Sunday, September 21, 2014

Next WK. in GS: Sep. 22-28, 2014

Super GS Premiere Month concludes next wk.:

-"Price", "Deal", "the Voice", "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" & "The Amazing Race" return w/ new seasons (plus "Guy's Grocery Games" returns from hiatus).

-The finales of "Chopped: Ultimate Champions" & the first HD season of "Big Brother".

-The debut of "Celebrity Name Game".

The Wk. in Review: Sep. 15-21, 2014

Player of the Wk.:
WINNER: Sarah Manchester ($1,017,490)("WoF")
R-U: Mat Franco ($1M)("AgT")
3RD: Courtney Lapresi ($250K)("MasterChef")

Other Big Winners & Notables:
Bryan McMullin- $65,600 ("Millionaire")
Josh Eldridge- $63,600 ("Millionaire")
Melanie Hubbard- $62,914 ("Wheel")
Bill Cossen- $51,602 as three-day champ ("J!")

"Cutthroat Kitchen"- 5TH S.P.

Alexis Hernandez (EC/owner from ATL; orig. from Union City, NJ, which is where AJ Lee used to hail from)
Eric Nelson Brown (EC/owner from Austin)
Qui (pro basketball team SC)
Joe (catering chef/owner in Queens)
J: Jet

R1: Bento box

A #1:
1. Lunchbox's contents (packaged sauces & spices aren't affected)- ERIC (2/5 of bankroll gone already)(Alexis)
2. Japanese-inspired prep table- QUI ($20,700)(Eric)
3. Force one opponent to stop everything until they find the one grain of rice w/ "CTK" marked on it- ALEXIS ($22,900)(Joe)


R2: Crab cakes

A #2:
1. Bucket of rock crab & cheesy crab dip- ALEXIS ($21,800)(Rock crab: Eric)
2. Crabber grabber- ALEXIS ($12,700)(E)


FR: Pineapple upside-down cake
LAST ITEM AUCTIONED: Force opponent to do prep on hammock- ERIC ($10K)

FIRST-EVER CO CHAMPS! (likewise, a record $22,700 was awarded this ep.)

"The Great Food Truck Race" 9/21

D #6: Bayou La Batre, AL (near Mobile)
SM: $400

Right off the bat, all teams had to add three seafood dishes to their menus. Also, the team who came the closest to 100 lbs. of bagged fresh shrimp on a scale got to keep their shrimp for free.
GJ: Dominick Ficarino (who owns eight shrimp boats)

LSCW: 77
MF: 49
LTTB: 55 (they decided to buy 15 lbs. of that shrimp afterwards)

TS #7:

S1: Brunch 
LCSW: Texabama Taquito
LTTB: Shrimp & grits
MF: Shakshuka


S2: Seafood (in front of the Brag Mitchell Mansion)
GJ: Pete Blohme

LTTB: Shrimp & bacon Ssambap
LSCW: Cajun-grilled talapia on bed of lime cilantro rice w/ shrimp
W- LTTB ($1K bonus)

STANDINGS (announced on the USS Alabama):
W- MF ($10,058)
L BY $582- LTTB ($7,160)

(Final note: According to Tyler, food trucks are worth about $100K.)

"Rachael vs. Guy: kids Cook-Off"- 2ND S.F.

FC: Their job was to cook for an outdoor food festival for 35 people.
GJ: Haylie Duff ("The Real Girl's Kitchen"), Brian M. & Curtis

Sean: Banh Mi tacos
Amber: Thai steak salad Spring roll w/ Fresno chili mayo & at least one other sauce
Gibson: Philly Cheesesteak egg rolls on a stick
Helen: Lobster mac & cheese chili burrito
Finn: Finn's spin on paella w/ Chimichurri sauce
Madison: Shrimp & pimento cheese grits
Luis: Tostones tower of power w/ mango BBQ sauce
Lauren: Chicken drumsticks & Ozzy-ago polenta w/ Italian BBQ sauce

Amongst the Other Guests: Jack Lee, Govind Armstrong, John Atkinson & Vince Ferragamo (former pro football player)

W- Gibson

"Family Game Night: Celebrity Edition" 9/21

b-i! b: Caden & Rod vs. Kannon & Brooke
W- YT (26-26)(Knott's BERRY FARM & JumpSport Elite trampoline)

CC C's:
YT: #7- GBR
RT: #4- OYR

MR: Teagan, Kelsey & Donny

#1- PP
#2- BOARDWALK (#4: IT)

#5- PP (#2: IT/#3: LT)

#3- LT
#4- SR (no trip to FL at all)(#2: PP/#5: BOARDWALK/#6: BANKRUPT)
CC C: #2- YRG

J: Bella, Gwen & V vs. Brandon, Sierra & Leron
W- RT (.3- the RT drew a zero right off the bat)(Harlem Globetrotters & LIFETIME basketball arcade game)

(Note: There are 17 blocks in that smaller Jenga tower- five of each of the 1's, 2's & 3's, plus those gooseeggs.)

CC C's:
RT: #3- BGO
OT: #1- RYG

BoM: Tracey's family

2. C: FIVE
3. G: TWO
4. E: 10
5. F (TB: A): FOUR

BATTLESHIP: Sami & Liz (she's a Navy vet) vs. Gabe & Greg (Navy explosive organist disposal)
BT: E5- X
RT: C3- SUB (B-D3)
RT: C2- X

BT: D5- X
BT: A4- SUB (A3-5)
RT: B5- CRUISER (Last Cruiser: E2-3)(pair of Descender skateboards & Atomic Eurostar foozball)

CC C's:

RT: #5- BYR
BT: #6- BRO


1st St. (Soda, Hamburger, Wheelbarrow & Plane): PLANE- $    400 ($500)
2nd St. (Soccer Ball, Rollerblade, Skateboard & Cat): S.B.- $1,000 ($1.5K)
3rd St. (Surfboard, Cannon, Dog & Cellphone): CELLPHONE- $1,700 ($3,200)
4th St. (Horse, Boot, Hat & Thimble): THIMBLE- STOPPER (UTE: BOOT, which was NEVER touched by Sierra)

