Thursday, November 23, 2006

11/23/06 Results- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

WWTBAM: Alyx Mark is back today, starting with the $25,000 question:

On The Princeton's Review 2007 list of top party schools, what college was ranked most "stone cold sober" for the ninth straight year?

A: Southern Methodist University
C: U.S. Naval Academy

She calls her father, Trix, for help. He guesses BYU, but is not sure. As for Mark, she guesses it anyway.....horrible horrible it's worth $25,000!

For $50,000, after switching out....

Pop singer Dido shares her name with a prominent character from what classic work of literature?

A: The Aeneid
B: Beowulf
C: The Canterbury Tales
D: Antigone

She's leaning towards A or D. She guesses A.....RIGHT! For $100,000....

In degrees Farenheit, what is the temperature range on the Sun's surface, also known as the photosphere?

A: 6,000-11,000
B: 20,000-25,000
C: 98,000-103,000
D: 161,000-166,000

She guesses A.....RIGHT AGAIN!!! Mark doesn't take a similar risk that Zach Harrison did yesterday, as she stops after that. Congratulations, Alyx!

New player: Jenna Duffy, a senior from Ohio State! First question of note:

Because of his fiery shock of red hair, snowboarder Shaun White is often referred to by what outlandish nickname?

A: The Flying Tomato
B: Scarlett Oh-Hair-Oh
C: Fire and Ice
D: The Ruby Slipper

Duffy asks the audience, and 72% say A. Duffy says that....and is right for $8,000! For $16,000:

Traditionally used in French cooking, a bouquet gami is a small bundle of ______.

A: Giblets
B: Dried fruit
C: Bouillon cubes
D: Mixed herbs

Will she be back on the week's finale? Duffy guesses D......YES! See you tomorrow!

Family Feud: In Game #1 on this Thanksgiving, the Reynolds clan defends against the Klenas.
The challengers score first with 60 on things people might hold while on a bumpy airline flight.
The Reynolds family fires back with the full 100 on things you might find in both a wedding and a funeral.

Double: Something your mother tells you never to do at a dinner table. Starting with:

#4- Elbows on table (10, Meghan)

The champions play. Scott says burping....#2 (18)! Carissa says answer telephone (?!?!)....NO WAY. Bob says feed the dog scraps (?!?!?).....another horrible answer. Kristi says a much better answer in talking with your mouth full....NUMBER ONE (24)! Back to Meghan, who says slurp your drink....strikeout. For the steal for the Klenas, Rachel says play with your food. Sounds good.....and it is there for 104 and 164 total! Other answers: Fight (10), eat with fingers (5).

Triple: The worst thing you could leave on top of your car when you drive away. Starting with:

#2- Wallet/purse (22, Scott)

Of course, the champs play. Carissa says briefcase.....NO. Bob says drinks......NUMBER ONE (38)! Kristin says cell phone...can you hear me......NO. Meghan says nothing, so this steal is for the game. Rachel of the Klenas says sunglasses.....NO, so we go to Sudden Death, because the failed steal only gives the champs 280. Other answers: Baby/child (17), food (9).

Sudden Death: Carissa and Steve play. Question: Something a family should plan ahead of time in the event of a fire. The right answer of escape route/exit comes from......Steve, so we have new champs in the Klenas at 398! The champs leave with $20,570.

Fast Money: Lynn and Steve take the board. Questions:

1. Something of yours you don't want other people touching.
2. A food with a strong smell.
3. Something in the morning that makes you rise and shine.
4. The age in which you have your first drink.
5. Something dogs like to chase.

Lynn says purse, cheese, alarm clock, 18 (#1), and cats (#1) for.....119. Steve says hairbrush for the first question....NOTHING. Another nothing for question two, as Steve drew a blank. Sunshine is next.....#1 at 23, so 58 to go. 16 is next.....23! Not bad, giving them 165. Last answer for the dog chasing is birds. 35 is needed....but it's another zero. They take $825.

For Game #2, it's the Sims defending against the Browns. The Sims score first with 68 on excuses men give for not attending church. They go up to 141 on places you wish had a cell phone restriction rule.

Double: People say you can't take some things with you. Name one of them you wish you could.
Starting with:

#1- Money (34, Sonny)
#2- Spouse (14, Caren)

The champs play. Steve says your car.....NO. Janet says a dog.....all pets are #3 (11)! Linbeth says teachers....NO. Sharon says your work......three strikes. The Browns try to steal with Delicia's answer of house.....NO, so the Sims are at 259. Other answers: jewelry and pictures (5 people said those answers apiece).

