Saturday, December 02, 2006

Player of the Month Announcement for Nov. 2006

Ogi Ogas- $500,000 ("WWTBAM")

This collegian from Masschachussetts decided to not go on College Week and take a shot at the regular WWTBAM shows. Thanks to his process of elimination skills, the risk paid off for him in $500,000 (although it could have been $1,000,000), and he wins the Player of the Month crown for November 2006. He is also eligible for the "Salute of Champions" at the end of the year.

Runner-up: Anita English- $313,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
2nd Runners-Up: Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke ("Dancing with the Stars")

English is also eligible for the "Salute of Champions", as well.

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