Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Salute of Champions 2006: Day 2

Today, we salute the players in spots #20-16.

#20- Aras Baskauskas ("Survivor: Panama Exile Island")

After falling short in the last few Immunity Challenges to Terry Geitz, this man rebounded on the championship show to defeat Danielle DiLorenzo at the Final Tribal Council to win the $1,000,000 top prize.

#19- Charles Taylor, Francis Goldshmid and Sam Khurana ("Treasure Hunters")

This team of three known as Team Geniuses won the low-rated NBC summer reality series to share in $3,000,000- the largest team jackpot won on any game show to date.

#18- Christine Dinos ("Wheel of Fortune")

This woman from San Jose teamed up with Jack Wagner and dominated most of the game to win $42,550 in cash and prizes in the maingame on an episode from "Soap Stars Week". As if that wasn't good enough, she even managed to win the $100,000 grand prize in the bonus round, setting the current one-day record with $142,550, and also becoming the show's third-biggest winner overall (and second- biggest single winner overall, as well).

#17- Sheetal Shetty ("Deal or No Deal")

Shetty, who oddly enough is a banker in real life, won $375,000 from a deal she made on an early April episode of the show, which was two hours. At that point, she was the second-biggest winner on the show. She is the first of what will likely be a host of players from this show to make my event.

#16- Cindy Pridgeon ("Deal or No Deal")

In the show's second run, which was a Super Jackpot Week, Pridgeon won $407,000 from a deal she made during a game worth a possible $2,000,000. At that point, she was the show's biggest winner to date.

Tomorrow, #15-11 is revealed.
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