Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12/26/06 Results

WOF: Tonight's players are Wendy Whitehead (in the blue), Jessica Best and Jeff Whitmer.
Round 1 category is Food and Drink, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! When Whitmer calls the C's, we have....

_ _ _ _

C _ _ C _ _ A T _


D A R _

C _ _ C _ _ A T _

He calls in two E's and four O's. He calls the two H's to pick up the Hawaii trip. He calls three L's for $1,800 and fills the L in the third position of the top word. He calls two K's for another grand, and solves MILK CHOCOLATE AND DARK CHOCOLATE for $6,000, Hawaii and Switzerland! He gets on the board in a big way with $15,600!

Jackpot Round category is Fun and Games. After Whitmer calls the E's, we have....

_ _ A T I N G



_ _ O _ E N

_ A _ E

He hits Bankrupt on his next turn, and saves his Free Spin he earned earlier. Wendy hits Jackpot late in the round, calls the F, and solves SKATING ON A FROZEN LAKE to win a $9,000 Jackpot, $3,050 in other money, and give her a total of $13,050!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Headline. Whitehead hits a Mystery Wedge and calls two H's. She flips it over....$10,000! After calling the U's, we have...

_ O _ U _ _ T _ O N

O _


T O _ _



_ _ _ _ _ O N

I know this by now. She calls the A, and repeats the U to lose her turn. After clearing the rest of the board, Best solves POPULATION OF U.S. TOPS THREE HUNDRED MILLION to go to $5,750.

Whitmer solves DRIVE SAFELY to go to $18,600 and pad his lead. We go to Speed-Up mode with On the Map....and $6,000 can be earned for consonants! When Best calls the N's, we have...

_ _ _ T _ R N

_ _ N N _ _ _ _ _ N _ _

...and $24,000 at stake for her, but she can't solve. Whitmer calls the S's, and says EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, but is wrong. He then says WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA....and wins $18,000 more and the match- giving him $36,600!

Let's see if we can keep this good night going in the bonus round. Whitmer spins the S in CASH. Category is Things. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ E S

Whitmer picks C, H, M and O and gets...

H _ _ H

H O _ E S

The H's gave this to him- HIGH HOPES! He wins the all new 2007 Dodge Nitro SXT 4X2 worth $22,160, and he wins a total of $58,760 in cash and prizes!

Jeopardy!: Jocelyn Beer and Robert Alden challenge our champ, Glenn Woertz. The champ takes the early lead heading into the first break with $3,400, while Beer has $2,200 and Alden has two large.

Woertz soon hits the Daily Double in Photographers, and at this point has $4,200. He bets one thousand:

Best known as a writer of children's stories, he was also a fine photogrpaher; Alice Liddell was a subject.

He doesn't know that it was Charles Dawson, so he drops to $3,200. Alden catches fire late and finishes the round in the lead with $7,400, while Beer has $3,600 and Woertz has three large.

Woertz again hits the Daily Double with $4,200 in his bank, now in the category of Word & Phrase Origins. He bets $2,000:

This phrase referring to rich or important people came from the part of the loaf given to honored guests.

"What is the upper crust?"....right! He still trails Alden by $1,200. Alden gets most of the clues in the middle of the round to pad his lead. He finds the other Daily Double in Medicine with $17,000 in his bank. He bets a grand:

Far away from lyme, the lone star type of this parasite carries Ehrlichiosis, a bacterial infection.

"What is a tick?"....right! At the end, Alden has this wrapped up with $24,000, Beer has $10,800 and Woertz has $9,000.

FJ! is in The Stock Market:

In 2006 this Milwaukee-based company announced its new stock symbol, "HOG", at a gathering in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Correct: What is Harley Davidson?

Woertz has that and bet $8,000 to go to $17,000. Beer also has it and takes over second with $18,800. Alden has that also, and adds a grand to win the championship with 25 grand. Woertz leaves with the Norma Brown Jackpot of $28,800.
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