Friday, November 10, 2006

11/9/06 Results

Family Feud: Starting out today's twin bill are the Roseth family versus the Harris family. The Roseths sweep the first question on places women spend so much time, that they should make a home out of it. The Roseths steal the second question on animals farmers can get so attached to that they wouldn't want to eat them (dog is there, but cat isn't). They have a big lead, 170-0.

Double: If America is #1, what country is #2? Answers after face-off:

#1- England (Holli, 42)

The Roseths play. Marisa says France....#4 (7). Nicole says Germany....#5 (6). Jessica says China....#2 (16). Noelle has Canada....they sweep another board without any strikes, and are 2 points away from winning!

Triple: A time-honored tradition that people observe at baseball games. Beginning answers...

#2- Seventh-inning stretch (Richard, 24)

The Harrises play. Davey says first pitch....nowhere to be found. Rhonda says eating hot dogs....#3 (5). David says singing the National Anthem....O say can you see, IT'S NUMBER ONE (66)! Kia says, ma'am. Richard tries to sweep for the team with the wave...NO. The Roseths try to shut the Harrises out with tailgating. It belongs in football....but not baseball, so the Harrises get 285 and force Sudden Death. The other one was the less obvious one of cheering.

Sudden Death: Something a mom hopes a new son-in-law has. Davey has job....and the Harrises win with 531!

Fast Money: Rhonda and Kia play for them. Questions:

1. How long can one hold their breath?
2. Name a drink people have before going to sleep.
3. A slang word for man.
4. Something in a phone book.
5. Name somthing you top a dessert with.

Rhonda gives 1 minute, hot milk (#1), dude, names, and whipped cream (#1), which adds up to four number ones and 147! Kia says 35 seconds....too oddball, so nothing. Then she says wine for the drink...25 away! She says homeboy for the man...nothing there. Guy was number one for that. She says phone numbers....and we have a $20,000 win, because that's number one!

For the other show, the Liedys are back due to some sort of an error. Because of some champions retiring undefeated last time, they are now the designated champions. They face the Hawkins. The challengers get double eights for the first board on things men hate to admit that their moms did to them as babies. The Liedys fire back on things a stripper would hate to have break in the middle of her performace, and lead 91-88.

Double: Georges. Opening answer:

#1- George Washington (51, Gabby)

Liedys play. Alia says Foreman....#4 (4). Percy has Curious George....not there. Nakia says Wallace....not there, either. Marva says Bush...#2 (23)! Gabby says George of the Jungle...strikeout. The Hawkins attempt to steal from Jonathan with Clooney...156 more points for them! Other answer: George Harrison. The Hawkins lead 244-91.

Triple: When a celebrity uses a publiuc bathroom, name something he/she doesn't want a fan to come up and do. Opening answers...

#1- Autograph/Picture (82, Brian)

The Hawkins play again. Laura says toilet way. Jonathan says shake his/her hand....#2 (7). Melissa says a Jennifer says talk to somebody on the cell phone.... also bad, so this steal is for the game. Wakia of the Liedys try asking about their life...NO! The Hawkins are the champions, 511-91. Others: Movie/project, and your name.

Fast Money: Jonathan and Melissa play.

1. Your favorite beverage.
2. The longest period of time you've gone without washing your hair.
3. A sports where fans are hush during one's performance.
4. Something that overflows.
5. Something that crooks break in.

Jonathan says water (#1), 2 days, golf (#1), toilet (#1), and house (#1) for four number ones and 185 points! Melissa tries to wrap it up with soda....and she does for the second $20,000 win of the day! She had the #1 answer of the second question, one week, as well!

TPIR: Wanna talk about heartbreak? Try this. Dorothy played Five Price Tags for a Ford Mustang Deluxe. The choices for the car were: $20,375, $21,419, $22,388, $23,980, and $24,631. She gets all four small items correct, which is a rarity in this game. Sadly, she becomes the latest contestant to get fooled by the Mustang- she picks all the prices except for the right one, which is $20,375. Adding insult to injury, we have another Double Overbid despite both Showcases having cars. Ouch. The show is now in danger of suffering a WIPEOUT.

Deal or No Deal: Miles Macintosh returned, but suffered big trouble early. He took out the $1 million and $750,000 cases in the first two rounds. He gets it together a little bit and winds up with a $59,000 deal. The most he could've had was an $81,000 deal, and his case had $25,000, so nothing much lost here. Myra Lang was next. She does fine the first two rounds, but Round 3 was HORRIBLE, losing the two biggest amounts on the board. In Round 4, she knocks out $5,000, $750, and $500. Offer now at $52,000, which she says no to. She knocks out $300 and $25, driving the offer to $76,000. She again rejects it, but knocks out the $200,000. After saying no deal to the last offer on the night, she is back on Monday with the $300,000 case serving as a landmine.

Jeopardy!: Tonight's celebirites on night two from New York: Curt Schilling, Jane Kazcmarek, and Doug Savant. The gameplay was much smoother than night one, even though they still left a lot of clues on the board. Heading into the final, the scores were Jane with $12,600, Doug with $9,600, and the pitcher with $4,400.

The final dealt with Celebrity Relatives:

Her great-great-grandmother Louisa Lane Drew once appeared in a play with the father of John Wilkes Booth.

Schilling says Who is Nancy Drew, and loses it all. He gets $25,000 for his charity, though. The Desperate Housewives star says Who is Drew Barrymore, and is right for $8,600 more, $18,200 for Savant. Jane says....Curt's response, resulting in laughter and a $50,000 win for Savant.

WOF: Tonight, we had Amanda Fine (good name), Kanvin Raven, and Bo Peyton. Kanvin Raven was quite a hyperactive contestant. Alas, he doesn't get to the bonus round, as Fine does with $12,000.

For her bonus puzzle, the category was Thing. The big six give her...

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ E

With her choices she got...

B A _ _

_ A G E

I thought BACK CAGE. As for her....nothing. I was a letter off- BACK PAGE. She's not winning another $35,000.
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