Sunday, November 19, 2006

This Week in Game Shows: Thanksgiving Week

Jeopardy!: The Celebrity-filled extravanganza comes to a close in NYC.

Wheel of Fortune: Will buisness pick up when they come back home?

WWTBAM: On this Thanksgiving week, the collegians come to town. BTW, one of the contestants that week will be a Cover Story on in the near future. Check it out if you can.

Deal or No Deal: On Thanksgiving, make sure you check out a two-hour edition!

Survivor: Cook Islands- The merge should be coming any moment...

Family Feud: They didn't hold a special week during the November sweeps. But, there may be a reason for it- if the Shumates should be back on one of Monday's shows and wins at Fast Money, a new five-day record for this version of the show will be set! Can they do it?

TPIR: Golden Road, after being knocked off for an $86,743 Viper the last time, is expected to appear this week, if not on the Thanksgiving show.
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