Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday's Results

My first day with Scoreboard results are these:

DOND: Tracee Jones returned Monday night still with the $500,000 and the $1 million on the board. Her fifth round choices knocked out $100,000 and $10. That drove the offer to $189,000. Saying the two big prizes are still there, Jones says no deal. Before going to Round 6, she gets a video cell phone message from her basketball players. After that, her next case selection eliminated the penny. Left at this point: $50, $300, $10,000, $500,000, $1 million. The offer at this point was $265,000. She is VERY unsure whether to continue, but she eventually takes the $265,000. Good news- she would've knocked out the $500,000 case on her next pick. Bad news- even though she probably would never have gotten to the end, her case had the $1 million. Second time in three weeks, I do believe, that the $1 million case has been selected, but not claimed.

Kevin O' Brien was next, living his dream to be on the show, and Howie has to keep telling him that it's for real now. He doesn't do so hot though- Rounds 3 through 6 were tough, knocking out several big amounts, from $100,000 to $1 million. But $25,000 and $50,000 were still left on the board amongst a few other amounts. After eliminating $200 and $300, Mr. O' Brien quits at $28,000. This time, it was a good deal- his case had neither of the decent amounts, $10.

WOF: Beginning their run in Dallas with "Best Friends Week", the team of Mark Chaluse and Stacy Lloyd-Thomas ran up a score of $20,850 in cash and stuff heading into the final round. That team had the Wild Card in the Jackpot Round, and with a big puzzle in the category of HEADLINE. They didn't take advanatage of it, though, as they hit the Bankrupt, losing the marker. Alas, the $6,000 speed-up round comes into play, and Angela Deiton and Jennifer Wynham win the match with SHREVEPORT LOUISANA on an On The Map puzzle, $23,550 to $20,850.

The bonus round started them off with:

_ _ _

L _ _ _ _

and the category of Phrase. That's all they would get, though, as their choices were duds. They try BOX LUNCH and GET LUCKY. Both are wrong, but the second guess was a lot closer- HOW LUCKY was it. This looked like a $100,000 difficulty puzzle, but what they actually missed out on was just as big- $50,000. Second show in a row, BTW, that's been lost.

Feud: Who will make it to the Halloween Spectacular, if there is one? It looks like it may be the Christophers, who defeat the Clarks. They only get $805 in Fast Money, giving them a current take of $21,650.

Millionaire: After Friday's disasterous effort, we start out fresh. Megan Benes was first, entering with a bank account of one penny. That's right, folks. She gets up to the $25,000 question, which asked her what was the full name of the count on "Seasame Street". After using her 50:50, she was left with Count von Numbers and Count von Count. The von Numbers looked too obvious to me, so I thought it was von Count. But with a fair memory of watching "Sesame Street" from a while back, Benes chose Count von Numbers.... and that memory was a foggy one, because I'm right and she's wrong. She left with $1,000.

Michael Sykes from Alexandria, VA didn't do that much better, ending up with $4,000. Andrea Ballinger returns on Halloween.

TPIR: Well, this show has certainly left the start from last week in the dust, for sure. For the second straight day, their contestants ring up a 5 out of 6 effort in the Pricing Games, with Clock Game being the only one lost this time. Among the wins: the now overplayed Stack The Deck (which was played perfectly, digit-choosing wise), Check Game (with another record-keeping error by Bob), and Any Number (a $21K+ car was won in only five picks, even though it was pretty easy). The person who won that car, Matthew, needed it to go find a job. He made it to the showcase as the top winner, facing Check Game winner Georgia. Georgia bid $16,500 on a game room and a party boat. She was way off, to no one's surprise, as the price was $26,209, a difference of $9,709. Matthew tried for some phones, a trip to Hawaii, and a Jeep Wrangler, and bid $23,777. Things looked good for him- only to have the ARP be $23,650, sending him over. That gave Georgia the win and $33,612. Matthew left with $22,900.

Jeopardy!: Not too long beore we go to NY for the celebrity shows, so let's see if they made the best of it. All three contetstants, including returning champion Chris Mazurek, were in five figures heading into FJ! under the category of Geography:

The only place where four countries meet at one point is found in this continent.

Monica gets it right with "What is Africa?", but only bets $201 for $11,001. Chris nails it as well, nearly doubling his winnings to $30,598. Susan writes....."What is Europe" instead. She drops back to second, and Chris now has a three-game total of $67,598.
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