Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Show Me The Money" DEBUT

Matt Marr is our first player. The rules:

There are 13 Million Dollar Dancers. Each one has a dollar amount, ranging from $20,000-$220,000 in $20,000 incremements, but one is worth $250,000. Rules are like Jeopardy!- get it right, win money; get it wrong, lose money. The question format is similar to "Your Number's Up"; you get some starting words of a question, and you pick A, B or C. Then, the question is completed, and you must answer, unless you want to pass. Up to two passes are allowed on each set of possible questions. Marr chooses B. The starting word is No. The full question:

"No Holds Barred" is a 1989 film that's about what professional sport?

Marr passes. Answer is wrestling.

Next: A is chosen, and the question...

"No soup for you!" was memorably said by the Soup Nazi on an episode of what sitcom in its seventh season?

Marr says "Seinfeld". The answer locking-in process is similar to "It's Your Chance of a Lifetime". But, he must choose a lady for a cash amounts. Now, you may notice that only 12 are worth money. The other is a WIPEOUT lady. This is known as the "Killer Card", and picking it could end the game and lose all money accumulated if a wrong answer is given. Marr picks Shannon.... for $220,000, is it "Seinfeld"....YES! The game continues until a player gets six right or six wrong. When either event happens, if it's a positive score, that's what he/she wins.

Twisted could describe the TV show "Twin Peaks" that starred what actress who dated Jack Nickelson?

Marr uses the first pass. He chooses B:

Twisted Sister was a popular 80s band that made a cameo appearance in what 1985 film starring Paul Reubens? (I know this one.)

Marr thinks it's "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", but decides to pass instead! DARN! Of course, it was the right answer! For C, which he is committed to:

Twisted red licorice called Twisters is made by what candy company known for its Kisses?

Marr confirms it's Hershey's. He's right of course, but he needs to avoid the Killer. Marr chooses Cara-Lee......IT'S THE BIG ONE- $250,000! He's got $470,000 now!

Next starting word(s): What Miller... C is chosen.

What Miller is a "Saturday Night Live" alum who published his schtick in a 1996 book called "The Rants"?

Marr says Dennis Miller. He chooses Lindsay... $140,000 is on the line....YES! $610,000 in the bank!

Next starter: Hope. A is chosen.

Hope Davis played Jack Nickelson's daughter in what 2002 film?

Marr passes, with the answer being "About Schmidt". Then it's C...

Hope Sandoval was the lead singer of what band, which recorded the mid-90's hit, "Fade into You"?

Marr passes again, and the answer is Mazzie Star. Committed question:

"Hope is the thing with feathers" is the opening line of a famous poem by what American woman?

Marr guesses Emily Dickenson and chooses Sabrina for the TV witch....$180,000 on the line....RIGHT! $790,000!

Next starter: The last. He settles for the last available choice A, which is...

The last U.S. President who didn't earn a college degree was who?

Marr says Franklin D. Roosevelt and chooses Mariah....for $60,000......first mistake. Answer was Harry Truman. Down to $730,000, the new starter is What Foreign. Marr's final choice: B.

What foreign country was the first to grant marriage status to same-sex couples?

Mark chooses Denmark, and selects Julianne........$200,000 at stake. Denmark is....... WRONG. It's the Netherlands. Marr's now at $530,000.

Next starter: Fred. Marr's final choice: B. Question:

Fred Durst gained fame with the song "Nookie" as the lead singer of what band?

Marr says Limp Bizkit with good feeling. Marr chooses Victoria.....for $100,000....YES INDEED! Back up to $630,000! One correct answer from Round 2. Last question, possibly, starts with: What title is shared by. Marr settles on C:

What title is shared by a William Makepeace Thackeray novel and a magazine published by Conde Nast?

Marr guesses The Safari and chooses Mimi....for $80,000 and a trip to Round 2......wrong, so we move on, and Marr has $550,000. Answer was Vanity Fair.

New starter: Sister. Marr settles on B:

Sister of Warren Beatty, what legendary actress is famous for her belief in reincarnation?

Marr says Shirley McClaine. Before this question, Marr told host William Shatner that he needed this money for his car, as it is tired. Marr chooses Vanessa..........

....for $40,000 and a grand total of $590,000.....

YES!!!!! Matt Marr is the first big winner on the show with $590,000! Good job, even though it might have been a bit too easy for you. The Killer Lady this game: Eve.

New player: Alan Pietruszewski from Buffalo, NY. He is from the Navy. Pietruszewski gives Shatner a Navy cap.

First question starter: Which Smith. Pietruszewski says Emmitt Smith with authority and chooses Lindsay...........$80,000 is his! Next starter: Who Lost. First question with B:

Who lost his chance of becomein President by screaming "Yeaaaagggghhh!!!!" in his 2004 Iowa Democratic caucus concession speech?

Much to my dismay, the Navy guy passes. It was Howard Dean. Pietruszewski settles on A:

Who lost Super Bowl XL in February 2006 to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

I know this one, and maybe does Pietuszewski....he says the Seattle Seahawks, which is right!
Now for the money. Pietuszewski chooses Cara-Lee......$40,000. Pietuszewski has $120,000 now. New starter: Which Paula. Pietruszewski chooses C and this:

Which Paula won the American Comedy Award for Best Female Stand-Up Comic in 1989?

The Navy man says Paula Abdul (?!?!).....NO WAY. It's Paula Poundstone. Pietuszewski chooses Theresa and loses.....everything exactly. New starter: What character's catchphrase. Pietuszewski chooses B:

What character's catchphrase from the classic 1984 film starring Arnold Schwarzenagger features the classic line, "I'll be back!"?

Pietuszewski chooses "The Terminator" and is right! Starting from scratch in the money column, he chooses Mariah......$200,000! That's the way to rebound. Next starter: Who finished. Pietuszewski chooses B for this:

Who finished fourth in the Indianapolis 500 in 2005, her rookie year in the Indy Racing League?

Pietuszewski says Danica Patrick and is right again! The Navy man chooses Yesenia and gets.....

....$220,000!! Pietuszewski's up to $420,000! The starter now: A beautiful. Pietusewski eventually chooses C:

A beautiful butterfly causes fear in what actress, who wasn't afraid to appear nude in 1998 in the Broadway play, "The Blue Room"?

Pietuszewski's answer: Brooke Shields. For the lady, the choice is Julianne..... it's the Killer. Shields has to be right, or he goes into the Danger Zone. It's....

WRONG! The answer was Nicole Kidman. Now into Sudden Death mode. Answer this question or else. The question:

Mr. Liza Menneli is what some tabloids call Liza's most recent husband. What is his actual name? He pretty much draws a blank, so it's a WIPEOUT. Too bad. The answer was David Guest.

That's all for this debut. Hope to see you next time.
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