Monday, November 27, 2006

11/27/06 Results

TPIR: As they returned from Thanksgiving Break, Marc Stubbenfield opened the show by playing Lucky Seven for a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Mats, Stereo). The first digit is 2. For the second number, Stubbenfield's guess is's 2, so he gives $1. For the third digit, Stubbenfield says's 4, so another dollar is gone. For the fourth digit, Stubbenfield guesses's 7! With $5 left, he's home free, unless he does something stupid. But he doesn't, and wisely says 5 for the last digit, and it's 5 as well, so I do believe he may have tied the all-time best daytime performace in this game! Way to go, Marc!

Daniel is next, after some pretty stupid bidding by the ladies on the next IUFB ($1 on the first bid?!?), playing SHELL GAME for a trip to Victoria, B.C.! The first small item is the Story Reader thing, and it's marked $20. Guess is higher....$30! He places the chip by Shell #2. Next small item is a pitcher, and it's marked $33. Lower is the guess, and it's $22, so he places the chip by Shell #1. Next is a board game ("Worst Case Scenario"), and it's marked price is $40. Guess is lower, and it's $30, so he places the chip by Shell #2. The last item is a frog insulated container, and it's marked price is $50. Guess is lower...and it's $40, so he wins everything! Now, for the $500 bonus, he guesses Shell's Shell #1. But he does win the other prizes.

Stubbenfield gets into the Showcase after the first two spinners go over. Then he gets the $1 for $1,000! He'll face Maria in the Showcase.

For the first Showcase, it's the model's having political-like signs at a fake rally. First, we have "Give peas a chance!", which symbolizes having to cook them on a new Heartland range! Second, we have "Just say row", which symbolizes how much people get in shape by rowing their new kayak! And finally, we have "Dare to keep kids off lugs", which means not to carelessly change their tires on their new 2007 Chrysler 300 (Std., Mats)! Stubbenfield bids on this one, and bids $28,550, which sounds good. For Maria, we have ice cream cakes from Cold Stone for a year (I've had two of them in the last few months), an Aico 11-piece dining room, and a Yamaha Phaser snowmobile. Maria bids $22,000.

ARP for Maria: $14,897. She's over, and leaves with parting gifts. As for Marc? His ARP: $33,376, giving him the win and a big grand total of $59,033!

Family Feud: Still going strong, as the Klenas are back to face the Kleppels. The Klenas score first on places you might commonly see rich people at. They go up to 124 on things you might do to people when they sleep on the job.

Double: Name something or someone to avoid while you are on a hangover. Starting with:

#2- Parents (16, Andrea)
#3- Spouse/mate (15, John)

The Kleppels play. Tricia says kids.....NUMBER ONE (26)! Cynthia says the boss....#5 (9)! Kimberly says alcohol....not there. Ronald says loud noises....#4 (11)! Tricia tries for a sweep with alarm One more chance with Tricia, who says sweep for them. For the steal, the champions say bright lights....NO, so the Kleppels jump into the lead with 154! The #6 answer was the clergy (4).

Triple: Someonw you'd wish you'd never have to pick up the phone for. Starting with:

#3- In-laws/family (15, Tricia)

The Kleppels try to win the game here. Cynthia says work....NO. Kimberly says telemarketer....NUMBER ONE (47)! Ronald says the cops.....NO. Andrea says your ex.....#4 (6)! #2 needed for the championship. Tricia says neighbor......NO. So the Klenas try to steal the game with bill collector, and John asks the board for the answer quickly, because he sounds confident it's there.....and IT IS! The Klenas retain the title with 328!

Fast Money: Lynn and Rachel play. Questions:

1. Another word for crazy.
2. A color roses come in besides red.
3. A member of the ape family.
4. Something in a department store fitting room.
5. Somehing you see in the sky on a clear night.

Lynn says psycho (BAD?!?!), pink, gorilla (#1), clothing and stars (#1) for.....111. Rachel says lunatic first....5. #1 answer was insane. For question two, Rachel says white....30! But yellow was #1. For question three, she gives chimpanzee.....35! 19 away. For question four, Rachel says mirror......WIN!! That was #1, and they have a three-day total of $21,500.

WWTBAM: Ed Caballero is our first player today as we return to normal. He is a history teacher from Fort Worth, TX. First question of note from him for $4,000:

In the 1950s, which of these baseball teams temporarily changed its name to avoid any association with Communism?

A: Detroit Tigers
B: Cleveland Indians
C: N.Y. Yankees
D: Cinicnatti Reds

Caballero used the audience, and a whopping 95% say D, not to insult NYC. Caballero says D and is right.

For $16,000:

In architecture, a vertical window set in a gable on a sloping roof is called a what?

A: Stanchion
B: Dormer
C: Marquee
D: Cupola

Caballero uses the 50:50, which leaves A and B. He takes a guess and says B...and is right for $16,000! He then gets up to the $25,000 before seeing this for $50,000:

In 2006, what movie did Entertainment Weekly name the most controverisal movie of all time?

A: "Do the Right Thing"
B: "Farenheit 9/11"
C: "The Passion of the Christ"
D: "The Da Vinci Code"

Caballero wants to say D, but thinks it may be too obvious. After some thought, he guesses that......too obvious. It's actually C, so his game ends right here at $25,000.

