Thursday, November 30, 2006

11/30/06 Results

To wrap up November....

WWTBAM: Back with us is the ever lovable Jessie Zitrosa! Let's see if by some chance bears will strike again as part of the choices, as she goes for the big money, starting with $50,000, on this question, after passing the first one:

Which of these actresses has been the quickest to file for divorce, only 52 days after getting married?

A: Jennifer Lopez
B: Angelina Jolie
C: Heather Locklear
D: Drew Barrymore

Zitarosa's guess is Jennifer Lopez. I understand that choice, since J-Lo's had her marriage problems....but it's NOT her. It's Drew Barrymore, so Zitarosa's fun is over. But she does have the $25,000 she accumulated from yesterday, which isn't bad for one who nearly dies laughing about bears as blind dates.

New player: Chris Sorensen. First question of note:

Most cats of the Marx breed have what distinctive characteristic?

A: No fur
B: No tail
C: No claws
D: No whiskers

Sorensen polls the audience. 71% say B, and 25% say A. He picks it for $8,000! He gets to this $25,000 question:

On a piano, the keys for which of these pairs of notes are not seperated by a black key?

A: A and B
B: G and A
C: C and D
D: E and F

Sorensen uses the phone, and calls Daniel T. He says D is it without hesitation. Sorensen says he's the man, and after saying that as the correct answer for $25,000, who can blame him?
For $50,000:

What nursery rhyme title did Margaret Mitchell consider as an alternate title for her classic novel, "Gone with the Wind"?

A: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
B: Sing a Song of Sixpence
C: Little Bo Peep
D: Hickory Dickory Dock

Sorensen uses his last regular lifeline, the 50:50. It leaves A and C. His thought of A is still there and he says it....he's got $50,000! For $100,000 and a chance to return tomorrow to go for at least $250,000, after switching out the first question:

Which of these continents was not once part of a giant land mass scientists call Gondwanaland?

A: North America
B: South America
C: Africa
D: Antartica

It looks like he wants to stop. But suddenly he says D......BAD IDEA. It's A. So not only will Sorensen not be back tomorrow, his $50,000 gets cut in half.

Jeooardy!: Friedman goes for four against Lynne Sherwin and Ruth Comer. We have a theme in the categories for the first round- they are all direct names of NASA spaceships, with the exception of End "Ever". Columbia is represented by the Columbia Pictures logo. The first, third and last clues in that category are video clips of famous Columbia Pictures movies. Sherwin catches fire in the middle of the round, getting as high as $5,600. In a rare occurrance in a civilan episode, the Daily Double in this round is never found. Scores after this round: $4,600 for Sherwin, Friedman has $600, and Ruth is a grand in debt.

Friedman hits the first Daily Double on the last clue in "Name that Pope" in Round 2. With him trailing $9,400 to his $4,600, he bets.....$100. Interesting. Clue:

Check the calendar for the 13th pope with this name, who served from 1572 to 1585.

His response is "Who is Gregory?"....he's right, but if he loses this game, he's going to kick himself over that bad bet. But he gets a chance to redeem himself right away, because the next clue he picks in "I Love a Mozart Opera" is the other Daily Double. He bets....$600. The clue:

This 1791 work is considered the greatest example in music history of the Zauberoper, or "Magic Opera".

"What is the Magic Flute?" says Friedman....right again, but again, another bad bet.

When the round ends, Friedman is much closer to Sherwin, as he trails with his $10,500 to his $11,800. Comer's the odd one out with $3,000.

FJ! category is: Play characters.

He is based partly on a philologist who wrote "A History of English Sounds" and "A Handbook of Phonetics".

Comer says "Who is Henry Higgins"....right! She risks half, so she has $4,500. Friedman says....the right thing, but kinda lowballs again with a $4,499 bid, so he has $14,999. Are those bad bets about to shoot down Friedman? Let's find out as Sherwin wrote.....

....the right thing, and wagers $10,501 to win the championship with $22,301! Friedman leaves with $63,700.

WOF: Tonight, we have Juliette Dean, Noy Chanbong, and Peter Fryar. Dean's three-and-a-half year old son refuses to call the title of the show as it is- he calls it The Letter Show. OK now...
Anyway, the first main puzzle, a Food and Drink one, is the Prize Puzzle round. Chanbong gets a little bit of a roll, getting the $10,000 wedge early and calling three S's into the puzzle when the wheel lands on $2,500! The puzzle at this point reads:

S _ E _ _ S H

M E _ T _ _ _ _ S

She calls a D and an I into the puzzle next. She says SWEDISH MEATBALLS for $17,900 cash and a trip to Sweden! That's $22,400 for her already!

In the Jackpot Round, after Noy could not repeat her magic, we have this puzzle so far in Around The House:


T H _ _ A D- C O U N T

S H _ _ T S

This is what it looked like after Fryar called a D when landing on the Jackpot space. Not only is $500 deposited into his bank, he gets a shot at the Jackpot of $8,900 (when $500 is added to it). He says HIGH THREAD-COUNT SHEETS....WINNER! $10,400 for him so far!

In our $10,000 Mystery Round, Fryar has $8,100 and is trying to pick up a trip to Thailand at this point. The board at this point in Before and After:

_ _


_ _

E _ E R G E _ C _

_ R E A _


S L _ _ _ E R

Fryar calls a there! Next is N for $300 a pop. He buys two I's then. He calls an F for another $300. He buys an O. He then milks another $1,000 from the Mystery Wedge he doesn't take by calling M. He then calls a Y for $400 more, $9,100 so far. He gets another $1,000 by calling a K. He finally solves IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS SLIPPER
for the trip and $10,900! So far for him: $26,700! He's got the lead!

Juliette solves COOKIE MONSTER for $3,000 and $5,000 total to get control of the next round, which has a Phrase. It's the Speed-Up round, too. Chanbong solves YOU'RE FULL OF SURPRISES for $2,700. That's $25,100, but it's not quite enough to overtake Fryar, who is our champion with $26,700! Dean has $5,000 to take home.

Let's see if we can add on to this decent night and not have to worry about a possible skunk threat tomorrow. Fryar's bonus round category is Phrase. We start with:

_ E _ _ E N

_ _ R _ _ _

I think it's HEAVEN something. Fryar's choices are C, D, H and A and gets...

H E A _ E N

_ _ R _ _ D is HEAVEN something. That last word stands between him and more winning.... the last word shot him down. It was HEAVEN FORBID. This time it wasn't $30,000- it was $45,000 he lost out on.

TPIR: Today, I saw, IMO, the worst contestant of the season so far. It was Lorenzo, who played Safe Crackers for a Living Room Group and a Bulova Arista Anniversary Clock. He needs to figure out the clock's price to open the safe. The possible digits are 0, 5 and 7. He sets the price to.....$507. YOU FOOL!! It's $750. Too bad he had to get into the Showcase, where he met Megan, who didn't win too much herself, but it was more of because of bad luck with Punch-a-Bunch.

First Showcase consisted of a trip to New York, a trip to Hawaii, and a Catalina 25" Sailboat. Megan passes to Lorenzo, who I'm hoping won't win. He bids $25,000. Megan tries for a Broyhill 100th Anniversary Bedroom Group, a 42" Dell Plasma HDTV, and.....a Chevy Equinox LS (Std. , PProt)! That surprised me. She bids $26,000.

ARP for Lorenzo: $41,126, a difference of $16,126. Megan's ARP: $32,923, saving me from humilation and giving her a total of $34,261 in cash and prizes.
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