Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RECAP: The Biggest Loser III Season Finale

It's time to give away some serious money in the Season 3 Finale of "The Biggest Loser"! First, one of the At-Home players will win $50,000. MatthewMcNutt from Maine and Poppi Kramer from New Jersey are the ones eligible, because they have the two biggest percentage losses amongst the losing At-Home contestants. Kramer goes first. She started her journey at 232 pounds. Her weight tonight- 115, meaning she lost 117 pounds! That's a percentage of 50.43%! That's going to be a tough number to beat, as McNutt needs to lose at least 185 pounds to win. Starting weight: 366. If his weight goes down to at least 181, he's the $50,000 At-Home winner. New weight is.....

....1......90, so Kramer wins the $50,000!

Next, we're going to give away $100,000 to one of the previously eliminated contestants. We begin with Jennifer, who originally weighed 245. New weight is: 145, for a 100-pound loss, and a percentage of 40.82%!

Tiffany originally weighed 255. New weight: 204, for a percentage of 20%.

Nelson originally weighed 404. New weight: 335, a percentage loss of only 17.08%. Apparently Jenny set the bar real high so far.

Melinda originally weighed 236. New weight: 172, for a percentage of 27.12%.

Amy originally weighed 260. New weight: 154, a loss of 106 pounds, and a percentage loss of....
40....77%! Missed it by a pound!

Ken originally weighed 358. New weight: 197, a loss of 161 pounds. That's a percentage of....
4.....4.97%, which means he just took the lead!

Pam weighed 247 originally. New weight: 179, a percentage of 27.53%.

Brian originally weighed 308. New weight: 152, About 50% lost, meaning he just took the lead away! The exact percentage of weight lost: 50.65%!

Four left. Bobby(!!) is next. His original weight is 321. To take over the lead, he must lose at least 160 pounds, thus needing to be at least 161. The weight: 225, a percentage of 29.91%.

Marty originally weighed 365. To take over the lead, he must lose at least 181 pounds, thus needing to be down to at least 184. New weight: 219, a loss of 146 pounds. Not quite enough, but he did lose exactly 40% of his original weight!

Adrian is next-to-last. She originally weighed 227. To take over the lead, she must lose at least 113 pounds, thus needing to go down to at least 114. New weight: 1......69, for a percentage of 25.55%.

Thus, it's all down to Jaron. He originally weighed 323. To win the $100,000, he must have lost at least 164 pounds, thus needing to go down to at least 159. New weight: 1........63! Missed it by 4, so Brian wins the $100,000!

Now, for the big $250,000 challenge. Heather is ineligible because she is five months pregnant. But she was given a nursery. BTW, the enitre 50 weighed a combined 14,384 pounds. They set a goal to combine to lose at least 4,000 pounds....10,103, meaning they lost 4,281 pounds and reached their goal!

Now for the matter at hand with the remaining three. Third place gets $25,000, second gets $50,000, and the champion wins $250,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser. Erik controls the order. He chooses Kai first.

Kai originally weighed 262. Final weight: 144, a loss of 118 pounds. That's a percentage of: 45.04%! Although she may not win, she's lost more weight than any female on the show ever! Congratulations!

Next is Wylie. Original weight is 307. To take over the lead, he must lose at least 167 pounds, thus going down to at least 140 pounds. New weight is......1.....78, meaning he lost 129 pounds, and has a percentage of 42.02%.

It comes down to Erik. To win it all, as his starting weight is 407, he will need to lose at least 183 pounds, thus needing to go down to at least 224 pounds. For $250,000, his new weight is.....

....193, meaning he WINS!!!!!! Congratulations!
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