Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11/14/06 Results

Jeopardy!: On the final night of Part I of Celebrity Jeopardy! 2006, our stars are Harry Shearer, Isaac Mizarehi, and Soledad O' Brien. It was a tight game after round one. Appearing in Double Jeopardy!- the ever popular "Stupid Answers" category- New York Style! O' Brien finds the other daily double in the category of "NN", with the clue asking for two of the four U.S. states that had "NN" in their names. She......draws a blank. The two obvious ones: Tennessee and Minnesota. The other two: Connecticut and Pennsylvania. That dropped her deep into second place at $5,600. Soon after that, Shearer pulls away with it, but O' Brien fires back to stay in it. Scores into the final: Shearer with $21,600, O' Brien with $14,500, and Mizarehi with $6,400. The FJ! category is the United Nations:

Of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the one that's the smallest in area.

Mizarehi says his apartment (?!?), and he loses everything. O'Brien says "What is France"...and is wrong. She loses $10,000 to $4,500. Shearer says "What is the United Kingdom?"....exclamation point here! He wins the $50,000 for charity!

WWTBAM: Chris Petryshyn is back, ready to go for $50,000, with the 50:50, the phone, and the switch lifelines left. Question:

Seasons one and three of "The OC" both ended with the playing of a song that has what one-word title?

A: Amen
B: Hallejujah
C: Rejoice
D: Glory

He calls Karen for help, and she says A, but she's not sure. He thinks about answering....but he switches it out. The answer: B. New question:

What actor's production company "j.k. livin" gets its name from "You just gotta keep livin', man," a line from one of his films?

A: Jeff Bridges
B: Robert Downey, Jr.
C: Matthew McConaughey
D: Keanu Reeves

Petryshyn uses the 50:50, which leaves A and C, neither of which he thought of. He just goes with C....and has the $50,000! He stops there.

Kristi Lonardo is next. First question of note:

The theme song to what 1980s sitcom begins with the memorable line, "Streaks on the china never mattered before"?

A: "Gimme a Break"
B: "The Facts of Life"
C: "Mr. Belvidere"
D: "Designing Women"

She asks the audience, and 66% say C. She agrees...and has $4,000! For $16,000:

Which of these extreme mental conditions is not also the title of a Def Leoppard album?

A: Puromania
B: Euphoria
C: Hysteria
D: Dementra

She uses the 50:50, leaving B and D. She calls Jeremy, her old friend. He's sure it's B, although I'm not sure he understood the question. She goes with Jeremy...no wonder why I was worried- she's wrong. That sends her home with $1,000.

Santina Muha returns tomorrow to continue "Pop Culture Week", after getting the $1,000.

Family Feud: The opener sees the Brockingtons defending against the Shumates. The champs score the first 56 points on things you need to do to lose weight. The Shumates take over with 72 points from words or phrases that mean naked.

Double: Something people hold off on doing for as long as they can. Opening with:

#4- Cleaning (16, Cody)

Champs play. Debi says getting married....#2 (22)! Lindsey says homework....no. Tyler says dentist appointment....dentist and doctor are #3 (19)! Amber says filing taxes....NUMBER ONE (24)! Cody says walking the dog....no. Debi tries to sweep with retiring....no. Steal time for the Shumates. Andre says having a baby.....no! 162 and a total of 218 goes to the Brockingtons! Unsaid answer: Dying/will.

Triple: Something a woman changes after a divorce. Opening with:

#1- Name (67, Lisa)

The Shumates play. Frank says the savings account....#2 (9)! Andre says mail address... #4 (5)! One more and they're the new champions. Sophia tries for the win with the social security card....no. Dorlisa says friends....still not. Lisa says the locks to her door.....strikeout. It all comes down to this. Tyler says changing the will. It was the unsaid answer on the last question. If the same thing applies here, they win; if not, the Shumates are the new champions. Will is.....NOT THERE. The Shumates win at 315. The unsaid answer: Hairstyle. The champs leave with $1,535.

Fast Money: Frank and Andre play. Questions:

1. Something you own that you talk to as a person.
2. At what age should your child learn right from wrong?
3. A product you might buy in travel size.
4. A body part that doesn't work so well when you wake up.
5. A musical instrument with strings.

Frank draws a blank on question four. He goes with stuffed animal, 5 (#1), toothpaste, and guitar (#1) for....111! Not bad. Andre says plant, 4, aftershave (bad), legs, and violin for....six short of the goal. That's $970 for them.

The second half features some good champs in the Hawkins, who defend against the Shirinians.
The Hawkins get the first 72 points on things that a wife may think are good news, but a husband thinks is bad news. The Shirinians fire back with 56 of their own on the top 5 sports Joes, past or present (including Namath, Montana, Frazier, Dimaggio, and Frazier).

Double: When students don't like going to school, name an illness that they could easily fake.

#3- Cold (9, John)

Challengers play. Sue says temperature (?!?!).... and believe it or not, it's #4 (9)! Gerry says being sick to your stomach....NUMBER ONE (57)! Tim says headache.....#5 (7)! Helene says laryngitis.... another term for sore throat, they clear all 188 points, and have 244!

