Friday, December 15, 2006

1 vs. 100- Episode 8

Beginning tonight is Keikabo Holland from the nation's capital. In our mob for this game are some spelling bee champs, janitors, nine Hooters girls, Brad Rutter and long-tenured mob participants Annie Duke and Rex Polkinghorne, who have each so far answered 24 questions correctly.

Holland gets the first one right for only $3,000. The second correct answer yields better results, as he knocks out 23 for $23,000, and $25,000 total! Third question:

What is featured on the logo of Elmer's glue?

A: A mascot with an earring
B: A mascot with a nose ring
C: A mascot with a tongue ring

Holland Trusts the Mob....and most say B. The answer: B! 26 got it wrong for $26,000, and a total of $51,000 for him! Holland continues on.

Holland got the first $2,000 question right on money. Eight people missed it, giving him $16,000 and a total so far of $67,000. After that question, all of the Hooters girls are out of the game. Another 8 go down on the other $2,000 question, giving Holland $83,000 right now.
He continues, and we go to the question worth $3,000 a pop:

What is the stage name of Matthew Miller, the popular Orthodox Jewish Reggae/Rap star?

A: Matissyahu
B: Black Sheebas
C: Vanilla Iceberg

Holland polls the mob on A.....quite a few choose it. He agrees....RIGHT! Seven missed, worth $21,000, and a total right now of $104,000. Brad Rutter got KOed on this question.
He goes on, with 26 left. He immediately gets the $4,000 question right, and six got it wrong. That's $24,000 more, and he now has the Double Hal March Jackpot of $128,000!
He continues on to the $5,000 question:

You are a carpet salesman sent to completely cover the Earth's deserts; on which would you make the most money?

A: The biggest one in Africa
B: The biggest one in Asia
C: The biggest one in North America

Holland has a memory watching a documentary about the Sahara desert, and it saying it was the largest desert in the world. Knowing it may very well be in Africa, he says A right away....

....RIGHT! Eight missed it, giving him $40,000 and a total of $168,000! He continues on to the $6,000 question:

You touch your grandma's elbow and feel a spark, what do you have an excess buildup of, besides shame?

A: Protons
B: Neutrons
C: Electrons

He asks the mob. #39, Sid, says C on an alleged guess. #70 is Rick, and he said B because he knew about the nurse telling him so. Holland thinks Sid is playing mind games with him on not knowing the answer, so he goes with C......

.....C!! But only one missed that, giving him $174,000. HE......

...STOPS, and he is now the second biggest winner on the show so far! Congratulations! But just for fun, let's see what the $7,000 question would have been:

Which airline trades on the NYSE using the symbol "LUV"?

A: Lufthansa
B: Northwest
C: Southwest

He would have said C....and would have been right.....

....and he would have KOed four more (including Annie Duke, I do believe), and would have had $202,000. But $174,000 is not half bad!
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