Thursday, December 28, 2006

12/28/06 Results

WOF: On the player docket tonight- Carol Smith (from Bloomington, MN), Jeff Trogek (from Annex, TX) and Laurie Bote. Round 1 category is Phrase. After Trogek calls the K, we have...

K E E _


H _ _ E

_ _ _ E S

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

He calls the P to get the Free Spin. He then buys an A, and it's a dud, so it costs him his Free Spin. He then calls two R's for $800, and calls the one O, and is currently at $2,750. After calling the M, we now have....




_ _ R E S

_ _ R _ _ _ _

He says KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING to win $3,050 and earn a total of $5,050!

Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After the A's are called, and Smith calls the N, we have....

A _ A _' S

A _ _ L E

T _ _ N _ _ E _ S

I know this by now. She calls the O, and calls two P's when she lands on $3,500! After revealing all but the M, she solves ADAM'S APPLE TURNOVERS to win $10,050 and have the lead with $11,050!

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Show Biz. Smith lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls two H's and flips.....$10,000! Let's see if we can give it away this time. After Smith calls the N's, we have....


_ _ E N N _

_ _ _ S'

_ H _ _ _

She calls a dud of P on the next turn. Trogek calls a $450 R, then picks up a trip by calling the Y, and then calls two O's. He then calls a $300 B, but calls a dud in U. Bote calls an $800 C, then buys two I's, and solves THE VIENNA BOYS' CHOIR to win her first $550 and win a trip to Austria! Total this round to get on the board: $5,050, and she's tied for second place!

She then solves RHYMING POETRY to take second by herself with $8,050. Speed-Up Mode follows, with the category of Show Biz, and $1,700 paid for each consonant. After Bote calls the N's, we have....

_ _ N T _ R

_ _ N _ _ R _ _ N _

....but can't solve. But Smith can, solving WINTER WONDERLAND after calling the W's to win the match with $14,450!

Smith will now try to tie our season-best bonus round winning streak of three wins in a row. She spins the H. Category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ N E

_ _ _ _ _

Smith calls C, P, M and O and gets....

_ _ N E

_ _ _ _ _

....nothing. I thought she had just missed it by not saying FINE CHINA.....but it was actually DUNE BUGGY. In any event, she doesn't win another $30,000. The G's might have done her some good.

Jeopardy!: Jared Thompson and Carol Pal challenge champ Lisa McClain, who has $20,500 so far. Pal finds the Daily Double early in Word Origins. She has $2,400 at this point, while Thompson has $1,400 and McClain has $600. She bet $2,000 on this:

A & B

These two Greek letters inspired this eight-letter word, which is a cornerstone in the English language.

"What is alphabet?".....right! She now has $4,400 and leads with that at the first break.
When we get back, Thompson gets the remainder of the clues in Actual MLB Broadcast Quotes to tie her for the lead! But Pal jumps in on two correct responses in Biblical Rhyme Time to take the lead back. On the last clue of the round, in 19th Century Faces, Thompson gets it to lead with $6,600, while Pal has $5,400 and McClain has $3,400.

To start Double Jeopardy!, Thompson gets the last three clues in Blood Simple to go to $11,000. He then gets the first three clues in The Coen Brothers before striking out on the $1,600 one. He bounces back by getting the $2,000 clue in that to go to $13,800. But Pal gets the $400 clue in The Ladykillers to get a shot at the Daily Double next door. With $6,200 now, she bets $5,000:

He wrote, "The fish had moved away. It swallowed the woman's limb without chewing".

"Who is Melville?"......NO. Who is Peter Benchley? She's down to $1,200. She then hits the other Daily Double in Fargo, and only has $3,600. She bets it all on this:

With this state's moorhead, Fargo forms a metro area of about 180,000.

"What is North Dakota?".....good news, it's not South Dakota. Bad news: It's not North Dakota, either. It was Minnesota. Thomspon then dominates the rest of the way to have this all but locked up with $20,600. McClain has $10,200, and Pal jumps in on the last clue of the round to make it to the final with $400.

FJ! category: 1970s.

G. Gordon Liddy, E. Edward Hunt & Egil Krogh were nicknamed this because they "plugged leaks".

Correct: Who were The Plumbers?

Pal has that and doubles to $800. McClain says "Who are the White House Plumbers?", which is acceptable, and she bet $9,000 to go to $19,200. Thompson has "What are stoppers?"....NO WAY. But he only lost $100, so he's the new champ with $20,500, which oddly enough was the same winning score for McClain yesterday! She leaves with $22,500.
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