9/21/14 Quick News & Notes

-Kaley said on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!" last Thurs. that she's good playing "Wheel" at home & her husband Ryan's good at "J!".
-As you may know by now, Polly Bergen died yesterday at 84. She appeared on "TTTT" in the '50s & in '80, "Password All-Stars" in '62-'63, the original "What's My Line?" three times as a Mystery Guest & once as a panelist, "The Game Game" in '70, "The HOLLYWOOD Squares" in '68 & '71 & "Celebrity Sweepstakes" in '74.
-Some of the games on "The Game Plane" are known as "Turbulence Games". Winners are eligible for "The Big Deal", where usually a trip's a stake. People on the flights became contestants if their playing card's called.
-The official new MINI is called the MINI Cooper Hardtop 4-Door & starts at $22,300.
-The "Rugrats" ep. where Alex Trebek was a guest voice was on 5/9/93 (Charles Nelson Reilly was also a guest voice). Pat Sajak guest voiced on 1/9/94.
-"LMaD" will live tweet their SP tomorrow. 
-The ARP of the Chrysler Sebring GTC Conv. offered on L7 3/28/06 was $29,824. 
-A triple R1 loss ep. of "Millionaire" also happened on 6/4/12 (that wk. of ep. also aired 6/25/12 in most markets), 10/14/11, 6/17/11, 6/15/11 (four different non-audience contestants played) & 12/8/10. 
-The Tag Team Thursday eps. of "@midnight" are usually posted online in uncensored & extended form.
-A La Quinta commercial has a puzzleboard similar to "Wheel" & has balloons/confetti fall at the end.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

9/20/14 Quick News & Notes

-I believe the first-half FM record for the entire current syn. version of "Feud" is 196, achieved at least once (may have been on the next-to-last ep. of Louie Anderson's only ToC); I don't remember the first-half score during the '04-'05 SP w/ Richard Karn.
-I am so STUPID- I forgot all this time that the Finchs first appeared on Harvey "Feud" 5/1/12 & were defeated by the Brewers on 5/3/12, then were brought back on 10/17 because of (I think) "wife having a baby" wasn't accepted for #3 "sick/hospital/doctor" & then won the car on 10/18. All told in their seven "Feud" games, they won $32,745 in cash & car ($4,150 & a Ford Edge).
-When they started the car bonus thing, the rule where champs must win exactly five "Feud" games only applied for the sole Bullseye season.
-The following eps. from Steve Harvey's first season on "Feud" were "Viewers' Choice Survey Special" eps.: 5/20/11 (Piergrossis vs. Scotts), 9/28/10 (Stewarts vs. Glinsleys), Thanksgiving '10 (McIntoshes vs. Flowerses) & 11/18/10 (Abdur-Rahmans vs. Cycyotas).
 -The end of the previous LIONSGATE jingle is still used for the Debmar-Mercury logo after the "Feud" credits even though LIONSGATE changed their jingle.
-Seth Rogen, James Franco & Steve Wonder appeared on "The Tonight Show" last Fri. to wish Jimmy Fallon a happy 40th birthday.
-Starting on 9/28 on UK "Deal", if contestants can successfully predict the opening offer from The Banker, they can use the new Offer Button only once during their game to force The Banker to immediately call & make them an offer.
-The 2K ep. milestone WASN'T mentioned for "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson".
-To reflect her new marriage, Kaley's name is now Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. She also played against Anthony Anderson in "Name that FAMOUS CELEBRITY" on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!" last Thurs.
-The first "MasterChef" cruise is set to begin on the same night the 2nd season of "MasterChef JUNIOR" kicks off in the U.S. 
-As of this season, the intro cue for the "Wheel" opening animation has been shortened to the one we last heard for most of S29.
-Dick Enberg's home run call is "Touch 'em all".

"Big Brother" 9/19/14


S1 ("Fly High or Bye-Bye"): The semifinalists had to hang onto a hang glider.
W- Cody

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Donut Showdown" 9/19

Dustin Vaughan (VON Doughnuts in TOR)
Dave Wittenbach (Cops & Doughnuts in Claire City, MI; wanted to pay for his daughter's wedding this past Summer)
Mary Smith (Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts in Charleston, SC)
J: Elizabeth, Duff & Jeff

R1 MI: Candy apples

Dustin: Apple spice w/ candy & cream cheese
Dave: Grenadine w/ cinnamon & CC
Mary: Candy apple pie w/ candy & crumble- L

UDS T: Shipwrecked
MI: Coconut

1. "Dark & Stormy" w/ coconut curd, rum glaze & ginger
2. Banana frosting w/ toasted coconut
3. "S.O.S." w/ chocolate ganache & marshmallow

1. "Signal Fire" w/ buttercream & Maraschino
2. "Sunken Treasure" w/ fruit, Macadamias & rock sugar
3. "Driftwood" w/ coconut cream & chocolate ganache

W- Dave

"JEOPARDY!" 9/19/14

Stephanie Bilyeu (Champagne, IL): Medical technologist
Matthew Price (East Providence, RI): Higher education administrator
THREE-GAME CHAMP: Bill Cossen $50,602

31 FLAVORS (themed board)

Matthew's slightly in LGT at the first commercial TO w/ $4,200, followed by the $1,600 showing for Stephanie & -$1K for Bill. Later, Date Nut has the DD by default...which is found by Bill on the next-to-last answer after getting to $600 on the good side; Matthew meanwhile leads Stephanie $5,400-$2,800. Bill goes for a $1K clue.

Its opening on 7/27/12 was watched by an estimated 900M people.

"What are the Summer Olympics?" London at the time, yup. He gets the natural $1K clue to end w/ $2,600, just $200 off of 2nd, meaning the 3rd-place adv. of the night belongs to that champ.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Vanilla)
TOTAL LT: $4,200



Yes, Bill begins this rd. of competition w/ "Bil"...& almost sweeps it, but blanks out on the $2K answer. A DD's snuffed up on the 3rd Music Term by Matthew at $10,600, two large ahead of Bill & seven ahead of Stephanie. The male challenger makes this worth $1,400.

