Friday, December 08, 2006

RECAP: Survivor: Cook Islands- 12/7

Parvati, when the show begins, accidentally cuts part of her hand fron her nail. In other words, she cut her thumb with a coconut.

Reward Challenge: Transfer water from a small bucket to a larger bucket. Fill the larger bucket enough, and your flag will be raised. First to do this wins a picnic on another mystery island. Also, that person will send one person to Exile Island. BUT, all of the castaways' loved ones join them, and Jeff tells them that the winner also gets to take their friend on the picnic. There's more- their friends will team up with their castaways on this challenge! The castaways get to pick up the water, while the loved ones get to dump in the water. Also, the castaways will be blindfolded, while the loved ones guide them.

Everyone struggles at the start. Soon after, Stacy, representing Jonathan, is using her shirt to hold some water. They have the early lead. But Mike's team is now in it. In a tight battle between those two teams.....Parvati's team wins, despite the broken thumb! Jonathan is sent to Exile Island. Two other people will join the picnic- Sundra and George. The other people get to go back to the main island with their loved ones!

Immunity Challenge: Race into the water and get through an obstacle course on the water. After finishing, they will get some sticks, and return back. They must then repeat this process. When this is done twice, they will have to untie their sticks and make a pole out of them. They will then use their poles to retrieve two rings. The first to do this wins immunity. With Jonathan assumingly having the Immunity Idol, if he wins and hangs on to tonight's immunity, he's guaranteed a spot in the championship show on December 17th.

Ozzy gets off to a fast start. Most of the ladies struggle here. Ozzy totally dominates this one, winning immunity.

As expected, Jonathan gets the most votes at Tribal Council over Adam. Does he have the Idol (I think so)?....

....NO!!!!! He's out and is relegated to the jury. Doggone it!
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