Wednesday, November 15, 2006

11/15/06 Results

Family Feud: I'm only covering Game #2 today. It's the Hawkins family trying for an undefeated title and the chance to become only the fourth family in this version's history to win at least $60,000. But having other plans are the Mackey family. The Mackeys get the first 76 points. The Hawkins get the 100-point maximum on things you might dislike about shirts.

Double: Places you get ejected from. Starting with:

#1- Bar (70, Jennifer)

The champions play. Brian says restaurants....#2 (7)! Laura says sports events, and it's there at #6 (3). Jonathan says your house....#3 (7)! Melissa says school.... #5 (3)! One more and they're in the driver's seat. I know what the #4 answer is. Jennifer says a concert (?!?!).....NO! Brian draws a blank. Laura says store....NO WAY. Do the Mackeys know? They say theatre....not what I was thinking....but it's there to go up to 256!

Triple: According to 100 single women, name the worst day to be single. Starting with:

#1- Valentine's Day (55, Brian)

Of course, the champs play. Laura says Christmas, and no doubt about it, it's #2 (35). Jonathan says Mother's Day....NO. Melissa says birthday....#4 (3)! Jennifer says Thanksgiving....NO! One more chance with Brian, who says graduation....NO WAY! The challengers say.....New Year's Day to shipwreck the undefeated title bid! The Hawkins leave with $41,025.

Fast Money: For their first time, they pick Michael and Tara. Questions:

1. Whose opinion do you rely on when trying a bathing suit?
2. A place you'd be embarassed to be caught sleeping.
3. Something that appears on an airline ticket.
4. Besides fish, something in a fish tank.
5. The first thing that touches your lips each morning.

Michael says your mother, the opposing bedroom, date, rocks, and your wife for 31. Tara says best friend (#1), church, flight number, plants and toothbrush (#1) for.....143 total, giving them $715.

WOF: It's Day 3 of Family Week. Our contestants are Stephanie Moose and Wayne Money (!!), Clara Horn and John Davis, and Sara and Lynn Lamanack. Horn and Davis pick up the Wild Card in Round 2.....AND FINALLY, A TEAM WITH IT WINS! Davis and Horn win $23,300 in cash and trips, and will get to choose four consonants and a vowel in the bonus round!

As for the bonus puzzle itself, its categoryis Phrase. The big six get them....

_ _ _ E _ E

_ _ _ _

They choose M, K, B, D and I and get....

_ I _ E ME

_ _ _ _

It took me a few seconds to get this. They say GIVE ME A HUG before time expires to win the $30,000 and a total of $53,300 in cash and trips!

In Part 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy!, we begin with Steve Schrippa ("Sopranos"), Miguel Ferrer, and Harry Smith. Ferrer likes the first-category of "Crossing Jordan", as he starred on that show.
"The Sopranos" and "Smith" appear in Round 2. Going into the final, it's Smith with $12,000, Ferrer with $8,400, and Schrippa's all but out of it with $1,800.

FJ! category: Moive History.

Producer David Selznick was fined $5,000 by censors for using this word in a 1939 film.

The Soprano says "What is sex?", and loses it all. Ferrer says "What is damn" and is right! He doubles up to $16,400! Smith says "What is heck", giving the game and $50,000 to Ferrer!

TPIR: James Green was quite a jumping freak. He jumped after getting up on stage and learning that he can win a 2007 Ford Focus Sedan S (Std., AC) worth $15,260! For his two freebies in Spelling Bee, he chose 20 and 22. The first small item was a pedometer, and Green guessed $25. ARP: $40. Nothing there. The guess for the recorder was $35, and the ARP is....$15. Nothing again. For the stereo, Green guessed $45 and the ARP is....$33! Darn!
Now, he wisely took the $1,000 for the two cards, but I would have just gone one more time. Turns out, that first card had CAR on it! Ouch. Green does get to the Showcase, though!

Green faces Brenda Burke, who like Green was one of the first four contestants who got called to Come on Down on the show. Burke played Line Em' Up for a Dodge Caliber SE (Std., AC), as well as flatware, a toaster, and a clock. The setup:

? $945- Flatware
? $39- Toaster
? $872- Clock

Burke guessed $15,975....and got 1 number right. Burke guesses $19,375 next, and of course she's wrong. The ARP, as you probably know by now, is $14,985. Burke, like Green, gets to the Showcase.

The first Showcase featured special greeting cards. The first one leads to crystal candlesticks. The second leads to a trip to Miami, and the last leads to a Ford Escape XLS (Std., Prot)! Green bids and says $26,000. For Burke, she gets a visit from Port O' Price, where she sees a soda fountain, a baby's crib, and a GEM car. Burke bids $11,000.

ARP of Burke's showcase: $16,770 (I thought it would be at least $20,000 because of the soda fountain), a difference of $5,770. The ARP of Green's...$27,186! I thought he was over, but Green wins it and a total of $30,286 in cash and prizes!

WWTBAM: Continuing "Pop Culture Week" is Santina Muha. First question of note today...

In a scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Ferris poses as Abe Foreman, a buisnessman who is known by what moniker?

A: Sausage King of Chicago
B: Vaccum King of Chicago
C: Lumber King of Chicago
D: Camera King of Chicago

Muha asks the audience. 74% say the sausage. Muha goes with that....and she's right for $4,000!

Who played the memorable TV chracter "B.A." Baracus?

A: Scott Bakula
B: Loni Anderson
C: Mr. T
D: Carol Burnett

She uses the Phone-a-Friend, who says C, and she agrees.....$8,000!

On TVs "Arrested Development", it is revealed that patriarch George Bluth Sr. struck a deal to build model homes for what?

A: Don King
B: Saddam Hussein
C: John Gotti, Jr.
D: Kim Jong II

Muha uses the 50:50. This leaves B and C. But Muha still stops. The answer: B.

New player: Lamont Mundell. First question of note:

In the 1977 movie "Star Wars", which of the following chracters is introduced to the story last?

A: Princess Leia
B: Luke Skywalker
C: Obi-Wan Kanobi
D: Han Solo

Mundell asks the audience. 49% say D, and 29% say C. Mundell risks and says D anyway....and they're right for $4,000! For $25,000:

Set on the mean streets of New York, what 1970s cult film was the basis for a popular video game introduced in 2005?

A: Death Wish
B: Serpico
C: The Warriors
D: The Lords of Flatbrush

After the phone proves to be a dud, Mundell uses the 50:50, which leaves C and D. I know this one, but does Mundell? No- he stops. The answer, of course, is "The Warriors".

Martha Scales-Klein is back tomorrow to start at $2,000.
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