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11/13/06 Results

Another week in sweeps....

Family Feud: Wha? Still nothing special? What's going on here? Anyway, starting off today are the Brockingtons against the Karbels. The Brockingtons take an ugly first question and 27 points on things that make a dress sexy. They go up to 113 after naming most of the things that can upset people at a bar.

Double: Something you call your mate that you also eat. Opening with....

#1- Honey (50, Jefferey)
#6- Sweetie Pie (3, Cody)

Karbels play. Andrew says sugar....#3 (7). I thought Gaby had said nine o' clock...but she says any event, it's not there. Bob says Rocky says cookie......also a baddie.
We go for the steal with the champs, and Tyler says cupcake. For's there at #2! Others were lamb chop and sweet cake.

Triple: A breed of dog that starts with "C". Starting with:

#3- Collie (18, Debi)
#4- Chow Chow (12, Andrew)

#4 may be bad news for the challengers. Sure enough, the champs play. Lindsey says a censored answer....sure enough, it's not there. Tyler says Cocker Spaniel....#2 (28)! Amber says Corgie (?!?!)....NO WAY. They are still in the driver's seat, but this is their last chance. Cody says.....Chiuhuahua for the game and a total of 527!

Fast Money: It's Lindsey and Cody. Questions:

1. How many of the Ten Commandments have you broken this month?
2. Something you eat with your hands.
3. A word that starts with Q.
4. A dog that you make a big yard for.
5. Something you do that takes ten minutes.

Lindsey blanks on question four. With the ones she did say, she said three, pizza, quiet (#1), and brush your hair for.... 67. Cody says five, chicken (#1), quality (bad), great dane, and shower (#1) for..... 158 and $790, a total of $1,535 for two days.

For the other game, it's the Hawkins defending against the Carlines. The challengers take the first 65 points thanks to traffic signs that can describe someone's lovelife. The Hawkins fire back with 91 with things you don't want to happen while on a roller coaster.

Double: Rock and Roll superstars. We start off with:

#1- Elvis Pressley (36, Jennifer)

Champs play. Brian says Axel Laura says Metallica....bad also. Jonathan says the Beatles....three straight strikes. For the Carline steal, Dashan says Jimmie Hendrix....NO! Champs up to 163. Not said: Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Tommy Lee.

Triple: Nicknames short people are tired of hearing. Starts with:

#1- Shorty (51, Sean)

Challengers play. Matthew's answer...not there. Dashan says Lizle says midget...still alive at #2 (13)! Jenn says shrimp....#3 (13)! Sean tries to force sudden death with mini....not with that. Champs try to close it out as Jonathan says tiny....NO! Game continues. Last answer: Pee Wee.

Sudden Death: Laura and Matthew play. Question: Name an excuse a teenager says when she arrives home late. Laura rings in with flat tire....all car problems win the game for the champs with a score of 319!

Fast Money: Jonathan and Melissa. Questions:

1. The proper number of days your mother-in-law can visit.
2. A good food that's expensive.
3. Something you learn to do in Boy Scouts.
4. Type of jewelry a man might own two of.
5. A flower that's also a girl's name.

Jonathan says two, wine, tie knots (#1), rings (#1) and rose (#1) for.....137! Melissa says one for question one.....IT'S NUMBER ONE AT 41! They're 22 away! She then says caviar....11 away (lobster was number one). She says make fire for the Boy Scouts...that gives them triple twos for $20,000, and $40,610 for three days!

WOF: It's Family Week, our last week in Dallas. Our first teams are: Laura and Tiffany Reeves, Paula Castillo and Matt Rhodea, and Tracy Ceteenie and Tommy Pogue. Tracy and Tommy got the Wild Card in the Jackpot Round and landed on the $3,500 space when they had it, but could not get a letter in the puzzle that turn, and they wound up hitting the Bankrupt the next time.
In the final Speed-Up Round, the Reeves and Paula and Matt battled for the championship. In the end, Paula and Matt solved LIONESS AND HER CUBS to win with $12,900.

The category for the bonus round was Thing. The Big Six got them...

_ _ _ _ _ _ N _

_ _ _ R

All four choices made the puzzle! That gets them...

M _ _ O G _ N _


I thought it was a sure winner. They thought...and thought.....NOTHING! Ouch. It was MAHOGANY DOOR. They let the easiest $30,000 in the world slip away. Doggone it!

Jeopardy!: For Night 4 of Celebrity Jeopardy!, we have James Denton from "Desperate Housewives", Neil Patrick Harris from "How I Met Your Mother" , and Bebe Neuwirth from "Frasier" and the Broadway scene. In the Double Jeopardy! round, there was a category called Neil! Patrick! Harris! Good one, writers. There were two all-in bets on Daily Doubles during the game- Neil did it in the first round, and James did it on the other Daily Double in the second round. Both were successful. Scores going into the final: Harris with $16,000, Denton with $9,600, and Neuwirth with $9,000. This is the best bunch of players I've seen in this group of shows so far, IMO. The final category: The Encylopedia Brittanica.

In the 1958 edition, this man penned the article on ventriloquism. (David Letterman did a ventriolquism week earlier this season on his show, and as of this writing, is doing an Impressionist Week this week.)

