Wednesday, December 06, 2006

RECAP: The Biggest Loser III: Final 4 Decided

The five remaining contestants got the chance to train the trainers! Also, last season's champion Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston made an apperance! The five contestants got a chance to do a trialathon for fun. After all that, it's time for the all-important weigh-in.

Heather last weighed in at 174. New weight.....167, a loss of 7 pounds. That's a percentage of....4.02! Good job!

Jaron last weighed in at 223. New weight.....217, a loss of 6 pounds. That's a percentage of.....2.69.

Wylie last weighed in at 224. New weight.....217 also, a loss for him of 7 pounds. That's a percentage of.....3.13. He's in second, but it's Heather who automatically advances first.

Erik last weighed in at 295. New weight......283, a loss of 12 pounds! That's a percentage of....4.07%, making him the leader! He's moving on as well.

Last is Kai. To make Jaron face Wylie, Kai must lose at least 6 pounds. Last time she weighed, she weighed 189. New weight....

.....185, losing four pounds. Not enough, so Wylie is the last automatic qualifier, and Kai and Jaron will be in the elimination round.

Wylie votes for....Jaron. Unfortunately for Jaron, so does Erik, so Jaron is the final contestant to miss out on the shot at the entire $250,000. But we will see him, as well as everyone else, on next week's season finale, where lots of money will be given away! See you then!
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