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12/7/06 Results

WOF: As the show's big "Holiday Movie Magic" week continues (and if you've been watching this week, you know why), we have David Bahn, Rebecca Friedman (uh oh, another Friedman as a contestant on a Sony show!), and Marcia Caster.

First round category is an Event, and is tonight's Prize Puzzle round. The board a few turns into Bahn's run:

S T R _ _ _ _ _ _

H _ _ _

_ _

H _ _ _

_ _


_ E _ _ H

Should know at least what the last two words are. He calls in the A's and the I's. He gets five N's for $2,500. He then lands on the $10,000, and calls in the G to pick it up! The board at that point:

S T R _ _ _ I N G

H A N _


H A N _

_ N


_ E A _ H

I hope he can get this before trouble erupts. He gets the L's, guesses STROLLING HAND IN HAND ON THE BEACH....WINNER! He's won a ton of money and a trip to Hawaii! Total for Bahn now: $24,550!

Next category is Phrase. A few turns into Friedman's run, the board is...

F _ _

F _ R

T H _

_ H _ _ _

F _ _ _ _ _

She gets the Wild Card, and then gets my cue by solving FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY to win her first $3,000 of the night!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Who Are They?, with a bonus question attached after the puzzle for $3,000. Friedman quickly loses the Wild Card to a Bankrupt in this round. When we get to Bahn in this round, the board is....

_ _ T H A _

_ I T _

_ _ _ E _ H E _ _ E _

_ N _ _ N

A _


_ _ N A _ I _

_ _ _

Should have some idea about the puzzle now. He lands on the Mystery Wedge, and calls three S's, and flips.....BANKRUPT. He uses his Free Spin, but it's a waste. Back to Friedman, who calls two R's for $600, but loses it to a Bankrupt. Over to Caster, who calls two C's for $1,600. She then calls two Y's for $600. Then, she calls two D's for another $1,800. She tries solving it, but draws a blank midway, and gets buzzed. Over to Bahn now, who gets a G for $900, and solves GOTHAM CITY SUPERHEROES UNION AS THE DYNAMIC DUO. Can he add $3,000 by solving the subject? Yes he can, with Batman and Robin! Score is now $28,450 for him!

Friedman solves STADIUM SEATING to double her $3,000. We go right into Speed-Up mode with Show Biz. Board:

_ D _ P T _ D

S C R _ _ N P L _ _

Consonants are worth $1,600. Friedman calls the R, and no guess from her. Over to Caster, who calls in the one N.... but nothing in terms of a guess. Over to Bahn, who calls T. Another singleton, and another blank. Friedman says S- yet another single, and another blank. Castor calls the P and there are two...but nothing. Back to Bahn, who says L, and it's a single, and there's no guess. Friedman calls C, and another single, and no guess. Back to Castor, who calls two D's...and she solves ADAPTED SCREENPLAY to up her final total to $10,000! Friedman has $6,000, and David Bahn is our champ with $28,450!

Can Bahn help us tie our longest bonus round winning streak this season? Let's find out.
He lands on the S in BONUS. Category is On the Map. We start with:

_ _ _ _ _ E N

For whatever reason, I think it's HOBOKEN. Bahn's choices are D, H, C and I....

H _ _ _ _ E N

....I didn't think he would get it without the O's, but he solved HOBOKEN with seconds to spare, and he is the second straight Mustang winner! The grand total is $63,045!

WWTBAM: To start the day, we have Brenda Halter, a stay-at-home from Las Vegas. She got up to this $16,000 question, after using her audience lifeline on the previous one about spelling (!)...

Mickey Mouse's faithful pet Pluto is what type of dog?

A: Beagle
B: Great Dane
C: Bloodhound
D: German Shepard

Halter uses the 50:50, leaving C and D, and she seems glad she used it. She guesses C....and she's right for $16,000! For $25,000:

Celebrated annually on the first day of May, Primero de Mayo is the Mexican equivalent of what U.S. holiday?

A: Thanksgiving
B: Labor Day
C: Memorial Day
D: Independence Day

She calls Mike Doherty for help. He says B, but ran out of time before he said how sure he was. But Halter says he felt sure enough, and she goes with the answer of B....$25,000! For $50,000:

In total, how many European nations have one-syllable names?

A: 1
B: 3
C: 5
D: 7

She thinks it out, and guesses B....$50,000! For $100,000, after passing the first question....

In "Death of a Salesman", Willy Loman is described as a man "riding on a smile and a" what?

A: Haircut
B: Briefcase
C: Shoeshine
D: Cheapsuit

She wished her literature teacher had been here, as she's stumped, so she leaves with the $50,000. Answer: C.

New player is Tony Daniels, an art teacher. Daniels shows off his tattoo. He gets into a little trouble early on, having to use the audience on a $500 question. For $2,000:

What goofy-but-classic hit song featured backup singers called the Toot Uncommons?

A: Disco Duck
B: Eat It
C: King Tut
D: Pac-Man Fever

Daniels uses the 50:50, leaving B and C. He picks C....and he's right! He then gets up to $8,000 before we stop down for the day.
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