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12/13/06 Results

TPIR: Not much happened in the first half of the show, as no games were won, though college student Daveon won $6,000 off the big wheel after almost conquering a near-impossible Pathfinder playing.

In the second half, we started out with William Pock, who played One Wrong Price for a bar set marked at $2,396, a motorscooter marked at $1,351, and a washer/dryer marked at $2,198. Pock's choice- the's $2,499 and he's the first winner of the day!

Next, we have Grady Thomas playing That's Too Much! for a Ford Escape XLS 4X2 (Std.). First price is $11,951....NO. Next price is $15,140.....NO. Next is $18,662.....NO. Fourth is $20,841.....THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!! The ARP: $19,805 and we have another winner!

Finally, Kara tried to make it a perfect second half by trying to win a new dining room worth $4,238 in Now or Then. Products in order, starting with the red wedge: Maxwell House Coffee marked at $3.99, Cascade marked at $3.09, the trimmer marked at $9.99, Citracal bites marked at $6.99, Capri Sun drinks marked at $2.29 and Jelly Belly jellybeans at $1.49.
She goes with the Cascade, and says $3.09 is a NOW's THEN. THEN today is September 1996, BTW. Next choice is the coffee, and she says NOW....right! At this point, she can win with the jellybeans and the Capri Sun, or with the trimmer, the Citrical and the Capri Sun. She goes with the jellybeans and says THEN....NOW. So she must get the reamining three right to win. We start with the trimmer, and she says NOW....NOW. On the Citracal, she says NOW again....and she's right again! Finally is the Capri Sun, and she says THEN....she wins!

In the second Showcase Showdown, Kara spins 70 and stops. William spins 20.....and 30 to send him home. Finally, Grady spins 20.....and 25, so Kara is in the Showcase.

In the first Showcase, we have the Buddy System. First, it's important to have a buddy work out without you while you work out with your new dumbbells. Next, it's important to have a buddy play with you on a new pool table. Finally, it's important to have a buddy direct you on the road with a new Buick Lecerne CXS (Std., Sunroof, Wheels, Nav., Confidence)! Daveon keeps this and bids $42,000. Kara goes for Every Trip in the House! The trips are to Savannah, GA.....Montreal.....Scotland....and Puerto Villarta! She bids $22,000.

ARP for Kara: $18,128, so she's over. ARP for Daveon: $4......4,694, meaning he WINS!!!!! Total, including the cash and the car- $52,120!

WWTBAM: Starting off the day is Sharon Jones. For $2,000:

What Internet slang term is said to have come from a Monty Python sketch in which the same word is repeated over and over?

A: Cookie
B: Spam
C: Blog
D: Emoticon

Jones asks the audience, and I know the answer. 77% agree with me on B. Jones agrees and is right. For $8,000:

Of the six New England states, which is the only one to share a border with four other such states?

A: Massachussetts
B: New Hampshire
C: Connecticut
D: Vermont

Jones uses the 50:50, leaving A and D. I think it's A. Jones agrees....and has $8,000! For $25,000:

In Physics, the Greek letter lambda is used to represent which of the following?

A: Acceleration
B: Wavelength
C: Frequency
D: Inertia

She calls Allen, who draws a blank. With that, she quits at $16,000. Answer: Wavelength.

Next is a weird name: Garrett Bowling! He gets to this $8,000 question:

An American cultural movement called the Harlem Rennaissance flourished during what decade?

A: 1890s
B: 1920s
C: 1950s
D: 1970s

Bowling asks the audience. 54% say B, while 22% say B and 21% say C. But he decides to stll go with B....and it's right! For $16,000:

Named 2005's "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society,"truthiness" was popularized by what late night talk show host?

A: Stephen Colbert
B: Conan O' Brien
C: Jon Stewart
D: David Letterman

I believe I know this, but he doesn't. He calls Brian, who says my answer, A! Bowling agrees and is right! For $25,000 and a chance to go for the big money tomorrow:

The international scientific unit named after Sir Isaac Newton is used to measure what physical property?

A: Energy
B: Pressure
C: Force
D: Inertia

I think it's C. The 50:50 leaves that and A. He says C.....and we're all right! He's coming back tomorrow to go for at least $50,000!

WOF: The players this show: Katy Pollock, Matt Davidson and Janet Sue. Round 1 category is Before and After. Pollock calls the H's and we have to start...

_ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _

_ H _ _ _ H _

She hits a Bankrupt on the next spin. Davidson calls three T's for $1,500. He then calls a G for $600, and hits Lose a Turn. Sue takes over and calls the D for $500, and now we have...

_ _ T

_ _ _ D

_ _ _

T H _ _ G H T

Sue calls the F's to get $1,800 more. She then spins the trip to New England and calls the R.
She then buys four O's, and calls the U. But she goofs by repeating the H next. Over to Pollock, who calls the C to get the Free Spin, and solves CAT FOOD FOR THOUGHT for $1,000 and $2,000 total.

Jackpot Round category is Fun and Games, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle. At one point, Sue has revealed....

_ _ _ R N I N G

_ _

_ _ _ _ R-S _ I

Her F call next is a dud. Pollock takes over and gives up her Free Spin after hitting Bankrupt. She reveals a lot more, but she hits Lose a Turn before being able to solve. Davidson picks up the Yankee Candle gift tag by calling the W, and solves LEARNING TO WATER-SKI to win the gift tag and a trip to Maui! Total for him: $9,200, and he leads.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Food and Drink. Board soon into Pollock's turn:

T _ _ _ _ _

A _ O _ A D O


_ A _ O N

_ _ _ _

S A N D _ I _ _

She calls four C's for $1,200 more. C is the first letter of the next to last word, but she spins Bankrupt next. Over to Davidson, who also hits Bankrupt. Sue calls a $300 W, and calls the H to get the Wild Card. She calls two U's. She then calls a $300 L, and $600 from two B's. She calls a $600 V, and uses the Wild Card, but she goofs by repeating C. Pollock solves TURKEY AVOCADE AND BACON CLUB SANDWICH to win $1,500 and $3,500 total.

Davidson adds on to his lead by solving CORNER OFFICE to go to $12,200. We go into Speed-Up Mode with an Occupation, and consonants are worth $1,600. Board when we go back to Pollock with $3,200 so far...

_ _ C _ _ N _ C _ _

_ N G _ N _ _ R

Pollock calls the P, which is a dud. Davidson calls the M, and solves MECHANICAL ENGINEER to win the match with $18,600. Sue has the $1,000 guarantee.

We seriously need a big win sometime in the next three days, including tonight, because we have started off VERY poorly. Let's see if Davidson can provide that boost in the bonus round.
He lands on the triple star. Category is Phrase. We start with:

_ R _ _ N _

_ _ L _

Davidson's choices are M, P, D and O and gets...

_ R _ _ N _

_ O L _

I thought it would be something that ended in OLD, but the D was a dud. It was CRYING WOLF, and after not getting this, he'll be crying wolf over not winning a Volvo XC90.
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