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12/5/06 Results

WOF: One of these contestants will try to prevent the bonus round losing streak from reaching 10 shows. They are: Kari Merchant, Richard Hanson (who made a stupid guess on the first Toss-Up) and Benita Griffis. Griffis solves PUREBRED POODLE at the last second to win the $2,000 Toss-Up, and the chance to start a Same Name puzzle. After calling the S's, we have....

_ _ _ N E &

_ _ _ R

E _ T E N S _ _ N S

...and $1,750 so far for Merchant. She calls 2 H's for another $1,200. She then calls 2 A's. The first word looks like _ H _ N E, and the second word looks like H A _ R at this point.
She then two I's, thus the second word is definitely HAIR. She spins the Hawaii trip worth over $8,000. She calls the O, and there are two, leaving everything but the first letter of the first word. She solves PHONE AND HAIR EXTENSIONS for $10,400 in cash and trip, $11,300 total!

Next puzzle is an Event. Griffis calls the N's, and we now have....

_ _ N N _ N _

T _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ R _ T _ _ N

The only word we need to know now is the third word, and she has $1,200 now. After calling the E's and the I's, she calls a $600 G. By the way, the first word is definitely WINNING, not RUNNING as I first thought. A few turns later, we now have with Merchant in control...

_ I N N I N G


_ _ _ M _ I _

M A R A T H _ N

Merchant calls two O's, and the O is the first letter of the important third word. She calls a P. She solves WINNING THE OLYMPIC MARATHON for a gift tag, cash and a trip to Greece, for a total now of $20,550!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Phrase. When Griffis calls the R's, we have this:

_ N _

T H E _

_ _ _ E _

H _ _ _ _ _ _

E _ E R

_ _ T E R

Griffiths calls the A's. She lands on a Mystery Wedge, and calls two Vs. With $2,300 in the bank, and a possible $2,000 for the Vs, she passes on the flip. She then calls the P's. She then solves AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER to win $5,500 and have $7,500. Bad news, though: The Mystery Wedge she didn't turn over was the $10,000.

Richard Hanson makes up for his flameout on the first Toss-Up by solving the $3,000 Toss-Up ONLINE DATING. Last puzzle for Speed-Up mode is People. When we shift to that mode, the puzzle was:

_ _ N _ _ R _ _ R T _ N

_ T _ _ _ N T _

Consonants tonight are worth $1,400. Hanson gets the S's to appear at the beginning and end of the second word, but he can't solve. Griffis calls two D's, but she can't solve. Merchant then solves KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS for the championship with $22,650!

Tonight's Bonus Round category is Proper Name- good category. Startting with:

_ _ L _ _ E

_ _ _ N

I know it's not CELIENE DION. D, C, G and O are Merchant's choices. They give her:

G O L D _ E

_ _ _ N

They were good choices, and she solves GOLDIE HAWN....THE STREAK IS OVER!! Now, about what she's won. Remember a few seasons ago- we snapped some long bonus round losing streaks with some big wins. Tonight....

....BOY WAS IT EVER- SHE IS THE FIRST $100,000 GRAND CHAMPION OF THIS SEASON!!!!!! The confetti and streamers fly as she wins $122,650 in cash and prizes!!!
I have a feeling that the players might have been losing on purpose because they weren't spinning the $100,000. In any event, congratulations!!!!!

Jeopardy!: Evelyn Uyemura and Linda Flink challenged Bob Hutton, our new champ.
Hutton led Uyemura by $400, $3,000-$2,600 heading into the first break. When we get back, Uyemura takes over. But Flink hits the Daily Double in Shipwrecks with no money. She bets $600 on this:

Since 1957, the Aida has rested beneath this "colorful" body of water.

"What is the Black Sea".....Red Sea, so Flink's back in the hole.

At the end of the round, Uyemura has $6,600, while Hutton trails with $5,800.

Early in Double Jeopardy!, Flink encounters a similar problem when she finds a Daily Double: She doesn't have much. In this case, she has $1,000, and she tries to double it on Old "Hat"....

