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11/24/06 Results

WWTBAM: Time to wrap up what has been a great College Week. Returning is Jenna Duffy from Ohio State. For $25,000:

On a 2006 "Daily Show" episode, Jon Stewart offered tea and a Twinkie to Pervez Musharraf, the president of what country?

A: India
B: Pakistan
C: Turkey
D: Azerbaijan

Duffy calls Tim for help. Tim barely gets Pakistan out, but we run out of time before we can see if he's sure or not. Duffy wisely uses the 50:50, and Pakistan is still there, along with Turkey. She admits she doesn't make decisions very well. After some thought, she stops at $16,000. Unofrtunately for her, Pakistan was the right answer, thus meaning she misses out on a shot at the bigger money.

Our possible last contestant this week is Katie Waltman from Northern Illinois University, and she brings along two cheerleaders. She used the 50:50 on one of her first five questions.
But she does much better after that, getting up to this $25,000 question, which I know:

In an infamous 2006 accident, Dick Chaney shot Harry Whittington while they were hunting for what?

A: Deer
B: Quail
C: Rabbits
D: Turkeys (!)

Waltman calls Brian for help. He says quail, which Waltman is pretty sure of (NO!!!!). She picks it anyway....BUT I'M WRONG, and she's right for $25,000! I thought for sure it was deer.
Unfortunately, that's all she would get, as none of her $50,000 questions do her any good.

But still, this was by far the best College Week since the last one that was done on the original ABC version. We get back to regular shows next time. Hope to see you then.

Family Feud: In Game #1, it's the Klenas defending against the Hines family. The Hines squad scores 91 on things you might still have from your boyfriend. The Klenas fire back with 94 by naming most of the excuses students give teachers for not doing their homework.

Double: Things gamblers do before rolling the dice. Starting with:

#1- Blow on dice (63, Tish)

Not surprisngly, the challengers play. Stacey says kiss the dice....#2 (13)! Teria says give the dice friction....not there. Lucille says pray.... #4 (8)! Leon says talk to the dice....but it's not there. Tish says wish to the dice....strikeout. For the Klena steal, Rachel says shake the dice....#3 (10) for the lead at 262! I'm surprised nobody said bet, and I'm also surprised it was #5 (2).

Triple: An important lesson you always have to teach your son. Starting with:

#1- Respect/manners (63, Derek)

The Klenas play. Steve says bring Rachel says drive with ambition (?!?!)....NO WAY. Lynn says don't bite your nails....NO! So because of the champs' poor showing with that, the Hines family can't win at this point, but they must get one of the three remaining answers to force a playoff. Lucille tries lift the toilet seat down.....playoff time! Other answers: clean home/body, don't lie/morals.

Sudden Death: Steve and Taria represent. Question: Something a person might brag about at a class reunion. The #1 answer of job was said by.....Steve, so the Klenas win again at 445!

Fast Money: Klenas try again, with Rachel and Lynn. Questions:

1. A part of the body that can be bigger than you think.
2. At what age is a woman most fascinated?
3. Something everyone should learn to do.
4. An ice cream shop topping.
5. The most expensive thing at your house.

Lynn says butt (#1), 35, ride a bike, chocolate syrup (#1), and big screen TV for.....triple 1s! Rachel says thighs first....only 7. 20 is next....only 2. She then says play sports....ZERO?!? What? #1 answer for question three was drive. The last answers of sprinkles and jewelry add 15 for a total of 135 and $675. Total for now for them: an even $1,500.

In Game #2, it's the Sims defending their crown against the Leonards. The champs score first on things women have on their minds 90% of the time with 75. The Lenoards struggle to 30 points on phrases that start with "make".

Double: Things you hate to see a dentist hold in your face. Starting with:

#1- Drill (62, Sonny)

The Sims play. Steve says injection....#2 (12)! Janet says strightener....#3 (11)! Linbeth says Sharon says teeth....#4 (8)! Back to Sonny, who says the bill....#5 (2)! Steve tries for all 194 with air Janet tries For 190, the Lenoards try to steal with anastesia....NO, so the Sims are at 265. #6 was gums.

