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12/15/06 Results- Disaster for WOF?

TPIR: To begin, Michelle York played Cover Up for a 2007 Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Stereo, Sealant, FabProt). Board:

First Number: 1 or 3
Second Number: 4, 8 or 9
Third Number: 0, 3, 5 or 9
Fourth Number: 0, 1, 2, 5 or 9
Fifth Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 7

First guess is $18,921, and is wrong. The first 1 and the 2 are right. Next guess is $14,527, and is wrong. Believe it or not, the 5 is right, so York is still in the game. Third guess is $19,524....9 is right this time. Last guess is.....oh wait a minute, Bob accidentally reveals the price before she got her last turn, which is $19,526. Obviously, she is given the car!

During the second IUFB, after Daniel Guiney bid $356 over Courtney Lane's $355 bid on a cappachino machine, Lane kicked him! Bob got quite a good laugh about that. Guiney won and played 1/2 Off for $10,000 and more. First pair of items are a spin brush at $15 and a potato masher marked at $35. Guiney says the spin brush is actually $30....but it's still $15, so nothing for that. Next is a Hummer bank at $25 and a sandwich maker at $23. Guiney says the bank is $50....and it is, so he wins those prizes and gets rid of eight boxes. Finally, the solitaire electronic game is $19, and the salt and pepper shakers are $10. Guiney says the shakers are $20.....right again for two more prizes and four more boxes are gone. Boxes left: 6, 7, 12 and 13. The 11 doesn't immediately go down, so Bob has to take the box off himself! Everything is going oddball today! He says 6.......would you believe it, it's 7 that had the cash?!? I never would have guessed that.

Anna from Ithaca next played for a snowmobile worth $6,598 in Bullseye. Products: Clorox sanitizing spray, water, Goldfish crackers, rice and VO5 shampoo. She says four rice would make the total fall under the $10-$12 range. Each one is $1.99, for a toal of $7.96. We start from scratch after each unsuccessful purchase here. Next choice is three bottles of water. Every one is $1.59, for a total of $4.77. Last choice is five sprays. Every one is...$2.99 for a total of....$14.95.
She can still win if the hidden bullseye is on the water or the rice. It's on.....the spray. Too bad.

In the first Showcase Showdown, Anna spins 75 and is done. Daniel spins 85 and is done. Michelle spins 50....amd 35 to tie. In the spinoff, Daniel spins 20 cents. Michelle spins.....a quarter to get into the Showcase!

Next up is Courtney Lane, after all the screwjobs she had to endure. She played for a spa in Squeeze Play. Setup, which should be very easy:


Did she know it was $6,995? NO. She guesses $6,595 instead.

Next was Bonnie Cherry, from the University of Arkansas. She played Line Em' Up for a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., Paint, AC, Airbags), along with a collection of table clocks, a batter dispenser, and a sofa. The board:

?- $629, Table Clocks
?- $36, Batter Dispenser
?- $963, Sofa

This should be the easiest setup in the world. Cherry, fortunately, knew what she was doing and said $16,390 for the car to win everything.

Last was Al Veyosa, who made the last person to come on down, Jennifer Boyles, quite upset after Veyosa one upped her $551 bid with $552 on two pictures of maps, despite Boyles's shrill yelling to the audience and other people in Contestant's row for Veyosa to not do such a thing.
Veyosa played for a dinette marked at $3,698 and a computer marked at $2,725 in Switch?
Veyosa switches the prices.....and wins!

SSD2: Lane spins the dollar right away! Veyosa spins 20....and doesn't get 80. Cherry spins 80.....but doesn't get the 20, so Lane gets her bonus spin on her own. Lane gets......15 for $5,000 more and a total of $6,000, and gets to face York in the Showcase!

First Showcase features things discovered when Phire plays with wallpaper. First, she designed her wreck room with some of the designs you might find in a new soda fountain. Next, she hangs designs on her wallpaper for the sunroom to remind her of the trip she took to Fiji! Finally, she designs her own room with several boats on her wallpaper, because she loves to ride on the water with her new Crownline 180 BR Ski Boat! Lane is passes this one, who bids $22,000. York goes for things inspired by little known periodicals. First, Field and Scream is about people who are horrified by a selection of horror DVDs. Next, Feeder's Digest is about those who love to eat food, especially from a new range! And finally, U.S. Cruise and World Report is about those who love to cruise down the roads in a new Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., AT, TALB)! York bids $28,000.

ARP for Lane: $45,893, a difference of $23,893. ARP for York: $28....730. If she had bid $500 more, she would have been the second biggest daytime winner in TPIR history. As it is, she wins $51,316, including two cars!

