Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12/20/06 Results

It's going to be tough to follow what happened yesterday, but here it goes:

TPIR: To start, Tijuana Bradley played Most Expensive for a cradle, a replica gas pump and some luggage. Bradley's choice is the luggage......NO WAY. The most expensive was the cradle at $3,225, so even I was wrong (I chose the gas pump).

Christian Mueller was next. He played 3 Strikes for a Cadillac CTS. Numbers are 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9. First draw is.....the 9, and he chooses the third digit, but is wrong. Second draw is the 2, and selects the first digit....NO WAY. Third draw is 8, and he chooses the second Fourth draw is the eight again, and he selects the third Fifth draw is the 4, and he selects the first's the 3 instead. Sixth draw is the 4 again, and he chooses the second digit.....NO. Seventh draw is the 3, and he lights it up as the third digit ($ 3 _ , _ _ _). Eighth draw is the 2, and he says second digit....yes ($ 3 2, _ _ _)! Ninth draw is the 4, and he chooses the third digit....YES ($ 3 2, 4 _ _)! Mueller draws the 8, and says fourth digit....YES ($ 3 2, 4 8 _)! We know it's $32,489, but in order to claim the Cadillac, he needs to draw the 9 first. He........DOESN'T DO IT!!!! DARN!!!!

Next is Sally Daismund, who played Punch-a-Bunch. First small item is the cereal dispenser, and the wrong price is $50. She says lower and she's right, as it's $40. Next is a minature sleigh, and its wrong price is $38. She says lower.....wrong, as it's $50. Next is a minature jukebox, with its wrong price being $60. She says higher and it's $90, so she gets that and another punch. Last small prize is a hand mixer, and its wrong price is $100. She says lower and is right again, as its price is $80. She punches holes #19, #22 and #4. Starting with #19.....$10,000 on the spot!!

SSD1: Mueller, trying to rebound from that heartbreaking 3 Strikes, spins 30.....and 65 for 95 cents total. Bradley spins 30......and 35 for just 65. Daismund spins 85......and 15, and we have another heartbreaker for Mueller! What a disappointing day for him. Daismund in her bonus spin spins no more money, but thanks to her Pricing Game, she has $11,000 anyway.

Paul was next with quite a formal suit, and played Squeeze Play for a digital piano. Setup:


His guess is $4,995....right!

Next is Kathleen, who played Money Game for a Chevy Equinox LS 4X2 (Std., Airbags, Prots). Middle number is 5. Numbers are: 23, 35, 88, 95, 51, 22, 21, 73 and 60. She picks 35.....$35.
She picks 23....that's the front of the car ($ 2 3, 5 _ _ ). She picks 51 next, and that's $51 more for $86. She picks 60 for $60 more. Last choice is....

....88, and she wins just $234. The price was $23,573.

Marcia, after winning the last game of the day, Hi-Lo, gets into the Showcase.

First Showcase consists of ways the girls could deliver christmas gifts. First, Lanisha could deliver gifts with a new trike. Second, since Gabrielle lives in a marina, she can deliver gifts to them with a new 8" sailboat. And finally, Rachel, with big gifts, has to deliver them with her new TrailManor trailer! Sally passes to Marcia, who bids $17,500. Second Showcase observes Lanisha spinning a weird slot machine. First, she spins three Statues of Liberty, which means a trip to New York! Second, she spins three kangeroos, which means a trip to Austrailia! And finally, she spins three kimonos, which means a trip to Japan! She bids $21,000.

ARP for Marcia: $26,534, a difference of $9,034. ARP for Sally: $26,399, meaning she wins with a difference of $5,399, and a total of $38,359 in cash and prizes!

WWTBAM: Jeanette Wallace is back trying for $50,000 in holiday cash. After switching out the first question, he gets this:

In 1998, Congress recognizedd the towns of Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA as the "Birthplace Of" what?

A: Night baseball
B: Ice cream sundaes
C: Drive-in theatres
D: Country music

Guess is D.....$50,000! For $100,000:

The Earth is currently in the midst of what geologic era?

A: Mesozoic
B: Paleozoic
C: Proterozoic
D: Cenozoic

I think I remember it's A. She's leaning towards D, but stops. Unfortunately, it was D, so she could have doubled again, but $50,000 is not bad for a Christmas present!

Rich DiLonardo is next. First question of note, for $8,000:

In the 2006 comedy, "Talledega Nights", Will Ferrell's character has two trash-talking sons with what TV-inspired series?

A: "Dukes of Hazzard"
B: "Walker and Texas Ranger"
C: "Starsky and Hutch"
D: "Jake and the Fatman"

DiLonardo asks the audience, and 60% say B. He goes with that....and is right! For $25,000:

With a team of colleagues, what scientist proposed that a nuclear war would cause a catastrophobic "nuclear winter" around the world?

A: Stephen Hawking
B: Enrico Fermi
C: Carl Sagan
D: Richard Feynman

He uses the 50:50, leaving C and D. He then calls Bob, a retired engineer. He says C, but isn't sure. With that, DiLonardo stops. For the second straight time, one could have won more money, as C was the right answer.

