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12/4/06 Results

TPIR: We started with Triple Play, and playing it is Jeanine Landrose! She played it for a Ford Focus Sedan S (Std., AC), a Ford F-150 (Std.) and a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., AT). For the first car, the choices were $13,211 and $14,562. Landrose chose $14,562, and of course she's right! The price is $15,230. For the truck, we have $16,219, $19,198, and $22,610. She thinks about choosing $22,610, but is also thinking $19,198. Landrose chose....

.....$22,610, which of course is wrong. The ARP was $19,805, and the Mustang was $25,730. If she hadn't overpriced the truck, she probably would have done it on the Mustang. In any event, too bad. But she does get to the Showcase.

In the fourth game, Jessica Burge plays Pushover for a bed. The setup:


She selects $3,784. I thought she was wrong. The ARP: $3,784, so I'm wrong, and she wins!

Keyshana Danci is next. She plays Pass the Buck for a Pontiac G6 worth $19,190! For the first set of items, we have Santa Fe salsa marked at $2.69 and Azo medicine marked at $5.99. Her choice is the's $6.99! For the second pair, we have Ziploc bags marked at $1.79, and Energizer hearing aid marked at $8.99. Danci passes the buck to the bags....they're $2.79, so she has all three picks! For her first pick, she chooses #5.....$3,000. She continues, and chooses #2 instead of #3 that she was thinking.... $1,000. $4,000 now. She goes on again to her original choice, #3. Either she will have a car and $4,000, $9,000 cash, or nothing. She has.....all of the money-$9,000! Very good! #1 had the car. She didn't win any more money on the wheel, but does get to face Landrose in the Showcase!

Showcase #1 features Gwendolyn trying to be a pirate. First, she watches pirate behavior with her Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD and a 23" LCD TV! Then, she can see a Pirate ride while at Walt Disney World! And of course, she can't be a pirate without her new West White Potter sailboat!

Landrose get this one, who bids $23,000, but changes it to $20,000. For Danci, she has a grandfather clock, a Flexteel living room group, and a Yamaha piano. She bids $19,000.

ARP for Landrose.....$22,979, a difference of $2,979! Good thing she hadn't gone with $23,000- she would have been over by $21. But it may not matter if Danci bid well. Danci's ARP: $19.....848. No DSW today, but Danci wins her Showcase and a total of $29,979.
Landrose leaves with parting gifts.

WOF: This week, the show salutes the holiday movies. Hopefully some merry winning will come with it. Tonight's players: Edye Vizano, Rich Minor and Suzanne Fast. Apparently the Letterbox format that the station fed us last Friday was a fluke, as we are back to full-screen mode tonight. Vizano gets both of the first toss-ups. BTW, the first-round prize is $5,000 cash from Columbia Pictures. Nice!

The first main puzzle is a Thing. Shortly after Minor called the N's, this is what the board looked like:

_ _ _ R T-

_ _ _ N _ _ N _

_ _ T _ _ N

He calls an I, and there are two of them. He picks up a Free Spin after calling a G. He calls a $300 D. He then buys two O's. The M is a dud, so we go to Fast. After calling a P, the board was now:

_ _ _ R T-

P O _ N D I N G

_ _ T I O N

We should now it now. She calls an H in HEART. She goofs by repeating a letter. Over to Vizano, who calls a C. She solves HEART-POUNDING ACTION for the AMC Theatres Gift Tag and $900 for $4,900 total.

Next category is Before and After. After Vizano calls an M after picking up the $5,000 wedge, we have:

_ _ _ _ _ R _ T _ _

M _ L _

S _ _ _ _

Vizano calls a $900 D. She buys three E's, two of which are in the first word. She gets the Wild Card after calling a V, the second letter of the first word. She then gets two K's to appear, and solves EVAPORATED MILK SHAKE to go up to $12,150!

$10,000 Mystery Round is tonight's Prize Puzzle round. After Vizano calls the R's, we have in the category of Proper Name:

_ _ _ _

S T _ R

_ _ N _ _ _ _ _

_ R _ _

She calls the A in STAR. But she hits Bankrupt, losing the Wild Card. Minor's Free Spin is a waste. Over to Fast, who calls two P's and an I before getting the Bankrupt. To Vizano, who gets two L's, and solves FILM STAR PENELOPE CRUZ for $1,500 and a trip to Spain (I thought the prize would be a Cruise as a play on words.). Her new growing total: $18,250.

