Wednesday, November 22, 2006

11/22/06 Results- Golden Road returns

TPIR: On this Thanksgiving Eve, Golden Road returned. Playing it is Paula Gossik, who won a motorcycle to get up here. At stake is serverware, a basketball arcade game........and worth more than $73,000.......A NEW WINNEBAGO ACCESS MOTORHOME (Std., Z, Room, Drainage, Trim)!!!!!

For the dinnerware, the price is $ _ 3 8, and the choices are 1 and 5. Gossik says 5, and of course, she's right. For the game, we have $ 4, _ 9 5, and the choices of 3, 5 and 8. Gossik says 3......but it's the 8! Darn.

But making it to the Showcase is a military guy named Allen, who cleared Clock Game. He faced Deborah, who couldn't quite win a Chevy Monte Carlo in Pocket Change.

Showcase #1 featured things the models might have if their Pilgrim ship had landed in California rather than Plymouth Rock. First, since their suits are inapppropriate, they exchanged them for bathing suits! Then, their Indian corn was broing, so they exchanged it for California corn rolls in a new refrigerator with a TV! Finally, their ship looked too ridiculous, so they turned it in for..... A Reinell Ski Boat! Even though it would be a perfect fit for Allen, he passes to Deborah, who bids $18,000. Allen also bids that on a dining room, a coffee machine, and a trip to Plymouth Rock, Massachussetts.

Deborah's ARP: $32,404, a difference of $14,404. Allen's ARP: $20,352, winning him a total of $25,399.

WWTBAM: To continue College Week, returning is Zach Harrison, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He got to $2,000 with the audience's help. But he then gets up to $25,000 without using another lifeline! After passing on the first $50,000 question, he gets this....

Iraq does not share a border with which of these Middle Eastern countries?

A: Suria
B: Lebanon
C: Jordan
D: Saudi Arabia

Harrison says B.....$50,000 already! For $100,000....

The two official mascots of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games were Nave, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male what?

A: Ice cube
B: Snowshoe
C: Mitten
D: Mug of cocoa (!!)

Harrison calls his father, Warren. He's 100% sure it's A. Harrison says that.....$100,000!!! For $250,000....

Of the planets in our solar system, where does earth rank in terms of size?

A: Fourth
B: Fifth
C: Sixth
D: Seventh

The 50:50 use leaves B and C. After thinking about, he says C........

.....NO!!!!! But he gave it a great try, and will get $25,000 for his efforts.

New player: Alyx Mark, from Southern Illinois, but didn't bring any cheerleaders with her.
First question of note:

In the UK, what is the capital of Wales?

A: Aberdeen
B: Liverpool
C: Belfast
D: Cardiff

When Mark uses the 50:50, A and D are left. Mark says D.....she's right! For $16,000....

What part of the U.S. coastline is easily recognized on a map due to its distinctive fishhook shape?

A: Cape Matt
B: Cape Cod
C: Cape Hatteras
D: Cape Canaveral

Mark asks the audience, and 80% says B. Mark says that....and she's back tomorrow!

Family Feud: In Game #1, the champs are the Reynolds family, defending against the Delgados.
The Delgados get the first 69 points on things women avoid doing when they feel fat. The Delgados get another 90 from things you pick (one member of the Delgados said ASS- you made me proud, because I do that a lot!).

Double: An animal people look like when they run. Starting with:

#4- Horse/pony (7, Meghan)

The champs play. Scott says a dog......NUMBER ONE (25)!! Carissa says monkey.....#3 (8)! Bob says Giraffe.....#2 (14)! Kristi says cheetah.....BOTTOM ANSWER (5)! Back to Meghan, who says ostrich.....TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR 130!

Triple: Something a playboy's apartment would have a lot of. Starting with:

#2- Condoms (36, Melani)

The Delagdos play. Arlene says adult toys (?!?!)....NO WAY. Jeanette cooks up Angelique says lingerie, which is much better than the last.....but it's a strikeout. For the steal, Bob of the champs says alcohol...and another 108 is theirs, as that's number one! Other answers were women and candles.

For Sudden Death, it's Arlene and Carissa. Question: A sport more popular abroad than here.
Carissa says soccer.....CHAMPS WIN AT 478!

Fast Money: Kristi and Bob try for the second time. Questions:

1. According to 100 women, name an article of clothing women always tug at.
2. An amount of money people give to churches each week.
3. A thing you do during TV commercials.
4. A part of your body that you need to exercise.
5. A president whose face appears on a coin.

