Tuesday, November 28, 2006

11/28/06 Results

Jeopardy!: Ryan Friedman tries to follow in Jeff Spoeri's footsteps against Ehren Schwiebert and Suzanne Ennis. I see quite a few picture clues in the first fifteen clues of the round, most notable from Gilt Complex. Mr. Friedman (not Harry) leads $4,000 to Schwiebert's two grand, while Ennis has zip into the first commercial break.

When we come back, we see a little of Spoeri magic from Friedman, as he leads $7,600 to Schwiebert's $3,000, and Ennis's $400.

We see Double Jeopardy! having Before and After as a category, and Friedman gets the first three clues in that. Eventually, he has more Spoeri magic, and with $22,000 to Schwiebert's $10,200, he finds the first Daily Double and gets it right, but only bets $500 and goes up to $22,500. Two clues later, he gets the other Daily Double in Literary Europe:

If John Keats had sent a postcard from his last home, it would have been postmarked in this city.

With the accompanying picture, Friedman says What is Florence....no. What is Rome? He only loses $2,000 though, and when the round ends, he's a sure bet to retain with $20,500, although Schwiebert has $10,200.

FJ!: Asia.

Along with Communist China and North Korea, one of the 2 formerly Communist nations bodering Asian Russia.

Correct: What is Kazikstan or Mongolia?

Ennis says Kazikstan, but bets nothing of her $1,800. Schwiebert says Mongolia and risks $6,999 to go up to $17,199. Friedman says Mongolia and wins $20,500, and a two-day total of $32,099.

WOF: Today's players: Tyrone Dudley, Amanda Wandress, and Jennifer Fisher. After getting the $2,000 tossup, Fisher scores big in the first main round with JAMAICAN JERK CHICKEN for $12,100....and a trip to Jamaica! Total for Fisher: $20,700.

Wandress quickly solves the next puzzle in Same Name with ANIMAL AND TAX SHELTER for $1,650. She also gets the Wild Card while she's at it.

Speaking of the Wild Card, early on in the $10,000 Mystery Round, Wandress gets $500 and calls three T's. But she then uses the Wild Card (not a wise move), and gets an H for another $500. But this round goes to Dudley, who solves CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC to go to $6,850.

Wandress solves A TON OF FUN for the $3,000 Toss-Up and a total of $4,650.

The next Phrase was a toughie, IMHO. Fisher struggled to get a lot of help with this puzzle before losing control to Dudley, who solves SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE, thanks to the R call late, for another $1,800, and $8,650 total.

Speed-Up: Fisher solves DIRECT SUPERVISOR for game, set and match with $22,400.

For the bonus round, we start with Food and Drink and this:

S _ _ _ E _

_ _ _ _ _

Fisher's choices: H, D, C and A. I wouldn't have called the D myself, because it's obvious that's in the puzzle, but we'll see how it works out....

S _ _ _ E D

_ _ _ D A

...it didn't work out as bad as I expected. I knew it was SMOKED something, but Fisher gets nowhere. The other half was GOUDA (smoking that type of cheese? Mean!). The $30,000 goes out the window again.

TPIR: We start with a birthday boy who's just turned 18- Jake Dolson! He played Range Game for....a Ford Focus Wagon! BTW, the Focus Wagon is being retired by Ford after this year, so if Dolson wins, he'll be one of the last few to have one, if he can afford it. He stops the board at about $18,000-$18,150. Good move, because it's $18,095! Happy birthday! Not only that, he gets into the Showcase!

When we get to the second half, we have an interesting situation. Zachary Bachman played Flip Flop for a trip to Santa Fe. Setup:


He guesses $4,517.....then hits the button before Bob could! Unlike the infamous last time, this is declared a loss, as it's $4,571. Barker keeps his composure, and allows Bachman to plug the commercial break.

Next is Averil Carol, who played Cliffhangers for a player piano. For the first item, we have a recorder. At first, Carol says $250 (?!?!)....thankfully, the audience makes her change his mind and guess $30....which is wrong. It's $15, so the mountain climber (Gwen Stefani not included) goes up 15 steps. For the Story Reader thing, Carol again says $30....and she's on the nose, so the climber stays at 15! For the toaster, Carol says....you guessed it, $30! She's using a conservative strategy similar to what you might find in Lucky Seven. The ARP of the toaster....