Also called chimes, it's a set of tuned bells, usually mounted in a tower.

"What are..carols?"...not quite enough to be accepted for carillon. We shortly know the last one of this first wk.'s within the last four Fill in the Shakespeare Quote prompts...the lady finds it right in the middle w/ $4,400 & is $6,800 behind Matthew for 2nd & $7K behind Bill. This is a TDD for Stephanie:

"Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair ____, where we lay our scene."

"Verona? What is Verona?"...just as the beeps of time sound, right to stay in this night's game.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $8,800

Bill: $11,200
Matthew: $12,600
Stephanie: $5,600

ALEVE FJ! C #5: Movies About Movies

The title character of this '13 film was played by David Tomlinson, who was actually seen only in clips from a '64 film.

S: "What is 'Saving Mr. Banks'?" ($8K) = $16,800
M: SAME (DOUBLER) = $22,400- W


"Wheel of Fortune" 9/19/14

Up to this pt. tonight, despite 20 Bankrupts, $1,173,694 in cash & prizes has been given away this wk.; we're going to need a lot of good tonight if we are to break the one-wk. record of $1,257,428.

$1K T-U: E

_ _ _ / _ A _ _ / _ _ Y

_ F / S _ H _ _ _

THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL is a long way away at this moment in time; Scott's correct. The last three teachers of this momentus SP wk. go by these names:

Scott Di Lorenzo (Hayward, CA): Married Irvington HS Drama teacher & former college fencer (he taped this ep. a few days before tying the knot)
Lindsay Haw (Arlington, VA; orig. from my hometown): Langley School kindergarten teacher
Diana Tonsor (Winston-Salem): North Davidson MS teacher/coach & '04 Teacher of the Yr. married to HS sweetheart Tom for 34 yrs.

$2K T-U: F & D

_ H I P _ _ D

_ _ E A _

This is a part of romance & sex, but Scott doesn't say a letter; Lindsay gets the WHIPPED CREAM steal.

Featured $6K collette V: D.C. (which is near where Lindsey lives)

R1: Thing

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

Lindsay: 2 N's ($650), 3 E's, 3 D's ($700), 2 I's, G ($700), S ($600), A, LaT
Diana: L ($800), T ($700), O (NMV)

_ E _ O _ _ E N D E D

_ E A D I N G / L I S T

Her solution of RECOMMENDED READING LIST means everybody's off the $0 mark right out of the gate & she's still spinning.

SOLE LaT: Lindsay


Scott: $1K/Lindsay: $2K/Diana: $1,250

Egg.Land's Best MR: B & A

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Diana: 2 E's (FP), S (MW near $800 & FLIPS...$10K), P ($800)
Scott: BANKRUPT (near TD)
Lindsay: L ($650), 2 T's ($700), 2 U's, 2 A's (FP), 2 N's ($600), 2 G's ($1K), I
Diana: R ($700)
Scott: 2 D's ($700), O, B ($550)


B O D _


Some STUDENT BODY LANGUAGE puts him into 1st by a little bit & he's still in command.

DUDS: P (Diana), I (Lindsay), R (Diana)


Scott: $2,700/Lindsay: $2K/Diana: $1,250

PP: Phrase

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Scott: S (WILD), 4 T's ($800), 2 A's, 2 N's ($600), 7 E's, OTHER BANKRUPT
Lindsay: 2 R's ($600), LaT
Diana: D ($700), 2 C's (1/2 CAR near orange $900), O (NMV)

T _ E R E / _ O E S

_ _ / _ E R _ E C T


One would say "THERE GOES MY PERFECT ATTENDANCE" when someone like her banks an additional 1,450 clams & a hotwire trip to St. James's Club Antigua valued at $7,180.

SOLE LaT: Lindsay


Scott: $2,700/Lindsay: $2K/Diana: $9,880 in cash & Antigua

$3K T-U: SB

_ R E A T _ _ _ / H I _ S

_ L _ _ M


FS: $1,800

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

L: 3 N's, G, 2 T's, H, R, C, 2 D's, 2 S's, P, L, B (SV alert)

S L _ D _ N G / D _ _ N

T H _ / B _ N _ S T _ R

Lindsay punches her Bonusland ticket by SLIDING DOWN THE BANISTER.

DUDS: G (Lindsay), C (Diana), P (Diana)


Scott: $5,700/Lindsay: $11K/Diana: $9,880 in cash & trip
GT: $26,580

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (not counting WC): 44 bills

BR: We spot Lindsay's mom Lynn & she spins that W.

C: F & D

_ _ _ _ N _ / _ _ T

_ _ S _ _ _ T


_ _ _ _ N _ / H _ T

B _ S _ _ _ T

I thought she said it w/ about two sec. left, but she said FLAMING HOT BISCUIT & BURNING HOT BISCUIT before saying PIPING HOT BISCUIT about two sec. after the buzzer, so that costs her the $32K.

$5K SPIN ID: MJ3065555


"Family Feud" 9/19/14

G1: O'Donoghues vs. Watkinses (S.D.)(Ashlyn, Charles, Trent, Mike & Leah)

R1 (women): If you ran your fingers through a man's hair, what would you HATE to find in it?:

#1: Bugs/lice (45)(Ashlyn)

Charles: Dirt- T2 (13)
Trent: Another lady's hair- X
Mike: Food- BA (2)
Leah: Glue- XX
Ashlyn: Toupee/extensions- #6 (3)
Charles: Fill-in spray- XXX

Brandy S (for 63): Dandruff- T2 (13)

#4: Oil/grease (9)
#5: Gel (6)(according to Steve, they also thought of both of those answers)

R2: What does a woman do for her kids that she WON'T do for her husband?:


#3: Clean 'em (after using bathroom)(11)(Charles)
#4: Bathe 'em (9)(Jim)


