Thursday, November 30, 2006

Recap: The Biggest Loser III- Round of 6

Last time, despite not losing any weight, Wylie still made it to the next round, and Marty didn't.

With that elimination, Bob Harper only has one of his original team members left. He considers Erik to be in big danger to lose- if he falls below the yellow line at tonight's weigh-in, he is expected to be a goner.

After everyone ate Thanksgiving dinner, it's time for a reward challenge. They are flown to the Santa Anita Racetrack for the Biggest Loser Derby. The objective is for each to carry all of their weight markers to their own barrels while the markers are clipped on their suits, adding up to the amount of weight that they've lost so far on the show. The first to do so wins one day to spend with a family member.

Heather is unable to compete due to a leg injury. Wylie gets off to a good start with a successful drop-off. Adrian, however, misses her first frop off. Wylie goes two-for-two, while Jaron moves to second. Erik is really slowing down, and Adrian takes third place as a result. Wylie makes his first missed drop-off, thus causing Jaron to take over the lead and send Wylie to second (he curses while going back). Adrian passes Wylie for second after her third drop-off. After both make their final drop-offs, it's a close sprint between them. The winner is: Jaron! He got to spend some time with his wife, Tara.

Shortly after all that, Erik may be resigned to the fact that he is in big trouble at the ranch.
It's Weigh-In time.

For Jaron: He lost....8 pounds, sending him down to 223, and he reaches the 100-pound loss mark! That's a percentage of 3.46%!

For Heather: Her current weight is 179. New weight: 174, meaning a loss of 5 pounds. That's a percentage of....2.79%.

For Kai: Her current weight is 198. New weight: 189, a loss of 9 pounds. That's a percentage of.....4.55%, and she's in the lead! Also, she's lost 73 pounds on the ranch so far, setting a new female record on the show!

For Wylie: His current weight is 236. New weight: 224, a loss of 12 pounds! Good comeback!
That's a percentage of....5.08, meaning he can't fall below the yellow line!

For Adrian: She needs to lose at least 5 pounds to avoid going below the yellow line, at least for now. Current weight is 163. New weight is: 161, so she is in the elimination round.

For Erik: He needs to lose at least 9 pounds. If he does, Heather will be the other person in the elimination round. Current weight: 307. New weight......

....295, meaning he's still alive for now! That's a percentage of 3.91! So Heather and Adrian are in the elimination round. Adrian is very concerned.

Elimination: Kai votes for Adrian. Jaron votes for Heather. Erik votes for Adrian. And that's bad news for Adrian- because she has the lowest weight-loss percentage for the week, and even if Wylie votes for Heather, the tie is broken for the lower percentage. So that means that Erik's votes was the decider, and Adrian forfeits her shot at all of the money. But she will still get a shot at a $100,000 consolation prize on the season finale in mid-December. Also, a $50,000 consolation prize will be awarded to the one amongst the at-home players who lost the most weight.
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