Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Show Me the Money: Show #3

Bill Kapitan is back with us. When we last left, he had $420,000, and is halfway home towards a win.

First starter: "Who holds the record...". Kapitan chooses B:

Who holds the record as the only actor to win Oscars for acting and screenwriting?

His guess is Tom Hanks. Dancer choice is Yesenia....for $140,000.....

...NO! It's Emma Thompson. New starter: The first. Kapitan settles on B:

The first movie role for Matt Damon only required him to say one line in what 1988 romantic comedy?

His guess is "Moonstroke". For his dancer, the choice is Cara-Lee. For $20,000....

....good thing it was $20,000, because he's wrong again. Answer: "Mystic Pizza". Down to $260,000 he goes.

Next starter: Holly. Kapitan passes A and B before seeing this:

Holly Marie Combs, before becoming a sister on "Charmed", played the daughter of a small town Sheriff on what TV series?

He draws a blank, and says "Dukes of Hazard".....wrong again. It's "Picket Fences". He loses...

....$200,000. Down to $60,000 now. New question starts with "The Kid...". Kapitan immediately goes with C for this:

The Kid Rock song "Feel Like Makin' Love" was originally a 1975 Top-10 hit by what group?

He says "Bad Company". Kapitan chooses Shannon.... double his $60,000 or send him to zero....

...FINALLY! $120,000. New starter: What "A". Take that, "Blockbusters". The question he takes:

What A is the major car rental company that shares its name with a Texas tourist attraction, but is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Kapitan says Alamo, and is right! Now he's back on track. For the girl, Kapitan chooses Victoria....

....and adds $40,000, for a total of $160,000. One more answer gives him the cash. New starter is "Which". Kapitan settles on a music question...

Which member of the Jackson 5 was born with the first name Sigmund?

Kapitan says Tito. Possible last girl choice is Mariah....

.....for the quarter million and a grand total of $410,000.....

....NO!!! It's Jackie. So for the first time in this show's short history, Kapitan is in the hole at
-$90,000. New starter: Who didn't. Kapitan chooses this question:

Who didn't finish high school, but was smart enough to be cast as the super-spy James Bond in the movie, "Goldeneye"? He'd better get this.

He says....

....Sean Connery- DARN!!! It's Pierce Brosnan, and he is mathematically out of the game with a minus $250,000. Here's hoping the IRS doesn't bite him in the ass....

Let's see if Adrienne De'Anna can do much better. She gets three correct, but loses a big one on question three, and has only $20,000 after the third correct answer as a result. She faces this question:

"2001" was the title of a 1999 album by what rap superstar, who followed his classic album "The Chronic"?

De' Anna says Dr. Dre. Her lady selection at this point was Shannon.....

...for $160,000....she's right! $180,000 now. New starter: "The Southern". The question she takes:

The southern actor Josh Holloway played a Southern actor named Sawyer on what hit ABC series?

De' Anna says "Lost". For her girl selection, it's Eve....

....for $200,000....RIGHT! $380,000, and one answer to go for the money.

Possible last starter: "Brooklyn's....". She passes on A and B before seeing...

Brooklyn's Barbara Striesand has been married to Elliott Gould and James Brolin, who both starred together in what 1978 film?

She didn't know those two starred in a film together. She guesses "The Good Days".....not it.
It was "Capricorn One". She only loses $80,000, though, and has $300,000. New starter:
In the. She immediately chooses B for this:

In the December 19, 2005 issue of Newsweek, what comedian was remembered by Jerry Seinfeld as "The Picasso of our Prefession"?

She's unsure, but says Johnny Carson.....WRONG AGAIN. Answer was Richard Pryor. But she loses only $20,000, and has $280,000. New starter: Bill. De' Anna chooses this:

Bill Maher accidentally got knocked out by Erik Estrada on what game show?

De' Anna says "Hollywood Squares", and many of us fans let out a huge groan, because it's actually "Pictionary", which we've seen on blooper specials. This time, she loses.....$250,000. Ouch. Down to $30,000.

Next starter: Show. De' Anna chooses this:

"Show Me the Way" was a signature song for what classic rock star who had a hit with his 1976 "Comes Alive!" album?

Her answer is Elton John, but is not sure. She chooses Victoria.... win $150,000......

....NO. It was Peter Frampton. She is now in the hole, $90,000 deep. With five correct answers and five wrong ones, this is her last question. Starter is Veronica. Question for De' Anna:

Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper have vied for the affection of what red-headed comic book hero since the 1940s?

Final answer: Archie. Her final girl selection is Theresa.

This is for $180,000. If she's right, the negative will be taken off her scoreboard, she will have $90,000 and win. If not, she's broke. So either she wins or she won't. The answer is......

....Annie! She ends an otherwise ugly show tonight on a good note, winning $90,000.
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