Thursday, December 21, 2006

12/21/06 Results

To start, Sara Hecht played 1/2 Off. First small items are a snowman dish at $20 and a football shaped slow-cooker at $6. Her pick is the slow cooker and of course it's $12! Next items are a shaving system marked at $114 and a pair of walkies talkies at $28. She picks the walkie talkies and of course is right again, as they're $56. Final pair of items are the pet brush at $10 and the cooling system at $15. Hecht says the cooling system, and she wins all six small prizes! Now, to win the money. Left are boxes 4 and 9. Her choice is 9. It has.......NOTHING!! Darn!

Allen Lentz is next. He plays Ten Chances for a buffet station, luggage and a Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Security, Mats, Stereo). For the buffet station, we have 0, 5 and 8 as the possible numbers. He screws up with $85 and $58 on his first two guesses. Then he says $80....$50. So he uses up the max four guesses on the first prize. For the luggage, we have 0, 4, 5 and 6 as the possible numbers. He first says $465 and is wrong. He then says $460 and is wrong again. He says $ He says $650....NO! He says $640 on chance nine.....YES! One shot only at the car. The numbers are 0, 2, 3, 4 and 7. He says $23,470.....YES!!! Great win!

Stacy Williamson then plays Range Game for a T16 Travel Trailer. The base price on the range is $14,000. She stops the range at about $14,310-$14,460. ARP: $14.......195. I would've lost too.

At the wheel, Hecht spins 20.....and 15 for 35 cents total. Williamson spins 60 and stops. Lentz spins 70 and is in the Showcase!

Joseph Tony, a U.S. Marine, is next, playing Switch? for a chair marked at $2,899, and a home gym marked at $1,582. Tony decides to switch the prices.....and wins!

Chelsea is next playing for a trip to Copenhagen in Grocery Game. Products: Glad wrap, yams, jalepeno sunflower seeds, HBP medicine and Pringles. First purchase is one HBP, which is $5.99. Second purchase is two wraps. Each one is $2.99, and two is $5.98. Total: $11.97. She then buys eight sunflower seed bags. Each one is $1.09; eight is $8.72, for a total of......$20.69! I got worried on that last purchase, but it worked out!

Last is a very dangerous Charlene, playing for a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., Paint, AC, Airbags, Heater) in Dice Game. Unofrtunately (but lucky for Bob), she says lower on the second digit after rolling a 5, and she immediately loses. ARP: $16,425.

At the wheel, Charlene spins 50....and 90 to send her home with parting gifts. Joseph spins 95 and stays. Chelsea spins 80.....and 95 to send Tony into the Showcase to face Lentz in the Showcase!

First Showcase reveals things Santa's reindeer are thinking. First, Donner complains how cold the North Pole can be. He wishes Santa had provided the reindeer with some new parkas. Second, Blitzen complains about the overheating he gets from the sleigh pulling, and wishes they had instead been pulled by a pair of motorcycles. And finally, Rudolph has been seeing oceans, and would like to see them while on a new Reinell Ski Boat! Tony is given this one, and he bids $26,000. For Lentz, he goes for a dining room, chocolate strawberries for a year and a new snowmobile. He bids $7,250, and Tony is in real good shape.....

....BUT HE STILL LOSES, $8,085-$9,285! Darn. Well, Lentz takes home a total of $41,295!

WOF: Tonight, our players are Patricia Stengel (got both of first Toss-Ups), Doug Bok and Staci Thompson. Round 1 category is Phrase, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. After Stengel calls the S's, we have....


_ E A S T

_ _ _


S E _ S E S

Stengel then calls two F's to get the Wild Card, calls a $300 N, and solves A FEAST FOR THE SENSES to win $2,500 and a trip to Portugal. Total now: an even 10 grand.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. Stengel uses the Wild Card while the Wheel was on $550, and only had $550 at that point! Ugh. But she's off the hook, as she hits Bankrupt two spins later. Soon, after she calls the G, we have...

G R _ _ _

_ O _ T

C _ _ T _ _ N

She calls the P and four A's, but still spins. She then fills in the B and the I, but spins again. She hits Jackpot, but calls a dud in M. Bok hits Jackpot and fills in the V for $500, and solves GRAVY BOAT CAPTAIN to win $11,700 just like that! He's got the lead.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Event. After Stengel fills in the E's and the A's, we have....

_ E _ I T I N G


_ _ E _ G E

_ _

A _ _ E G I A N _ E

This puzzle is to you, America. She calls a $300 P, fills in three L's for $1,200, and gets two C's for $7,000 more! She solves RECITING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE for $12,450 and a $1,000 Garmin gift certificate! Total: $23,450.

Bok solves CONCORD NEW HAMPSHIRE quickly to go up to $14,700.

Speed-Up mode with Fun and Games. Board at this point, with consonants worth $1,450 apiece:

_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ E _ _ _ _

_ _ R _ _

After Bok calls the S's, we now have....

_ _ _ _ E _ T _ N G

B _ S E B _ _ _

_ _ R _ S

For $4,550....COLLECTING BASEBALL CARDS is it! He finishes with $19,250. Thompson gets the $1,000 consolation prize, and Stengel is our champ with $23,450!

Stengel spins the N in BONUS. Category is Thing. We start with:

_ _ _ _ L _

_ _ _ _ E T

Stengel's choices are M, J, H and O and we have...

_ _ M _ L _

_ _ _ _ E T

I believe it's FAMILY something. She says HUMBLE stuff instead. It was FAMILY something- FAMILY BUDGET. She is not the second motorhome winner this week.

Jeopardy!: Steve Unite defends this time against Jane Glass and Max Joel. Christmas History was a category in Round 1, as well as a category about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Joel finds the Daily Double at the end of Christmas History, and doubles his $800. Unite gets most of the clues in College Team Mascots (my type of category) to go to $4,200. He goes up to $5,800 before the first break. With only the Macy's category remaining, Unite goes up to $10,400. Unite gets just the last clue in that to finish the round with $12,400, while Joel has $2,000 and Glass is $200 in debt.

The challengers try to make things interesting in the middle of the DJ! round. After Movie Jack Pot, Glass has $6,200 and Joel has $6,000. Joel hits the first Daily Double in U.S. City History. With $7,600 at this point to Glass's $6,600, and Unite leading with 18 large, he bets $4,000:

It was offically declared the capital of a kingdom 109 years before it became a state capital.

He says.....nada. What is Honolulu? He's down to $3,600. He makes up $1,000 on the other Daily Double in Verbs, but still only has $2,600 at that point. When the round ends, Unite has it locked up with $21,200, while Glass is still with $6,600 and Joel with $3,000.

FJ! is in The Middle East:

By tradition, this nation's President is a Maronite Christian, the P.M. a Sunni and the speaker of the Parliment a Shiiite.

Correct: What is Lebanon?

Joel has that and adds $500. Glass has Egypt, but only loses $500 to likely finish in second with $6,000. Unite has Lebanon and finishes with $22,400 today, and $86,804 for four days. Is he the second five-game winner of the season? Find out Friday!
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