raisin bacon cheeseburger w/ cookie-battered onion rings

G: 9/8/8 = W

12/20/14 Quick News & Notes

-In the final segment of the grand finale of "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson", Bob Newhart was inside Secretariat & Craig & Drew Carey were spoofing "The Drew Carey Show" (Craig played Mr. Wick) & "The Sopranos".
-The intro song was "Bang Your Drum" by Dead Man Fall.
-To be honest w/ you, I didn't think Brooke & Robbie would make it very far on "The Amazing Race". It's such a shame they left empty-handed (on-air, anyway) despite making the championship stage.
-It's been a while since an epic Jeff Probst entrance to a live "Survivor" finale show actually made air. There was supposed to have been one last Wed. where Jeff was supposed to have skateboarded to CBS TV City, but it ultimately never happened. Jeff promises he'll do one more before the series concludes.
-New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight & boyfriend Harley Rodriguez will compete on "The Amazing Race" next season; in that season, five of the teams will be competing on "blind dates" of sorts. 
-There was an unsold "Pictionary" pilot hosted by Graham Elwood in '00. In Rds. 1 & 2, one member from each four-member team attempted to get his/her teammates to guess the answer in :30 by drawing a picture (a clue was given for all pictures in this pilot); both teams played two pictures in each of the first two rds. & the answers were worth $100 in R1 & $200 in R2. In Rd. 3, one member per team bid against each other starting at 1:00. The first picture was worth $200 & each picture was worth $200 more than the last. If a team was unsuccessful, the other team got :15 on either the same answer or they could try a different answer. After four drawings (or when the trailing team couldn't catch up), the team w/ the most money got a chance to add $5K in the BR by guessing five pictures in 2:00.
-Last Wed., James helped Betty spin TBW because of Drew's recent surgery.
-Last Thurs., George & Manuela wore glasses at several points in the ep. to play off Drew forgetting his. 
-In the 2nd format of "Time Machine", there was a cash jackpot as part of the main jackpot that started at $1K & went up that much per day until won.

"Let's A$k America" 1/31

EP. 2153:
Steven (Brookpark, OH)
Rob (bat conservation worker in DET)
Del (BKN singer)
Julia (Tulsa)


1. Potholes or potheads- which did people in L.A. say there were more of in their city?
Rob & Del: Potheads- 63%

2. Color it or leave it alone- which did married women under 30 say they'd want their husband to do once her hair starts graying?
Julia: Leave it- 77%

3. Their swimsuit or a sandwich- which did beachgoers say's the WORST thing to get sand in?
Steven & Julia: Swimsuit- 32%

4. One last hookup w/ her ex or one quick hookup w/ a stranger- what did dating experts say would be a bigger mistake for a woman to make right after a breakup?
ALL CHOSE: Ex- 46%


1. Full-price movie tickets, Social Security or birth control- what did women over 70 say they're happiest that they never have to pay for again?
Rob: SS- 35%
Girls: Birth control- 29%

2. Love, honor or obey- which part of traditional wedding vows do divorced women say their ex was the WORST at sticking to?
ALL THOUGHT: Obey- 12% (Honor: 65%)

3. Their best buddy, a hot woman or someone who's never home- who did men in their 20s say would be the best roommate?
Rob & Del: Hot woman- 1/2 $1,900 EACH
Julia: Someone who's never home- 12%


1. His watch, his phone, a football game or her chest- single women said they'd be most annoyed if their date kept checking out which of these during dinner?
BOTH WROTE: Phone- 48% $3,900 EACH (Watch: 32%/Football: 3%)

2. One w/ a hotter wife, bigger truck, better job or Cowboys season tickets- which neighbor do men in Dallas say they'd be the most jealous of?
BOTH SAID: Cowboys season tickets- 31% $7,900 EACH (Hotter wife: 19%/Bigger truck: 22%)

DfC: Salt or pepper- what color did married men in their 30s say they'd like their wives' hair to be when they're 60?
Del: Pepper- 76%


$  9,900: Makeup, good night's sleep, coffee or money- married men say they LEAST want to be around their wives when she doesn't have what?
G: Sleep- 57% (Makeup: 18%/Coffee: 15%)


"Let's A$k America" 5/22

EP. 2152:
Jason (Boynton Beach firefighter)
Diana (Bengals fan in Cold Spring, KY)
Tiffany (Metairie, LA)

Jeff (Rocky Point, NY)


1. Miss Georgia or misdemeanors- what do reality TV fans say they think the future holds for Honey Boo Boo?
Tiffany: Miss Georgia- 15%

2. He hates your cat or he hates your best friend- when it comes to dating, what did single women say's the bigger deal breaker?
ALL G: Best friend- 65%

3. Go pro or stay for the B.A.- what do moms of college athletes say they'd want their son to do if he got the chance to drop out & become a pro?
Tiffany: Go pro- 55%

4. Gaze at the stars or their neighbors- if they got a telescope as a gift, what did single men in their 20s say they'd do w/ it?
Diana: Stars- 58%

DfC: Pepper or Penny- what did pregnant women say they would rather name their daughter?
A: Penny (73%)
OTA- Jeff


1. A guy w/ a beard, chapped lips or braces- who did single women in their 20s say they would LEAST like to kiss?
ALL G: Chapped lips- 40% (Braces: 48%)

