Thursday, December 14, 2006

RECAP: Survivor: Cook Islands- Who will make it to the Championship Show?

As you may have hearde earlier this week, the $1,000,000 Tribal Council will be different this season. There will be three finalists instead of the usual two, and the jury will be made up of nine members. Who will make it to Sunday? Let's find out tonight:

In our Reward Challenge tonight, the people must go into the mud and cover as much of their bodies with mud as possible. Then, they must go to a bucket, and scrape some of the mud into there. Mud cannot be carried in one's hands or arms. The three people with the most mud in their bucket when the 10 minute time will get to stay at a spa resort. The winner of the challenge will also send one to the dreaded Exile Island. With Jonathan gone, Yul may have that Immunity Idol, but we'll never know for now. Ozzy, Yul and Pavarti look like to be the top challengers in the challenge. When they finish, we have the following:

Ozzy had 45 pounds of mud.
Parvati had 24 pounds of mud.
Adam had 22 pounds of mud.
Sandra has 20 pounds of mud, so she's out of contention.
Becky also had 20, so she's out too.

Ozzy and Pavarti are automatically in. It all comes down to Yul, who needs at least 22.5 pounds to make the spa retreat. He had......22.5 pounds ON THE NOSE, meaning he's the last one in!
Ozzy, the winner, sends Adam to Exile Island.

The three lucky ones get the easier way of cleaning off their muddy bodies at the spa. Ozzy calls his shower there his best ever.

Immunity Challenge: Each person will carry four bundles of puzzle pieces, one bundle at a time. They must do so while crossing their respective balance beams and dropping the bundles off on their respective mat. Once they're finished with that part, they must make a table maze puzzle. Then, they must manuver the cannonball on the puzzle into each of the two corner pockets. The first to do all this wins immunity, and definitely will make it to Super Sunday.

Adam gets off to a rough start. Ozzy has the early lead. Sundra struggles like Adam. Ozzy clears part one and gets to work on the puzzle. Yul is second right now. Ozzy is the first to go to the final part of the challenge, where he has to work on manuvering the cannonball....and he does, giving him immunity for the third time, and he is the first one definitely in the Championship Show!

Before the voting at Tribal Council begins, it is discussed that Yul was bringing someone's favorite hat all throughout the past several hours, giving us a clue that he may very well have the Immunity Idol instead of Jonathan.

First vote....Sundra.

Next vote....Parvati.

Third vote....Parvati.

Fourth vote.... Sundra, so we're tied 2-2. This will come down to the last votes.

Fifth vote....Parvati. Anything other than Sundra on the last vote will eliminate Parvati. The last vote goes to....

....Parvati. No idol, so she's demoted to the jury.

So, your championship show roster is: Ozzy, Yul, Sundra, Adam and Becky. Who will win it all? Find out this Sunday at 8 PM EST.
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