Minor solves BALLROOM DANCING to get off the 0 mark with $3,000. Next puzzle is in Show Biz. We start with three T's from Minor for $350 a pop:

_ T _ _ T

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _

He gets an S to appear for $400, as well as an A before losing it on E. Over to Fast, who gets two N's to appear before we go to Speed-Up mode, tonight worth $6,000 for every consonant! It is still Fast's turn, and she picks the C, and solves STUNT COORDINATOR to win $7,200 and finish in second place! Champ is Edye Vizano with $18,250.

Cars this week are a Mercedes-Benz C230 and a Ford Mustang Convertible. Let's see if Vizano can prevent the show from having a new season-worst bonus round losing streak. She lands on the four-stars. Phrase is the subject, and we start with:

_ _ R _

_ N _

_ _ _ _ _

Her choices give her:

_ _ R M

_ N _

_ _ _ _ _

I knew it was WARM AND FUZZY. As for her: WARM AND TOASTY. Bad guess. She won't be adding another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Bob Hutton and Sue Bryant challenged Sean Dillon, our champ. "Smart Stupid Answers" appears as a category in Round 1. Hutton leads with $3,000 heading into the first break, while the Stupid Answers category has yet to be touched.

Dillon got the last few clues in "On Foot" to close the gap between him and Hutton, $3,000 to $2,800. We get to Stupid Answers with two categories remaining, and I don't know any of those clues (darn!). He gets to the Daily Double in "J" Walking, and bets $500:

The original "Pirates of the Caribbean", possibly including Henry Morgan, seized this island around 1655.

Response: What is Jamaica.....up to $3,700 he goes! After he misses on a clue late, Hutton takes the lead back as the round ends, $4,200 to $3,900.

Early on in Double Jeopardy!, Sue Bryant gets into a tight game, and she has $4,000, while Hutton has $4,200 and Dillon still leads with $4,300. Bryant gets the next clue to take the lead with $6,000. Hutton has $5,000 when he hits the first Daily Double in Sieges. For $2,500 and the lead by $700 over Bryant...

Legend says the survivors of the Huns' siege of Aquieleia fled to the adriatic marshes and built this city.

Hutton says "What is Venice?" to take the lead with $7,500! Bryant takes the lead back, though.
On the last clue of the round, Hutton has $11,500, and he finds it under Other Alphabets' letters. Dillon has $7,100 and Bryant has $8,000. Hutton bets $3,000, and given the picture, he can't do it, so he only leads by $500 over Bryant.

It's anyone's game as we head into the FJ! category of the 1950s:

On a March 9, 1954 broadcast, he famously said, "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty".

Dillon says "Who is Joseph McCarthy?", and judging from his look, he indeed is wrong. He doesn't bet a dime, though. Bryant said "Who is Eisenhower?"....not it. She drops $6,500 to $1,500. Hutton says "Who is Murrow?"....WINNER! He wins $12,500. Dillon leaves with $25,100.

DOND: Will Cockrowe is our first person tonight. His case is #23.

In Round 1, he knocks out $50, $200, $500, $50,000, $300,000 and $750,000 (eliminated on first pick). Offer that he says NO DEAL to is $17,000.

In Round 2, he starts with #13....$750. #24 is next.....$500,000. Next choice from Cockrowe is #21.....$25. Next is #5...PENNY! But he loses the million on the last pick with #10. Offer is now: $10,000. NO DEAL.

Round 3 goes more smoother, as the offer is now $29,000. NO DEAL.

For Round 4, Cockrowe's first choice is #12.....$1,000. Cockrowe then chooses #11, the one before it.....$200,000. Last pick is #2.....$1! New offer is $34,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: Cockrowe's first choice is #4....$400. Other pick is #20....$100! Great round, but the offer only goes up to $48,000. Left at this point: $5, $10, $75, $25,000, $100,000, and $400,000. NO DEAL.

One case at a time mode.

#6 is chosen by him........$10! Offer shoots to: $72,000. NO DEAL.

Next choice is #9.....$100,000. Safety net is virtually gone now. Offer is now: $61,000.
Cockrowe says...

....DEAL. I would have gone on....and he should've gone....all the way. His case had the $400,000.

Next is Terri Calshar. She chooses #3 as her case.

Round 1: She knocks out $500.....$1......$400,000......$50.....PENNY.....and the million. Offer is:
$21,000. She says NO DEAL.

Round 2: $300,000 is gone first....then $200.....$10,000....$1,000......and $200,000. Offer is: $17,000. NO DEAL.

Round 3: The Bankers sounds off his own air horns prior to the start of this round, because
she has her own air horns.

#22 is then chosen..... $50,000. #6 is taken.....$25. #19 is chosen next by Calshar.....$100. Last pick from her is #4.....$100,000. Offer is now: $46,000. NO DEAL is said, and Calshar will return next time.
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