2. Leave quietly, tell off the boss or stuff their pockets w/ office supplies- what did office workers say they'd be most likely to do if they got FIRED today?
Jason: Leave quietly- 64% $1,300
Girls: Stuff pockets w/ office supplies- 10%

3. Algebra, History or Chemistry- which HS class did teachers say their students would be less likely to remember in 10 yrs.?
Jason & Diana: History- 1/5
Tiffany: Chemistry- 38%


1. In the kitchen, in the garage, on the lawn or in the bedroom- where did married women say their husband does his best work?
BOTH G: Bedroom- 1/4 (Kitchen: 7%/Garage: 43%)

2. Put on eyeliner, curl their hair, take out contacts or parallel park- what did women say was the hardest thing to do without the help of a mirror?
Jason: Parallel park- 45%
Diana: Curl their hair- OTA (Eyeliner: 52%/Contacts: 3%)

$  1,600: Tweeted it, texted it, facebooked it or phoned 'em- how did engaged couples in their 20s say they told most people about their engagement?
G: facebook- 1/4 (tweeted: 1/4/Texted: 17%)


Friday, December 19, 2014

"The Amazing Race"- 25TH FINALE

C #2: They had to get inside a Ford Explorer Sport & use the SYNC technology to find out their 3rd clue.

C #3: Inside each manila envelope was a film permit that had to get approved at Downtown City Hall.

C #4: The film permit had to be turned in at Southwest Marine Warehouse.

R #12: Their mission was to break through a plate glass window from the third story of a building.

DOING IT: Adam, Jim & Maya- BROOKE & ROBBIE MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED THANKS TO GETTING LOST EARLY ON (if new Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell was Robbie's teammate instead, she probably would've done it as she has done stuntwork in the past)

C #6: Coast Guard Pier on Terminal Island

C #7: Using an ARMY S (powered by a Honda engine), they had to perform a search & exercise training exercise.

C #8: ConGlobal Industries

FINAL ROADBLOCK: Amongst 15K+ shipping containers, they had to find the nine marked w/ countries they visited this season. Each team has to memorize their colored number on each of those boxes, arrange their numbers in the proper order (of course, they had to remember the order in which they visited those countries) & write it down on a container requisition form.

Bethany: GREEN

: Point Vincent Lighthouse

Let's see who will be splitting this $1M...

AMY & MAYA ARE THE THIRD ALL-FEMALE TEAM TO BECOME CHAMPS (& are the first team to win the million after only winning the final stage in two yrs., plus out of the three all-female duos who've won the million, they're the 2nd to win just the championship rd.)(R-U: Adam & Bethany)

(Final note: Melody Chen of their first Asian season was a Pit Stop greeter in Stage 9.)

"JEOPARDY!" 12/19/14

Chris Trumpy (Ventura): Project analyst
Allison Fraser (Alexandria, VA)
CHAMP: Kevin Hozey

@midnight (NOT about the CC show at all- sorry)

Good news- Allison finds the DD bookmarked in the $600 Cookbook. Bad news- she has $0; Kevin has $200 & Chris has five times the champ's early score. Yes, it's a $1K clue for her.

The subtitle of Tagines & Couscous mentions this country whose cuisine it features.

"What is Moroccan?"...fair & good enough. W/ $2,200 at halftime, she's now leading by her lonesome by $400 over the guys. They take just a bit too long before reaching the final @midnight answer.

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $600 (2 Deadly Sin-onyms)
TOTAL LT: $2,600


Kevin: $6,800/Allison: $2,800/Chris: $1K


X marks the spot for Chris as he pinpoints a DD on the 2nd Ends in "X" w/ $600 in the hole; Allison's back in front, $9,600-$8,400 over Kevin. $2K clue is on the horizon for Chris.

Elastane is another name for this fabric.

"What is spandex?" known for being worn by wrestlers, the male challenger got it. And that leaves the last one regarding The Sakharov Prize...Allison's got it on the penultimate answer & is on the doorstep of a LG because she can wager up to $16K; Kevin has $8,400 & $5K is Chris' new score. For $4K more & the championship:

Alexander Dubcek was honored in 1989, 21 yrs. after leading this city's brief "Spring".

"What is Prague?"'s all hers & the beeps then sound.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $8,400

Allison: $17,200
Chris: $3,800


One of the three European Union countries besides the U.K. that have NOT switched to driving on the right.

C: "What is Poland" = $1,594
K: "WHAT IS IRELAND?" = $10,100
A: SAME AS KEV (the others are Malta & Cyprus) = $20.5K


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 12/19/14

$1K T-U: Title

_ H E / P _ _ _ R

_ _ _ R E _ _

Jamaal solves "THE POLAR EXPRESS". S32's final Secret Santas:

Jamaal Bailey (Bronx): Attorney married to Giamara (w/ new daughter)
Christine Moeller (Parma Heights, OH): Cleveland St. associate athletic director married to Rebecca (also w/ daughter)
Allie Pirolli (Cambridge, MA): Does brand & consumer research & voiceover work

$2K T-U: People

_ _ _ _ / O _

_ L L / A _ E S

Jamaal locks in KIDS OF ALL AGES...2-for-2.