Trent: Make their bed/laundry- T4 (9)
Mike: (Breast)feed- #2 (14)
Leah: Dress 'em- #6 (8)
Ashlyn (after calling Steve "Mr. Hightower"): Comb hair- X
Charles: Brush teeth- XX
Trent: Bedtime stories- XXX

Brandy S #2 (for 51 extra): Give them $$$- X

#1: Cook/pack lunch (24)
#7: Drive/take places (7)
BA: Pick/wipe nose (5)

Double: Name something Spring Breakers bring back from Mexico:

#1: STDs/squirts (30)(James)

X- Crazy stories (Jake), shot glasses (Jared) & t-shirts (Mike)
T.O.- Trent

Brandy: New boy/girlfriend- X
Jim: Tequila/booze- #2 (21)
Jake: Sunburn/tan(s)- #3 (11)
Jared: New clothing- #4 (9- especially hats & sombreros)
James: Drugs/good weed- BA (4)
Brandy: Cigars- XX
Jim: Food- BA (4)
Jake: Trinkets/collectables- XXX

Ashlyn S (for 158 more & lead): Luggage- X (O'Donoghues: 221)(Other BA: Tattoos)

TRIPLE: Name one thing people do to imitate a dog:

#1: Bark (67)(Jared)

James: Pant/tongue out- #2 (14)
Brandy: Crawl/down on all fours- #3 (11)
Jim: Doggy style- X
Jake: Shake butt when happy- XX
Jared: Growl- XXX

Ashlyn Steal for the Crown: Fetch- L (BA: Hands up/beg)(3)


1. Something on a woman's body she can't hide while wearing a bikini.
2. How many times have you taken a romantic bath w/ a lover?
3. A part of the cow that's NEVER served for dinner.
4. America's the home of the brave; name the city that might have the bravest.
5. Someone in your life who's got your back.

1. Butt: X
2. Five: 9
3. Butt: X
4. ATL: 19
T- 28

1. Stomach: 33
2. Three: 7
3. Leg: X
4. NYC: 36
5. Father: 2
T- 106

2. None at all
3. Udder
5. Spouse/mate

G2: Siureks (Munster, IN)(Deleta, Carl, Steve, Jen & Brandon) vs. McKissics ($20,960)

R1: Name something a woman w/ a crush on Santa might leave out for him instead of cookies:


#2: (Edible) panties/lingerie (14)(J.E.)

T.O.- Deleta (she said "dammit")

Carla (her dad's a pastor): Condoms- X
Veronica: Mistletoe- #7 (6)
Terrance: Naughty list- XX
Michelle: Roses/flowers- XXX

Deleta S (for 20): Herself- #4 (12)

#1: Candy/better food (23)
#3: Her phone # (13)
#5: Sexy (nude) pics (12)
#6: Booze/whiskey (9)
BA: Love letters (4)

R2: Name a part of your body where an insect could be living:

#1: (Body) hair (41)(Carl)
#3: Gut/stomach (7)(Carla)

Steve: Ears- #2 (40)

Jen (respiratory therapist): Toe(s)/feet- X
Brandon: Nose- XX
Deleta (married to Carl for 45 yrs.): Mouth- XXX

J.E. S (for 88): Private parts (because he thought of a snake down your pants)- X (Siureks: 108)

#4: Arm(pit)(s)(4)
BA: Brain (2)

Double: Name something men love to watch that starts w/ B:

#1: Baseball (39)(Veronica)
Basketball (4)(Steve)


Terrance: Boobs- #3 (12)
Michelle: Bar/beer- X
J.E.: Bodies (when they work out)- XX
Carla: Bank account- XXX

Deleta S (for added 110 & to stay ahead): Booty- X

#2: Babies (13)
BA: Ballet, babes & "BAYWATCH" (4 each)

VB: Clip of Yesterday's Second-Run Ep. Triple Pts. Rd That I Missed

TRIPLE (ladies): "I did everything for my guy & I never got a ________":


#3: (Diamond) ring (9)(Jen)

X- House (Terrance)

Brandon: Thank you- #1 (74)
Deleta: Kiss- BA (4)
Carl: Child- X
Steve: Car- XX
Jen: Vacation- XXX

J.E. S to Retain: Love (#2: Nickel/dime)(10)


1. Something that makes women look older than they really are.
2. Approx. how many times a day do you get kissed?
3. "Trans_____"
4. Something that has a hook.
5. Something that might be covered in caramel.

1. "MAKEUP!": 12
2. Three: 12
3. -sexual: 4
4. Captain: 6
5. Chocolate: 19
T- 53

1. Clothing: 9
2. Four: 7
3. -gender: 6
4. Fishing (pole): 34
5. Peanuts: 6
T- 115

1. Grey hair
2. None
3. -port(ation)
5. Apples

VB: You're Not Going To Believe How The McKissics' Successful FM Try Played Out


"Let's A$k America" 10/15/13

EP. 2049:
Bill (Browns fan in Willowick)
Lissette (Redondo Beach; orig. from NY)
Tina (Ray, MI native who owns a '67 Camaro)
Lije (Venice native who once escaped a shark attack by poking one w/ a paddle)


1. The Girl Scouts or the parents- according to the parents of Girl Scouts, who sells more Girl Scout cookies?
AGREED: Parents- 87%

2. Dirty talk or baby talk- men under 30 said they'd be more embarrassed for their friends to overhear what kind of conversation w/ their wives?
AGREED: Baby- 44%

3. Alone on the water or w/ a bunch of drinking buddies- how did fishermen say they most enjoyed going fishing?
Tina & Lije: Alone on the water- 64%

4. At work or a restaurant- where did office workers say's the most EMBARRASSING place to have "Happy Birthday" sung to them?
Bill: Work- 51%


1. The guy one row backtalking, the guy one row up texting or the guy next to you eating nachos- which person at a movie theater did Americans say's the most ANNOYING?
Bill & Tina: Backtalking- 77%
Lije: Texting- 3%

2. "You're hilarious!", "You're a genius!" or "You're handsome!"- what did men say was the best compliment a woman can give them?
Lije: Hilarious- 1/4
Bill & Tina: Handsome- 49%