She died in Stratford in 1623 at age 67.

She says....."Who is Anne Hathaway"....YES! $2,000. Shortly after Hutton takes the lead back, he picks off the other Daily Double in The Southern Hemisphere. He has $8,200, Uyemura has $5,000, and Flink has $4,400. He bets $2,000 on this:

"Orange" was dropped from a historic name, leaving this as the name of a current South African province.

"What is Orange Guiney" says Hutton....NO. What is Free State? Down to $6,200, but he still has the lead for now. When the round ends, Uyemura has $8,200, Flink has $6,000, and the champ has $5,800. Category in FJ! is Royalty:

Originally, this woman born in 1755 had the middle names Antonia, Josepham and Joanna.

Hutton says "Who is Catherine"....loses everything but a buck. His fate is sealed as Flink gets the right response with "Who is Marie Antoninette?". She bet $2,201 to go to $8,201. Uyemura wrote...."Who is Victoria?", meaning Flink has pulled out the comeback win! Hutton leaves with $13,500.

TPIR: To start, we have Chris Edwards playing Five Price Tags for a Ford Mustang (Std., Alarm). Last time this played, the same car was offered, and it was lost despite getting all four picks! Let's see if we can rebound this time. The prices:

$17,706, $20,320, $18,558, $21,096, $19,465

He gets three of the four small prizes right, and I have a good feeling about this, because people overprice Mustangs these days. Not surprisingly, he says $21,096, which is not it. He then chooses $19,425....close. Last pick is....

.....$18,558, and we blew it again!!! The ARP: $20,320.

Next is Dorothy Holder, who is a pretty old lady. She plays Clock Game for $1,000, a sofa and an LCD TV. The sofa is $699. Holder starts with $850....$800.....$775....$750....$600....$650...and she one ups from there, but runs out of time before getting there! Doggone it!

Next is Patricia Quick, who will try to win a quick $10,000 in the Grand Game. Products are spaghetti sauce, Gold Bond cream, a hair tweezer, JELL-O, Marie Calendar's Fetticuine Alfredo, and Airborne. Target is $5.25. She picks the JELL-O at 69 cents. Then, she picks the sauce at $1.99. Quick's next choice is the alfredo at $2.99 to go up to $1,000! She continues and picks the Gold Bond cream. For $10,000, it's....

...$4.89!! $10,000!!!

Showcase Showdown #1: Holder spins 85 cents! Then, Edwards spins 60 cents.....and 35 for 95 cents total! Quick tries to get $1.00. First spin is 15 cents.....and 60 thereafter, so Edwards is in the Showcase.

Our last game was played by Bessie Dancie, who played Money Game for a 2007 Ford Escape XLS 4X2 (Std., Conv., PProt). The numbers were 80, 35, 73, 21, 19, 20, 52, 46 and 90. Middle number is 8 ($_ _ , 8 _ _ ). She picks 21...for $21. 19 is next.....$19 more for $40. She picks the 20 next for the front of the car ($ 2 0, 8 _ _). She picks 35....not there, so she has $75. One last chance- she said 46....not there, so she has $121. The ARP was $20,852.

Daniel Bents, who won Range Game, got to the Showcase by winning $1,000 off the Big Wheel.

First Showcase has Rachel conducting her own studio tour. First, a cell phone is taken while in a metal detector. Second, popcorn is given to visitors from a new popcorn cart. Finally, Roger Dobkowitz made sure this ended with a new 2007 Pontiac G6 Convertible (Std., Airbags, Premium, Sport)! Daniel keeps it and bids $27,500. Mr. Edwards is offered things for the food lovers of the world. First, a trip to Boston, home of the Boston Creme Pie! Second, we have a trip to Belgium, a chocolate country! Finally, the home of kiwis is New Zealand! Edwards bids $10,000. I feel good for Daniel. Does he win?

YES HE DOES! ARP is $34,385, giving him $41,104! Edwards leaves with $1,682.
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