Friday, December 22, 2006

Identity Season Finale

Seth Cutler is our possible final contestant. He is from Massapequa, NY. IDs for this game:

-Masters in Linguistics
-Born in India
-Michael Jackson Juror
-Rocket Scientist
-Special Ops Officer
-Weighs 152 pounds
-Pro Jump Roper
-Hand Model
-Olympic Gold Medalist

Cuter tries the lifeguard first, and thinks it's #6. For a grand....correct!

Cutler tries the ventriloquist next, and thinks it's #1. For $5,000....NO. One more mistake and he loses.

Cutler then thinks #7 was born in India. For $5,000 and to stay alive....yes!

Cutler then uses the Tridentity on the Pro Jump Roper. That leaves 4, 8 and 9. He says #4. For $10,000.....yes!

Cutler asks the experts on a Special Ops Officer, and the experts are unanimous that it's #11. He says that....and has $15,000!

Cutler knows #1 is an Olympic Gold Medalist....and he is, Bruce Jenner, for $25,000!

Cutler thinks #12 is the Michael Jackson juror. For $50,000.....YES! He stops there.

Tami Jones, our last last player, went Bankrupt, as she never really got it going.
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