Our last player today is Jason Kim. For $8,000:

Which of these geographical formations is often referred to as a "cay"?

A: River basin
B: Small, sandu island
C: Narrow mountain pond
D: Secluded valley

Kim asks the audience, and 87% say B. Kim agrees and is right! For $16,000:

Wearing lingerie and heels, who retired from modeling in 2005 after a final strut down the runway for Victoria's Secret?

A: Tyra Banks
B: Gisele Bundchen
C: Heidi Klum
D: Naomi Campbell

Kim uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. He then phones Chris, who says A. That's my answer.
He says that and will be back tomorrow to maybe go for the big money!

WOF: I told you this week was going to be much better, and it sure has, if yesterday's show proved anything. Tonight's players are Larry Deener (in the blue), Shaylawnda Davis and Barbara Wahlberg. Round 1 category is Same Name. Wahlberg picked up the $10,000 space by calling the R. At that point we have....

_ R _ _ T &

_ _ _ T

_ _ _ _ _

She calls the S to pick up the XM Satelite Radio prize package. She then calls the E, but loses her turn with the A call. Over to Deener, who calls a dud of N. Over to Davis, who calls one P for $900, but calls a dud of U. Back to Wahlberg, who calls two L's for $1,200, and we now have....

_ R _ _ T &

_ E L T

L _ _ P S

Her call of M is a dud. Back to Deener, who calls the F for $450 more. He calls the B for $300, and solves FRUIT & BELT LOOPS to win $1,000 and get $2,000.

Jackpot Round category is Place. After Deener calls the G, we have...

_ I N I N G

_ A _

_ N


_ _ _ S S-

_ _ _ N T _ _

T _ A I N

Deener calls four R's for $2,200, and calls three O's, and now have....

_ I N I N G

_ A R



_ R O S S-

_ O _ N T R _


He says DINING CAR ON A CROSS-COUNTRY TRAIN....yes indeed! He won $4,400, and now has $6,400 and the outight lead.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. After Deener calls the T's and the E's (he earned $10,500 for the T's), we have....

T _ E

_ L _ _ _

S T _ T E

He calls the A's, and solves THE ALOHA STATE to win the trip to Hawaii and $10,000! Total for him now: $22,929.

Davis gets on the board after taking a good risk on MEAL DEAL (it could've been REAL DEAL) for $3,000. After calling the E's, we have in Proper Name....

_ _ _ A R

_ _ N N E R

N _ _ _ L A _

_ A _ E

She calls a dud of M. Over to Wahlberg, who also does a dud with T. Back to Deener, who calls the S's, and solves OSCAR WINNER NICHOLAS CAGE to win another grand and go to $23,929.

Speed-Up Mode with a Thing. Consonants are worth $1,300. When Davis calls two P's, she has $5,200 and this:

T _ L _ P _ _ _ _

P _ L _

She can't solve, but Wahlberg does after calling the H, saying TELEPHONE POLE to win $1,300 and finish with $3,300. Davis has $3,000, and Deener is our champ with $23,929.

We gave away the motorhome last night. Can we give it away again, or will Deener be lucky enough to get the other big thing this week- $100,000? Let's find out. He spins the A in CASH. Category is Thing. Starting with:


T _ _ _ T

_ R _ _

Deener's choices are C, D, M and O and we get...


T _ _ _ T

_ R _ _

.....nada. It was A TIGHT GRIP. He doesn't win another $45,000. Needed at least the I's.

Jeopardy!: Sherri Schottlaender and Jen Anders challenged our two-day champ, Steve Unite.
Unite finds the Daily Double in Round 1 under the last clue of December to Remember. He risks $1,000 of his $2,600 on this:

Portugal gave up its last colony on December 20, 1999, when it turned over this territory to China.

"What is Macao?".....yes! He gets another $1,000 clue right to lead with $4,600 heading into the first break.

Johnny Gilbert had a ball reading the lyrics of rap songs, and players had to ID the rapper.
Unite wished there had been more of those clues. Unite dominates after this round, leading $9,200 to Schottlaender's $1,800 and Anders's $800.

Anders, when she got to $3,000, hit the Daily Double in Renaissance Men. She wagered only $500:

Benedetto Dei, a merchant of this city, bragged in a letter that it "is more beautiful and 540 years older" than Venice.

"What is Florence?"....should've wagered more, because she's right.

Anders hits the other Daily Double, but only has $800. She bets the whole thing, and gets the clue right to double to $1,600. But Unite has enough dominance to lock this game up with $18,800, while Anders made quite a comeback late and has $7,200, and Schottlaender has $5,500.

FJ! is in Technology:

A famous first one of these was sent May 24, 1844, & a famous last one, January 27, 2006.

Correct: What is a telegram?

Schottlaender says that, and goes up to $10,950. Anders says "What is telegraph message", but its accepted and she goes up to $11,001. Unite says telegraph and wins $22,000 today, and $64,404 for three days.
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