Friday, November 10, 2006

11/10/06 Results- TPIR and Feud in danger of WIPEOUTS

WWTBAM: Sam Greenfield, a radio host, is back. He has reached $16,000, and has the audience and phone lifelines left. With the audience's help, he figures out the man who was shot in Dick Chaney's infamous accudent to get to the $25,000 mark. He switches out the first $50,000 question for this...

Michael Jackson has claimed that the changes in his complexion over the years are due to what skin condition?
A: Melanoma
B: Albinism
C: Dermaitis
D: Vitillago

Greenfield immediately says D....for $50,000! He still has the phone for this...

In the famous Grimm's fairy tale, the Pied Piper of Hamelin is described as "pied" because he does what?
A: Talks to animals
B: Wears colorful clothing
C: Does magic
D: Seeks revenge

Greenfield draws a total blank, so he calls his niece Debbie, who guesses B. Greenfield decides to try it...AND HE'S GOT $100,000! For $250K:

What is the only U.S. state that does not require its votes to be registered in order to vote?
A: Alaska
B: Wyoming
C: North Dakaota
D: Delaware

Greenfield mentions that he's played the online game a lot, and got to the virtual million a few times, but says the last time he played it, he got $500,000. He draws a blank on this one, and says his mother's been through a lot, so he takes the hundred grand. Answer: North Dakota.

New player: Christine Scott-Hayward. Last question of the day features her and this:

On the TV series "My Name is Earl", Darnell Turner is often called by what nickname, inspired by his place of employment?
A: Mop man
B: Crab man
C: Gas man
D: Watch man

She uses her last lifeline, the Phone-a-Friend. She calls Chandler, who says B, which is what I thought, even though I don't watch the show, because I've seen previews. She goes with that...and we're all right for $16,000! She stops with that as we close up shop on what has been a big week, giving away close to $750,000! Next week is Let's Go Pop Week (with pop-culture related questions for such players), and on Thanksgiving Week, the collegians come forward on College Week. See you then!

Family Feud: Will they do something special next week? In the meantime, the Harrises are here again on Game #1 defending against the Brockingtons. On this week of Game 1 shows, no one had successfully defended their title. A loss will result in a WIPEOUT. Will the Harrises stop that? Let's find out.

The challengers score the first 49 points thanks to some reasons police might let people off the hook for speeding. They go up to 145 on famous pigs, despite Amber throwing everyone off course with mother-in-law (IDIOT!!!).

Double: Something about cowboys that turn women on. Opening answer(s)...

#2- Tight jeans (20, Cody)

Kia says stirups (?!?!), and needless to say it's bad. Challengers play. Debi says hats.... NUMBER ONE (25)! Lindsey says guns....#5 (8). Tyler says their Amber says Cody says bad boy image....still alive at #4 (9)! Back to Debi, who tries to sweep with chaps...doesn't happen. The champs try to steal with boots...sorry, so the Buckingtons are at 269. The other answer: their walking.

Triple: Pets that might live longer than their owners. Opening answers:

#3- Dog (21, Richard)

Champs play. Davey says bird....#2 (25)! Rhonda says cat....#4 (19)! They're in good shape to force a playoff with no strikes. David says Kia says turtle....NUMBER ONE, so we have a playoff with them at 273!

Sudden Death: Lindsey rings in on a place kids might store their junk if they're asked to clean their room. She says under the bed....good news for them with 476, bad news for the show- they have WIPED OUT (but there was a five-time champion family in the Game 2 shows, so it's not a total washout).

Fast Money: Tyler and Lindsey play. Questions:

1. On a scale of 1-10, how religious are you?
2. A slang word for money.
3. A foreign accent that's easy to imitate.
4. An animal's smell that could knock you over.
5. Something you sterilize.

He says 4, dinero (bad), Spanish, dog (#1), and medical equipment for....65. Lindsey says 10 (#1 at 24- why has the maximum been the number one answer for questions like these lately?), cash (#1), British (#1), cow (bad), and needles for....a total of 149, giving them $745.

For our second game, it's the Hawkins defending against the Cruzados. The Hawkins score the first 152 points thanks to naming excuses for sneaking out of work, and things about Rosie O' Donnell.

Double: Things in your house that are worn out. Opening answer:

#1- Rug/carpet (33, Jennifer)

Hawkins play. Brian says couch...#3 (9). Laura says They strike out the rest of the way, so we go to the Cruzados to steal. Tim says, so more points for the Hawkins team! Others: Chair, clothes, and a person.

Triple: Jerrys (Chant Jerry all you want). We start with...

#3- Seinfeld (13, Brian)

The champs play. Laura says Springer....a dynomite #2 (35)! Jonathan says Rice....#4(10)! I feel good about this. Melissa says McGuire...NO. Jennifer says Lewis.....THEY WIN with 521!

Fast Money: Jonathan and Melissa play it out. Questions:

1. A place where you might stay longer than you expected.
2. The country with the worst food.
3. The animal that you're must unsure about its sex.
4. The earliest time you call somebody in the morning.
5. The favorite summer fruit.

Jon says airport, China, monkey, 8:00 AM, and peach for....40. Melissa tries doctor's office (#1), Mexico, cat, 9:00 AM, and strawberries for....122 total, giving them a total of $20,610.

TPIR: One last chance to have a big winner this week, or it's a WIPEOUT. The first real chance came for Jack Baltam, who played Three Strikes for a Cadillac CTS (Std., AT, Seat, Luxury, Paint, Navigation, Wheels, PProt). The numbers were 2, 4,6, 7 and 9. Baltam gets the first strike right away. On his next two draws, he gets the 6, and is wrong on selecting the second and third digits. He does get the first two digits right on his next two draws, thus meaning he's playing for a $42,000+ car. He draws the 7 and selects the third digit....and is wrong. He again draws the 7, says fourth digit...wrong again. He gets strike two...and strike three. Price: $42,967.

We do have a good chance in the Showcase...both are very nice. The first deals with the models starring in having lunch with a Hollywood agent. It has a barrel sauna, a African Photographic Safari, and a pair of motorcycles. Top winner Luvania passes to runner-up Pam, who bids $12,000 (bad idea). Luvania has the things you need when on a diet showcase, which features a trip to Tahiti, a brass bed, and a Ford F-150. She bids $26,000.

ARP on the second showcase: $35,235, a difference of $9,235. Pam bid $12,000 on hers and the price is....$31,439, missing it by $19,439. That means TPIR has escaped WIPEOUT mode, as Luvania wins $43,314 in prizes!

WOF: To wrap up our second week in Dallas, our players were Adam Denton, Shalista Holmes, and Sherry Pate. Denton picks up the Wild Card during the Mystery Round (which was also the Prize Puzzle round, winning a Carribean trip). He had a substantial lead heading into the final speed-up round....but the Wild Card person gets shot down again, as in the $6,000 speed-up round, Pate solves BUISNESS PARTNERS to win with $21,550.

Trying to end the week with a bonus round win, she lands on the double star space. The category is a one-word Thing. The big six get her:

_ _ _ _ L _ T _

Her choices get her:

_ _ M _ L _ T _

A few seconds into the countdown, the answer struck me- HUMILITY. But Pate can't come up with it, and will be humiliated to know that she is not the owner of a new Cadillac CTS. Family Week wraps up the stay in Dallas next week.
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