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11/8/06 Results

WWTBAM: Ogi Ogas is back with us, and at a very exciting time. This graduate student from Waltham, Massachussetts reached $250,000 yesterday, and has the 50:50 and the Switch? lifelines left. After all this buildup, we begin with the second $500,000 try of the season:

Who is the only member of the Beatles to have never performed on a Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon?

A: Paul McCartney
B: Ringo Starr
C: George Harrison
D: John Lennon

Ogas desperately wants to guess at this level to at least just see the $1,000,000 question.
He switches out of this one, though. Answer: C. New $500,000 question:

In the 1890s, heroin was introduced commercially to the U.S. by Bayer as a remedy for what ailment?
A: Stiff joints
B: High fever
C: Stuffy head
D: Persistant cough

Ogas uses the 50:50. His remaining choices: C and D. He's leaning towards D, but reminds himself that obvious answers at this level aren't usually right. He's then leaning towards C, and thinks that the writers of the show are making this stuff up. But he then locks back on D, and says that as his answer.....

....AND HE'S GOT $500,000!!!!! Now for the first time since November 2004, we are going for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Which of these ships was NOT one of the three taken over by colonists during the Boston Tea Party?
A: Eleanor
B: Dartmouth
C: Beaver
D: William

He's pretty sure it's not B or C. But will he risk it? NO. He stops.

The answer was one of the two remianing: D, and Ogas freaks out, because it looks like that's what he would have guessed! Still, he is the biggest winner outright this season! Way to go.

Dave Brunk is next. The final question of the day:

Papyrology is the study of ancient what?

A: Medicines
B: Weapons
C: Manuscripts
D: Coins

He asks the audience, and almost everybody says C. He goes with that....and he's back tomorrow!

Feud: I'm only covering the second half of the doubleheader today, as the Abesamises look to go unbeaten. They face the Leidys. In the first round, the Liedys get a measly 9 points from a board full of Kerrys, Carries and Careys. In Round 2, the champs score 78 points from foods at convieience stores that looks like they've been heated for weeks.

Double: Movies about fishes. After the face-off:

#2- "Jaws" (16, Marie)

She plays. Christine says "Flipper"....nothing. Krissy has "Finding Nemo".... A BIG NUMBER ONE (54)! Katherine says "Free Willy" Amy has "Big Fish"....not as bad as "Go Fishing"....but it's still a strikeout. The Liedys try to steal with "Shark Tale".... and 140 is theirs!
Other movies: "Fish Called Wanda", "Little Mermaid", and "The Incredible Mr. Limpet".

Triple: Gifts that disappoint children when they get them. Beginning answers...

#1- Clothes (66, Christine)
#3- Money (11, Alia)

The champs play. Krissy says good. Katherine says books....#2 (16)! Amy says card without cash....and they're going for more, becuse they're FIVE TIME CHAMPS with a score of 363!

Fast Money: Katherine and Amy take the board for the last time. Questions:

1. Name something or someone you might miss when you go to dinner.
2. Percentage of children who lie.
3. Something that comes out of a shell.
4. An occupation where it's important to be exact.
5. Something in your den.

Katherine goes with stuffed animal, 50%, lobster, mathematician, and a couch for..... just 20, with three zeroes to her name. Amy tries old shirt, 40%, clam, doctor, and TV for....a total of 105, giving them a final total of $22,925.

TPIR: I thought when Bob came out from the audience, we were going to play Golden Road. Instead, Plinko comes out, and only $1,500 is won. For the second Pricing Game, Lauren played Pocket Change for a Chevy Colorado LS Extended Cab 4X2. The numbers: 0, 2, 3, 7 and 9, and the first digit is 1. She guesses seven as the second 50 cents for the truck. She then says nine....and she's right! She says seven for the third digit.....right again! It's pretty much a tossup between the 2 and 3 for the fourth digit. She goes with's the 3. The truck is now at 75 cents. For the last digit, she says way. $1 for the truck now, as its ARP is $19,730.
She starts off with a quarter. She first gets another quarter.....then a dime....another quarter.....and 75 cents! $1.60 buys the truck! She gets into the Showcase to face a UCLA student named Richard, who lost Money Game for the cheapo Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe.

Showcase #1 featured a Living Room and an ATV. Lauren passes this one to Richard, who bids $13,000. Lauren's attempting to win the Showcase where Phire Dawson gardens outside the Price warehouse. First, she sees a CD, which leads to a Wurlitzer jukebox. Then, she sees a pool ball, which leads to a pool table. Then, she sees a big anchor, which leads to a Catalina 25" Sailboat. Lauren says $18,500. She has the biggest Showcase whiff this season, as its ARP is $44,211, a difference of $25,711. Richard wins easily with a total of $18,555. Don't feel too bad for Lauren, though- she is still today's big winner with $20,855.

WOF: Tonight's players in Dallas- Don Martin, Lindy Stonesyke, and Catonya Flowers. Again, somebody tries to take the Wild Card farther- in this case, Stonesyke has it....but she fails. Martin won the match with $16,350 cash.

Trying to extend the bonus round winning streak to a season-high four straight, he gets Event as his category. The big six get him:

_ _ L _

_ _ _ R T _

He chooses C, D, M and A and gets....

_ _ L _

_ _ _ R T _

....nada. And nothing comes out of him, also, so the GMC Yukon goes back to the garage. This was a toughie without the word "the"; it was JULY FOURTH.

Jeopardy!: Beginning Celebrity Jeopardy! on this Wednesday from NYC are Carlson Kressley, Nancy Grace, and original WWTBAM host Regis Philbin. These three get off to a kinda shaky start, as these three fool around a bit too much, and left at least 10 clues unrevealed at the end of the first round. Things go much smoother in Double Jeopardy!, except for a controversial ruling on the second Daily Double. The right response was a flamingo, and Nancy Grace swore she said it, but the judges hear her pronounce it as "flamenco", so it was ruled wrong. Grace is not happy. At the end of that round, Carson has $11,600, Reege has $10,600, and Nancy has $7,600. Winner gets $50,000 for their charity, the others get $25,000 for charity.

FJ! is in the category of Women in Sports.

In 2006 the National Tennis Center in New York was renamed in her honor.

Nancy says "Who is Babe Didrikson?" after crossing out Billie Jean King (my guess).... bad idea. She loses $3,000 to $4,600. Regis says Billie Jean King, but adds just $2,000 for $12,600 total. Carson says that as well. Did he bet at least $1,000.......$999. OH NO- MISSED IT BY A DOLLAR! REGIS WON!!!
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