R1: O

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Jamaal: 3 R's (GT), 4 E's, O, T ($600), BANKRUPT (near $650)
Christine: 2 S's (SS), 2 A's, I, N ($500), 2 C's ($700)

C _ S T O _ E R

S E R _ I C E

_ A N A _ E R

She solves CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER to retain spinning rights & take the lead from the man at the end.



Christine: $9,900 in cash & Walmart/Jamaal: $3K

Pure Silk MR: B & A

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Christine: 2 T's (1/2 CAR near pink $900), 3 E's, A, R (TD), 3 O's, 2 S's ($900), 2 N's (TD)

N E _ / _ O R _

S T O _ _

E _ _ _ A N _ E

O _ / _ _ _ T S

She answers NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE OF GIFTS no problem to crack the $20K mark already.



Christine: $22,450 in cash & spree 1/2 CAR/Jamaal: $3K

PP: F & D

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Allie: 2 S's (same 1/2 CAR), OTHER BANKRUPT
Jamaal: 2 T's ($500), 4 O's, 4 C's ($500), U, 5 A's (NMV)

_ A _ A _ A S

C O C O _ U T S / A _ _

C _ O C O _ A T E

BANANAS, COCONUTS AND CHOCOLATE await him on his hotwire trip to the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa w/ an additional $2,250 spending money.



Christine: $22,450 in cash & SS/Jamaal: $12,200 in cash & trip

$3K T-U: Phrase

_ L E _ S E D / A S

_ U N C H

Bob Goen said this at the beginning of the later NBC daytime version of this show, but it WASN'T "...BLESSED AS PUNCH..." from Jamaal. That means Christine gets the steal on "...PLEASED AS PUNCH..." & has $25K+.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Christine: N ($550), 2 I's, G ($500), 2 O's, A
Allie: 2 S's ($600), 2 K's ($650), 2 B's ($500), T ($500), E
Jamaal: M ($600), U

B U _ K _ I N G / M _

S K I / B O O T S

He's not BUCKLING MY SKI BOOTS, but he scores that time.

DUDS: A (Christine), E (Allie)


Christine: $25,450 in cash & SS/Jamaal: $13,200 in cash & Jamaica

FS: $1,700

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

L: 2 N's, G, S, R, T, P, L, C

_ P _ N _ N G

C R _ _ _ T S

Long after the OPENING CREDITS, Jamaal gets one more solution solved.

SOLE DUD: L (Allie)


Christine: $25,450 in cash & Walmart/Allie: $1K/Jamaal: $18,300 in cash & relaxation
GT: $44,750

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $3,600 in cash & GC

Allie: AS5375044 (Arlene S.)
Jamaal: DE6036795 (Diana E.)

BR: The A in GAME is where the BW stops for Christine.

C: Thing

_ _ N T _ L _

_ _ _ _ E T


M _ N T _ L _

_ _ _ _ E T

Nothing more added to anybody's MONTHLY BUDGET.

SPIN ID: CS5115279 (Clyde S.)


12/19/14 Quick News & Notes

-Alex Trebek appeared on the grand finale of "The Colbert Report".
-Drew Carey & Blaine competed on "@midnight" last night w/ Margaret Cho. All were invited to compete in FTW & Margaret beat 'em both. Starting on 1/5, "@midnight" will air after "The Daily Show" for a two-wk. period.
-Recently, Whoopi & Rosie O'Donnell argued over a racial issue on "The View".
-Making "This Year in Unneccessary Censorship" in '14 were Justin Bishop's debt response & "SOLID AS A ROCK CLIMBER".
-Secretariat's identity will be revealed on the finale of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" tonight.
-Robert Earl has his own Cooking Channel show.
-Starting early in the 2nd syndicated season of "$ale", Jim usually started his intro w/ "Hello there" after he made his entrance.

"The Price is Right" 12/19/14

FF: Michelle Osby, John Stewart, Brooke Johnson & Daniel Crock
HGIotD: ROKU 40" HDTV pkg. (G at SS)

MICHELLE:   850/JOHN:   650/BROOKE:   800/DANIEL:   851

John wins the $500 wad & plays SC for outdoor furniture from Summerset Outdoor Living (including a patio heater) & a gas grill (M), a pkg. worth $9,453.
CG: 860- O

5. Lisa Johnson
IUFB #2: Kaku Sup pkg. (J at RS)

Michelle: 1102/LISA: 1100/Brooke: 1800/Daniel: 1101

ARP: $1,748

Michelle plays PO for the '15 Hyundai Sonata SE (Std., Net)(R).

NL: 192201054
FA: 20105 (thanks a bunch, family)

6. Sonia Solume
IUFB #3: Apple iPad Air2 & iPad Mini3 (J & M)

SONIA:   800/Lisa:   878/Brooke:   900/Daniel:   901

Daniel's $3 off on the good side, so he plays that GG ($5).
I: Arizona Iced tea, 90 Ziploc snack bags, Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry flavors, Anthony's Pot-Sized Thin Spaghetti, Oberto All Natural Peppered Beef Jerky & 30-count bag of Luden's Wild Cherry

1. Ziploc: $3.79 $10
2. Anthony's: $1.19 $100
3. Tea: $5.99- STOP (Brookside: $4.19/Oberto: $7.29/Luden's: $2.19)

SCSD #1:
Daniel: 60 + 70 = O
Michelle: 40 + QUARTER = .65
John: 60 + 15 = T.Q.

