Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RECAP: Show Me the Money, Show 5

Opening the show is Sara Holden, a bartender from Detroit, Michigan.

We start with: What Oscar. Holden chooses B:

What Oscar winner was named Best Actor two years in a row for his roles in "Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump"? I think it's Tom Hanks.

She agrees with me, and takes Vanessa. For $120,000.....RIGHT!

New starter is: The Host Of. Holden settles on A:

The host of Comedy Central"s "The Daily Show" when it premiered in 1996 was who?

She says Jon Stewart, and is incorrect. Answer, which I knew: Craig Kilborn. She only lost $40,000, though.

New starter: The Raven. Holden takes A right off the bat for this:

The raven-haired beauty, Rachel Weisz, won an Oscar in 2006 for her role in what movie?

Her guess is "The Constant Gardener". She selects Eve. For.....$220,000.....

.....YES! Up to $300,000 she goes! New starter: What's the famous name of. She setlles on C:

What's the famous name of the author who was born Howard Allen O' Brien?

Guess: Tom Clancy. Her girl choice is Shannon.....for $100,000........ It was Anne Rice. She's down to $200,000, and our new starter is 21. She settles on C:

"21 Things I Want in a Lover" is a song written by what Canadian singer?

Blondie is her guess, and she's wrong. Answer: Alanis Morissette. Good news: She lost just $20,000, and is down to $180,000.

New starter: What is the only. Holden immediately goes with A:

What is the only letter of the English alphabet that does NOT appear in the name of any U.S. state?

She says Q. Her girl choice is Julianne.....for $160,000.....

.....YES, and she has $340,000.

Next starter: Who was President of the U.S. when. Holden says C:

Who was President of the U.S. when the TV series "60 Minutes" first aired?

Her guess is Ronald Reagan....NO WAY. It was Lyndon B. Johnson. She lost $180,000, and is down to $160,000.

New starter: Coffee. Holden chooses A:

"Coffee and Cigarettes" was the 2003 film featuring what wild Italian star of the film "Life is Beautiful"?

She says Ned wrong answer away from the end of this game. Answer is Roberto Benite. She chooses Vai....KILLER CARD, which also doesn't help.

"The Saturday Night Fever" sequel, "Staying Alive", was directed by what Hollywood star, who's known by a three-letter nickname?

She says John Travolta......NO WAY. It's Sylvester Stallone, which means she has been knocked out of the game.

Bob Glouberman, however, does very well, getting his first four questions right for $650,000, and will try to keep it all, and maybe win more on the next show.
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