Friday, November 17, 2006

11/17/06 Results

TPIR: On this day, we had Craig Parker play It's In the Bag for $16,000. The products today are Pringles potato chips, a beard trimmer, PC cleaner, Santa Fe salsa, Bruce's Yams, and Mylanta. For the 79 cent bag, Parker says the chips. For $9.99, Parker goes with the cleaner, but the audience makes him change his mind to the trimmer. For the $1.29 bag, Parker says the yams. For the $6.99 bag, Parker goes with the Mylanta, and for the $3.99 bag, Parker goes with the salsa. The chips for 79 cents are....right! Parker goes on with that trimmer I'm worried about....but it's right for $2,000! Parker goes on, and is right again with the yams for $4,000! Parker continues with the Mylanta, and the $6.99 bag has....the Mylanta! He originally thinks about going on, but his wife begs him to stop.....but he goes back on to continuing! For $16,000, the $3.99 bag has......the cleaner. Darn! Parker's marriage may be in a pickle now.

Lara Camelias was next up after that, playing Lucky Seven for a Chevy Equinox LS 4X2 (Std., Airbags, Prots). The first number is 2. For the second number, Camelias says's 3, so she
loses a buck. For the third, Camelias guesses 5.....right! For the fourth digit, Camelias guesses's 7, so she only loses another dollar! With $5 to go heading into the last number, if she says 5 last, she will win. She.....does, and wins! The last number is 3, giving her the car and $2 in pocket change! (That $23,573 Equinox is trying to be that $17,372 Mercury Cougar used often in Lucky Seven a few years ago, eh?)

Parker makes it into the Showcase, where he'll face Mitchell Fink. Fink played Card Game for a Chevy Malibu LS (Std., Sealant). For the bidding card, he draws.....$5,000! That all but ensures a win now, and Fink on his shirt says that he needs a new car badly. He draws two face cards to up his bankroll from $12,000 to $14,000. Fink draws an eight next, then a nine for $15,700. Fink goes on, on the advice of his girlfriend, and draws another nine for $16,600, and Fink stops.
The price is.....$17,302, meaning he wins with a difference of $702!

In the first Showcase, we find odd fashions at the House of Bad Fashion. First, we see a dress made of the green felt we might find on a blackjack Las Vegas! Then, we see pyramids with TPIR markings on them, which means you could go to Egypt! Then, we see some sails on the last dress, which means you could win a West Potter Sailboat! Fink bids $35,000 on this. For the married Parker, we have a dining room set and a pair of motorcycles. Parker bids $19,240.

ARP for Fink: $31,780, so no more for him. Parker's ARP: $17,081, meaning he and his wife will only leave with parting gifts from here, and their marriage may be jeopardy. As for the day's top winner- it's Camelias, who takes home $25,319.

Family Feud: For Game #1, it's the $21,880 winning Shumates defending against the Salgados.
The Shumates score 50 first on things you don't want to see your father wear. They score another 66 on places you don't want the power to go out.

Double: Things you do that you look forward to at church. Starting with:

#1- Praying (43, Carmella)

Challengers play. Erik says singing (which should've been #1), and of course it's at #2 (26). Nick says kneel Millie says dressing to that also. Anthony says confessions....strikeout. Shumates try to steal with a sermon....NO! The Salgados are on the board with 138. Other stuff: socializing/coffee, finding serenity, leaving.

Triple: Drinks that are good for you. Starting with:

#1- Milk (50, Lisa)

The champs play. Frank says orange juice....#3 (17)! Andre says apple juice.... #4 (3)! I feel good about them winning. Sophia says water for the game at 392!

Fast Money: Frank and Lisa go at it again. Questions:

1. How many hours do you really work on an eight-hour work day?
2. A reason one might take off their toupee.
3. A thing people do to their fingernails.
4. An instrument in a country band.
5. A chili ingredient.

Lisa says six hours(#1), showering(#1), biting, harmonica(bad), and beans (#1) for.... 152! Frank tries for five hours....14! 33 away. Frank says show off (?!?!?) for question two, and obviously it's a dud. Frank says clip your nails next....16! 17 away(polishing them was #1). He says for the instrument a banjo....WIN! That's $41,880 for them! A $20,000 win the next time will set a new five-day record for this version of the show.

For Game #2, it's the Mackeys defending against the Delgadillos. The Delagdillos score the first 68 points on places where there's a whole lot of shaking going on. The Mackeys get double sevens thanks to words or phrases that mean you've lost your job.

Double: Things dogs daydream about. Starting with:

#3- Chasing cats (8, Andy)
#5- Chewing bones (6, Ronnie)

The challengers play. Lisett says eating.... NUMBER ONE (50)! Richard says meeting another dog....#2 (13)! Raquel says owners....#4 (7)! Christina says fear of the vet.... NO! Andy says playing....not there, either. Lisett says climbing up the tree....NO! The Mackeys think the #6 answer is mating.... and it is! They're up to 245!

