Friday, December 29, 2006

Last results of 2006

WOF: On the last show of 2006, our contestants tonight are Stephanie Arnapolan (in the blue), Jo Henkins-Hall and Will Saint-Helme. First category is Event, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle!
After Hall lands on $2,500 and calls three N's, we have....

_ _ _ _ _ N _

_ N


_ _ N

I think I know this by now. She buys two I's, and gets two S's for another $600, and buys the U. Then, she calls a $300 G, buys the A, and solves BASKING IN THE SUN to win $8,300 and a trip to the Caribbean! Total, with the $2,000 Toss-Up win: $17,100.

Jackpot Round category is Event. The man in the middle on the first turn gets the Wild Card by calling the L. When Arnapolan calls the T's as soon as the wheel hit $3,500, we have...

_ _ T _ _ _ S

S _ E _ _

L _ _ _ E R

T _ _ _

_ _ R _ S

She then buys the I and three O's, but spins Bankrupt next. After the man calls the C, we now have....

_ C T I O N S

S _ E _ _

L O _ _ E R

T _ _ N

_ O R _ S

I know this now. But he spins Bankrupt, losing the Wild Card. Back to Arnapolan, who calls a $550 P and a $400 K. Then, she calls a $900 W and two D's for another grand. After picking up the Free Spin, she solves ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS to win $2,850 and go up to $3,850.

Mystery Round category is Slogan. Arnapolan spins a Mystery Wedge and calls four T's, and takes the $4,000 bailout. At that point, we have....

_ A _ E

_ R _ _


_ E S T

S T _ _ _

_ _


I know this now. She calls a $300 N, buys two O's, calls two M's on the same Mystery Wedge she landed on previously, and calls a K as a dud. She uses her Free Spin, and calls another dud in I. Over to Hall, who calls a $300 D, three F's to add another $2,700, and solves MADE FROM THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH to win $3,000. The Mystery Wedge flirted with was a Bankrupt, BTW. As for the bonus question, her guess is......nothing. It was Snapple. She's now up to $20,100.

Arnapolan solves DIMMER SWITCH to go up to $6,850. It's Speed Up time with an Occupation, and for the third time this week, $6,000 is given for each consonant! Arnapolan solves WEDDING COORDINATOR to win $12,000 and finish with $18,850, but Hall is still our champ with $20,100. The man gets the $1,000 consolation.

We've had a bonus round win on the past three or four end-of-year shows. Can Hall keep it up?
She spins the double star. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ E

_ _ _ E

I think it's something CAKE. Hall says the first four letters of the alphabet and we have....

_ _ D _ E

C A _ E

I think it's FUDGE CAKE. Does she? YES, with about two seconds left! She wins the Dodge Nitro SXT 4X2 worth $22,160, and ends 2006 with $42,260 in cash and car!

Jeopardy!: A WIPEOUT danger is in the air. If the champ, Jared Thompson, is unsuccessful tonight, it will be just the third week, I do believe, in the past five years, that no champ successfully defended their title. Hoping to make that dubious distinction happen are Frank Liu and Laura Piantes. On the $200 Entertainment Awards clue, Thompson identified the creator of this show, Merv Griffin! Thompson has the early lead at the first break with $4,200, while Liu has $2,600 and Piantes has $1,600.

Thompson shortly finds the Daily Double in Shoulda Been a Contender! With $5,200 at this point, twice as much as Liu at that point, he bet $1,000:

Later Veep, this N.Y. governor challenged NIxon for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 1968.

"Who is McGovern?" sorry. Who is John Rockefeller? Liu gets on a roll late in the round, trailing by just $200. When Thompson blew the last clue of the round, he and Liu are tied at six grand, while Piantes has $1,600.

In Double Jeopardy!, Thompson finds the first Daily Double in Uniting the Cities and States. At this point, he and Liu are tied for the lead at $8,400. The champ bets almost half, $4,000:

The "Land of Enchantment" state hooks up with South Carolina's capital. Enjoy.....

"What is New Mexicolumbia?".....he's up to $12,400, and has the lead by himself! He even swept that category, as well! But their tight match soon continues, and Liu gets the $1,200 clue in Grab Bag to take the lead back with $16,000. After Thompson takes back the lead by getting an $800 clue in You Can Call Me Al, he hits the other Daily Double, and with $16,400 to Liu's $16,000, he bets three large:

In 1998, the president of the Czech Republic remarked that he wanted this U.S. cabinet member to replace him.

"Who is Madeline Albright?".....$19,400! At the end, he has $20,600, Liu has $18,000 and because they're so close, Piantes is still alive with $4,400.

The all-important Final Jeopardy! clue is in the category of Broadway.

In 2006, this show based on a 1911 work became the longest-running show in Broadway history.

Piantes says "What is Las Miserables?"....NO WAY! She loses everything but $10. Liu looks like he struggled with this, and says "What is Phantom of the Opera?".....RIGHT! He bet half, and is up to $27,000. It all comes down to Thompson. He says....

....the right response. If he bet at least $6,400, he has saved the show from a terrible way to end 2006. He bet....

....$15,401!!!! He has saved the week!! Two-day total: $56,501!
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