7. Jacob Kelly
IUFB #4: 4pc Mina D jewelry (ceiling)

Sonia: 1112/Lisa: 1300/Brooke: 1301/JACOB: 7K (wanted to change his mind but it was too late)

ARP: $1,250 (he would've overbid anyway)

Sonia plays the BG for the Kymco Mongoose 300 & CRF-125 (J).
LTN: 6, 4 & 8
DVA: $2K, $4K & $5K
G:   7648- O

8. Geneva Kater
IUFB #5: Exercycle (J at #5)

GENEVA: 1100/Lisa:   900/Brooke:   654/Jacob:   657

Geneva plays the RR for an iRobot w/ mop (R), 4pc YSL acc. (R) &/or a '15 Jeep Patriot Sport (M)($17,490).

halos: $5.99- JUST MADE IT
N.E. slushie machine: $30- X ($72)
Emsonic countertop digital oven: $150



FINAL PLAYER: Krystle Morrow
FINAL IUFB: DELL 27" all-in-one computer (R)

KRYSTLE:   999/Lisa: 1300/Brooke: 1200/Jacob:   850


All Lisa has to do is PaN to win a trip to The Verandah (J).
B: $   552
NA: 4, 5 & 6
G: $6552

SCSD #2:
Sonia: 35 + 85 = O
Geneva: .7
Lisa: 65 + 75 = O

#1- 3pc bar set w/ 10pc tools & trip to Tulum (J)

#2- '15 KIA Forte Auto (R)


#3- Kitchen (J)
TRIPS- The Majestic Inn & Spa (M) & Limerick (R)



"Millionaire" 12/19/14

Here's Andra Cumber from Raleigh.
+1: Vicki Conley

1. NOT a good look on anyone, a coffin was commonly referred to as what type of apparel?

A: Steel hat
B: Pine overcoat
C: Granite trousers

D: Glass halter top

Pine overcoat- $15K

2. "How soon can I take a vacation?" & "Will I have an expense account?" are two questions a Business Insider article advises NOT to ask during what?

A: Physical exam
B: Jury selection
C: Job interview

D: Police interrogation

Job interview- $5K $20K

3. A BBC report describes "Paris Syndrome" as the sense of shock tourists sometimes feel from the pronounced what of the French?

A: Sexiness
B: Shyness
C: Happiness
D: Rudeness

Rudeness- $7K $27K (1st TO)

4. According to legend, King Charles II once declared that what breed of dog COULDN'T be denied to any public place in Britain?

A: Welsh Sheepdog
B: Scottish Terrier
C: English Toy Spaniel

D: Irish Setter


A: 17%
B: 12%
C: 1/2

D: 11%

English Toy Spaniel- $100 $27,100

5. Having different names based on its location, the same type of storm in the Atlantic & Indian Oceans & the Northwest Pacific is called what, respectively?

A: Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone
B: Cyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane
C: Typhoon, Hurricane, Cyclone

D: Hurricane, Cyclone & Typhoon


6. Showing success runs in the family, the stars & title characters of what two TV shows are real-life sisters?

A: "Nurse Jackie" & "Veep"
B: "Bones" & "New Girl"
C: "The Good Wife" & "2 Broke Girls"

D: "Grey's Anatomy" & "Girls"

FA: G.O. (A: "Bones" & "New Girl")

The last player of the wk.'s this man: Billy Malcolm from Cranford, NJ.

1. According to Betty Crocker, brownies can be made healthier by simply swapping out the oil for what?

A: Coffee grounds
B: Applesauce
C: Tapioca pudding

D: Ranch dressing

Applesauce- G-SPOT

2. In the book Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, which tale's main character screams because of the wolf's "willful invasion of her personal space"?

A: Rapunzel
B: Little Red Riding Hood

C: Cinderella
D: Goldilocks

Little Red Riding Hood- TRIPLER

3. Which of the following describes the headwear sported by Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring?

A: Purple & red fez
B: Blue & yellow turban
C: Black & brown beret
D: White & tan nightcap


A: 22%
B: 36%

C: 12%
D: 30%

JUMPED (but they were right)- $5K

QotD: Responding to George Clooney's request to guest star, the creators of what show offered him the "barking" role of Stan's dog in an ep.?

A: "South Park"
B: "Family Guy"
C: "King of the Hill"

D: "Futurama"

4. According to the ASPCA, excessive paw licking's a sign your dog may have an ailment that closely resembles what human affliction?

A: Dyslexia
C: Bipolar disorder

OCD- $7K $10K

5. While Clark Gable's famous "Damn" was the one most remember, in "Gone with the Wind", the first "damn" uttered was when another actor said what?

A: "Damn Yankees!"
B: "Out damned spot!"
C: "I'm a human being, damn it!"
D: "It's too damn hot!"

FINAL LL (Uncle Brian)
FA: "It's too damn hot!" (A: "Damn Yankees!")