3. The free food, housing or workouts- which of these did people in the military say they enjoyed most about basic training?
AGREED ON: Housing- 3/10 (Food: 37%)


1. To impress a younger women, the doctor said "You're overweight", to fit into better clothes or to look better naked- which's the most likely reason that men in their 40s say they would go on a diet?
Bill: Impress- 15%
Tina: Naked- 1/4 (Better clothes: 35%)

2. Gimme an A, B, C or D- what did college cheerleaders say was the academic average of the cheerleading squad at their university?
Bill: C- 17%
Tina: A- 1/3 (B: 41%)

$10K: Didn't call when he was late, didn't give a kiss goodbye, used the toilet in front of them or stopped holding their hand- what behavior by their husbands did wives say was the first sign that the honeymoon was OVER?
G: Didn't call- 22% (No kiss goodbye: 32%/Stopped holding their hand: 24%)


"Millionaire" 9/19/14

Also starting this season, the contestant no longer walks in immediately right after the host enters the studio.

6. W/ fans known as "hot dogs", Felix Frankfurter from Vienna was the U.S.' last foreign-born what?

A: Supreme Court Justice
B: Five-star general

C: Senate majority leader
D: Secretary of the Treasury

JtQ (A: S.C.J.)- $10K

7. "We do not have green skin, and only some of us have warts" was a quote from a CNN article about what?

A: Why Germans Hate Oktoberfest
B: Why Athletes Hate Easter
C: Why Mexicans Hate Cinco de Mayo
D: Why Wiccans Hate Halloween

Why Wiccans Hate Halloween- HUNDY $48,600

8. What location in "The Walking Dead" is also the former name of Atlanta, where some of the show has been filmed?

A: Terminus
B: Greene Family Farm
C: Woodbury

D: Yellow Jacket Creek


A: 25%
B: 18%
C: 40%
D: 17%

+1 (Brandon Saunders)
Woodbury- L (first time the +1 was unsuccessful)(A: Terminus)

What makes things more painful this afternoon is...for the first time since 3/6/13, three contestants in an ep. lose in R1. Jade Cohen from Albany lost in four w/ $4K in her bank (she jumped over $100 on Q #3) & Eric Abramson from The Big Apple lost in three w/ $3K in his bank after he jumped over $1K on Q #2 (both those players left their +1 on the table; Jade also left on the table her AtA).

QotD: In '08, abc NEWS reported that what food's staggering markup made it more expensive per ounce than Filet Mignon?

A: Street cart hot dogs
B: Vending machine sodas

C: Bowling alley beer
D: Movie theater popcorn

A: Movie theater popcorn

THOUSANDAIRE G #3: Bob Finnegan (Milford, CT mailman)

The book Medical and Dental Space Planning says doctors can refresh their eyes after seeing red for too long w/ the help of what operating room staple?

A: Stainless steel scalpels
B: Halogen lights
C: Tile walls
D: Green scrubs

FA: Halogen lights- FAIL (A: Green scrubs)

EP. RATING: 2 (would've been a rock-bottom 1 if Brandon had not appeared)

"MasterChef CANADA" 9/16

J: Claudio Aprile, Alvin Leung & Michael Bonacini

Carly: Spicy peanut soup w/ pork & noodles

Eric: Peanut butter fruit tart w/ bruleed strawberries & chocolate
Marida: Pork & noodle stir-fry w/ peanut vinaigrette- W

ET Ingredient Choices: Smelts (Alvin), venison (Michael) & duck (Claudio)
P: Smelts

Eric: Braised & deep-fried smelts w/ smelt broth & noodles
Tammara: Sake-marinated smelts in Vietnamese-style salad roll
Danny: Smelt croquettes w/ chili lime sauce
Dale: Butter-fried smelts in Gougeres w/ herb cream
Meghan: Smelt quiche w/ onion, mushroom & asparagus
Pino: Deep-fried smelts & homemade vegetable soup
Kaila: Red Thai curry w/ jasmine rice & deep-fried smelts
Ben: Smelt cakes w/ pear & corn

TC- Pino & Dale
1ST OUT- Meghan (Also on Bottom: Danny & Ben)

9/19/14 Quick News & Notes

-I think the 2nd ep. "Deal" is taping on 9/27 will be their celebratory 1,001st ep.; also this season, they're going to introduce a new car game called Accelerator using a giant roulette-like wheel, which is also said to be the biggest prop to date they've made for their show.
-To date, the next taped "Wheel" champ right after each of the three millionaire hasn't solved the bonus puzzle (including last night's). Of course, the $1M win three eps. into a season's a record. Also a NEW RECORD was last Wed.'s combined winnings of $1,042,590.
-Mike's first-wk. weight loss percentage of 9.52% is the highest for the first wk. of a "Biggest Loser" season since Rick's 10.28% at the start of the "Pay it Forward" season. Jerry's 10.44% from S4 is still the W1 record percentage. Wylie still holds the W2 record percentage w/ 6.14% in S3. And the W3 record percentage of 5.93% is owned by Frado from 10/12/10.
-Anthony Anderson's an EP of the new abc sitcom "Black-ish".
-From what I saw on "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship", Regis' hair has gone all white. 
-An all-new "Id!ottest" doubleheader's scheduled for Wed. after the "Skin Wars" reunion ep. 
-There was a lip sync battle last Wed. on "The Tonight Show" between Jimmy, Blake & Gwen. 
-The next Secret Santa Sweepstakes will be taped on Oct. 16 & 17.
-The starting MSRP of a '15 Honda Civic LX Coupe CVT w/o destination charge's $19,090 (for the '15 Civic LX Sedan CVT, it's $19,290). 
-Syndicated "$ale" reruns on GSN will resume 9/29, as well as some "PYL" eps. we haven't seen in a while & the CBS version of "Card Sharks" (starting at 9 AM); "Sharks" & "PYL" won't air on Thurs. Additionally, GSN will start airing the '12-'13 "Feud" eps. as well that night. 
-TV Land will air said "Feud" eps. in ep. number order unlike GSN.
-On 10/5, "All Star Secrets" will air at 9 PM & the unsold "Babble" pilot from '84 hosted by Tom Kennedy will air at 9:30 PM. 
-Nissan's taking over for KIA as the official automotive sponsor for "the Voice". 
-When the GG was won on "Las Vegas Gambit", both the Any 21 Wins & number-removal bells sounded. Also, early in the life of the GG, The Big Numbers weren't as bold-looking. 
-Jenny McCarthy, who actually married Donnie Wahlberg on 8/31, misplaced her wedding ring for a couple hrs. in a hotel room's bedsheets. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"project RUNWAY" 9/18/14

