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12/6/06 Results

WOF: One of these three contestants will have some big shoes to fill from last night. They are:
Scott Johnson, Jennifer Wychek and Lisa Tybrent. Johnson is a roller derby announcer, and Pat Sajak likes his style. Johnson gets off to a fast start, winning both Toss-Ups for $3,000.

First puzzle is Before and After. When Wychek calls the R's, we have...

_ R O _ N _ E

R E _ _ _ E

_ O R

_ _ _ _ _ T E R

She calls a G....not there. Over to Lisa....who hits a Bankrupt. Back to the announcer, who calls a B for $900, which is the first letter of the first word. He then gets two S's for another $1,200. He then solves BROWNIE RECIPE FOR DISASTER to win again and go up $6,350!

Jackpot round is in the category of Places, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle. When Wychek calls the S's, the board looked like....

E _ _ T _ _

_ _ _ _ T _ _ N S

She calls in the A's and the I's. Wychek calls a C next for anothe $600. She says EXOTIC VACATIONS....NO!! But she has a Free Spin, and decides to call in the Os. The second word at this point, the second word looks like _ O C _ T I O N S. Next, she picks up the Wild Card by calling the X....and solves EXOTIC LOCATIONS for some money, an AMC Theatres $1,000 Gift Tag, and a trip to Panama! That gets her on the board with $7,100!

$10,000 Mystery Round's category is Occupation. Shortly after Wychek took over control, the board looked like...

_ _ N _ _ _ N _

E _ _ T _ R

_ _


_ E E _ L _

_ _ _ _ _ _ N E

Wychek calls in the A's. She gets two G's to appear for $900, but she gets the CUCKOO by saying A again. Over to Tybrent, who fills in 2 M's to go to $2,300. She fills in the I's. Next, she takes out a Z for $800. After filling in the O's, we now have....


E _ I T O R

O _


_ E E _ L _


After filling in the D and the F, Tybrent is up to $3,950. She lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls the W. She doesn't flip it over, and solves MANAGING EDITOR OF A WEEKLY MAGAZINE to win $4,950....which could've been higher, because the Mystery Wedge she didn't flip over was the $10,000- second night in a row that's happened.

When Johnson solves the $3,000 Toss-Up LAKE HAVASU, he takes the lead back from Wychek with $9,350. Soon after, we go into Speed-Up mode with Things. The board to start:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _

_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Consonants are worth $1,450, and with a tight match, this round will decide it. Johnson calls the S, and there's one, but he can't solve. Next is Wychek, who calls the T....still nothing. Over to Tybrent, who calls the D, and the D is the last letter of words 1, 2 and Back to Johnson, who says R, and the board is now...

R _ _ _ _ D

_ _ D

_ _ S T - _ _ R _ _ R D

Johnson doesn't get it. Back to Wychek, who calls the N's, and solves REWIND AND FAST FORWARD to win the match with $11,150! And she has the Wild Card in tow, so she earns another consonant pick in the bonus round! Johnson has $9,350, and Tybrent has $4,950.

Now, Jennifer Wychek has the unenivable task of following up a $100,000 win yesterday with a bonus round win tonight. She lands on the third zero. The category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ ' _ E

_ R _ _ N

_ _

I know this already, and judging by these choices, I think she does too. They are: Y, G, P, W and O.

Y O _ ' _ E


_ P

It is YOU'VE GROWN UP, and she solves it with no problem. For her.... $100,000 today, but she wins a 2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible worth $34,595! Her final total is $45,745! Good job!

Show Me the Money: Our first contestant tonight: Tracy Miller from Orange County, CA.
First question, which starts with Tommy (B)...

Tommy Lasorda spent 20 seasons managing what baseball team?

She says the NY Yankees....YOU FOOL!!! It's the Dodgers. That costs her....$160,000.

Next question starts with Ernest. Choice A is:

Ernest Labanon wrote the screenplay for what movie musical, which was set in the Alps and starred Julie Andrews?

Guess: "The Sound of Music". Dancer selection is Maria. For $200,000, and to get back on track with a total of $40,000....YES!

Next question starts with Lost. Her final choice is C:

Lost for 30 years, Beatle recordings in 2003 include them singing a cover version of what Rod Stewart #1 hit?

She goes with "If You Think I'm Sexy". Dancer choice is double her money or send her back to zero.....ZERO. Answer was "Maggie Haye", I do believe.

Next Q starts with Romeo. She chooses A:

Romeo and Juliet's storyline was the basis for what Broadway musical about a guy who "just met a girl named Maria"?

Guess is "West Side Story". She chooses Julianne.....for $100,000.......RIGHT!

New Q starts with "In 1979". Miller chooses C:

In 1979, what rapper, whose real name is Jaycee Taylor, was born in Compton, CA?

She goes with Jay-Z. She picks Mimi....

....KILLER CARD! They don't reveal the right answer now, because we immediately go to Sudden Death. This starts with Which Susan. An incorrect answer will wipe her out and send her home. Question:

Which Susan wrote the 1992 book: "Backlash: The Undeclared War against American Women"?

She says Susan Sheperd....

.....WIPEOUT. Answer was Susan Faludi.

New player: Craig Newman from Philadelphia. First question, which is B under Duke....

Duke is the nickname of what Western actor who won an Oscar for "True Grit"?

John Wayne is the guess. Newman chooses Vai......for $220,000......

...YES! Next question starts with Originally. A is the choice:

Originally, this fruit was called the Chinese gooseberry, but what is it best known as now?

Guess is Passion Fruit. Yesenia is the lady choice.....for $180,000.....NO. Answer was Kiwi. But he does get the next one right for another $200,000, and gets back up to $240,000.

Next question at this point starts with labor. A is chosen:

Labor Fay of 1995 was when buisnessman Pierre Diemyide launches a website now known by what popular name?

He says E-Bay. Lady choice is Cara-Lee.....for $60,000 and a total of $300,000....

....YES! Next question stars with The French. Newman chooses C:

The French defeat by Germany in 1940 resulted in which leader being named leader of France's Vichy government?

He says Charles Degeaux. Lady choice is Shannon....

....for $250,000 and a total of $550,000...

...WRONG. Down to $50,000. But he gets the next question right to go back up to $190,000.
Next question after that starts with "Who deserved congratulations...". Newman chooses B:

Who deserved congratulations for being the very first man to win an Academy Award for Best Actor?

He says Orson Welles.....NO. Answer was Emil Jennings....and loses another $80,000, down to $110,000.

Next question starts with "Who famously". Newman picks C...

Who famously told Richard Nixon that the Watergate cover up was "a cancer growing on the Presidency?"

He says Spiro Agnew....WRONG AGAIN. The answer was John Dean, the Deep Throat guy. He lost.....$160,000, and now is $50,000 in debt.

Next starter is Jack. Newman gets this question....

Jack Kent Cooke won three Super Bowls as the owner of what Washington D.C. NFL team?

He knows it's the Redskins! He picks Julianne......and adds $120,000 to go back to $70,000 in the positive! One more correct answer, or two more wrong answers at this point, and it's all over. New starter is Jim. He chooses A:

Jim Bakker left this ministry in 1987 after a scandal involving what young woman who later posed for "Playboy"?

Newman says Jessica Hahn. Lady choice is Eve.... win the game with $110,000....

....YES! See you next time!
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