Thursday, December 14, 2006

12/14/06 Results

TPIR: In the second game of the day, Annie Arnette played Master Key for a Chevy Cobalt, along with a fireplace and a tennis ball machine. For the first small item, we have a pet brush. It's wither $31 or $10. Arnette says $31 and is wrong. For the other small item, we have a snowman teapot, and it's either $41 or $16. Arnette says $16....and is right! So she wins that, and selects key #2. Does it open the tennis machine...NO. Does it open the car.....NO. But does she at least win the fireplace.......NO!! She's been ZONKED, save for the teapot. I did laugh at what Bob did to the key when it was the ZONK key...he threw it down on the floor in disgust, and he may have broken it!

During the third Item Up for Bids, which was a navigation device, Kathy Greco had to swat a fly off of Bob's head! Paul Tucci won that, and played Grand Game. Target price is $5. Products: baking spray, yams, Tums, Pamprin sodium tablets, Squeegee and some index cards.
First pick is the cards, and they're 69 cents. Next is the yams....$1.29, so he's at $100. Next is the the Squeegee.....$5.99, so he ends at $100.

Arnette gets into the Showcase by spinning 95 cents.

Next is Rilo McGinty, who played Ten Chances for a board game, some table lamps and a Ford Ranger (Std., Wheels, Cruise/ Tilt, Stereo). The possible numbers for the game are 0, 3 and 5. First guess is $30, and of course he's right. For the lamps, the possible numbers are 0, 5, 7 and 8. First guess for that is $705....NO WAY. Second guess is $758, and that's also a total dud. Next is $750...NO. Next for chance five is $850....NO. He never gets the lamps right, which are $870. The truck was $15,280.

Still looking for a winner, as Mildred Bird Gray played Race Game for picture frames, a chair, some guitars, and a riding lawn mower. Prices are $414, $1,029, $1,450 and $1,748. She goes with $414 on the pictures, $1,029 on the guitars, $1,450 for the chair and $1,748 for the lawn right. She switches the prices she had on the guitars and the two are right. She then puts the $1,450 on the lawn mower, and the $1,748 on the guitars....WINNER!

Linda Hampton played Coming or Going last for a trip to Costa Rica. Choices are $6,014 and $4,106. Her guess is $4,106 (Going)....YES!

SSD2: McGinty spins 80 cents and quits. Gray spins 20....and 85 to be over by a nickel. Hampton spins 60....and 85, so McGinty goes to the Showcase.

Showcase #1 features reasons why Wanda is always worried at work. First, she might lose her Employee of the Month status because her other workers made more copies than she did on their new copy machine! Next, her bosses started to pay her cupcakes from their new kitchen!
And finally, her rent on her house is going way up, so she instead need to live in a new Chevy Impala (Std., Heater)! Arnette keeps it, but only bids $14,500. For McGinty, we have a bedroom, maid service and a pair of motorcycles. He bids $29,000, and I believe Arnette may be off the hook.

Her ARP: $24,414, a difference of $9,912. McGinty's ARP: $22,269, so Arnette wins and takes home $25,348.

WWTBAM: Garret Bowling is back with us to shoot for $50,000. Question:

In 2005, millionaire Judd Gregg won $853,000 in the Powerball lottery while serving as a Republican senator for what state?

A: Ohio
B: New Hampshire
C: Tennessee
D: Virginia

He says B....and that's $50,000! The $100,000 question he takes, after passing the first one:

The color "sepia" gets its name from the Latin word for what animal, whose selections were once used to produce sepia ink?

A: White-tailed deer
B: Cane toad
C: Muskrat
D: Cuttlefish

Bowling draws a gutter ball in his mind on this, so he stops with 50-grand. Answer here: D.

New player is Ross Wahlborg. For $8,000:

Named the world's unhappiest country in a 2006 poll, Burundi is a small landlocked nation of what continent?

A: Africa
B: Europe
C: Asia
D: South America

Wahlborg asks the audience, and 68% say A. He agrees.... and is right! For $16,000:

In 2002, the Dutch company Bugaboo introduced the Frog, a popular but pricey model of what accessory?

