Monday, November 13, 2006

RECAP: Amazing Race X Nov. 12

We are now down to five teams. Who will make it to the final four?

Clue #1: Teams must travel about 6,000 miles by plane to Helinski, Finland. They must then report to a Kapelli coffee house, get on a computer, and view a special message from their AOL E-mail....which turns out to be a message from their parents. After that, they get their next clue.

Because of the limited availibility of flights to said place, all teams have been given tickets to Paris, France, where they can go to make negotiations for flights to Finland there, although they can stay in Madagascar if they want and try to book a flight to Finland there.

All teams get on a flight to Finland from Madagascar, although Lyn and Karilyn had trouble making negotiations with the travel agents. Lyn and Karilyn are in third place, while Rob and Kimberly are last.

Clue #2: Teams must board a train and travel about 120 miles. Then, they must take a taxi to a school called Soppeenharjun Koulu. They must follow the marked path to get to their next clue, which is....

Detour: Both are muddy tasks- Swamp This or Swamp That. In Swamp This, teams must get through a muddy field using cross-country skis. In Swamp That, teams must get through a muddy obstacle course.

Erwin and Godwin fall to last here; Rob and Kiberly move up to fourth. Tyler and James move up to first place, and Dustin and Kandace are second. Most teams do Swamp That, but Lyn and Karilyn do Swamp This.

Clue #4: Teams must travel 108 miles to Turku, then drive another 78 miles to Lohja. They must then find the Tytyrin Limestone Mine, and take the tram inside to receive their next clue.

Tyler and James discover they've changed clothes, and are worried there may be a penalty upcoming for them when they finish this leg.

Rob and Kimberly miss the train, and may be in trouble.

Roadblock: One person of a team has to get on a bike and go to a marked limestone site. They must get the limestone and use the tools provided to break open the gap that contains their next clue. James, Kandace and Godwin have done this task so far.

Clue #6: Teams must go to Olympic Stadium. Some teams think this is a Pit Stop, but it obviously isn't.

Clue #7: Teams must go up to the top of the stadium and rock-climb their way down to receive their next clue.

Tyler and James finish this, and they think they're done for tonight....

.....WE'RE done for tonight, not them. We'll pick this stage up next time.
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