"Pawnography"- FINAL EPS. OF '14

Larry (firefighter/paramedic)
Joseph (NJ janitor)

R1: "Be Groovy" album signed by Jimi Hendrix $  2.5K

1. From where could you get the best view of the Tetons- Bangor, Aspen, Flagstaff or Jackson Hole?
Joseph: Flagstaff
Larry: J.H.

2. In the early days before "Purple Haze", Jimi played backup for what musician- Little Richard, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis or Marvin Gaye?
Joseph: Little Richard

3. What event caused reporter Herbert Morrison to famously cry "Oh, the humanity!"- Hindenburg crash, Titanic sinking, Chicago fire or "SHARKNADO 2"?
Larry: Hindenberg

4. Who was once married to Britney Spears- Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards or Julia Louis-Dreyfus?
Larry: Michael
Joseph: Seinfeld
PS: Jason

5. What did John Quincy Adams keep in the East Room bathtub at The White House- gin still, alligator, model ships or family jewels?
Joseph: Model ships
Larry: Gin still
PS: Alligator

6. In '14, the L.A. Clippers were purchased for $2B by the former CEO of what co.- Apple, IBM, Microsoft or DELL?
Joseph: Microsoft

FQ: Seven mobsters were murdered in a Chicago garage on what day in 1929- New Yr.'s, St. Valentine's, St. Patrick's or Groundhog?
Larry: St. Valentine's

BQ: Last yr., Rick paid $11K for a U.S. Army manual that trained troops to fight which enemy- British, Germans, Japanese or Koreans?
Larry: British
Joseph: Japanese

R2: Super Bowl I & II pendants $  5,200

1. What would you shave to expose your philtrum- facial hair, chest hair, leg hair or pubic hair?
Rick: Facial

2. Which TV series WASN'T set during WWII- "Band of Brothers", "McHale's Navy", "M*A*S*H" or "Hogan's Heroes"?
Joseph: "Band of Brothers"
Rick: "M*A*S*H"

3. The "Cheesehead" worn by Packers fans was created while its inventor was doing what- watching a game, drinking a beer, fixing a couch or eating a sandwich?
Joseph: Fixing a couch

4. If you lost your virginity on a U.S. Virgin Island, what spot were you enjoying- St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Lucia or St. Helena?
Rick: St. Thomas

5. Whose first name ISN'T used as a letter in the U.S. military's phonetic alphabet- Oscar the Grouch, Tom Hanks, Charlie Sheen or Mike Tyson?
Larry: Tom

6. "America the Beautiful" was inspired by a trip to what American landmark- Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak, Mississippi Delta or Appalachian Trail?
Joseph: Appalachian Trail
Rick: Grand Canyon
Larry: Pikes Peak

FQ: Humans share the highest percentage of DNA w/ which other primate (out of the four shown)?
Joseph: B

FR: 19th-C. French liquor cabinet $  7.5K

1. Donkey or elephant- what's the symbol of the Democratic Party?
G: Donkey

2. What notorious type of scheme's named for an Italian immigrant who ripped off investors in 1920?
G: Ponzi

3. The Z in ZIP Code stands for what?
PASS (A: Zone)

4. Which Blues legend named all of his guitars Lucille?
PASS (A: B.B. King)

5. What tech giant did Fortune select as the "Best Company to Work For" this yr.?
G: Google

6. Who was the first President born in the 20th C.?
G: Ford (A: JFK)

7. You can take a "Breaking Bad" location tour in what city where the series was set?
G: Albuquerque

8. What famous poem told a story about the Mudville Nine?
G: "Casey at (the) Bat"

9. What's the largest nerve in the human body?
G: Skin

FQ: Along w/ Cuba, what Asian country bans the sale of Coca-Cola?
TIME (A: North Korea)


Dan (spacecraft engineer who grew up in Bruceton Mills, WV)
Kim (cosmetologist from Swansea, MA)

R1: '60s Honda CB 160 "Chicken Hawk" motorcycle $  2.5K

1. What are you doing when you set up a chum line- drying clothes, luring fish, stringing a bow or dating Chumlee?
PS: Luring fish

2. Which celeb HASN'T served as a mayor- Clint Eastwood, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple or Jerry Springer?
Kim: Shirley

3. What are the fewest number of states you can ride your motorcycle through from Mexico to Canada- two, three, four or five?
Kim: Three

4. Creators Jerry Siegel & Joseph Shuster's first version of "Superman" was a what- ladies' man, wimpy nerd, baldheaded villain or soccer mom?
Dan: Wimpy nerd
PS: Ladies' man
Kim: Baldheaded villain

5. Which President's middle name's just an initial- JFK, Truman, Nixon or George W. Bush?
PS: Truman

6. Whose '14 book's titled The Virgin Way- Taylor Swift, A.C. Green, Richard Branson or Madonna?
PS: Richard Branson

FQ: What did 11-yr.-old Frank Epperson create on a cold night in 1905- milkshake, snocone, popsicle or gelato?
PS: Popsicle

BQ: On 8/15/13, a customer asked for $89K for what team's championship ring- Cowboys, Red Sox, Lakers or Yankees?
Dan: Lakers
Kim: Cowboys (A: Red Sox)

R2: 1984 Limited Edition Olympic Pocket Watch $  4K

1. Where are you most likely to see a big, beautiful, blue-footed booby- North Pole, South Pole, Equator or HOOTERS?
Rick: South Pole
Dan: North Pole
Kim: Equator

