Sunday, December 03, 2006

RECAP- Worldwide Web Games Championship

A few months ago, GSN history was made when they crowned their first ever-millionaire in the Three-Card Poker National Championship. Tonight, they will crown their second one, in this battle of players who have done the best at four key online games- Bewjeweled 2, Zuma, Solitaire, and Lingo. Lingo serves as a bonus round or as a tiebreaker round. 32 players made it to the finals. The finals tournament is played as a single-elimination thing, with each match having the first three online games that I mentioned, and each player will play those games. The first player to win two out of the three games wins the match and moves on to the next round, where they will move one step closer to $1,000,000.

The #1 seed is Kavitha Yalavarthi, and the #2 seed is Amy Demerath. Rex Brocki has the dreaded #32 seed.

Thus, the #1 vs. #32 matchup is Yalavarthi, the #5 ranked Zuma player in the world, versus Brocki. The #1's seed's matches will always be played at the leader's table, and the action of those matches are shown on TVs. Should the #1 go down at any time during the tourney, the one who beats him/her takes over as the new #1 seed, and gets to sit at the leader's table.
In each match, the higher seed begins choosing the first game.

Yalavarthi wins the first game of the match, which was in Bejeweled 2. The second game is solitaire, and the third game is Zuma. In Game 2, the score was: 6,645 for Yalavarthi, and for Brocki......6......980! We're going to Zuma!

In that game, Brocki scored 18,920. Yalavarthi's score in Zuma is......

....more than his, so she's moving on! 15 other players join her in Round 2.

BTW, Crystal Davidson, one of our competitors, is from my hometown!

In Round 2, Yalavarthi faces Derek Maczek, our #16 seed for this round. The first game the #1 seed chooses is Zuma. Maczek says his strongest game is solitaire.

The #2 seed, Amy Dumerath, fell 1 point short of taking the #1 seed away in the semi-final portion of the tournament from Yalavarthi.

Maczek's final score in Game 1 is 28,150. Yalavarthi's score is....30,250, giving her Game 1!
The second game is solitaire.

All four top seeds advance to the quarterfinals!

Yalavarthi's #8 opponent in this round is Constatine Syfonios. Syfonios is the #1 ranked Zuma player in the world. His score in Game #1 is.....20,740. The #1 seed scored......26,550, so Yalavarthi wins! For Game 2, Syfonios chooses his #1 game, Zuma.

Syfonios scored 37,910. The #1 seed scored.....

....30,170, so we have a tie match! Time for solitaire, which is Yalavarthi's worst game, so that could be a good sign for Syfonios.

The #2 seed advances to the semi-finals. But does the #1?.....

....YES! The quarterfinalists eliminated here get $5,000.

In the semi-finals, it's Yalavarthi vs. #4 Colleen Hayes, and #2 Demerath vs. #3 Ryan Puccio.

Hayes is ranked #4 in solitaire. The first game in the #1 vs. #4 match is Bejeweled 2. The first game in the other match is solitaire.

In Bejweled 2, Yalavarthi scored 29,752. Hayes scored....13,115, so that's a blowout win for the #1 seed! #2 seeded Demerath won her game too.

Game #2 in Yalavarthi's match is Solitaire. During Hayes's game, Hayes accidentally selected the option to wipe out her card progress, and having to start over with a new deck. Ouch.
Game #2 in the other match is Zuma.

Back to Solitaire. When we're done, Hayes scored 7,250. Yalavarthi scored....

....enough, so she's a finalist! Hayes leaves with $10,000.

And guess what- the finals will be #1 vs. #2, as Demerath advances! Piuccio also gets $10,000.

In the finals, winner gets $1,000,000, loser gets $25,000.

In the opening game, Yalavarthi chooses her strongest game, Bejweled 2. She scored 29,482. As for Demerath...

....not enough, so Yalavarthi is one win away from a million!

For Game 2, Demerath selects the game, and it's solitaire. Remember, this is Yalavarthi's worst game, and it's Demerath's strongest game as well. At one point during the tournament, she scored the highest solitaire score so far, 12,405. After we're done....

....IT'S SUDDEN DEATH TIME FOR THE MONEY!!! It comes down to Zuma, which is another strong game for Yalavarthi. At one point, Yalavarthi scored seven combos for tons of points in one ball shot!

After we're done, the lead is only 50 points for the winner. Therefore.....

GSN'S SECOND $1,000,000 WINNER IS.............

....KAVITHA YALAVARTHI!!!! What a great finish!
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