Monday, November 27, 2006

RECAP: Amazing Race X- Stage 10

We're now in the final four. Who will make it to the $1,000,000 finals, and who won't?

Clue #1: Travel about 3,000 miles by plane to Quarzazate, Morocco. They must go to an antique shop and pick from one of four good luck charms. If the good luck charm the team brings matches the one on Phil Keoghan, they win the prize for this stage. After they pick their charm, they will get their next clue.

Lyn and Karilyn get here first while in the dark. In a flip-flop of the standings from the last stage, not only are they first, Rob and Kimberly are second at this point, Tyler and James are third, and Dustin and Kandace are last.

Clue #2: Travel 6 miles by car to Atlas Studios, located in a desert town. This place was used to shoot films like "Gladiator". Once they get there, they'll get their next clue.

Some teams, especially Tyler and James, get here early in the dark, as the place doesn't open until I do believe, 8 AM. Thus, we are now at an even playing field.

Also at Atlas Studios is a Yield. Remember, when a team encounters the Yield station, they can opt to have one of the other teams be forced to wait for a minute or two before they can continue to race. Each team can use a Yield only once in the entire race. Dustin and Kandace choose to yield Lyn and Karilyn.

Roadblock: One person on each team must get on a chariot horse and ride a race with it. While riding, they must grab two flags whose color matches the one of their horse's flume. Once they do that, they can turn them in to an official to get their next clue.

Tyler and James are back into the lead at this point, and are confident Dustin and Kandace will do poorly in this Roadblock, given their past.

It appears Dustin and Kandace finish this first, but they make a big mistake by continuing to trash talk at the team they yielded, Lyn and Karilyn. As a result, Rob and Kimberly take over the lead.

Clue #4: Travel 22 miles to Idelsan, and find Cafe Pirgola to get their next clue.

Rob and Kimberly and Dustin and Kandace join together on this task, at least for the time being. While they are driving, however, their car has a flat tire. They try to fool a team into thinking they have a flat tire, but it doesn't work. Thus, Rob and Kimberly slip to last.

Detour: Throw It or Grind It.

Throw It: Teams must go to a pottery shop. They must use a pottery wheel to throw two pots. Once the pots are approved by an official, they'll get their next clue.

Grind It: Teams must go back four miles to the North Africa Horse Ranch and Olive Farm. There, they must use an olive mill to grind 77 pounds of olives, and they must fill their pressing sleeves. Once done, they'll get their next clue.

In both of these tasks, only three workstations are available.

All teams do the Grind It task. Tyler and James are back in the lead heading into....

Pit Stop: Teams must travel 25 miles to the Nomadic Berber Camp, where one team may be the final team eliminated before the $1,000,000 finals.

Tyler and James finish first. Now, about their lucky matches, and they win a Sprint Trio device with one year's worth of service!

Lyn and Karilyn finish a close second behind them.

Rob and Kimberly are third, which means....

DEAD LAST: Dustin and Kandace......

....but, they are told this is the last of the non-elimination legs, so they stay in the race. However, they are marked for elimination in the next leg. Remember, in this situation, to avoid a 30-minute trip to the Penalty Box, Dustin and Kandace must finish first. A penalty could make or break their fate, because in the next leg, somebody WILL be eliminated.

Who will make it to the finals? Tune in next week to find out!
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