WOF: If you loyal Wheel fans have been watching like me this week, this week has so far been one of the WORST in recent memory. Let's see if we can end this train wreck on a good note.
Trying to make it happen are Mary Ann Buckley, Nick Wheeler and Chevellane Robinson.
Round 1 category is Song Title, and it's a Prize Puzzle round. When Buckley calls the N's, we have....

_ _ L _ _ N _

_ N

S _ N S _ _ N _

She then buys two I's. I have a bad feeling someone will say WALKING IN SUNSHINE, because it's wrong. She then buys the O in ON, so hopefully this will alleviate my fears. She then calls an $800 G, but loses her turn to Wheeler. He calls the W for $500, and a K for $2,500 more, and solves WALKING ON SUNSHINE for $3,000 and a trip to Mexico. Total for him now:

Round 2, Jackpot Round. Category is Person. After Buckley calls the D's, we have...

D E _ O T E D

_ _ S _ A N D


_ A T _ E _

She gets the Lose-a-Turn on her next spin, while Wheeler wheels the Bankrupt. Robinson calls two H's for $1,200. The H is the first letter of the second word, and it is the fourth letter of the final word, so we should be on to something. She picks up the New England trip by calling the F, and solves DEVOTED HUSBAND AND FATHER to win $6,850 in cash and trip and get on the board.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Phrase. Buckley calls four N's while on a Mystery Wedge and takes the $4,000 buyout, and is at $7,950 this round right now. Board:

I _

I T' S

N _ T

_ N _

T _ I N _

I T' S

_ N _ T _ _ _

She calls two H's for $800 more, calls a G for $900 more, and solves IF IT'S NOT ONE THING IT'S ANOTHER to jump into the lead with $10,650.

Chevellane solves JACKRABBIT to go to $9,850 and make this match even tighter, and she is in second place. After calling the O's, she has up there so far in the category of Thing:

_ O _ T _ _ T

_ E _ S

S O _ _ T _ O _

She calls the M....dud. Over to Buckley, who calls two L's for $1,200. She calls in the N's, and solves CONTACT LENS SOLUTION to increase her lead with a total now of $13,050. A few turns later in the final round, we go to Speed-Up with this showing in the category of Fun and Games:

_ _ _ _ _' S

L _ _ _ _ S S _

Consonants are worth $1,400. Buckley calls the T...dud. Wheeler says R and there's one, and he solves WOMEN'S LACROSSE to finish with $10,900 and second place. Mary Ann Buckley is our champ with $13,050.

Now, it's time to get serious. If there is a loss in this bonus round, not only will we have our second WIPEOUT in three weeks, we will have one of the lowest weekly totals I can recall in about many years. Let's see if Buckley gets with the program. She spins the 1. Category is Living Thing. We start with...

_ E _ _ E _ _ _

....I know this already. Hope she knows. She picks C, D, M and I and gets...

_ E D _ E _ _ _

...does she know HEDGEHOG????.....

....NO!!!!!! SKUNKED AGAIN!!!!! Yeah, she only lost $25,000, but still, this was a very depressing loss, and a very depressing week. We gave away just $124,350, which I do believe is a record low, at least for the current Wheel format with the three toss-ups. Given what happened last week, I can't really put all the blame on the contestants. This week was an absolute disgrace. That said, I know next week will be better. Hopefully, it will be a whole lot better, too.

WWTBAM: Back with us is Andrew Keil. For $8,000:

Which of these band names does not feature the name of a chemical element?

A: Iron Maiden
B: Steely Dan
C: Golden Earring
D: Nickelback

Keil uses the 50:50, which leaves B and D. Keil then says B....and is right! For $16,000:

Despite having the word "fly" in their name, fireflies are actually what kind of insect?

A: Cicada
B: Beetle
C: Moth
D: Gnat

Keil asks the audience. 59% say B, and 21% say A. Not helpful enough, so Keil calls Dr. Shore,
who says c, but obviously is not sure. Keil decides to go with the audience on B....and he's right!
He stops after that.

Next is Katie Murray. She got to this $8,000 question:

Which of these unpleasant words is also the term for a flock of crows?

A: Slaughter
B: Torture
C: Murder
D: Famine

Murray asks the audience. 44% say A, 34% say C and 17% say D. Not happy with those results, she calls John, who draws a blank. Instead of using the 50:50, she goes with the audience's majority of A....but it's C. If she had used the 50:50, things might have worked out better. Instead, she has to go home with $1,000.

Matt Septynski will be back next time after getting to $2,000.
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