C #9: Paired w/ an American Girl doll & a child model, the designer's job was to make a looks that's age-apppropriate (they're introducing a new line called "Beforever").
GJ: Elisabeth Moss

Kini: Samantha (Anita)
Amanda: Addy (Deovana)
Alexander: Kit (Emma)
Korina: Josefina (Mavis)
Sandhya: Caroline (Jessica)
Charketa: Kaya (Faith)
Sean: Julie (Katie)
Emily: Rebecca (Caitlin)

W- Kini (Also on Top: Charketa & Korina)
OUT- Sandhya (Also on Bottom: Emily & Sean)

"Beat Bobby Flay" 9/18 (EP. 208)

M-U: Jason Fullilove (Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar EC) vs. Billy Oliva (Delmonico's EC)
R1 J: Judah Friedlander & Michael S. 
KI: Sweet potatoes

Jason: Sweet potato ginger bisque w/ pomegranate salad & bacon
Billy: Sweet potato hash w/ bacon, spicy shrimp & wilted spinach- OUT

R2 J: Leah, George & Dominique

J: Bouillabaisse w/ saffron pasta, pearls & uni toast
B: Bouillabaisse w/ tomato anchovy rouille


"The Biggest Loser: Glory Days" 9/18

C #2: The teams had to run through "walls of excuses" & get through an obstacle course while using a punching bag to take out those walls, which ended w/ having to hoist the punching bag in the air & ringing a bell. 
BENCHED- Mike (medically ineligible) & Sonya
W- WT (only they were guaranteed gym access)

CC W-I #2:
Vanessa: 347 lbs., five lbs. lost, 1.42%

Andrea (T: 4): 224 lbs., six lbs. lost, 2.61%

W-I #2:

Blake: 227 lbs., eight lbs. lost, 3.4%
Emmy: 249 lbs., five lbs. lost, 1.97%
Mike: 352 lbs., nine lbs. lost, 2.49%
Jordan: 293 lbs., eight lbs. lost, 2.66%
Scott: 333 lbs., 10 lbs. lost, 2.92%
Rob: 438 lbs., dozen lbs. lost, 2.67%
TP = 2.67%

Toma: 308 lbs., eight lbs. lost, 2.53%

Sonya: 253 lbs., seven lbs. lost, 2.69%
Rondalee: 258 lbs., eight lbs. lost, 3.01%
Matt: 353 lbs., 10 lbs. lost, 2.75%
Woody: 376 lbs., dozen lbs. lost, 3.09%
JJ: 366 lbs., dozen lbs. lost, 3.17%
TP = 2.89%

Gina: 222 lbs., six lbs. lost, 2.63%
Lori: 287 lbs., five lbs. lost, 1.71%
Chandra: 325 lbs., nine lbs. lost, 2.69%
Jackie: 273 lbs., 10 lbs. lost, 3.53%
Damien: 367 lbs., 14 lbs. lost, 3.67%
TP = 2.9%


"JEOPARDY!" 9/18/14

Carrie Delapena (Plano): Homeschools three kids
Jesse Henning (Westerville, OH): Children's librarian
TWO-DAY CHAMP: Bill Cossen


Jesse's doubled up Bill $2,800-$1,400 at the 1st break. By the moment Jesse finds the DD on the $600 Fairy Tale, he's tripled up the champ $4,200-$1,400; Carrie's on the board w/ two Benjamins. He risks twice the face value.

At the beginning of the story, the title character of this 1837 Anderson fairytale had NO feet.

"Uh, what is The Little Mermaid?"...which became more famous for being a Disney movie, he said it. At the clearing of the J! Rd. board, Jesse's in LGT w/ five grand to Carrie's 28 bills & Bill's 22.

TOTAL LT: $5,200

SCIENCE OF DISGUISE (CC clues from the NASA Glenn Research Center Lewis Field in CLE)

After a while, Bill gets a DD to flip over on the $1200 Big Building of the City & he's leading w/ $12,600; Jesse's $4,400 behind & Carrie has four big ones. Here comes a clue worth two grand.

Heritage Plaza (formerly Texaco Heritage Plaza)

"What is Houston?" problem-o. And the 2nd one's Bill's on the $1600 answer of Running the Magazine; he's closing in on his 2nd LG victory w/ $16,200, while Jesse has $9,400 & Carrie has $7K less than this evening's male challenger. Two G's are gambled again.

William Shawn ran this magazine for 35 yrs., perhaps because he might've been the only one to get every cartoon.

"What is The New York?"...this DJ! Rd.'s over w/ a right response; left behind are the $2K answers from that subject, Big Building of the City & Science of the Skies.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $7,200

Bill: 17 grand
Jesse: $8,800

ALEVE FJ! C #4: Foreign Words

The Holy Roman Empire from 800-1806 was the 1st; the German Empire from 1871-1918 was the 2nd.