2. Shown here in 1923, Howard Cater was examining the coffin he famously discovered in whose tomb- Cleopatra, Tutenkhamen, Ramses or Dracula?
Rick: Tutankhamen

3. The current Olympic gold medal's made primarily of what metal- gold, silver, bronze or platinum?
Rick: Gold
Dan: Platinum
Kim: Bronze

4. Ralph Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed sharply criticized which of these cars, which was discontinued in '69- AC Shelby Cobra, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Ford Falcon or Chevy Corvair?
Rick: Corvair

5. What made the loudest noise in recorded history- Hiroshima A-bomb, S.F. earthquake, Krakatoa volcano or garbage truck at 6 AM?
Dan: Hiroshima A-bomb
Rick: Krakatoa

6. This painting depicted George Washington en route to what famous battle- Valley Forge, Ticonderoga, Trenton or Atlantic City?
Dan: Valley Forge
Rick: Trenton- RD. OVER (lowest winning score to date & first-ever shutout)

FR: 1890 Remington revolver $  9K

1. Lewis or Clark- who was Thomas Jefferson's personal secretary?
G: Clark 

2. After yrs. of producing firearms, Remington & Sons began making what office machine in 1873?
G: Printer (A: Typewriter)

3. Whose World Series heroics earned him the nickname "Mr. October"?
G: Mantle

4. The atmospheric phenomenon Aurora Borealis is more commonly known as what?
G: Northern Lights

5. What '86 Paul Simon album shared its name w/ a U.S. tourist attraction best known for Elvis Presley?
G: "Grand Central Station"

6. The slang term "cooties" actually refers to what type of insects?
G: Bedbugs (A: Lice)

7. Who got 19% of the popular vote as independent candidate for President in 1992?
G: Perot

8. According to Churchill, "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside..." what?
G: " enigma"- TIME

9. What building near D.C. has 17.5 miles of corridors? (A: Pentagon)
FQ: Whose legal thrillers included The Firm & A Time to Kill?


Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Beat Bobby Flay" 12/18

M-U: Damien O'Donnell (Harbor Bistro EC in East Hampton, NY) vs. Adrian Leon (Aqua Fresca EC/owner born & raised in Mexico City)
R1 J: Alex G. & Scott
KI: Pancetta

A: Pancetta couscous w/ pan-seared shrimp & cilantro chive salad
D: Crispy pancetta w/ shaved fennel, arugula salad & honey lime vinaigrette- C

R2 J: Phillip Lee, Ariane Daguin (D'Artagnan owner/CEO) & Ivan Orkin (Ivan Ramen chef/owner)

A: Pork chop w/ pasilla sauce, creamy potato & spinach- L (a bit dry)
B: Spice-rubbed P.C. w/ sour orange sauce & peach nectarine chutney

"project RUNWAY: All-Stars"- LAST EP. OF '14

This Wk.'s C: Looks for dating site singles.
GJ: Laverne Cox

W- Fabio (3rd of season)(Also on Top: Jay & Michelle)
L- NO ONE (On Bottom: Helen, Justin & Samantha)

"The Taste" 12/18

GJ: Naomi

Mia (chocolate dessert): Gingerbread chocolate cake w/ mascarpone
Dan (duck w/ sauce): Roasted pear w/ mushrooms, foie gras & ginger
Tarik (holiday bird): Duck breast w/ carrot puree & currant reduction
Gabe (festive fowl): Squab, fig compote, cognac raisins & duck liver

W- Dan
L- Mia

Benjamin: Seared roasted chicken w/ crispy stuffing, gravy & cranberry
Jen: Prime rib w/ marsala glaze & mushrooms
Natasha: Prime rib w/ potato gratin & balsamic wine reduction
Tristen: Pork belly w/ oysters, creamed spinach & kimchi
Tarik: Crispy fried pork belly w/ butternut squash puree
Joe: Modern Kentucky hot brown w/ Parmesan crisp
Eric: Butternut squash soup
P.K.: Red-wine poached pears w/ mascarpone & goat cheese cream
Gabe: Seared duck w/ apple herb puree & crispy Brussels Sprouts
Dan: Prime rib w/ roasted mushrooms & fingerling confit
Vanessa: Pork roast w/ sausage gravy, butternut squash & Brussels Sprouts
Tom: Short ribs w/ butternut squash puree

GOLD: Tarik, Gabe, Tom (Nigella) & Dan
RED: Tom, Jen (Marcus & Nigella) & Joe (Ludo)


"Donut Showdown"- LAST EP. OF '14 (EP. 226)

Vincent "Vinnie" DePaola (DOCO Donut & Coffee Co. in Farmingdale, NJ)
Rene Cruz (Presidio Social Club pastry chef in S.F.)
Chrysta Poulos (ATL exec. pastry chef for a decade)
J: The original three (David, Maggie & Zane)


V: Buttermilk w/ strawberry compote
R: Challah w/ canned ham brittle- C
C: Cake w/ Ricotta filling & canned ham


1. Ebony & ivory w/ vanilla & hazelnut pastry cream
2. Lemon poppyseed w/ lemon custard
3. Doughssant w/ bacon, eggs & Louisiana Hollandaise

1. Gin & juice w/ orange juniper curd filling
2. Chocolate hazelnut w/ potato chips
3. Fried chicken sliders w/ maple glaze

W- Chrysta

"The Biggest Loser: Glory Days"- '14 FINALE

They flew to Kauai.

