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11/21/06 Results- Another Undefeated Feud Champ?

WOF: The legend of the Wild Card continued to grow last night, as it was used for the first time in the maingame. For tonight's players, we have Nana Forson, Tim Regan, and Wendy Thompson. Forson is a big WOF fan, as she watches two episodes a night. She gets off to a fast start, solving the first three puzzles for cash and a trip to Iceland. Total at this point: $12,600.
Forson even got the Wild Card at this point.

Thompson gets the next two puzzles, although she could have had the lead after the Mystery Round if she had flipped that Mystery Wedge she landed on, because that was the $10,000.
Her total now: $11,200 in cash and stuff.

She does take the lead anyway, thanks to getting THE SOUTH POLE as the $3,000 tossup, and solving HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (which could have been solved by you at home even with no letters!) for a total of $18,400. In Round 5, Forson spins $5,000, and gets three Ss! With the Wild Card in hand, after some thinking, she uses it and calls another letter....NOT THERE. Tim Regan gets on the board with $3,200 in this last round, which was CROSSWORD CLUES. Thompson wins with $18,400.

For tonight's endgame, the category is On the Map. The big six get her....

_ S _ _ _ S _

She calls C, H, M and A and gets....

_ S H _ _ S H

I think it's OSHKOSH. Does she? YES! She wins a Saturn Sky worth $26,155, and wins $44,555! Odd total!

Jeopardy!: End of the line for our celebirites in NYC. Wrapping it up with us: Hill Harper, George W. Bush's Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, and Michael McKean.
McKean gets on a roll early, while Spellings is in the hole (HA!). This roll continues through the end of the round, knowing about Achielles in the Daily Double (and the last clue of the round) to get to $13,600, while Marg has $2,000, and Hill has $800.

McKean again pulls a Ken Jennings through the Double Jeopardy! Round, leading $30,400 to Marg's $9,600 and Hill's $6,800.

It's possible McKean can win more than $50,000. Let's find out if he can with this FJ! in From Book To Film.

Among the many movies premiered here at Radio City Music Hall was this 1964 film based on a novel by Harper Lee. Playing the FJ! theme is the organ player at Radio City Music Hall! Cool!

Correct response, VTW: What is "To Kill a Mockingbird"? Harper is right, but didn't bet a dime.
Spellings is right as well, and bets $1,500 for $11,100. McKean is.....RIGHT, but doesn't bet enough to exceed $50,000. Great show to end the run! We return home tomorrow.

TPIR: Today, we saw Nellie Haskins play Lucky Seven for a Dodge Magnum SE (Std., Airbags, Heater). First digit of course is 2. For the second digit, Haskins says 2....it's 3, so $1's out. She then guesses 5 for digit 3......it's 7, so it's a $2 loss. For the fourth digit, Haskins says 4.....it's 8, costing her the last $4. The price was $23,785. Too bad.

Next, Christins Helbling played Pushover for a trip to Austria. The numbers...


Upon support from some of her friends, thinking they've seen that exact trip to Austria before, Helbling says $4,961. It's.......$6,113, so they know nothing about trips.

In the first Showcase Showdown, Haskins gets the $1,000 bonus. She doesn't win anything in the bonus spin, but does get to go to the Showcase.

We haven't had a Pricing Game winner yet, so let's try again with Seargant Royce Kelly from the Marines. He played Balance Game for a Beachcomber Hot Tub. The last three digits are 495. The three bags available: $3,000, $4,000, and $5,000. Kelly puts $3,000 and $4,000, thus guessing the spa is $7,495.....too little! The ARP is $9,495 (never would have thought of that, either).

Trying again, we have Gregory Dutchett, who wears a Rod Roddy T-Shirt (!!) and plays Stack the Deck for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Pedals, Heater, Prots). The numbers available:


For the first pair of items, we have Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and Tums, and the target price is $2.99. Dutchett says the dressing....right! He chooses the last digit, which is 7
( $ _ _ , _ _ 7). For the second pair, we have Fiji Water and Bird's Eye Frozen Vegetables, and the target price is $1.59. Dutchett says the water, and of course he's right. He chooses the fourth digit, which is 5 ( $ _ _ , _ 5 7). For the last pair, we have bird seed and a bag of Jelly Belly jellybeans, and the target is $3.99. Dutchett says the bird seed.....right again! He says the third digit, and it's 1 ( $ _ _ , 1 5 7). The first number of course is 2, and Dutchett says that. For that second digit, with no hesitation, he says.....