Triple: Something a mouse can have nightmares about. Opener (s):

#1- Cats (65, Brian)

Champs play. Laura says a mousetrap....#2 (29)! Jonathan says a real bad one in big cats. Melissa says the exterminator....not there, either. Another strike comes down after that, so we go for the game on this steal. The Shirinians say from Tim the snake (?!?!)....NO WAY! The Hawkins are still champs with a score of 330! Answers unsaid: No/bad cheese, and other people (which I knew; exterminator wasn't accepted by the judges, but it didn't affect the outcome of the game).

Fast Money: Will Jonathan and Melissa help this family go over $60,000 and make Wednesday's Game #2 very interesting to watch? Let's find out. Questions:

1. Tell me how long it would take you to get in good shape.
2. A birthstone.
3. A big TV know-it-all.
4. Something you want to do before 30.
5. Besides tuna, a seafood that comes in a can.

Big Jon says three months, jade (bad), Seinfeld (bad), travel, and albacore (REALLY bad, as that's a type of tuna) for 29 points. Melissa says two months, ruby (#1), Ben Stein (bad, though I thought Alex Trebek for whatever reason), having kids and.....nothing on question 5. The last question should've been easy to get, as the #1 answer was salmon. They only earn $415 today, but it gives them a four-day total of $41,025. Will we have an undefeated family for the third straight week? Find out tomorrow!

WOF: Well, today's show is on my brother's birthday, whose name is Andrew. On this show for whatever reason, it seems to be a lucky day for contestants. A good example is one year ago, when Jessica Derenbacher in New Orleans won the $100,000, and I went bezerk! Years ago, a pair of Lexus RX330s were won in New York, and a team won over $100,000 as a result! Will there be such magic tonight? We'll find out as Mary Jo Schuete and Mike Point, Kyle and Natalie Navinka (Natalie is the subject of one of this week's cover stories on TVGameshows.net. Check it out if you can.), and Eva Yang and Karen Jones. It was a tight match between the first two teams, but the Nevinka pull it out with $15,500, depsite Mary Jo and Mike solving the last puzzle of the game.

I have a feeling about this. In addition to the cash, we have a pair of Chevy Tahoes and HHRs out there. The category is Thing. We start out with...

T _ _ _ _ _ _ T

_ _ _ R

...their choices get them this:

T _ _ _ _ _ _ T

_ A _ R

This was probably the hardest bonus puzzle this season. What made it so hard was that the answer didn't sound like a thing to me- it was a phrase! It was TOUGH BUT FAIR, and the $30,000 is lost for the second straight night. On the other hand, it shows that all good things can be human sometimes, so I'm off the hook for now.

TPIR: We started off with the easiest Clearance Sale playing so far this season- for a pinball machine, a motorbike, and a dinette set. Donna Newell played this, with the sale prices of $1,100, $2,850, and $4,000. Newell eventually places $1,100 on the pinball machine (?!?!), $2,850 on the motorcycle, and $4,000 on the dinette. NO WAY. $2,850 did indeed belong with the motorcycle, but the $4,000 obviously should've been on the pinball machine, and the $1,100 should've been on the dinette.

Next was Laith Masath, who played for $10,000 in the Grand Game. The products: popcorn, Oxi Clean, Mylanta, Goldfish crackers, Uncle Ben's rice, and Nature Valley granola bars. This is VERY easy like the first game, which should've been won. Masath gets with the program and chooses the Goldfish, the popcorn, the granola bars and the rice, in that order, for the $10,000!

Next- Richard Perry. He plays Master Key for a chafing dish, an electronic violin, and a Chevy Aveo 5-Door, all worth around $16,000. For Key #1, he had to price the pet grooming brush.
It was $31 or $10. Perry says $10, and of course he's right. He selects Key#3. For Key #2, the drink maker is either $23 or $38. Perry says $38....he's right again! That guarantees him at least one of the three main prizes. He chooses Key #4 with that. He tries that key.....and gets ZONKED! But we still have Key #3. It opens.....the chafing dish.....and the car! Perry wins it all! And he's in the Showcase!

He'll face Kimberly Matthews, who won a family game collection in Contestant's Row, and easily won Pick a Number for a trip to Jamaica. The first showcase features things George Washington might need if he had trouble crossing the water while rowing, with Gabrielle playing George. First, he might need some spare food.....in free Papa John's Pizza for a year (that's my type of prize) ! Then, he might need to find a hot island to spend some time in.....like lovely Fiji! And finally, he might need the perfect thing to replace that canoe....a pair of wavecrafts! Perry passes to Matthews, who bids $16,700. Perry has Broyhill's 100th Anniversary Dining Room Group, plus dinnerware, a patio group, and a Bullfrog spa. He bids $12,750.

ARP for Perry's: $23,065, a difference of $10,315. ARP for Matthews's: $30,345! She misses it by even more ($13,645), and Perry win the Showcase and $41,648! Matthews leaves with $4,851.
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