This Wk.'s C: They paddled in kayaks to find a puzzle piece bag. The first player to solve their puzzle won a private helicopter tour w/ one other player.
W- Jordan (Toma)

CC W-I #13:
JJ: 292 lbs., eight lb. lost, 2.67%
Scott (T: 7): 251 lbs., eight lb. lost, 3.09%

W-I #13:

Sonya: 183 lbs., six lb. lost, 3.17%
Lori: 230 lbs., 10 lb. lost, 4.17%
Toma: 225 lbs., 10 lb. lost, 4.26%
Rob: 338 lbs., 12 lb. lost, 3.43%
Jordan: 227 lbs., six lb. lost, 2.58%
Woody (T: 8): 294 lbs., 12 lb. lost, 3.92%

"JEOPARDY!" 12/18/14

Kevin Hozey (JAX): History teacher
David Emery Peck (Overland, OH): Development officer
CHAMP: Kurt Fritzsche

U.S. News & World Report BEST OF 2014

Before Kurt can Do the Math on what he has to wager, he finds its DD on its $800 clue; he leads w/ two biggies to David's -$200 & Kevin's $400. The champ wagers his $2K bankroll.

The total surface area of a cube w/ each side 10 in. long is this.

"What is...600 square in.?"...exact number.


Kurt: $5K/David: $800/Kevin: $1,400

LT: $800 (attempted $200 & $600 Do the Math problems)


Kurt: $9,800/David: $800/Kevin: $4,200


A DD eventually flips out to...Kevin on the $1600 Country by World Heritage Sites; he holds $13,400, a mere $400 away from Kurt's lead, while David's hangin' in there w/ $3,600. Kev gambles $3K for the lead if he has the right response to these:

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve & The Prehistoric Caves of Yagul

"What is Mexico?"...only a guess, but he's right. And can you Hear Me Roar as he also finds the one under its $1600 box w/ 20 large, a $6,200 lead over the champ. Kev goes for another $3K:

Akira Ifukube used a leather glove coated in pine-tar resin & a double bass to create this character's roar in '54.

"Who is Godzilla?"...are you sure it's not Leo the Lion, sir? Oh, he's right.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (That Was on TV)

Pre-Final S:

Kurt: $13,800/David: $5,600 (ME)/Kevin: $25K

Kurt: $12,600
Kevin: $22,200


Its sculptor asked for prayer that this work would "...endure until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away".

D: "What is the 9/11 memm..." ($5K) = $600


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 12/18/14

$1K T-U: Song Lyrics

R _ N / _ U N

_ U D _ _ _ _

Danielle provides the identification of "RUN RUN RUDOLPH". Panelists on this Thurs.:

Danielle Teicher (Huntington Station, NY): Food & beverage maker for 22 yrs. who was nominated for Woman of the Yr. last yr. because she raises money for leukemia & lymphoma in honor of her brother Steven ($92K+ to date)
Angelo Fileccia (Brownstown, MI): Insurance producer
Linda Ondrey (North Olsted, OH): Married to Joe for 37 yrs. (w/ four kids, two sons-in-laws & two great-granddaughters)

$2K T-U: O

_ O F T _ _ R _

D E V E _ _ P _ R

Angelo gets SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, which was the one Ken Jennings had before getting on "JEOPARDY!".

R1: F & D

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _

Angelo: T ($900), 5 E's, BANKRUPT (near TD)
Linda: S ($700), 3 A's, W (SS), O
Danielle: R (MDW)
Angelo: 2 L's ($700), I (NMV), N ($600), 3 P's (TD), D ($650), M ($700), G ($550)


P I N E A P P L E -

G L A _ E D / _ A M

He picks up a SWEET PINEAPPLE-GLAZED HAM good for $11,150.

DUDS: O (Linda), R (Danielle)


Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $13,150

Pure Silk MR: Q

_ _ / _ _ _ / _

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ / _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Linda: 2 T's ($550), 4 E's, 6 A's, SAME BANKRUPT
Danielle: 4 L's ($900), I, SAME BANKRUPT
Angelo: 2 R's (1/2 CAR near orange $900), 2 O's, U, 4 D's ($500), OTHER BANKRUPT
Linda: 2 H's ($500), 2 N's (1/2 CAR), 2 B's (TD), Y ($650), P (MW near $800)
Danielle: LaT

H E / H A D / A

B R O A D / _ A _ E

A N D / A / L I T T L E

R O U N D / B E L L Y

Angelo then puts an end to this rd.'s worth of trouble by reminding us of Santa "HE HAD A BROAD FACE AND A ROUND LITTLE BELLY".

SOLE DUD: P (Linda)
SOLE LaT: Danielle
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Everybody)


Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $14,150


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

Danielle: 3 N's (1/2 CAR near pink $900), 2 I's, 4 E's, G ($900), SAME BANKRUPT FROM LATE LAST RD.
Angelo: 2 S's (MDW), 2 T's ($600), A, H ($650), L ($500)
Linda: 2 D's (EXPRESS), 3 R's ($650)

D I S _ _ _ E R I N G

T H E / _ _ N D E R S

_ _ / N A T _ R E

She could've had $5K, because she instead solves for $3,950 & a chance to be DISCOVERING THE WONDERS OF NATURE on her hotwire trip to the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa.

