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12/8/06 Results

TPIR: To begin, we have Charles Nelson Jr., Reily not included. After winning a $3,000 pool table, he plays One Wrong Price for a cross trainer marked at $721, a globe marked at $2,600, and a sofa marked at $1,538. The one prize's price he thinks is wrong is.....the globe. Uh, no. We all knew it's the cross trainer, and it's actually $1,000.

Next is Julie Pale, who played Stack the Deck for a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LS Coupe (Std., Safety). The numbers:


First pair of items are a can of salad beans and a bag of jellybeans, and the target is $2.99. Pale's pick is the candy, and of course she's right. She picks the last digit, which is not a wise move, becuase it's obviously the five ($ _ _, _ _ 5). Next pair of items are a can of pineapple slices and a box of hot oil, and the target is $3.49. The hot oil is chosen, and she's right again. The next digit selection is the third digit, and it's 3 ($ _ _, 3 _ 5). Last pair of items are Blue Star ointment and some drink mix, and the target is $6.19. She says the ointment and is right again. Final digit selection is the fourth one, and it's 8 ($ _ _, 3 8 5). Her price guess is $16,385. The price....$14,385. This should have been won, but it wasn't. But she does get into the Showcase.

In the fifth game, Edward Reid played Barker's Bargain Bar for trips to Ireland and Italy. Ireland is marked at $3,063, while Italy is marked at $3,658. Reid picks Italy, my pick. Ireland's ARP....$5,063, a difference of $2,000. Italy's ARP: $6,658, a difference of $3,000! He's the first winner of the day!

Lastly, Corey Packer plays Any Number for either a Bar Cabinet or a Chevy HHR (Std., AT/Remote, ALB, Heater, PProt). First number of the car is 1. Packer's first guess is 9....third digit of car ($ 1 _ , 9 _ _). He then says 8....piggy bank's worth at least eight bucks today. Packer says 7....second number of car ($ 1 7, 9 _ _). He says five next....second number of the cabinet ( $ _ 5 _). He says 0....last number of cabinet ( $ _ 5 0). He says 4.....last number in car
($ 1 7, 9 _ 4)! Packer says 2.....second digit of piggy bank ($8.2_). Last choice. Packer says....

....3, and he wins the car at $17,934! The cabinet was $650, and the piggy bank was worth $8.21.
Edward Reid, the first winner of the day, gets into the Showcase.

First Showcase consists of a bedroom and some motorcycles. This is passed to Pale, who bids $15,000. Other Showcase tells a story about Paulette Bunyan. First, she uses the trees for her new fireplace. Next, because she's too big to bathe at home, she has to take her bath in Niagra Falls! And finally, she roller skates to her two new Ford Focus Ss (Std., AC)!! Reid bids $35,000.

ARP for Pale: $21,557, a difference of $6,557. ARP for Reid: $3......9,973, meaning he's won!! Total: $52,393!

WWTBAM: Tony Daniels is back. For $16,000:

During his presidency, Bill Clinton added which of these amenities to the White House grounds?

A: Jogging track
B: Basketball track
C: Baseball diamond
D: Bowling alley

Daniels calls David, who says A, but is totally unsure on it. Daniels goes with it anyway, which is what I thought....and he has $16,000! He stops there, as on $25,000 he doesn't know that the cookie Salsalito is the cookie named after a Northern California town.

Next is Ron Gibson from Las Vegas. He gets all the way up to this $16,000 question:

Performed in France in 2005, the first partial face transplant involved reconstructing all of parts of the face except for what?

A: Chin
B: Forehead
C: Nose
D: Lips

Gibson asks the audience, 65% say B, and 22% say D. But he uses the 50:50, and it leaves the top two answers from the audience. He then says B.....he's right! For $25,000:

What artistic movement was pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in the early 20th century?

A: Surrealism
B: Art Deco
C: Pop Art
D: Cubism

He calls Nancy, who is pretty sure it's D. Gibson agrees....$25,000! For $50,000:

The ampersand symbol, used to mean "and", was originally designed to look like a combination of what two letters?

A: E and T
B: O and S
C: C and R
D: D and A

Thanks to reading about it in a book about the Roman empire, he knows right away it's A for $50,000.

Too bad he can't claim his money now, because we're out of time for today. He'll be back Monday to go for a possible $100,000.

WOF: Time to wrap up our best week so far this season. They have already given away a little over $300,000 in cash and prizes, thus guaranteeing a new weekly season high. How much will that final total be? We'll find out as Casey Smart, Tyler Stoser, and Lamika Girley play.
Smart is smart enough to get the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000.

First round category is Things, and it's a Prize Puzzle round. Smart calls the T's and the S's and we have now...

S _ _ _ _ S _-

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

S _ _ T _ T _ _ S

She calls in two I's next, but hits a Bankrupt. Over to Stoser, who spins $400 and gets two N's.
Stoser calls in an H for another $600. He then calls a P to get the trip to Orlando. The first word is SPANISH. He then buys three As, and the board reads now...

S P A N I S H-

_ A N _ _ A _ _

S _ _ T I T _ _ S

He then gets 2 L's for another $1,100. He calls in the E's, and solves SPANISH-LANGUAGE SUBTITLES for $2,100, a trip to Orlando, and a trip to Mexico! Total now for him: $15,600.

Next category is Phrase. Stoser picks up the Wild Card right away. Smart picks up the Free Spin. After calling in seven I's, the board looked like...

_ _ I _ _ I N G

_ I T _

_ _ S S I _ I _ I T I _ S

She lands on $3,500, and calls in the H. Smart calls the one O. First word is the only one that we should be worried about this round. She gets a Bankrupt, but uses her Free Spin. She calls the two M's, which are both in between the I's in the important first word! But she goofs by repeating the I, so we go to Stoser with the Wild Card still in hand. He lands on $3,500 and calls the L...and uses the Wild Card. He then calls a B....two of them for another $7,000! The B is the first letter of the first word. He solves BRIMMING WITH POSSIBILITIES to go up to $27,500!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is On the Map. After Stoser calls the R's, we have...


_ _ _ _ _

T E R R _ T _ R _

_ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

I think the second word of the puzzle is the trickiest. He gets the two I's, meaning the I is the first letter of the fourth word. Next spin lands on $3,500, and he calls Y....two of them! Now it reads:


Y _ _ _ _

T E R R I T _ R Y

I _

_ _ _ _ _ _

He fills two O's. He gets three N's for $900. Then he solves THE YUKON TERRITORY IN CANADA to go up to $35,800! He then solves MOTOR SPEEDWAY for another $3,000!

Next category is Fun and Games. Stoser lands on $5,000, but calls a dud. Girley lands on it, and calls two T's for $10,000! A few vowels and a consonant later from Girley...

_ _ _ _ _ T E R

_ _ _ _ T A _ R E

....she loses her turn, and when it goes to Speed-Up mode, Smart solves COMPUTER SOFTWARE to finish with $4,300. Girley has the $1,000 guarantee, and Stoser is our champ in a big way with $38,800 in cash and prizes!

Stoser has a good chance to help us extend our bonus round winning streak to four. He lands on the S in CASH. Category is Phrase. We start with:

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ R

_ E

Should be able to figure out the last two words at this point. Stoser's choices: M, D, P and O.

_ O _ _ _

_ O R


That first word was HARD. He couldn't come up with it- VOUCH. VOUCH FOR ME. It wasn't $100,000, but it was $50,000 tonight. Still, he leaves with $38,800 in cash and prizes, and we finish with the highest weekly total of the season-$344,790!
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