Triple: Something even married people might not share. Starting with:

#1- Money (28, Lisett)
#3- Toothbrush (24, Stephanie)

The challengers play. Richard says the bed....nope. Raquel says a Christina says food.....NO! For the game-winning steal, the Mackeys say secrets.......#2 (26)! They retain the title at 401! The other answer was a car.

Fast Money: Stephanie and Tara play. Questions:

1. Piece of information people include in a personal ad.
2. Something you have on your skin.
3. An occupation that starts with B.
4. A good weight for a six foot man.
5. A piece on a chessboard.

Stephanie tries phone number, hair (#1), bookkeeper, 180 pounds, and a pawn for.... 68. Tara has age (#1), freckles, baker, 200 pounds (#1), and King (#1) for.....11 short. Still, they have a three-day total of $21,660.

WWTBAM: To wrap up "Pop Culture Week", we have Aris Pinedo, who watches way too much TV, so he should fit right at home here. He got to $25,000 the last show, and has the 50:50 in addition to the Switch? lifeline. He passes on the first question. For $50,000 here:

What was the name of Arsenio Hall's "big-boned" alter ego who released a rap album in 1991 titled "Large and in Charge"?

A: Ballpark Frankie
B: Chunky A
C: Hefty the Bagman
D: Beefy T

He doesn't use the 50:50, and says Chunky A.... good he didn't use it- it's $50,000! For $100,000...

The Buggles performed the first music video on MTV; who did the second?

A: Pat Benetar
B: The Human League
C: Fleetwood Mac
D: Steve Miller Band

Immediately, this TV producer uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. He works at MTV, BTW, so he'll be ashamed if he misses it. He says C to save his dignity.... it was "You Better Run".....but NOT by Fleetwood Mac. Darn. But he does leave with $25,000.

Our last contestant of the week is Jolene Hamel. She goes for the bigger money with only the audience lifeline used up. For $50,000:

In 2006, what did the American Film Institute name as the most inspiring movie of all time?

A: "E.T."
B: "It's a Wonderful Life"
C: "To Kill a Mockingbird"
D: "Rocky"

Hamel calls Shane, her son-in-law, for help, but he gives nothing. She switches it out. The answer was B. This is the last played question of the week- will she get the $50,000? Let's find out.

Though producers of the movie say it is a concidence, "Napoleon Dynomite" was an alias used on a 1986 album by what singer?

A: Elvis Costello
B: David Byrne
C: Frank Zappa
D: Neil Young

Hamel's use of the 50:50 leaves A and D. Hamel goes for A, the other Elvis.....$50,000 is hers! Of course, she stops there.

Next week: College Week.

WOF: We wrap up our stay in Texas with Ann Moon and Rita Gartrela, Donna Breloe and Karla Thomas, and Rob Smith and Michelle Thomas. Smith and Thomas score the rare Jackpot win in the Jackpot Round after solving GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS. and also winning a trip to Las Vegas. That brought them up to $17,400 after starting from scratch. They also solve COME FLY WITH ME as the Prize Puzzle in the Mystery Round, in addition to winning another $300 and a $1,000 movie ticket gift certificate, bringing them up to $26,500. They win with that total.

We haven't landed on the $100,000 in Texas now. This is our last chance, and the $100,000's been won at least once in the last three road trips. Will Smith and Thomas somehow extend that streak to four? Let's find out. They land on the dollar sign. Category is Thing. The big six get them...

_ R _ E _

_ _ E R _ _ E _

They call C, P, M and A and get...

_ R _ E _

_ _ E R _ _ E _

...nothing. And nothing from them, either. I thought it was brief something...and it was. BRIEF OVERVIEW. This time it wasn't the $30,000- it was the twin Tahoes. We return home next week.

Jeopardy!: We wrap up our last full week in NY with Mario Cantone, Joely Fisher, and Martin Short (I love him when he appears on Letterman). Hilarious category in Round 1: "Broad Weigh". They get off to a tough start, as the leader, Cantone, only has $200. I smell a little Bob Harris in Cantone, based on his reactions. This was a rough round, as about 15 clues are unshown, and leader Cantone, after Fisher's Daily Double miss, has $1,400.

I smell a little Bob Harris in Martin Short too (no surprise). Short finishes in deep doo-doo debt, while Fisher has $7,800, and Cantone still leads with $8,200 (the second round was a little better than the first round). But not to worry- since they're nice people, Martin Short is given $100 to bet with in FJ!.

The category for that, BTW, is The Tony Awards.

The only tie in the "Best Musical" category came in 1960, between "The Sound of Music" and this show about a NYC mayor.

Short doesn't finish, but loses just two bucks. Fisher also has trouble coming up with something, and loses $2,800 to $5,000, so there will be no miracle win for Short. Cantone says "What is Fierello"....HE'S RIGHT! He wins the $50,000 for charity! Two nights to go in this celebration.
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