SOLE DUD: L (Angelo)


Linda: $11,410 in cash & trip/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $14,150

$3K T-U: E

_ _ _ _ S I N _ / T H E

F I _ _ _ H / L I N _

Danielle shouldn't think about CROSSING THE FINISH LINE just yet, because she's quadrupled.

S-U: PhraseFS: $1,600

_ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _

L: 3 T's, R, 2 S's, N, M, 2 L's

_ T / _ L L / _ _ M _ S

_ _ _ N / T _ / T _ _ S

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS & Linda proves it in tonight's case by solving to add $6,400 & the match.


Linda: $17,810 in cash & travel/Danielle: $4K/Angelo: $14,150
GT: $35,960

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (besides cardboardish extras): Nine $1K's

Danielle: SJ5573257 (Shelley J.)
Angelo: KP4901246 (Kisha P.)

BR: Linda takes the S envelope from SPIN.

C: OtM

_ _ _ _ S T _

_ E _ R _ _ _


A _ _ _ S T A

_ E _ R _ _ A

Those A's just won her the $32K on the home of the Masters Tournament- AUGUSTA, GEORGIA.

SPIN ID: LP3411574 (Linda P.)


12/18/14 Quick News & Notes

-Alfonso will host "Unwrapped 2.0" on Cooking Channel starting 2/2 at 10 PM.
-Brandi's lawsuit against FremantleMedia has been reinstated.
-Today on "LMaD", Time Line was lost on the car (ScIOn xB) for the first time ever (& the R1 prize was jewelry instead of a trip). And guess what the final title was? "project RUNWAY".
-A man literally proposed to his girlfriend on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!".
-The other possible prices "Price" might use for these '15 Fords in PGs besides the base ones are:

Fiesta HB: $15,305, $15,663, $15,778, $16,285, $16,400 (I doubt it) & $16,873
Fusion: $22,760, $22,810, $22,835, $23,189, $23,239 & $23,264

"The Price is Right" 12/18/14

FF: Miia Buble, Chester Lasusque, Ann Bellagatta & Duvier Ovions
HGIotD: 5pc RonCo small appliances (M in Clam)

VB: Something Missing?

MIIA:   725/CHESTER:   750/ANN:   450/DUVIER:   550

ARP: $670

Duvier plays OA for a '15 Ford Fusion S (Std., Prot)(J)(new car cue used).






23384- BOO, HISS

5. Georgette Atkins
IUFB #2: Canon EOS 60D camera w/ bag (J & M)

Miia:   950/Chester:   875/Ann:   952/GEORGETTE:   800

ARP: $1,244

Ann plays 1RP for one-wk. holidays at the Hermosa Inn (R) & Lexington at Jackson Hole (M).
1RP: $4644
Jackson Hole- L ($5401)

6. Yvonne Buchannan
IUFB #3: 5prs of Ray Ban sunglasses (J)

Miia:   850/Chester:   851/YVONNE:   750/Georgette:   550

Chester's $14 off positively, so he plays C-H for a DG Casa bedroom worth $7,170 (R).

MicroTouch One: $30 10
Hamilton Beach can opener: $30 13 $33
Lasko heater: $45 16- W

SCSD #1:
Duvier: 45 + 60 = O
Ann: T.Q.
Chester ($8,130): NICKEL + H-D = .55

7. Shane
IUFB #4: ASUS 15" laptop/printer (R)

Miia:   586/SHANE:   625/Yvonne:   555/Georgette:   500

By a diff. of $75, Shane plays MYM for the glass beverage dispenser (M), Blue Rooster Co. chimnea (M) & a Beachcomber Hot Tub (J).





8. Jennifer Chandley
IUFB #5: lotw (J & R)

Miia: 1005/JENNIFER: 1.5K/Yvonne: 1600/Georgette: 1K

ARP: $2,944

Yvonne plays CoG for a Golden West Billiards table + the SAMSUNG 70" 3-D HDTV (M).
G: COMING $7185- X

FINAL PLAYER: Jerrell Barsley
FINAL IUFB: 4G phone w/ one-yr. plan (ceiling)

Miia:   800/Jennifer:   901/JERRELL:   900/Georgette: 1200


Georgette will try to LeR for the '15 Nissan Versa S Plus (M).

Bag of Santa Fe refried beans: $2.99
200 Bounty napkins: $3.99
Smucker's Raspberry Preserves: $4.49- MAX OUT

R- PL (had $1K on 2nd roll)

SCSD #2:
Georgette ($2,138): 40 + 50 = .9

Yvonne: 65 + 70 = O
Shane ($9,828): 50 + 20 = .7

#1- Summerset Outdoor Living BBQ (M)

Moved inside the studio- Genuine Hooligan scooter (R)
#3- Scarab (J)


ANN'S TRIPCASE (R): Naples Bay Resort, Hotel Atlante Star & U Sunsuri Phuket

BID ON TRIPCASE: $19.5K (ARP: $27,499)