A: Crib
B: Wheelchair
C: Playpen
D: Stroller

Wahlborg calls Erin, a friend, who is having a baby. She says D, and is pretty sure. He agrees with her....and has $16,000! For $25,000:

In the classic tune, "What a Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong sings about seeing all but which of these things?

A: Skies of Blue
B: Trees of Green
C: Rays of Gold
D: Clouds of White

I think it's C. Wahlborg uses the 50:50, and it leaves B and C. Wahlborg agrees with me on C.....and we're right for $25,000! First question for $50,000 is about a former game show host:

In 2004, George Clooney's father Nick lost a U.S. Congressional election in what U.S. state?

A: Missouri
B: Kentucky
C: Ohio
D: Illinois

He switches out of this. Answer: B. Next:

Which of these countries does NOT currently have a female president?

A: Finland
B: Iceland
C: Chile
D: Ireland

He says D. The right answer does start with I......but it's B. So we won't have two $50,000 winners in the same show today.

Andrew Keil returns tomorrow to start at $4,000.

WOF: On what has been so far an AWFUL week, our contestants tonight were Paula Herka, Melissa Buyor and Joe Ferrera. First round category is Before and After. As soon as Buyor calls the four S's, we have...

_ _ N _ _ _

_ _ S _ N _ S S

_ A R _ S

Buyor then calls an L...dud. Over to Ferrera, who fails to get the Wild Card. Back over to Herka, who calls a B for $300, and then a C for $900. She then calls two E's, and then the one U, but soon gets the Lose a Turn, so its back over to Buyor. At this point, the important first word reads _ _ N _ E _. She calls a D for $300, and calls the I. She then calls the O and solves MONKEY BUISNESS CARDS to get on the board with $1,800.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. After Herka calls four S's, we have....

_ E

_ _ S S


S _ _ _ N _ S

_ N

T _

_ _ _

Herka calls three O's, and then the two A's. She calls the P to pick up a $4,500 New Englandish trip. She then calls the rest of the vowels and we now have...




S A _ I N _ S



_ O U

Henka then calls the G, and solves WE PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU to jump to $9,550 in cash and trip. She also won a Lobster Gram $1,000 Gift Cerificate.

$10,000 Mystery Round is our Prize Puzzle Round tonight. Category is Thing. Buyor lands on a Mystery Wedge right away, and gets three T's to show up. She decided to take the $3,000 buyout rather than flip the wedge over (which was a Bankrupt). When we get to Ferrera, he lands on $3,500 and calls two R's for $7,000, giving us this:

_ _ _ _ _ E T

_ _

_ R _ _ _ T

R E _

T _ _ _ _ S

He then calls a $450 D, and then buys two I's. A few turns later, he reveals this....

_ _ _ _ _ E T

_ _

_ R I _ _ T


T _ L I _ S

....but he loses his turn with a dud call of A. Over to Herka, who lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls one P, and obviously flips it over....but it's the same one we flirted with earlier, and thus it's a Bankrupt. Over to Buyor, who calls a $350 H, and then calls two important B's for $1,200. She then buys three U's. After calling the F, she solves BOUQUET OF BRIGHT RED TULIPS for $1,600 and a trip to Amsterdam. Total now for her: $7,900, and she trails by only $1,650.

In the $3,000 Toss-Up, Ferrera solves ARM WRESTLING to go to $5,000, and makes the match even tighter. Ferrera has most of the round, with this being revealed in Living Things:

M I N I A T _ R E

_ _ R _ E _

He strikes out again in picking up the Wild Card. After Herka calls another dud, we go to Speed-Up mode, with consonants being worth $1,400. Buyor calls the S's, both in the bottom word, and solves MINATURE HORSES to win the match with $10,700. Herka has $9,550 in stuff and Ferrera has $5,000 in cash.

We need a big win now in the worst way. Buyor just lands on the B at the last second. Remember the incident that happened earlier this week? It definitely landed on the B in BONUS this time. As for the puzzle, the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ N

_ _ _ _ _

Buyor's choices are D, G, P and O and we get...

_ _ N

_ O _ _ _

First guess of FUN HOUSE is wrong.....and that's all she comes up with. It was FUN something- FUN HOBBY. No $25,000 check for her. One more loss combined with the dreadful performances in the maingame and we will have one of the worst weeks in this show's history. Will someone salvage the week tomorrow? I hope so.
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