Neuwirth says "Who is Edgar Bergen", and is right. She doubles up to $18,000! Denton says....NOTHING! He loses it all, but will get $25,000 for his troubles. Harris is right, and risked.....$3,201! He wins the $50,000 for charity!

TPIR: A soul from Mississippi, where part of Hurricane Katrina hit, Belinda Nation, won some picnic equipment worth $500 and played Pathfinder for a Dodge Caravan (Std., Paint, Stereo,
Pedals, Heater, Sealant, FabProt). The board:


First number is 2. Nation says 2 first and is wrong. She easily gets the board game at $30. She's wrong again by selecting 6, but gets another shot by directly getting the telephone/radio at $29.
She then goes with.....8 (DOH), and of course she's wrong again. For the drinks station, its either $200 or $250. She says $200...and she's still alive! The 0 is lit up. But her game would end after thinking the third number is 9, when it is actually 1. Price: $20,194. She does win $1,000 on the Big Wheel, though, and will face Donovan Washington, who played Now or Then for a trip to Arizona. He first goes with the Hot Pockets, with the given price of $2.49. Washington says now, and of course he's right. He then selects the nuts at $6.49 and says now....and what do you know, he's right again! I'm impressed he got that one. He goes for the win with the Betty Crocker cake mix at $1.55 and says Then in March 1997....and he wins!

Showcase #1 features things for the perfect man. First is a cell phone, then a Mediterranean Cruise, and finally.....a Hi-Lo travel trailer. Washington passes to Nation, who bids $22,950. Washington has things for some ways to wind. First, you could reel fish with a GPS system. Then, you can watch the dials turn on a grandfather clock. And then, you can wind down the road in a new Jeep Wrangler (Std., Paint, Seats, Cap)! He bids $22,500, and I have a feeling he's won.

ARP for Nation's Showcase: $27,437, a difference of $4,487. Let's see if I'm right. Washington's ARP: $22....7....75. Not quite enough for both showcases today, but he does win his showcase and a total of $25,811. Nation leaves with $1,759.

Deal or No Deal: Myra Lang is back to try to shoot for $300,000. Left on her board now: $1, $200, $400, $50,000 and the aformentioned $300,000. Lang says 20 first....and knocks out the dollar! The deal is now...$83,000. She......stops there! I would have gone one more time, but let's see what would happened. #21 would have been next....$200 would have been gone, and the offer would have been $115,000. Turns out she should have exactly gone one more time, as her next selection would have wiped out the $300,000. Her case had the $400.

Peter Shine is next. He is a NYC police officer. Shine chooses 9. He knocks the million out early in round one. He knocked out the $500,000 in Round 2, and has a Deal of $29,000, which he says No Deal to. His third round goes much better, and the offer shoots all the way up to $91,000! But he says No Deal. In Round 4, he takes out among other cases the $300,000. The offer is now in six figures, at $136,000! But that's not all- he's also offered a free dozen doughnuts (you heard me right)! He says No Deal to this tasty offer. In Round 5, he chooses 12....$200! Other case selection choice is 17...$50! The offer should be big now. It's...$195,000! If he says No Deal, it's one case mode now. He says....No Deal! Shine chooses #3....$200,000 is gone. Left now: $25, $75,000, $100,000, $400,000, and $750,000. The offer drops to $177,000. Shine says....No Deal! He then chooses's $25!!!! He's guaranteed at least $75,000!! The offer is $261,000! Not surprisngly, he says No Deal to that, given the board. He says #5.....he's not taking home the $750,000. The deal is now $144,000, and No Deal is said again. Shine says's $400,000. The final offer is $83,000. He says.....No Deal. Shine is taking home either $75,000 or $100,000. He gets.....

$100,000!! Congratulations, Peter! See you next time, everyone!

WWTBAM: Kicking off "Pop Culture Week" is Jenny Memmott. The first question of note:

Who sings "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night", the tune that kicks off NBC's weekly "Sunday Night Football" broadcasts?

A: Shakira
B: Pink
C: Kelly Clarkson
D: Nelly Fertado

She asks the audience. 58% percent say B, while 23% say C. She goes with B, and of course it's B for $8,000. For $16,000:

Revealed to be a Web hoax this year, the popular YouTube blogger "Bree" is better known by what online user name?

A: partygirl22
B: nerdygirl86
C: flirtygirl7
D: lonelygirl15

She calls Julie, who sure it's C. Jenny agrees...and she has $16,000! She then gets to the $25,000 mark! For $50,000:

What popular movie about college life features a school dean named Dean Martin?

A: Animal House
B: House Party 2
C: Back to School
D: Revenge of the Nerds

She's pretty sure it's A.....but she's 100% WRONG. It was C, so she stays at $25,000. That was quick.

Next is Chris Petryshyn. First question of note:

After a bidding war, what magazine acquired the U.S. rights to publish the first baby pictures of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?

A: In Touch
B: People
C: Life and Style
D: Us Weekly

He asks the audience. 65% say B. He goes with that, and is right for $4,000. Petryshyn gets up to $25,000 before we run out of time for today. He's back tomorrow.
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