New player: Leah Horowitz, an actress from NYC. Last question of the day, for $16,000:

What U.S. coin depicts a President wearing a bow tie?

A: Dime
B: Penny
C: Nickel
D: Quarter

Horowitz asks the audience, and 58% say B, while 30% say A. Horowitz is still unsure, so she uses the 50:50....which leaves B and D. With A gone, Horowitz chooses B....and she's back tomorrow!

WOF: Our players are Erica Curtz, Cyndy Gonzalez, and Todd Azeland. Azeland gets the $10,000 space, but loses his turn a few spins later after repeating a letter already given. When control gets back to him, he solves FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYERS to win tthe $10,000 and the $1,900 for a total of $11,900! Gonzalez got the $1,000 Toss-Up, and Curtz got the $2,000 one.

We have a wild turn of events near the end of the Jackpot round. Gonzalez lands on the Jackpot space and calls a G, but still can't solve the puzzle. She then gets the Wild Card, but still can't solve the last word of the puzzle ENGRAVED SILVER JEWELRY BOX. Azeland does for $1,000, along with the Free Spin, for $12,900.

The $10,000 in our $10,000 Mystery Round this week comes from
Cyndy loses the Wild Card late in the round while trying to dechipher the last word of the Prize Puzzle, which is in Food and Drink. They do get back to her, and she picks up a Mediterranean Cruise, $300, and a trip to Mexico by solving FRESHLY PREPARED GUACAMOLE! Total for Gonzalez: $15,439.

Azeland takes the lead back by solving the $3,000 toss-up MOTORCYCLE RALLY. In our speed-up round in the category of Place, Azeland wins the back-and-forth match between him and Gonzalez by solving PENTHOUSE APARTMENT for $21,100!

This week, in addition to the cash, the bonus round offers a BMW X3 3.0i and a Nissan 350Z Roadster. Category is Phrase. We start with:

_ E _ N _

_ _ _

Azeland calls G, D, M and I and gets....

_ E I N G

_ _ _

We know it's BEING something, but can he get that other word? Nope- it was COY, a very hard one. He doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Jeff Spoeri, after being the first 5-time champion of the season, looks for six against Mary Voigt and Ryan Friedman. Spoeri finds the Daily Double early, but misses and has just $400 heading into the first commercial break. It was a tight first round, and we end with the challengers having $5,200 each to Spoeri's $2,800.

In Double Jeopardy!, Spoeri makes quite a few mistakes and falls as low as $1,600, but does get the next few clues to go up to $4,000, while the challengers have $6,000 each. Friedman encounters the first Daily Double in Beetles, and IDs the Hercules beetle for a total of $9,400.
After the round, Spoeri has just $3,600, while Friedman has $9,400 and Voigt has $11,200.
Spoeri still has a shot in FJ!.

FJ! category is First Names:

The first name of both a naval hero and a chracter in "Hamlet", it's from the Latin for "timekeeper".

Spoeri says "Who is Polonius?", and judging from his look, it's wrong. He risked....EVERYTHING! DARN! So he's definitely not coming back tomorrow. Friedman says "Who is Horatio?", and risks $2,199 for a total of $11,599. Voigt says Who is....

Chronus, meaning Friedman is our new champion (I wonder if Harry is proud of this). Spoeri leaves, for now, with $105,103.

DOND: Entering first is Brooks Leach, who bearhugs Howie! He picks #17 as his case.

Round 1: Leach knocks out $25......$5.....$400....$75......$300,000....and $5,000. Offer is root beer for life, worth $26,657.28! But he says No Deal. He's drunk, BTW.

Round 2: Before this began, the six models he selected in Round 1 join Leach at his podium!! Then, he KOs $750, $500, $200, $100,000 and $10,000. Offer is now $66,000. NO DEAL.

Round 3: First choice is #14....$50! Leach chooses #12.....$50,000. Then it's the dreaded #7.....$25,000. And Leach's final choice of #5 is.....$1! The offer now shoots to $119,000!
Some of the models join his guests, as well! NO DEAL.

Round 4: Leach chooses #25......$400,000. He then goes for #4....$1,000. Last is #20 and is asking, literally at his command to be low....boy was it ever- THE PENNY!! Leach is one of the rowdiest contestants I've seen on the show. Offer is now.....$218,000! The banker turns the set dark as they go to break. When they come back, Leach says.....NO DEAL!

Round 5: First of the two picks- #13 and Leyla. Inside that....$200,000. Other pick is #6.....

....$1,000,000- OUT OF HERE. Offer is $152,000. Leach says.....NO DEAL.

One case at a time mode now. Leach's choice now is #10.....$750,000. Ouch, the excitement is almost gone. Offer plummets to $73,000. NO DEAL.

#21 is next....$75,000, but safety net is gone on the $500,000. The offer is now $85,000. Other amounts are $10, $100 and $300. He says......NO DEAL!

#15 is next from Leach.....

....$300!! He's still in the game! Offer is back in six figures, to the tune of.....$147,000! He says....

....NO DEAL. We have only a few minutes left, and I have a bad feeling about this. He picks #18.....

....and sure enough, it is the $500,000. He goes all the way, and ends up with.....

....$10. Third biggest loser on the show.
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