C: BLANKVILLE ($2,300) = $100
J: "What is the Ottoman Empire" (I thought he was right based on his smile towards the end of the think music)($9300) = $100
B: "What is Reich?" = $18,801 $50,602


"Wheel of Fortune" 9/18/14

$1K T-U: Thing

S E A _ I N G

_ _ _ _ _

Brent's correct by answering SEATING CHART. Tonight:

Brent Lotz (Santa Clara): Norwood Creek ES 5th Grade teacher married to Christina for about five yrs. (w/ Ethan & Matthew)
Sara Carlson (Orland Park, IL): Richards HS 9th Grade English & Theater Production teacher married to David for four yrs. (w/ Phoebe & Zoe)
Lee Hawkins (Ft. Washington, MD): Longfields ES 4th Grade Science & Social Studies teacher

$2K T-U: LT

F L _ _ K / _ F

_ _ _ _ _

Lee's incorrect w/ FLOCK OF GEESE, surprisingly.

F L _ _ K / O F

_ _ _ _ _

Sara's also not correct w/ FLOCK OF BIRDS.

F L _ _ K / O F

S H E _ P

Brent triples by stealing FLOCK OF SHEEP.

Featured hotwire T: Australis Cruise ($8,530)

R1: Title

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Brent: 3 T's ($700), 4 E's, BANKRUPT (near $650)
Sara: S ($2.5K), 3 I's, A, 2 L's (1/2 CAR near pink $900), OTHER BANKRUPT
Lee: 2 H's ($800), 2 R's ($700), P ($600)

L I T T L E / H _ _ S E

_ _ / T H E / _ R A I R I E

"LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE" puts Lee into the early lead.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Brent & Sara)


Lee: $3,600/Brent: $3K

Egg.Land's Best MR: B & A

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sara: BANKRUPT (near $650)
Lee: T (other 1/2 CAR), 4 I's, 2 G's ($550), 5 O's, 2 H's ($900), 3 L's ($550), A, OTHER BANKRUPT
Brent: BANKRUPT (MDW's right part)
Sara: 2 S's ($900), E, U, K ($600), 3 N's ($650), Y (Mrs. Prindable's), M (Chile), OTHER MDW BANKRUPT
Lee: V (MW near LaT & FLIPS...$10K- the $10K bill's no longer on the back side)

Y O U / S H O O K / M E

A L L / N I G H T


_ I V I S I O N

She nearly spun one more time, but she solves "YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG, DIVISION" to retain control & add a one to her haul.

BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Sara; three overall for her now)


Lee: $13,600/Brent: $3K


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

Lee: 3 L's ($550), 2 A's, I, O, BANKRUPT (near $3.5K)
Brent: 2 T's ($550), 3 E's, 2 U's, 2 C's ($500), 2 R's ($800), OTHER ONE
Sara: 3 N's (WILD), S (FP), P ($700)

P O L _ N E S I A N



She gets off the zero stage w/ $2,700 & a vacation to a spot near the POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER, the Outrigger Waikiki.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Lee & Brent; it's also the latter's 3rd)


Lee: $13,600/Brent: $3K/Sara: $9,534 in cash & HI WC

$3K T-U: F & D

B E E F _ _ E A K

T O M _ T O E S

Brent has the T-U S by smelling BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES.

S-U: Person
FS: $1,700

_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

L: T, L, T, 3 N's, S, 2 R's, H, C, W, M, G, 3 B's

B L _ _ - R _ B B _ N

W _ N N _ R

She may not be a BLUE-RIBBON WINNER in our book, but Lee's the winner of this game w/ $10,200 added to her till.

DUDS: T (Brent), S (Sara), H (Brent), C (Sara), M (Brent), G (Sara)
SOLE DQ: Lee (T bobble)


Lee: $23,800/Brent: $6K/Sara: $9,534 in cash & holiday
GT: $39,334

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (w/o those plates):
$27,630 in cash & loot

BR: After we spot Lee's friend Mike, the trip-star's spun again.

C: Thing

_ _ _ N _ _

_ _ _ E


_ _ _ N _ _ 

_ A M E

She doesn't win the 45 grand on our ICONIC GAME without at least the C's.

$5K SPIN ID: VS5861443


"Family Feud" 9/18/14

G1: O'Donoghues (TAM)(Brandy, Jim, Jake, Jared & James) vs. Holidays ($40,720)

R1: Name a fancy car a stripper might use as her stage name:

Mercedes (19)(Brandy)

X- Lambo (Frank)

Jim (dad): Cadillac- X
Jake (twin brother): Porsche- #1 (27)
Jared (twin brother): Rolls-Royce- XX
James (Army Staff Sergeant): Ferrari- T3 (11)
Brandy: Lexus- T3 (11)
Jim: Lincoln

Frank S (for 68): Bentley- X

#5: Jaguar (7)
#6: Corvette (4)

BA: Mustang (3)

R2: Name something your home you'd hate to discover your pet snake swallowed:

#1: Another pet (41)(Jim)


Jake: (Car) keys- T3 (9)
Jared: Child(ren)- #6 (6)
James: (Cell)phone- #5 (8)
Brandy: Wallet/purse- X
Jim: Remote- T3 (9)
Jake: Favorite pair(s) of shoes- XX
Jared: Body parts- XXX

Frank S #2 (for five-pt. early lead): Jewelry/ring- #2 (12)

#7: Money (4)
BA: Favorite vibrator (2)

Double: Name something people eat that comes in the shape of a ball:

Meatball (14)(Jake)
Apple (6)(Glorina)

Jared: Hush puppies- X
James: Orange- #1 (46)
Brandy: Falafel- XX
Jim: Candy- XXX

Frank S #3 (to retain lead w/ 132 more): Grape- X (O'Donoghues: 200)

#3: Melon (13)
#5: Cheese (5)
BA: Rice balls & matzo balls (2 each)

TRIPLE: When you hear a noise coming from your basement, what do you pray that it ISN'T?:

Monster/ghost (25)(Jared)
#3: Animal/rat fest (21)(LaWanna- she said cat)

James: Furnace- X
Brandy: Burglar/person/ex-wife- #1 (42)
Jim: Plumbing- W (10- water heater also counted)


1. On the 1-10 scale, how proud are you of your body?
2. Something teens do faster than adults.
3. "I have nothing to ____".
4. Something specific you buy at a party supplies store.
5. A reason a person sleeps like a baby.

