Sunday, October 29, 2006

October Player of the Month and This Week in Game Shows

I'll begin the regular reporting of the results of the week's game shows on Monday. In the meantime, I'm ready to announce my first Player of the Month, this one for October:

BRIAN DECATO ("1 vs. 100")

He was on the premiere of the game show that wounded up beating "Deal or No Deal" in the Friday Neilsens, and wound up being renewed for another ten episodes besides the first five. This man played very well, going home with $135,000! Decato's performance, however, is not good enough to land him into the "Salute of Champions" at the end of the year.

This week's notable happenings in TV Game Shows:

Wheel of Fortune: They're not waiting until November to go to Dallas; it begins this week! They kick it off with "Best Friends Week"!
Jeopardy!: This is the show's final week of episodes before they head to NYC for their two-week long 5,000-episode celebration, which includes celebrities playing. Considering the less than stellar playing by most of the regular contestants so far this season (there has not been a champion of at least five games this season), the break couldn't come much sooner.
The Rich List: This is the debut week for the new FOX game show hosted by Brit Eamonn Holmes. Teams of two compete to name things on certain lists for a chance to win big money and stay as long as they like.
1 vs. 100: This is the real test to see if this show is for real. A few days ago, this show continued to drop in the Fast Neilsen Ratings on Friday, probably due to coverage of the World Series on FOX. Will that performance prove to be a fluke?
Dancing With the Stars: The final four awaits. Will this week's competition be anywhere as good as last week's classic?
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