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12/18/06 Results- TPIR Christmas Week '06, "Identity" debut

TPIR: To start, we had Carol Newman play Triple Play for a Dodge Caliber SE (Std., AC), a Ford Focus Wagon (Std., AT) and a Pontiac Grand Prix (Std.). For the first car, we have $14,150 and and $18,962. Newman picks $14,150 and is right, with the ARP being $14,985. For the station wagon, we have $14,562, $16,014 and $19,950 as choices. Newman picks $16,014 and is right again, with the ARP being $18,200! For the last car, we have $17,250, $19,691, $21,161 and $23,881 as choices. Newman picks....

....$23,881, and is wrong. The ARP is $22,245.

Next is Cyreeta Sharpe, who played Plinko! She manages to get all four small prizes, thus giving her the full five chips! Her first chip goes in....$10,000! Second chip lands in....the right $1,000 slot! Third chip lands in the right $100 slot. Fourth chip lands in.....nothing. Last chip goes in....
the right $100 slot again, giving her $11,200 in cash! Sharpe wins another $1,000 on the Big Wheel and heads to the Showcase!

Her Showcase Opponent: Marcus Nichols, part of America's Armed Forces. He played Pick-a-Pair for a trip to Brazil. Products are salad dressing, a big bag of cat food, Campbell's Soup, St. Joseph's asprin, shampoo and salad beans. Nichols picks the salad beans, which are 99 cents. He thinks the soup is 99 cents.....but it's $2.99! He tries again with $2.99, and thinks the dressing is $2.99.....and it is! I think he was robbed on the first turn, but he won anyway!

First Showcase consisted of some flowers, a living room and a trip to Monte Carlo. Sharpe passes to Nichols, who bids $15,100. Sharpe's showcase consists of Santa's New Year's Resolutions. First, Santa makes sure to have more relaxing time in his new Bullfrog spa. Second, he vows to makes delivering presents easier by compiling all the lists the kids send him on his new computer. And finally, instead of using his sleigh to deliver some gifts, he vows at times to deliver gifts in his new Ford F-150 (Std., AC)! Sharpe bids $32,100.

ARP for Nichols: $18,206, a difference of $3,106. ARP for Sharpe: $3.........3,917, winning with a difference of $1,817, and wins $48,288 in cash and prizes! Nichols leaves with $8,705.

WWTBAM: Last week of shows before the two-week holiday break. Returning from last week is Matt Septynski. He gets up to this $16,000 question:

The title of an environmentally-themed documentary asks the qustion "Who Killed the" what?

A: Spotted Owl
B: Ozone Layer
C: Tree-bugger
D: Electric Car

Septynski asks the audience, but it provides some nasty numbers. 38% say B, 32% say D and 27% say A. He then uses the 50:50, which leaves A and D. He then calls Tom, who says A, but it's just a guess. I think D is more logical. He goes with D....he's right! For $25,000:

Launched in 1990, Operation Desert Shield involved the employment of U.S. ground foreces into what country?

A: Saudi Arabia
B: Jordan
C: Afghanistan
D: Syria

He thinks it's C.....but it was only a guess, as it's wrong. Correct: Saudi Arabia. He leaves with $1,000.

Next up is Dave Ernay. He uses the audience to get the first question right. We then zoom to his $8,000 question:

In 1997, Madeline Albright became the first woman to hold what government post?

A: Chief of Staff
B: Secretary of Defense
C: Attourney General
D: Secretary of State

He guesses D.....right! Next, for $16,000:

By definition, a moraine is a pile of debris left behind by what natural phenomenon?

A: Tornado
B: Glacier
C: Volcano
D: Earthquake

He phones Neil, a professor at the University of Northwestern. He says glacier, but runs out of time before he says how sure he was. He takes a risk and says B....and he was sure, because they're right! For $25,000:

In the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, "What's Opera, Doc", Elmer Fudd sings "Kill the Wabbit" to the tune of what melody?

A: Ride of the Valkaries
B: William Tell Overture
C: 1812 Overture
D: Fight of the Bumblebee

Ernay uses the 50:50, leaving A and B. I think it's A, because it's too obvious it's B. It's not helpful enough, so he stops. It was A.

George Thomas will be back tomorrow after getting his first $1,000.

WOF: After an atrocious week last week, anything good this week will be an improvement, but I have a feeling this week will be better anyway. We start with Evelyn Calvoni, Linda Arnold and Jeff Hinks. Hinks is asked to do a Charlie O' Donnell impression, but he can't do it, and he feels he could replace him soon. Anyway, Round 1 category is Before and After. Hinks lands on $2,500 and calls two S's for $5,000, giving us....

_ _ T _ R

S _ A _ _

_ _ A T _ R

He calls four E's, giving us now...

_ _ T E R

S _ A _ E

_ E A T E R

He picks up the Wild Card by calling the P, and solves OUTER SPACE HEATER to win $4,750 and a total of $6,750.

Next category is Song Title. The Mystery Round is our Prize Puzzle round, coming up.
Hinks hits the Jackpot space (a $500 space also, as you know) quite a few times, but can't solve the puzzle, as it's early. After the last Jackpot landing by him, we have...

E _ E R _ T _ I N _


_ _


_ _


F _ R

_ _ _

I think I know what this is. Hinks calls two D's for $1,200, and solves EVERYTHING I DO I DO IT FOR YOU to go to $8,450.

Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food and Drink. The Mystery Wedge picked up by Calvoni early on was a Bankrupt, so the $10,000 is out of play. A few minutes later, we're back to Calvoni, who turns up this after a few vowel calls....

_ _ R N E D

_ E E _


_ A _ _ A _ E

Should know this by now. She calls the B's and solves CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE to score $2,700 and a trip to Ireland! Total now: $9,591.

Hinks takes back the lead by solving FURNITURE MAKER, and now has $11,450.

He loses the Wild Card right off the bat, however, while trying to solve an On The Map puzzle.
We go to Speed-Up mode now, with this showing...

_ _ _ T I M _ R E

M _ R _ _ _ N _

Consonants are worth $1,400. Calvoni calls the L's, and solves BALTIMORE MARYLAND to win the match with $13,791! Arnold has the $1,000 guarantee.

Why this week is shaping up to be so much better this week: One of the prizes this week in addition to all the cash is a Winnebago motorhome! Also out there is a Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible. Calvoni lands on the dollar sign. It's a Phrase, and we start with....

_ _ T

_ N _

_ _ _ _ _

I think the first word's OUT, but I know it's not OUT AND ABOUT. Calvoni's choices are C, M, B and A and gets...

_ _ T

A N _

_ _ M _ _

She draws a blank. The H's and the D's might have helped- HOT AND HUMID was it. She doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Our challengers are Jody Callahan and Steve Unite, and our champ is Paula Frome.
Unite has the early lead with $2,800 into the first break. Unite and Frome fight over correct responses in Fruit Bowl, and Unite still leads. But Frome hits the Daily Double in Neckwear. With Frome having $3,400 to Unite's $5,000 at this point, she bets $400 on this:

The name of this long scarf made of feathers or fur is from the Latin for "Water Adder".

"What's a boa?".....right to go to $3,800. Unite adds on to his lead as the round ends, as he leads $6,400 to Fromes's $3,800 and Callahan's $2,400.

Unite finds the first Daily Double under "H" ealth and Medicine. With $9,600 to Frome's $6,200, he bets $1,400 on this:

It's the branch of medicine that studies blood and blood-forming tissues.

"What is Hemotology?"....$11,000 is his! In the middle of the round, he gets into a roll, and gets as high as $16,200 before Callahan gets the first three clues in 'Allo Governor to try to make things interesting. But Unite gets the $1,600 clue in that to go to $17,800, and gets the $2,000 clue to go to $19,800. With three clues remaining, Frome's trying to find that Daily Double, as she trails with her $10,200 to Unite's $19,800, and Callahan's the odd man out so far with $5,600. She tries the $2,000 clue in The King is, and Callahan gets the $2,000 clue there to go up to $7,600. Unite knows something about "Heartbreak Hotel" to go to $21,400, and the chance to tackle the other Daily Double in Long Live the King. He bets.......$5. Alex is speechless! But it will put this game away, you know. The clue:

In 1964 Elvis bought a yacht owned by this ex-president for $55,000, then donated it to the March of Dimes.

"Who is FDR?"....Game all but over!

FJ! category: 20th Century Playwrights.

2006 marks the centennial of this absurdist known for his sometimes bleak outlook; he was born on Good Friday, the 13th.

Callahan says "Who is Albee" He loses $3,000, and is down to $4,600. Frome writes "Who was Ionesco?"....also wrong. But she risks the oddball amount of $180! She's down to $10,020. $5 man Unite writes "Who is Beckett?"....RIGHT, so he's definitely the new champ with $22,404.

DOND: Returning is Brian Miller from NYC, who came off a disasterous third round. Let's see if there's better luck for him tonight.

Round 4: Miller picks #24......$400,000, and the bad luck continues. Next pick is #23......$10! Final pick is #7......$25! Nice recovery. $750,000's the only really big amount on the board. Offer: $39,000. Miller says.....NO DEAL.

Round 5: Miller picks #10 first......$300. Other pick is #8.....$400. Good round. Offer is now: $67,000. Miller says.....DEAL!

What could have happened: He would've knocked out the $750,000 right away, so we have a perfect deal for the second show in a row! Good job, Brian! He had $75, BTW.

Next: Shala Ellis. For her case, she chooses #23.

Round 1: Ellis's first pick is #9......$50! Second pick is #19....$5! Third pick is #22.....$500. Fourth pick is #14......$750,000. Fifth pick is #20.....$50,000. Last pick is #16......$10.
First offer she says NO DEAL to: $22,000.

Round 2: Ellis picks #13.....$1,000. #21 is second.....$1,000,000. But she does knock out the $1, $25 and $400 threafeter. Offer is now: $37,000, and she says NO DEAL.

Round 3: She eliminates $75, $5,000, $25,000, and $300,000. Offer is now.....$45,000. NO DEAL.

Round 4: $200, $10,000 and $100,000 are out. Offer is now: $71,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: She takes out the penny, along with $75,000. Offer is now: $115,000. NO DEAL.

One case at a time mode now. Left are $100, $300, $750, $200,000, $400,000 and $500,000.

Ellis picks #1.....$300! Offer is now: $149,000. NO DEAL.

Ellis then picks #18.....$750! Offer is now: $264,000!! Take the deal, ma'am! She......

.....DOES! Her case had the $200,000. If she had gotten to the final two cases, she could have had a $352,000 deal. But since I knew she wasn't winning too much money because of the Christmas show starting out fresh next week, it doesn't really matter.
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