Triple: Things kids brag about their fathers. Starter (s):

#1- Big/strong (43, Alex)

The Leonards play to stay alive, maybe win. Joe says being smart....#3 (7). Next to be said is make more money than anyone.....#2 (29)! One more for a shot at Sudden Death. Chris gives a bad answer. Pete says he's fast for a playoff....NO. Alex says he drives a nice car for a playoff....NO. To win the game, the Sims say he's got good looks.....YES! They win at 502!

Fast Money: Will the third time be the charm for Janet and Linbeth? Questions:

1. Name something you're glad you have two of instead of one.
2. The age when women typically have celluite.
3. The state with a lot of farms.
4. The first thing you want when you feel sick.
5. A big animal with a tiny brain.

Linbeth tries hands, 40, Nebraska, sleep (#1) and elephant (#1) for....117! Janet says feet....only 7. They were in the right direction- eyes was number one. 36 is too oddball for any points. Idaho is next for 9, with the #1 answer for the state Iowa. Mother is next for the fourth question....11, so they're all but out of this. That's the last points they get, as the last answer of gorilla is a zero. They finish with 144, good for $720, and a total of $2,265 for three games.

WOF: I joined this show at the start of the second round, the Jackpot round, due to football.
Sheyla lost the Wild Card she earned in Round 1 at the start of this round. Brandon catches fire, and doesn't lose control, solving THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE for cash and a trip to Canada, since this was the Prize Puzzle Round. He has $12,900. The blue contestant, Donna, has $4,900 so far.

Brandon wastes his Free Spin at the start of the $10,000 Mystery Round, but does pick up the Hawaii trip. Sheila finds the $10,000 Mystery Wedge. The category of this puzzle is Food and Drink. Donna continues to have good look calling the Z this show, and as a result solves CHICAGO STYLE DEEP-DISH PIZZA to go up to $7,950.

In our Speed-Up round, Donna wins $8,000 with FINISH WHAT WE'VE STARTED, and wins the match by $350, $15,950-$15,600! Shiela leaves with $1,000.

Bonus round category is Food and Drink. Not bad! She lands on the last 0. The big six gives her:

_ R _ _ N

_ R _ _ _

I'm thinking it's GROWN or URBAN something so far. She chooses F, D, C and A and gets...

_ R _ _ N

_ R A _ _

We both drew a blank, despite the category. It was BROWN GRAVY, and the Mazda MX-5 goes back to the garage. Not too much luck with the bonus round spins this week, as all the prizes offered were pretty cheap, so an 0-5 shutout on the week wouldn't have been too depressing.
But we did have one bonus round win, though.

Jeopardy!: Will we FINALLY have a five-time champ this season? Jeff Spoeri tries as he faces Teresa Cahalan and Jacob Cytryn. Spoeri leads Cahalan $3,800 to $2,000 heading into the first break. After the round, Spoeri only leads by $1,000, $6,600-$5,600.

In Double Jeopardy!, Spoeri gets on one of his rolls, and has $19,0000, but Cytryn tries to get into the match with this Daily Double on James:

The James who warned that the Americas are "not to be considered as subjects for future colonization".

To go up to $7,000, Cytryn says "Who is James Monroe?"....and is right!

With the scores of $19,000 to $9,000, and $8,400 for Calahan in third place, she hits the other Daily Double in Before and After. For $3,000....

Toronto freaks when this 1,815' landmark becomes a medieval fortress on the north bank of the Thames.

Calahan says.....nothing. What is the CN Tower of London? She drops to $5,400.

Jacob gets quite a few of the remaining clues on the board, and it's between him and Jeff, as Jeff leads $19,800 to his $13,400. Teresa's the odd person out with $4,600.

FJ! category: Word Origins.

Meaning to ascribe predetermined characteristics, this word comes from a printing process using metal plates.

Calahan says "What is to engrave?"....Good guess, but wrong. She loses everything, so she is out of this, and leaves with $1,000. It's all down to Cytryn and Spoeri. Cytryn says "What is stereotype?"....RIGHT! He risks just $4,008, and has $17,408. Thus, he needs Spoeri to make a big mistake. The champ wrote down.....

....THE RIGHT RESPONSE- OUR FIRST FIVE-TIME CHAMP OF THE SEASON IS JEFF SPEORI!!! He wins $26,801, and a total of $104,103! And he's back Monday to go for more!
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