...$39, which means she wins it all! And she'll face birthday boy Dolson in the Showcase!

First Showcase has a soda fountain, a home gym, and a Hi-Lo trailer. The birthday boy passes to the weird Cliffhangers lady, who bids $17,000. For the birthday boy, he goes for a dining room, a year's supply of Ghiradelli chocolate, and a trip to Switzerland (again, Gwen Stefani yodeling not included. So sorry). Dolson bids $18,500.

The lady's ARP: $28,900, a difference of $11,900. The birthday boy's showcase ARP is: $14,817, so Averil wins $37,743! Dolson leaves with a birthday cavalcade of $18,982.

Family Feud: Trying for win #4 is the Klena family, against the Carrascos. The champs score 83 first on things people think others waste too much of. The Carrascos fire back with 71 on unwelcome gifts cats give to people.

Double: Famous Willys or Willies. Starting with:

#1- Nelson (59, Teresa)
#2- Wonka (16, John)

When the challengers play, Marco flames out with Will Smith, apparently misunderstanding the question. Daniel says Free Willy....no. Marian causes the family to strike out, so it's Klena stealing time. Rachel says Mays....another 150 for them, and a total of 233! Others: Shoemaker, Stargell. I'm kinda surprised Chilly Willy wasn't there.

Triple: Past or present, which reality show has the crankiest judges? Great question! Starter(s):

#1- American Idol (80, Derek)

No doubt about it, the champs play. Steve says the show John O' Hurley won on, "Dancing with the Stars".....#2 (13)! Rachel says America's Funniest Home Videos (?!?!)....NO FREAKING WAY! Lynn says "The Gong Show"...NO! John says "Rock Star"....three strikes. This steal will decide the game, and given the subject, the Carrascos may be home free. For the win, Marian says "The Apollo Show" (WHAT?!?!)....they blew it! The Klenas win with 512! The other keys to victory: "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Star Search".

Fast Money: Rachel and Lynn try to repeat the last performance. Questions:

1. The age when women usually lose interest in sex.
2. Someone who might play a big practical joke on you on April Fool's Day.
3. Word or phrase that starts with "chicken".
4. The sport with the most oobnoxious fans.
5. The day where one may feel the most excited after waking up.

Lynn says 40, friends, chicken pox, boxing and birthday for....just 43. Rachel says 60 (#1), teacher, chicken out, football (#1) and Christmas (#1) for....a total of 133...giving them a four-day total of $22,165. They'll try to become the seventh undefeated family of this spectacular season tomorrow.

WWTBAM: Back with us is Leah Horowitz fron NYC. She gets up to $25,000 with no problem when gameplay resumes. For $50,000:

Hellen Keller's 1903 autobiography is dedicated to what famous American, who helped put here in touch with Anne Sullivan?

A: Thomas Edison
B: Mark Twain
C: Alexander Graham Bell
D: Harriet Beecher Stowe

She calls her dad, Mark. After he initally says D, he realizes his mistake and says C, and is very sure. Horowitz goes with C.....$50,000 is hers! The $100,000 question he takes, after switching out the first one:

Banned in the U.S., the potent drink absinthe is believed to have hallucinatory effects due to what plant-based ingredient?

A: Eldenberries
B: Wormwood
C: Hemlock
D: Chanterelles

Horowitz eliminates C and D in her mind, but is not sure enough, so she stops at $50,000. The answer was one of her two remaining answers- B.

New player: Marissa Geffen, who was recently a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. She is from Las Vegas, and wants to win a lot in time to get married to Jeff. She zooms all the way to the $25,000 question:

What brand of beverage features bottlecaps that bear the motto, "We're juice guys"?

A: Welch's
B: Veryfine
C: V8
D: Nantucket Nectars

Geffen takes the audience, and 79% say D. She agrees...and has $25,000! For $50,000:

Which of these chart-topping Motown hits was made popular by The Four Tops, and not by The Temptations?

A: "I Can't Help Myself"
B: "My Girl"
C: "Just My Imagination"
D: "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"

She uses the 50:50, and has an idea. The choices left are A and B, and B is her idea. After discussing whether to use more lifelines to be sure, she goes ahead with B as her answer....
should've used more lifelines, because it's A instead. But she does have $25,000 for her future honeymoon.

Donna Andersen starts with the $500 question Wednesday.
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