Triple: Something that starts with German. Starter (s):

#1- Chocolate cake (48, Chavonne)
#2- Shepherd (36, Steve)

The Browns play. Sylicia says a car....nope. Delicia says pie......also a bad one. Another strike is given afterwards, so the Sims try to end this game with Linbeth's answer of measles.....and they win at 511! #4 was potato salad (5).

Fast Money: Linbeth and Sonny play. Questions:

1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you worry about your appearance (Think 10 was #1?)
2. A swimming animal.
3. Something you've done for you country.
4. Something you've served at a Super Bowl party.
5. Something a man looks distinguished with.

Sonny says 8 (#1), otter, serve in the miltary, beer and moustache for....77. Linbeth says ten (not #1 this time), fish, vote (#1), pizza and grey hair for.....168, giving them a total of $1,525 so far.

WOF: On this Thanksgiving, we have Isabel Alezando, Susan Rucar, and Rob Greyhouse.
Alezando gets both of the opening toss-ups for $3,000. Susan gets the Wild Card, but loses it fairly quickly. But she does solve PLYMOUTH ROCK DRUMMER that round to win $2,800.

Greyhouse threatens the Jackpot when it's almost $10,000. He can't solve the puzzle then, but is able to solve CANDIED YAMS WITH MARSHMELLOWS, which sounds like a food we might eat on Thanksgiving for $8,550, including a $1,000 gift certificate from Hello Kitty, I do believe.

The $10,000 Mystery Round is also tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. Rucar calls a D, and with $5,400, opts to take $2,000 instead of the shot at $10,000. But she hit a Bankrupt on her next spin. Isabel steals with WOOD VENETIAN BLINDS for a trip to Italy, and combined with the $3,000 in Toss-Up money, she trails Greyhouse by $1,050.

Alezando takes over the lead with THROWING DARTS on the last Toss-Up to go to $10,500.
At the start of the next round, she lands on $5,000 and calls an S on an On the Map puzzle, and there are four for $20,000! She reveals all of MISSISSIPPI, but we have to know the city. She then calls an O, but only one pops up, and the first part reads _ _ P _ _ O. She hits a Lose a Turn, but we do get back to her when we get to Speed-Up mode. She calls an R then....not there. Rucar solves TUPELO MISSISSIPPI to foil Alezando's big money payoff with $4,200 total, but Alezando wins anyway with $10,500.

On this Thanksgiving, Alezando's Bonus Round category is Phrase. We start out with:

_ E T _

_ _ _ E R

She calls H, G, M and A and gets....

_ E T _

_ _ _ E R

...nothing, and we get nothing from her. Apparently she's not a "Big Brother" fan, because the answer was VETO POWER. The O's might have won her another $25,000.

Jeopardy!: Sarah Ramer and Carl Swanson tried to stop Jeff Spoeri from going for a 5-day title on Friday. Spoeri doesn't dominate as well as he did yesterday, but led $5,200 to Ramer's $3,200 and Swanson's $2,200.

When we get to Double Jeopardy!, it's almost just a battle between Speori and Ramer. Ramer finds the first Daily Double in "EX" Words. For $4,000 and the lead, as she trails $12,400 from Spoeri to her $8,800....

In the presidential oath of office, the word that fits the category.

I know this, but does she? "What is Exercise?" NO! What is Execute. She trails even further from Spoeri at $4,800. A few clues later, Swanson gets into the mix, and takes second place from Ramer. With "The American Revolution" left, Spoeri tries to randomly find the other Daily Double, and fails to find it the first two times. He finds it on the third try, and bets $3,000....

In January 1778 George Washington found out about plans for invading this land and called the plot "The Child of Folly".

Spoeri says "What is Canada?". He's right, but doesn't wager enough to close it out. Scores heading into the final: Spoeri with $17,800, Swanson has $9,400, and Ramer has $5,200.

Category: 1970s TV:

Bruce Peterson, a NASA test pilot, helped inspre this series: The crash he survived was seen in the show's opening credits.

Ramer says "What is Wings?"...Not it. But she didn't wager a dime. Swanson says "What is Intrepid?"....also not right. He drops all the way to $200. Spoeri is all but in the clear, as he says, "What is The Six Million Dollar Man".....he's RIGHT, so he definitely wins with a total of $18,801, and has a four-day total of $77,302. Will we finally have a five-day champion? Tune in tomorrow, if you can....
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