Sunday, December 17, 2006

RECAP: Survivor: Cook Islands Championship Show

Yul Kwon.
Becky Lee.
Ozzy Lusth.
Sundra Oakley.
Adam Gentry.

One of these five will win $1,000,000 and a new Mercury in tonight's Survivor: Cook Islands Championship show! Let's get the party started....

Immunity Challenge #1: The players must navigate through a big jungle gym. Along the way, they must get to eight stations. Each one they get to has a bag of puzzle pieces. Once a player gets all eight bags, they can assemble a "compass rose" puzzle, which is said to be, according to the producers and host Jeff Probst, the toughest puzzle ever to solve on Survivor. Once that's done, their flag will be raised up. The first to do this definitely moves one step closer towards the $1,000,000 Triple Jeopardy Final Council.

Ozzy, unlike the past two challenges that he's dominated, struggles at the start. Oakley and Kwon and Lee are tightly matched on the first two bags, but Gentry's in this too. As of now. Kwon leads. Lusth makes up some time, just behind Kwon. But Kwon takes a fall while going for bag #7, thus Lusth ties it up! Not too long later, Lusth takes over the lead! He's the first to get to the puzzle! Kwon gets to the puzzle second, and Adam gets there third. Lee is fourth to get to the puzzle. Kwon has a good start at the puzzle, while Lusth struggles at the start of it. Gentry suddenly takes over the lead, but Lusth seems to be catching up.....and Ozzy Lusth is now a four-time immunity winner (third in a row)! He's definitely going on to the next round.

Kwon feels like he still has that important Immunity Idol, and time's running out on using it. So the voting could be influenced by this. At Tribal Council, Lusth thinks they have shot Gentry's million-dollar hopes down. But let's see what happens with the votes:

First Vote: Adam.
Second Vote: Yul.
Third Vote: Adam. One more vote and he is indeed done.....

....and he is done.

After the final four do the annual salute to those who have been eliminated so far with the torches, it's time for the last Immunity Challenge. Winner definitely advances to the final round.

Immunity Challenge #2: The players have to stand on their colored perch for as long as they can. Every fifteen minutes, a part of it will be removed. When a player touches the water, he/she is eliminated. Last one standing wins Immunity and a guaranteed shot at the $1,000,000 Triple Jeopardy Tribal Council.

After 45 minutes, the first person drops. It's......Becky Lee.

Next to go, after two hours........Kwon. Only Lusth and Oakley are left.

The winner is.....

......Ozzy Lusth! He won the last four Immunity Challenges and is definitely going to the $1,000,000 round!

With that and Kwon still having the Immunity Idol, the third finalist will either be Lee or Oakley, the ladies.

First vote: Becky.
Second vote: Sundra. It will come down to the last vote.
Third vote: Becky.

The last vote goes to.....

....Sundra, and we have a tie! So we go to the fire-making challenge tiebreaker from the last two seasons. First to finish is the last Grand Finalist, the other is demoted to the jury.

Oakley's the first to try to spark her fire, but Lee catches up. A half hour has passed, and then a full hour. After an hour passes, Jeff orders the matches. But both are still struggling! Oakley runs out of matches!!! Thus, Lee eventually sets her fire and wins, and becomes the last $1,000,000 Tribal Council entrant!

The final three are given a feast for making it this far by some of the island girls, but Becky doesn't come until late. Lusth thinks Lee won't get any votes because of struggling to win in the fire-making tiebreaking challenge.

$1,000,000 Triple Jeopardy Tribal Council:

For the opening statements, Kwon says he wanted to play the game to influence all of the other castaways, and not himself. Lee says it was her social game that made her go as far as she did. Lusth says he was the underdog at the beginning of the game, and with his friends going down early, he had to work as hard as he can to get this far.

Nate is first from the jury, and wanted to know the strategy of how Lusth made it this far. Lusth admits to Nate that he relied on himself. Lee says to him that there was no boss running the remaining members from the Final Tribal Council.

Jenny is next, and asks which element is more important: physical or mental? She respects Kwon's response to her.

Parvati is next, and admitted to Lee that she was floored that she had to face a fire-making challenge. She also heard about Lee declining the Immunity Idol from Kwon.

Rebecca is next, and wants to know something she doesn't know from either Kwon or Lusth in order to convince her to vote for him. Lusth says to her that he could be a postive role model if he should win.

Adam is next, and forces Lusth to talk trash about his two opponents.

Candace is next, and asks a Yes or No question to Kwon. If Kwon did not respond Yes or No to her question, she won't vote for him. He said Yes to her question in a very hesitant way, and Candace is suspicious, and will take his look into account of her vote.

#7 is Brad. He asks Lusth about the most challenging thing about his stay on the show. He says his relationship with his father. After finishing, he's emotional.

Sundra Oakley is next, and asks the three about what general life things applies to their game.

Last is Jonathan. He calls Kwon very smart. Jonathan asks him about his half-truths and half-lies. Kwon admits that point is true. Jonathan calls Lusth talented, but doesn't think he's all that great of a person. Lusth says if he won the $1 million, he'll use it to complete his education.

With all that being said, it's time to reveal the million-dollar votes.

First vote: Yul.

Second vote: Ozzy.

Third vote: Yul. 2-1 Yul.

Fourth vote: Yul, and he's two away from winning!

Fifth vote: Ozzy! So it's now 3-2 Yul.

Sixth vote: Ozzy, and we're tied at three votes apiece!

Seventh vote: Ozzy!

If Ozzy gets this next vote, he wins it all.

The eighth vote goes to......

.....Yul!!! IT'S TIED AT FOUR APIECE!!!!





YUL KWON!!!!! His brains beat Ozzy Lusth's physical brawn, and he has won it all! Lusth gets $100,000.
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