Kristi says underwear, $25, eat (#1), abs (#1), and George Washington for....135! Bob says bra (#1 with skirt), $20, change channels, arms, and Lincoln (#1) and gets them to.....236 for the money! That's $20,570 for them!

For Game #2, we have the Sazamas (who are wielding kendosticks in the air in the opening!) versus the Sims. The Sims get the first 60 points on things that men do to make them look as vain as women. The Sazamas fire back with 86 thanks to slang terms that people use to call their friends for certain stories.

Double: A place in a house where a little boy might think a monster is hiding. Starter (s):

#1- Closet (59, Amy)

The Sazamas play. Loretta guesses under the bed.....#2 (34)! Terry says in the, sir. Tammy says the basement.....#3 (3)! Jason says under the Back to Amy, who says the backyard..... three strikes. The Sims go with Linbeth on the's there to go to 252! Other place: upstairs (2).

Triple: Famous Rickys, Rickis or Rickeys. Starting with:

#2- Martin (30, Steve)
#3- Nelson (19, Loretta)

The Sims play. Janet says Ricardo.....NUMBER ONE (32)! One more for the game. Linbeth says
Ricki Lake.....WIN at 546!

Fast Money: Steve and Linbeth tackle the big board. Questions:

1. A sport where one's size doesn't matter.
2. A vacation city that might be called America's vacation capital.
3. At what age did you get your first job?
4. Somebody who always has something for you.
5. A cheese served at parties.

Steve says boxing (bad), Florida (DOH!!!!), 18, parents, and Cheddar (#1) for......69. Linbeth says baseball (#1), Miami (#1), 16 (#1), employer, and bleu for.... 177, giving them $885.

WOF: On Thanksgiving Eve, Laura Landruff, Jada Dunwity-Brent, and David Warchowski played. Dunwity-Brent picked up the Wild Card early on in Round 1, but Landruff got both toss-ups. Landruff solved the Food and Drink puzzle of BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES (tricky, huh?) to go to $5,000.

Warchowski solves the Prize Puzzle WARMING YOUR FEET BY THE FIRE for a trip to Lake Tahoe and cash for a total of $7,776. Dunwity-Brent earlier in that round almost lost the Wild Card to a Bankrupt.

Warchowski lands on a Mystery Wedge early and gets two S's, but when he flipped it over, the Bankrupt came up. More bad news, this time for Dunwity-Brent- she loses the Wild Card to a Bankrupt. Once again, Pat forgets to take the Wild Card away from someone immediately when that happens (I know about it more than Pat- HA!). The entire puzzle is filled, and Warchowski scores again with SHAPELY DOLL DATED KEN AND LIVED IN A DREAM HOUSE in the Who is it? category. For the $3,000, he correctly says Barbie. Total now: $18,176.

The $6,000 Speed-Up Round follows with a Phrase! When it gets down to all vowels, it's Warchowski again with ABOUT THE AUTHOR for another $6,000 and the match with $24,176.
Landruff gets $8,000, and Dunwity-Brent has the $1,000 guarantee.

I'd love to see a really big win before Thanksgiving. Can David Warchowki provide it? Let's find out. Category is Phrase. The big six get him:

_ N _

_ _ _ _

Warchowski chooses M, H, A and D and gets...

_ N A

H _ _ _

I thought it was ON A HOOK. He says ON A HIKE......turns out, we were both way off. IN A HUFF. Without the F's, he won't be the second straight winner of a Saturn Sky.

Jeopardy!: Back to normal with Brad Waller, Maureen McCuen, and our champion Jeff Spoeri.
Spoeri zooms to $7,400 before the break. He coasts to the Daily Double with $8,800 in the category of "B" in fashion:

In the 1970s, it was named Arizona's official state neckware.

Spoeri says boa tie....he's right for another $2,000 and has $10,800! He drops some money due to some wrong responses, but at the end, he has $9,800 to Brad's $800 and Maureen's -$800.

After just a few clues, Spoeri finds the first Daily Double in DJ! in Bodies of Water. He bets $3,000 on:

The largest lake in this South American country is a reservoir, W.J. Van Blommestein Lake.

Spoeri says "What is Brazil?"....NO. What is Suraname?

When things are done in this round, Spoeri has $18,000 to Waller's $3,200. Maureen McCuen wipes out at -$400, and leaves with $1,000.

FJ! for fun is Historic Objects:

Standart, Azov and Clock are among the names of these items, given as royal Easter gifts starting in the mid-1880s.

Correct: What are faberge eggs?

Waller has that, and doubles to $6,400. Spoeri also has it, wins a total of $23,000, and a three-day total of $58,501.
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