Friday, December 22, 2006

12/22/06 Results

TPIR: It's the big finale of Christmas Week! To start, walking the Golden Road is Daniel Duran, who after winning the annual Christmas tree bid, played for some Christmas figurines, a dinette set, and worth more than $56,000, a Chevy Corvette 3LT (Std., AT, Wheels, Z51, Prots)! First, the beans at the start are worth 61 cents. For the figurines, we have $ _ 9 2, and the choices of 6 or 1. He picks 6, and of course is right! For the dinette, we have $2, _ 6 4, and the choices of 2, 6 or 9. After some thought, he picks 9 and of course is right again! For the Corvette, we have
$56,_ 35, and the choices of 2, 4, 6 or 9. Duran's choice is 4 (thus a guess of $56,435, which was my guess too).....

.....but it's $56,235. Darn.

Claudia Ruiz next played for $10,000 in the Grand Game. Target is $5. Products: Clorox wipes, salad beans, jam, rice, VO5 Shampoo and Azo medicine. First pick is the salad beans, which are 99 cents. Second pick is the jam, which is $3.35. Third pick is the wipes, which are $5.49, so she finishes with $100. The rice was $1.99, the shampoo was $2.39 and the medicine was $6.99.

Valerie Gibbons then played Balance Game for a trip to St. Thomas. The last three digits are 976. The available bags are $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000. She picks the $2,000 and the $4,000 bags, creating a price of $6,976. The scale is......underbalanced. ARP: $7,976.

SSD1: Ruiz goes over with $1.10. Gibbons spins 50.....and 60 to immediately send Duran into the Showcase!

His opponent there was Christie Jones, who UNDERBID on a Mustang in one of her favorite games, That's Too Much!

First Showcase consists of a bedroom and a spa. Jones is given this one and bids $14,525. Duran sees Santa in an akaward position. First, his mother tries to have close contact with him on their new cell phone. Then, she says he could lose weight with a new excersise trainer. Finally, instead of delivering gifts with a sleigh, he can do so in a new Lincoln Town Car (Std., Stereo)! He bids $32,000, and he loses. Jones wins her Showcase and $19,970, while Duran leaves with $5,479.

WWTBAM: Bonnie Hanlon is back on their final show before holiday break. She got to $2,000 on the last show. For $4,000:

The concert films "Delirious" and "Raw" feature memorable stand-up comedy routines by whom?

A: Richard Pryor
B: Andrew Dice Clay
C: Sam Kinison
D: Eddie Murphy

She calls her dad, Bill, who says D. She says that and is right! Next, for $8,000:

What state's capital and largest city sits on the shores of Narragansett Bay?

A: Rhode Island
B: Maine
C: Massachussetts
D: Delaware

Hanlon uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. She says A, and is right! Meredith Viera is from that state! She gets the $16,000 question right before stopping.

Zakiyyah Malik is next. She had to use the audience lifeline on the first question! She eventually bombed out on the $16,000 question and left with $1,000.

A Virginian, Faith Martin from Tappahannock, is our last player today. She had to ask the audience to get the $1,000 question right. After getting to $2,000, time runs out. She will return on January 8th to continue on.

WOF: Tonight, we have Michael Goldwyn, Joanne Yoder and Mary Sagal. Round 1 category is the easiest of them all, IMO: Rhyme Time. After Goldwyn calls the A's, we have:

_ _

_ _ _ E

_ E


_ _ M E

_ _ E _

T _ E

_ _ _ _ A _ _

_ _ A M

The K was a dud. Yoder picks up the Free Spin after calling the H's, and has to use it after hitting a Lose-a-Turn. She calls a dud in C. Sagal gets Bankrupt. Goldwyn screws up on the puzzle guess. Yoder calls the R's, buys the I, gets a W and a G, and solves OH GIVE ME A HOME WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM to win $2,050.

Jackpot Round category is Things. Soon, after we get to Yoder, we have:

_ _ R _

_ _ R _ _ _ E _ N

_ R E E _ E S

I know this, and I know where the winner of this round will be going. After calling the B's and the A's, she solves WARM CARIBBEAN BREEZES to win cash and a trip to the Caribbean. She now leads with $12,550.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Where Are We?, with the bonus question attached.
Late in the round, the board looked like:

_ A S _ I N G T O N

T O _ R

G R O _ _ S

O _ A _

O _ _ I _ E &



Yoder controlled at this point. She called a $300 H, and two U's, wiping out the vowels. She calls a $900 W. She calls a $300 P and an L, and solves WASHINGTON TOUR GROUPS OVAL OFFICE & ROSE GARDEN for $3,250, but doesn't know they all add up to White House, saying D.C. instead. Her total: $15,800.

Goldwyn solves ROTTWEILER for $3,000 and $6,000 total.

Speed-Up mode with On the Map, and consonants worth $1,400 apiece. Board at this point:

_ _ _

S _ _ _ _

_ _ _ N _

S _ _

Goldwyn calls two T's, but can't solve. Yoder calls the C that's the first letter of the third word, but can't solve. Goldwyn calls the H's, and solves THE SOUTH CHINA SEA to win $7,000 and finish with $13,000, but Yoder is our champ with $15,800. Sagal gets the $1,000 consolation gift.

Yoder spins the N in BONUS. Category is Song Lyrics. We start with:


_ _ _

_ T

_ _

_ _ _

Yoder chooses C, D, P and O and gets...


D _ D

_ T

_ _

_ _ _

If she had been a Frank Sinatra fan all her life, she may have known I DID IT MY WAY for a new Winnebago.

Jeopardy!: Trying to be the second five-time champion of the season is Steve Unite, facing Sarah Callanan and Jeannette Harrison. Unite hits the Daily Double in Cliches, and with $1,800 to the others' $800 each, he bets it all:

Meaning you can't make sense of it, to not be able to do this "of" something, may refer to a flipped coin.

"What is make heads or tails of?".....DOUBLE! He is pretty comfortable through the end of the round, leading $8,600 to Harrison's $2,600, and Callanan is at zero.

Unite sweeps Baseball Hall of Famers, my kind of category, and he's earned my respect! He's up to $15,000 already! Callanan gets on the board, and hits the Daily Double and gets it right, but only wagered $1,000. But she does get on quite a roll afterwards, and even after missing the other Daily Double at the end, she has $10,400, Unite has $16,200 and Harrison has $6,200.

FJ! is in American Women:

In 1997, the American Public Transportation Association gave this woman its first lifetime achievement award. (I think I know this.)

Harrison says "Who is Elizabeth Dole?"....NO WAY. But she lost nothing. Callanan says "Who is Rosa Parks" and she acts very unsure about it.....SHE SHOULDN'T, because she's right! She risked $9,604 and has $20,004. Unite has.....Rosa Parks. If he bet $3,804 or more, he's a five-time champ. He bet......

.....$4,601, AND HE'S A FIVE-TIME CHAMP! Total now: $107,605!
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