Sunday, December 03, 2006

RECAP: Amazing Race X- Finalists Determined

Time to decide the three teams that will compete in the $1,000,000 finals.

Clue #1: Teams must travel 275 miles by car, through the Atlas Mountains, to Casablanca, Morrocco. They will find their next clue there.

Roadblock: Teams must go to a meat market and order about a pound of cow meat. They must then go to Cafe #11, prepare and cook the meat with a chef, and eat it all to get their next clue.

At this point, Tyler and James (Still leading) and Dustin and Kandace (who will be penalized if they don't win this leg) are side by side on this Roadblock.

Clue #3: Teams must travel 800 miles by plane to Barcelona. Once there, teams must go through a maze to find their next clue.

Rob and Kimberly and Lyn and Karilyn are stuck while trying to find the Roadblock clue.

Detour: Lug or Lob it.

Lug It: Teams must travel four miles by tax to Las Rombas. Then, they must go by foot to a bridge and put on a big costume that was worn by a person in Spain's "Festival of Giants". With the costume on, they must walk all the way to a place called the Carrer de Sant Felip Neri to be given their next clue.

Lob It: Teams must travel nine miles by taxi to a town square where a tomato fight is about to take place. While they try to dodge all the tomato throwing, they must find a tomato amongst a pile of them that has their next clue buried in them.

Shortly before the Detour, Rob and Kimberly are now second.

All teams are on equal footing when they are about to get their taxis to their respective Detour destinations. Tyler and James and Lyn and Karilyn apparently miss their taxis and lose precious time.

Rob and Kimberly do the tomato searching. Kimberly doesn't understand why Rob chose this task. After several minutes of searching, Kimberly gets very frustrated and gives up on it for a few minutes, but comes back and eventually finds a winning tomato to get their new clue:

PIT STOP: Teams must travel to a fountain called Palau Nacidnal of Montjuic. This is a very important one, because only the first three teams to arrive here will move on to the $1,000,000 finals. The other team will be eliminated.

Lyn and Karilyn choose the tomatoes of horror, while Dustin and Kandace and Tyler and James do the costumes.

The first finalists are....

....Rob and Kimberly! They have finished well in the past several legs, including this one, depsite all their problems! Their attitude reminds me of my family at times! For their efforts, they win a trip to Barbados.

Next finalists are.....

....Lyn and Karilyn! Never expected that!

The last team in the finals is.....

....Tyler and James! That means Dustin and Kandace's penalty is voided, and they are the final team eliminated from the race. But they will leave us with some motorscooters and a trip to Jamaica, and will join the other eliminated teams to root on the final three teams at the finish zone.

Will a team of two females win it all for the first time ever? Will the two males win it? Or will the dysfunctional but consistent couple of Rob and Kimberly take it all? Find out next week on the Amazing Race X $1,000,000 Championship!
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