....the 0, with a guess of $20,157, and he wins! Impressive! He's the only Pricing Game winner of the day, and gets to the Showcase by winning $1,000 as well!

It's Dutchett, the Rod shirt-wearing guy, versus Haskins. The first Showcase has a living room, a security system, and a Dutchman Mini Travel Trailer. Dutchett passes to Haskins, who bids $15,555. Dutchett tries for a range, a home gym, and a Ford Mustang Deluxe Convertible (Std.,
AT, ALB). He bids $27,521, and I think he's won.

Haskins's ARP: $23,586, a difference of $8,031. Dutchett's ARP: $27...........974, winning with a difference of only $453, and becoming the first winner of at least $50,000 since early October on the show! His total: $51,666!

Family Feud: Only covering the second show today, as we will try to have back-to-back undefeated families. Trying to make it happen are the Mackeys, defending against the Reeses (Peanut Butter Cups not included). The Reeses get the first 88 points on things a crook doesn't want to see when he/she breaks into a house. They go up to 141 on the worst things you could nod off on.

Double: The breeds of dogs that eat the most. Starting with:

#3- Pitbull (17, Trish)
#4- Rottweiler (14, Ronnie)

The Reeses play. Irene says German Shepard, which is what my dog, Bandut, is part of (also a beagle)....it's #2 (17)! Robby says the master....no. Robert says Saint Bernard....NUMBER ONE (22)! Elaine misses on her turn. Back to Trish, who says Chiuahaha for Taco Bell fans.....strikeout. The Mackeys try to score with a Great Dane.....IT'S THERE, so they're one point behind at 140!

Triple: Something that might be a foot long. Starting with:

#1- Hot dog/sandwich (60, Stephanie)

Champs play. Gus says Daschund (?!?!).....NO WAY. Tara says a ruler.....#2 (18)! Michael says feet....#3 (12) and one to go! Ronnie says salt water taffy, or all candy.....NO. Back to Steph, who says Mardi Gras beads to salute her hometown. Nice plug, but that's definitely not there. So the Reeses will try to foil their championship run by saying fabrics.......

....NO!!!! The Mackeys are our second-straight five-time champs! The last answer: rope.

Fast Money: Tara and Michael try one last time. Questions:

1. Something people do to make veggies taste better.
2. A sport where people wear spiked shoes.
3. Something with claws.
4. A liquid people put in their car.
5. Something that buzzes.

Michael says butter (#1), baseball (#1), Christmas (DOH!!!), oil and doorbell for.... 105! Tara says salt, football, dog, gas (#1) and an alarm clock. We head into the final answer with just 2 points to go. Two people have to say an answer for it to be recorded into the survey. If the alarm clock made the survey, they will, I do believe, be the seventh or eighth $40,000+ winners this season, which is amazing. SURVEY SAID.....

....22! They have $42,390, and are the third-biggest winners of the season so far! See you next time!

WWTBAM: It's College Week, folks, and some of you may not like this week, but we shall press on.

Breann Vular joins us, having gotten to the $25,000 mark on the last show. She only has the Switch? to her credit. For the $50,000....

In 2006, what joined the Red Cross and the Red Crescent as an internationally recognized emblem of humanitarian aid?

A: Red Ladder
B: Red Flower
C: Red Cradle
D: Red Crystal

Vular draws a total blank, so she switches. Answer was D. New question:

In the horror sequel "Scream 2", what is the title of the movie-within-the-movie starring Tori Spelling as Sidney Prescott?

A: Knife
B: Ripper
C: Stab
D: Meat Hook

Vular says C.....RIGHT! She walks after that.

Next, from the University of Delaware, Senior Dina DiEleuterio. A cheerleader comes along!
First question of note, which oddly enough, is college related:

An alternative to the SAT, the ACT is a standardized college entrance exam in which scores range from 1 to what number?

A: 24
B: 36
C: 48
D: 60

She asks the audience, but just 44% say B. 20% say D, and 18% apiece said A or C. But she says B anyway.....RIGHT for $8,000! Next:

On "The Colbert Report", what animals, which Colbert calls "godless killing machines", are often atop his "Threatdown" list?

A: Sharks
B: Gorillas
C: Piranhas
D: Bears

The 50:50 is used, leaving A and D. She calls Jeff Boyer, one of her high school friends. Boyer says nothing. She takes a guess with A.....NO. She does get $1,000, though, which is more than she came with.

Zach Harrison, who brought two cheerleaders from the University of Wisconsin, is back Wednesday after using the audience to get the $2,000 question right.
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