1. Seven: 24
2. Drive: 25
3. Lose: 9
4. Hat: 12
5. Hangover: 11
T- 81

1. Five: 17
2. Run/jog: 26
3. Wear: 24
4. Balloons: 33
5. Sleeping pills: 12
T- 193

2. Text/type 
5. Tired/overworked

Because of a DVR issue, I can't do the 2nd game, but I'm delighted to tell you that the McKissics won FM that time!

6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 8

"Hell's Kitchen" 9/17/14

C #3: The teams were given new jackets that had the directions for eight different recipes on the back of them.

La Tasha vs. Santos: Tortilla pie- LA TASHA
Katie vs. Steve: Frittata- BOTH
Ashley vs. Aaron: Shepherd's pie- AARON
Denine vs. JR: Burger- DENINE
Kalen vs. Brian: Spring rolls- BRIAN
Jennifer vs. Sterling: Lettuce wraps- BOTH
Sade vs. Frank: Spaghetti & meatballs- FRANK
Roe vs. Fernando: Empanada- FERNANDO & MEN W (they zip-lined in Venice Beach & got food served to them by Marino at the Erwin Hotel; the punishment was to bring several coffee bags & grind the coffee down for the upcoming coffee-crusted Filet Mignon tableside appetizer)

DS #3:
Tableside: Fernando & Roe
Notable Celebs: Wendy Williams, Shaunie O'Neal & Elizabeth Rohm

W- MEN (only Bryant, Sterling & Frank were benched on their side)(BotB: JR & Steve)
BotW- Sade
L- Denine (Also Nominated: Kalen)

Jennifer's future was also jeopardized as she collapsed in the dorms at the end of the ep.

"Let's A$k America"- EPS. 2047 & 2048

2047 (5/15/14):
Ann (DEN skier)
Marcus (San Bernardino)
Dallas (who played from a treehouse in Austin)
Kim (PBS channel worker in Saginaw, MI)


1. Their own body or spouse's body- which of these did married bodybuilders say they have spent more time admiring? 
AGREED ON: Own- 4/10

2. Parking at the mall on Christmas Eve or having to assemble toys on Christmas Day- what did parents say's the WORST part about Christmas?
Marcus: Assemble- 1/4

3. They come in peace or they will destroy us- what did sci-fi nerds say they think's more likely to be true about aliens?
AGREED ON: Destroy- 54%

4. A loved one begged them to or a big promotion at work- for what reason did people w/ body piercings say they'd be most likely to take them out?
Men: Promotion- 62%

DfC: Wastebasket or laundry basket- which of these household items did moms say gets full FASTER?
Kim: Waste- OTA (45%)


1. Dinner w/ the boss, first date or their HS reunion- single men in their 40s say they'd wear their nicest clothes for which occasion?
Guys: First date- 44%
Ann: HS reunion- 23% $500

2. Free rent, food or laundry- what did twentysomethings living w/ their parents say was the BEST thing about moving back home?
ALL SAID: Rent- 1/2 (Ann: $1.5K/Marcus: $2,200/Dallas: $2,400)(Food: 42%)

3. College students, foreign tourists or senior citizens- which group did waiters say leaves the SMALLEST tips?
Ann: Seniors- 31%
Men: Students- 31%


1. "I will always put the seat down", "I won't turn down the thermostat", "I won't ogle other women" or "I will always call if I'm going to be late"- what did single women say they would like to add to their future husband's wedding vows?
Dallas: Late- 44% $4,400
Marcus: Ogle- 1/4 (Thermostat: 9%)

2. Burp, cry, answer the phone or yawn- which of these did women say's the WORST thing a man can do during sex?
AGREED: Phone- 34% $8,400 (Cry & yawn: 25% each)


$12,600: In the kitchen, traffic, bedroom or a bar w/ friends- where did married men say their wives use the most foul language?
G: Traffic- 35% (Kitchen: 20%/Bedroom: 30%)

2048 (1/17/14):
Lana (49ers fan in Fresno)
Sean (CLE casino dealer)
Ryan (DEN)
Katie (Romeo, MI)


1. Ma'am or little lady- which term did women in their 40s say they'd LEAST want to be called by a 20-yr.-old man?
ALL G: Ma'am- 44%

2. A divorced guy in his 40s or a single guy in his 20s- who did car salesmen say they had an easier time selling a sportscar to?
Ryan & Katie: Divorced (one of her young sons did a drumroll just as she revealed her answer)- 78%

3. Having one Grammy-winning Rock album or having 10 platinum-selling children's CDs- what did musicians say they would rather be famous for?
Lana: 10 CDs- 55%

4. Royal Flush or complete bluff- poker players say they'd get the most satisfaction winning a pot w/ which hand?
Katie: R.F.- 51%


1. Beer pong, strip poker or truth or dare- which of these "young people" games did senior citizens say they'd have the most fun playing w/ their friends?
Lana: ToD- 73% $800
Ryan: SP- 16% $200
Katie: BP- 11% $600

2. In an elevator, the subway or The Bronx- where did NYers say they'd be the most scared during a blackout?
Lana: Subway- 38%
Ryan & Katie: Bronx- 12%

3. Jean shorts, yoga pants or man's dress shirt- what non-lingerie clothing item did men say was the SEXIEST on a woman?
Ryan: Yoga pants- 1/3
Ladies: Dress shirt- 1/2 (Lana: $2,300/Katie: $2,100)


1. To look ripped, feel healthy, be able to defend themselves or impress women- what do bodybuilders say's the #1 reason they decided to start pumping iron?
Lana: Impress women- 13%
Katie: Look ripped- 18% (Healthy: 58%)

2. Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Kate Middleton or Oprah- who did parents say would be the best role model for their daughters?
Lana: Oprah- 27%
Katie: Kate Middleton- 44% $6,100 (Beyonce: 10%)

W: $3K

$9,100: Margaritas, spicy buffalo wings, cupcakes or cheeseburgers- what did college girls say they'd consumed most often even though they knew they'd regret it later?
G: Margaritas- 17% (Wings: 22%/Cupcakes: 37%)